In your opinion, what is an album with no bad songs?

  1. The Beach Boys-Pet Sounds. I’m not always in the mood for every song, but I think every song is brilliant. I just recently got into them and I’m a bit obsessed with this album at the moment.

  2. I remember hearing Del on Clint Eastwood before I knew who he was, I found his verse to be one of the best rap versus out there, not for content but for the style in which he raps. It resonated with me.

  3. “I want to devise a virus To bring dire straits to your environment Crush your corporations with a mild touch Trash your whole computer system and revert you to papyrus”

  4. Breakfast dominated the air waves, when I was growing up. Goodbye stranger, the logical song. And Long way home are stellar singles. The vibe of the albums overall is a really good one.

  5. The song All The Young Dudes, which Bowie wrote and gave to Mott The Hoople who recorded it and had a hit with it (Bowie sings background/chorus in the song), was originally meant to be on Ziggy Stardust, which IMHO makes the album even more brilliant (if possible!) if you include that song on it.

  6. The first time you listen to this album you discover where so much of the modern pop music you loved came from. Either directly by samples or indirectly by influence.

  7. Pixies aged so fucking well. They were making so many bangers and their albums are just hit after hit. I know they didn’t really seek it out, but it’s a shame they weren’t super popular when they came out.

  8. This album just solid. All the songs are bangers, and having three separate vocalists alternating between songs keeps the songs interesting. Plus all the faux radio announcements between songs are hilarious. Plus Dave Grohl on the drums! Never a dull moment.

  9. I love that album, but I will raise you Revolver. It starts off in typical, prime Fab Four poppy fanfare, slowly getting further out there, experimenting with tape loops, Mellotron sounds and orchestration-- by the time you get to the final track, "Tomorrow Never Knows", it's like the boys and George Martin are priming the world for the Sgt. Pepper bomb that they drop the following year, forever changing the landscape of contemporary music. The perfect transitional album.

  10. So, I saw The Cure in El Paso in 2016. They seem to love El Paso because the last time they were there they had played for hours. After the encore I was thoroughly satisfied and as the crowd kept clapping, they came out again! They did a second encore! We applauded so hard for getting a second encore and the fuckers came out AGAIN! Mind you, they were playing stuff I don't think they'd played in concert for decades. All in all, they gave us five encores, played for something like 4 hours and played like 40 songs! They rock so hard after all of these decades!

  11. This was the album my Mom played constantly when I was a kid. My name is Allie and she used to sing "You Can Call Me Al" to me all the time. Love that album with all of my heart.

  12. I find myself coming back to this every 5 years like I’m discovering it for the first time. His lyrics hit so perfectly… “The Mississippi Delta was shining like a national guitar”.

  13. I got to see Gorillaz whenever they toured for Humanz. They ended the show with Don't Get Lost in Heaven and Demon Days and I can't even begin to describe the nostalgia and emotion it hit me with. Only time I've ever nearly cried at a concert.

  14. I’m late to this party so this will get buried, but the Prodigy’s The Fat of the Land is one of the seminal electronic albums of the British canon and set the tone for an entire generation of big beat producers.

  15. There was some meta/philosophical thread on reddit, I think, about living your life to the fullest or something and someone in the comments said, That's fine too, but also remember, Illmatic was 10 songs

  16. Came here to post aenima. Saw them on concert in 96 or 97 touring for the album. They sounded better live than the album. It was a mindblowing show. Also korn life is peachy tour at the same show. Lalapalooza

  17. Been a Strokes fan since I first heard them in early 2000’s-ish. The New Abmormal has everything you want in a Strokes album, and belongs on this list.

  18. Eriatarka just… still leaves me lost for words. Truly a magnificent album that will hopefully only continue to grow in notoriety as time lapses. Released almost 20 fucking years ago on New Year’s Day 2003; 10 tracks clocking in at exactly an hour. The best concept album since Pink Floyd’s heyday, possibly ever.

  19. Feels like a bit of cheat when the whole thing plays like one magnificent song / progrock jam session. But yes, have an upvote.

  20. I had just heard the Rhinoceros on the radio and went to Tower Records to buy the CD. Unknowingly I bought Siamese Dream instead which had just been released. I can remember exactly where I was when I put it in my car CD player and the first riff of Cherub Rock came blasting forth.

  21. Fuck yeah. I was gonna post this myself. Saw them 2 years ago on the 10th anniversary of this album and they played the whole thing start to finish. It was amazing.

  22. Random fun story. My English teacher in high school had a former student that was dating / eventually married a member of LP. He was at their wedding but at one point when she gave him a copy of their early work back when the band name was hybrid theory he listened to it and told them “listen your music isn’t bad but don’t quit your day jobs.”

  23. 5555 was the movie I used to put on at night to fall asleep to. I've listened to that whole album hundreds of times.

  24. Ten is so good that songs like ‘State of Love and Trust’ and ‘Yellow Ledbetter’ couldn’t even make it on the record

  25. Every reddit post that's related to music I never see anyone mention pearl jam or their album Ten. Easily one of my top 10 favorite albums and favorite band

  26. Came out 30 years ago this month…along with Nevermind, The Black Album, Blood Sugar Sex Magic, Use Your Illusion, No More Tears, and Badmotorfinger. Possibly the best month in rock history.

  27. My husband and I have this discussion often. Steal this Album is my pick. I connected with that album more than the rest of them. Toxicity would be my 2nd pick though

  28. Elephant by The White Stripes. The only one out of my top 5 favorite albums where I genuinely could see each of the songs being my favorite from the album.

  29. One of the few albums that even to this day all tracks get played on the radio. Foreplay/Longtime is IMO the best album opener of that era.

  30. I prefer their self-titled but 2.0 is fantastic. I listened to it on a loop for weeks when it first came out so many moons ago.

  31. I still listen to Extraordinary Machine regularly, as much for the sound as for the songs. One of the best recorded/mixed/mastered records I’ve ever heard.

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