What song breaks your heart everytime you hear it?

  1. I've been scrolling through this list and pulling up songs on Spotify. Not sure if it was a good idea or not.

  2. There’s a few, but the isolated vocal track for Heart’s “Alone” is especially heartbreaking to me. Ann Wilson has such an amazing voice and her emotion really made that band.

  3. The early 90s Pinkpop concert version is the best. He sings it so raw you know it’s still a deep pain he feels in his chest. Easily my favorite PJ song.

  4. “Your Song” by Elton John, it was one of my grandmas favorite songs we were super close, She died earlier this year unexpectedly and the last communication I had with her was over text, so the phrase “I Hope you don’t mind, that I put down in words, how wonderful life is when you’re in the world” really hits me hard

  5. "You took your life as lovers often do But I could have told you, Vincent This world was never meant for one As beautiful as you"

  6. I had a dream that I got to hug and embrace my mom the other night. I woke up crying, but the embrace felt so real. This song is exactly that feeling.

  7. Always reminds me of that Simpsons episode where Bart and Lisa join the cadets. Lisa sitting all alone in her barracks, crying to herself as a recording of Marge sings this song to her was so damn upsetting.

  8. Sang this daily to my sweet kitty boy in the days leading up to his passing after learning he had an extremely aggressive form of cancer. I can't even think about this song without getting a lump in my throat.

  9. My wife and I heard Weezer's version of this song driving home from the funeral of a friend's 15 year old daughter who was murdered. It's a beautiful song but it always makes me think of that awful day.

  10. ‘Merry Christmas, Darling” by the Carpenters. Ever since my husband Tom died in 2012, my heart breaks every Christmas since. We loved Christmas.

  11. These are the days of our lives by Queen - especially if the video is playing. The bit at the end where Freddie looks directly at camera and says "I love you". That was the final song they filmed and you just know at that point he was saying goodbye to everyone.

  12. Ditto. My fiancé announced that she wanted to walk down the aisle to that song. Dad warned us that he wanted it played at his funeral, and didn’t want to ruin the song for us when he passed away. We decided that it was far enough in the future and went ahead with it.

  13. In My Life by The Beatles. My Dad told me when I was a teenager that he wanted it played at his funeral. I still can't listen, and when that day comes and I HAVE TO listen to it to honor his wish, I'm going to be a blubbering mess.

  14. My daughter sang this at my sons funeral while his best friend played the guitar. A truly sad, heart wrenching day…

  15. If you know, you know. That song fucking kills me every time. Though it's basically just number one on a big list of Alice in Chains songs that make me sad. The whole unplugged just fucks you in the emotions hard.

  16. I swear this whole thread has been making me tear up from just thinking about the songs. “I’ve been afraid of changing, ‘cause I’ve built my life around you…”

  17. Always thought it was kinda awkward that is a kinda popular song for wedding dances, since “The night we met” is the breakup/heartache song.

  18. He Stopped Loving Her Today, by George Jones. My Grandmother died almost 20 years before my grandfather, and we played it at his funeral. Just typing this chokes me up a bit.

  19. My parents divorced and neither one remarried even after 15 years. When he was dying of cancer she came to help me care for him. This song makes me sob

  20. Seriously...as someone with young kids myself, every single part of this song hits home. I'm on both sides of it now and still can't figure out how I got so darned busy.

  21. This is my dad’s sad song. He relates it to his dad who passed traumatically before I was born so it really hits hard for me.

  22. The song of the Kauai'Oo bird. He went extinct in 1980 and the recording of his mating song was the last time anyone has heard him sing. You can notice that he makes pauses throughout his song. That's when the female usually joins and they sing a beautiful duet. Knowing that no one will join because everyone else is dead brings tears to my eyes every time. This bird was very common on the island until 1900.

  23. Please, please, please, let me get what I want, by the Smiths. Among all the songs that have beautiful poetic metaphors for misery, this one stands out for how simple, honest and childlike it is in its pleas.

  24. “I know it’s over” is another one that sticks or from the Smiths for me. One of my favorites but I can’t listen to it frequently

  25. Idk why but I would cry at the song at the end of The Land Before Time. I'm almost 40 now and still can't watch the end credits.

  26. "It's not Easy Being Green" as sung by Big Bird at Jim Henson's funeral. It's a huge punch in the gut, but hearing Mr. Spinney's voice crack right at the very end...that'll rip your heart out.

  27. Leaves from the Vine - Mako Iwamatsu (Uncle Iroh from Avatar the Last Airbender) Mako was fighting esophageal cancer when he sang this for the show and was really crying when he sang it. Breaks my heart every time.

  28. Every single time. I know it's comming and I still have to gold back the tears. And by the Time "For Mako" appears I'm crying my eyes out.

  29. Greg Baldwin, the voice actor who took over as the voice of Iroh after Mako died, gently denies fan requests to sing Leaves from the Vine. He feels that it's Mako's song and legacy. He got major points in my book when I learned that.

  30. Ave Maria! It was played at my grandmas funeral ( her choice). Midnight Radio. Listened to it after learning a close friend committed suicide.

  31. When I was a kid I would sob uncontrollably whenever I heard this song. I still have to swallow a lump in my throat when I think about it.

  32. A boy died when I was in elementary school, the whole school came out to the funeral and they played this. I cried so hard that a girl who used to bully me even comforted me.

  33. Say Hello 2 Heaven which of course was Chris Cornell’s tribute to his late friend Andrew Wood who died of a heroin overdose. How do you come to terms with the unfairness of losing a close friend so suddenly? It’s amazing to me that Cornell, who suffered from his severe mental health issues, had the had the strength to write and record such a beautiful song (and album) as a product of such a tragic event in his life. It’s unreal that he lived through all of this and still committed suicide at the age of 52

  34. Makes me think of the Scrubs episode where JD and Turk hang out with the old black patient who is going to die instead of going out for steak night and they are trying to be strong and comfort him that dying isn’t so bad and they both admit they are terrified of dying.

  35. My heart will go on. Heard it first when I was like 5 and It made me bawl (according to my mother) and it still makes my heart sad. No idea why. Damn titanic soundtrack.

  36. Every time somebody brings up sad songs, I have to check to make sure CPD has been mentioned. I do this like it's my job.

  37. Always on my Mind by Wlie Nelson. My sisters husband chose to have it played at her funeral. And yes he was a shitty husband and she died young in a car accident

  38. Every time I've seen Willie play this live I just have ugly crying face and I don't even care. He still plays it with such emotion. Gwen McCrae's version is heart wrenching too.

  39. Jason Isbell has so many it’s honestly hard to choose one. Speed Trap Town, Decoration Day, Cover Me Up. He’s an amazing songwriter.

  40. Like a stone by audioslave. RIP Chris Cornell The video always makes me think that he's like singing to himself, his future self like he knows he's going to die... Kind of like he's performing at his own funeral. That's just how I see it.

  41. “Just for a moment, I was back at school. And felt that old familiar pain. And as I turned to make my way back home, the snow turned into rain”

  42. Ahh man, that was one of my dad's absolute favourite songs. Sometimes I'll listen to it to feel a little closer to him even though I cry like a baby the whole time.

  43. Maybe there's a God above But all I've ever learned from love Was how to shoot somebody who outdrew ya And it's not a cry that you hear at night It's not somebody who's seen the light It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah

  44. Oh my gosh EVERY TIME I watch this film, I cry when Hector sings it and I cry when Miguel sings it… I’m just an emotional wreck I guess

  45. ' When she loved me' by Sarah mc Lachlan. From toy story it reminds me of my 6 year old daughter as it's her favourite song. She lives with my ex-wife and every time I hear it I well up.

  46. Cold Little Heart by Michael Kiwanuka. It played a lot last year during the time I was entrenched in my kitty’s losing battle with cancer. She was absolutely my soul mate kitty and that song brings back all the intense emotions I was feeling.

  47. the “please tell mom this is not her fault” makes me sob. my mom tried so hard raising me but i was so depressed and she just didn’t know how to handle it. ugh, this song gets me

  48. I used to love singing along when this song came up on shuffle. Then I became a mother. Around the time my babies were born, my teenage stepdaughter, whom I consider my own, struggled with her mental health and attempted suicide. When it came on the radio one day, I sobbed uncontrollably for hours.

  49. Boyfriend relapsed tonight and I’m sitting in bed sobbing at the lyrics. I don’t want to leave him (I’m 26 weeks pregnant) but I can’t keep doing this.

  50. Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton. I get teary eyed every time I hear it. It's kind of a shame it became one of his iconic songs, I heard he wouldn't perform it live for a long time.

  51. River flows in you by Yiruma. I listened to it on repeat one night when I was about 15 and didn’t want to be alive. The next time I heard it was about 10 years later when it was played at the funeral of a stillborn baby

  52. Kiss the rain by yirama also gets me every time. I used to take acid alone in my room as a teenager and just bawl to a yirama playlist and feel like I was feeling all the world's sorrow at once. It's was a spiritual experience.

  53. Yep. Very evocative. My mother had passed away in a hospital in 1997, and the song really captures what it's like to sit in the ICU waiting for your loved one to pass.

  54. 100 years Five for Fighting. Lost my brother to a drug overdose 20 years ago this Tuesday, and when this song came out it just reminded me that he won’t live to a 100 - only to 25. I cry every time I hear this song. I’m 48 now and I just miss him as I’m hitting my older years

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