What do you wish wasn’t so expensive?

  1. I bought my house 7 years ago. I thought I paid way to much for it. It is doubled in value since.. and I hate it. The value of my house does nothing for me, if I sell I would need to buy another house that is similar in price anyway AND qualify for a mortgage based on value that is double. My house is supposed to be a starter house for younger couples, I don't understand how a young couple is supposed to afford 5k a month on mortgage payments and $600 a month in property taxes and another $100 for insurance. Then car payments and cell phone and groceries. It is fucked. You have to make $150k yr to live in a starter home......

  2. I bought my house almost 5 years ago for $230k and I could sell right now for $400k. It's ridiculous. One of my best friends was going to try and buy her first home but now, it's just not affordable unless she buys a trailer. She's forced to stay a renter and pay that equity into someone else's pocket. There's something very wrong with housing prices.

  3. Funerals...as some one who is arranging my husband's funeral, and he had no life insurance, the whole thing is a racket.

  4. Mom died in October, no life insurance. Had to cremate and put her in a cardboard box. Still cost close to $1500 and my siblings couldn't afford to help.

  5. What depresses me is that most of these responses are for things people actually need. It’s almost like without major policy reform, life itself is a luxury.

  6. Not having a car, or having a car. Public transportation is so unreliable that not having you own car often means not working, and because you're not working you can't afford a car. But just take the bus? Well rural America let's say I have an 11:30am appointment. Bus runs at 9am or 12:30pm so you take the 9am and wait 2 hours before your appointment which wouldn't you know it your appointment gets out just after the 12:30 bus, so you wait for the 4pm bus.

  7. The answer here is consistently housing. It’s that way in America for sure. It’s escalated considerably in the last few years. It scares me and I think we’ll e facing a homelessness epidemic. What really scares me is that nobody of any political bend has any solution. It doesn’t seem like any legislators are attempting to tackle it. I think it’s going to have to bite us in the ass before we even start to address it. I believe there will a lot of families living in there cars in the next ten years . I wish I knew the fix. It’s as big a problem as there .

  8. I couldn’t afford to buy into the neighborhood I bought into 4 years ago. Our house listing was $399,999. Now houses are listed at $615,000. Everyone wants us to sell like I got somewhere to go

  9. First five best comments are about housing. Shit is serious problems, and its most basic need for people and yet there is no cheap alternative

  10. House prices. It's got so bad here in New Zealand that it's been called a human rights issue, and people are unironically putting "bed in garage" up for rent just to try meet the demand.

  11. "Bed in garage" for rent has (apparently) been pretty normal in Silicon Valley for a decade now. A friend of mine was paying I think around $2000/mo (US) before the prices went really up.

  12. fellow kiwi here. yeah, ive lived in tents, caravans, cabins, cars, garages, my whole family piled into one room, all in the past couple years. right now im lucky to have a motel. im completely priced out of rents and theres no way in hell i can ever afford to own

  13. The cost of houses in Australia, 800k in the middle of nowhere, Regional NSW, 2 hour drive from Sydney. 😹😹

  14. Game shows in the UK would need you to either play about 10+ times on a good case 2-4 and on some of the worst you may only win £1000 to £5000 so you would have to win 20 to 100 times

  15. I love how you use game shows as currency. I might do that too. How many game shows for that load of bread, dear? ‘Just 1 minute of game show, customer’

  16. I still can't believe that people here in reddit talk about wedding costs between 75K - 100K and I´m like.... that's an apartment in the capital city of my country!

  17. Shit - this one right here. In the past few years, jobs have finally aligned for my wife and I, and we're not pay-check to pay-checking it any more.

  18. "It's a bad financial strategy to be poor". It's practically impossible for a poor person to develop a good financial strategy, and in many places poor people actually have to pay more and not less. It's truly unfair.

  19. Your last pair of pants just broke? But a new pair of shit quality that will break in a few months. Can't afford the more expensive pair as they are expensive. Bad health because bad food. No meds. Can't skip work to go to the psychiatrist. Live in a shit part of town. Either work far away at an avg paying job, or have a job close that pays shitty. Can't pay a bill so you get a notice, making it even more expensive to pay said bill. Live in shitty apartment where things break. Har shitty landlord.

  20. My lung collapsed and i had to go to the hospital where i got lung drainage. Then they sent me to a special clinic where i got surgery and they „glued“ my lung to my chest. 9 days in total, i paid 90 Euro. Still mad.

  21. My wife has severe asthma. We had no insurance in 2006-2007 (tbh we didnt have insurance till 2012) and couldnt hardly afford the rescue inhaler so she had to use it sparingly and space it out and once it was gone we had to scrimp and save to get another one. Not even mentioning a 2 week supply of Advair that was $350 out of pocket that she absolutely needed.

  22. Housing. Rent is so expensive we can’t save for a mortgage that would put us better off in the long run. Fucking sucks.

  23. Where I live, since I moved here 4-years ago, rent has pretty much doubled. Which has also made the homes triple in value. Co-worker built a house 5 years ago that he could sell now for 3.5 times what he built it for. A family friend bought a home around the same time and sold it this summer for almost 5 times the price...

  24. Bank won't give me a mortgage because I "can't afford the monthly payments" which is significantly less than my current rent which I have never missed a payment on in 14 years.

  25. It's sad I knew this was gonna be the top ones when I opened the thread. The idea of owning a house for a lot of the younger generation seems so out of reality. it shouldn't be this way.

  26. Yeah who thought that dental care and vision care were separate from health care which is already too expensive. Now i have to buy 3 insurances to just maintain my body.

  27. this. my confidence is 0% because of my teeth. although i have loved myself more i still cry inside whenever my friends would tease me for my teeth

  28. My best friend got absolutely dicked by genetics. His teeth are awful and cause him a tremendous amount of pain. Rotting, exposed nerves, the whole works. Went through weeks where he couldn't eat solid foods. Turned to alcohol to curb his pain. He's 19. They keep getting worse and worse despite the fact that he takes care of them really well. His parents insurance wouldn't cover anything to help him and the cost of out-of-network implants was going to be upwards of $40,000.

  29. Go see what delta dental CEO and the jerkoffs at these insurance companies make as they cut reimbursement rates, deny claims for no reason and are overall absolute clowns. Insurance pays the same, and in some cases, less, for a crown, then they did 30 years ago and shaft you the consumer.

  30. Cost of basic utilities and fuel prices in Australia are through the roof. Luckily our federal treasurer gave us great advice on how to afford it was to “Just get a better paying job” and “Poor people don’t really have cars or drive far anyway if they do”. Meanwhile he said this on TV while sitting in a leather wing bound chair in front of a fire place with a picture of a thoroughbred horse above the mantle.

  31. australian here fuel prices went from 1.30 per litre being expensive to 1.50 being cheap throughout the pandemic and it goes 'cheap' once a fortnight instead of once a week

  32. It really pisses me off that poor people are completely stuck in a cycle of deprivation and governments are aware. I'd love to think that automation will end the cycle because cheap labour won't be needed as much. Unfortunately I just keep thinking of the plot to 1984.

  33. The worst part to me is the cost of materials for an epipen is so negligible. The epinephrine itself costs maybe 1$, the materials to make the device probably costs like 5$. There’s likely a small chunk of change which is dedicated to paying research and development royalties but at the end of the day we’re still talking about a maybe 6$ object being shelled out for more than 300$

  34. My insulin and diabetic supplies. It’s unreal how much I pay just to stay alive and healthy. I didn’t ask to get sick (pancreatitis), I didn’t ask to become type 1. Life’s unfair but you have to keep your head up and not be so angry all the time.

  35. As a type 1 myself I’m fortunate to have a good job with good health insurance. But I couldn’t agree more I didn’t ask for this either it’s fucking ridiculous what big pharm companies make off diabetic supplies.

  36. This is one of the reasons I'm thankful for living in the UK. I can't fathom what life would be like if I had to pay for my insulin.

  37. I went to go buy English muffins a month or two ago at the grocery store. I remembered them being $1-2.50 for a six pack. Nope. They were around $5. For six.

  38. Dental work. I need to get 5k in dental work but I don't have $100 to spare let alone thousands. I've been living in pain for years. I don't smile because it looks awful. We don't have a single good family photo. I'm pretty sure I am going to die from an abscess one day in a year or two. I get them regularly and all I can do is get antibiotics from my GP. They get more frequent every year and each one is worse than the last. I need to get dentures and have my teeth extracted but I can't because somewhere along the way, the health insurance people decided this stuff was "cosmetic" and they won't pay for it. So I live scared of death and in pain. So yeah. Thanks America.

  39. I've been here where you are. First I want you to know that it's going to be okay. I found some great relief at some free dental clinics run by volunteers during college time. You can also often find no cost, or reduced cost work and services at Dental Colleges and also Dental Hygiene Schools as well.

  40. Document every single moment of pain you are in. Every single one and write down every single conversation you have with your dental insurance including names and outcomes of the conversation. It’s a stupid amount of work but the more data you collect the scarier you are to them because they are thinking, rightly, lawsuit. Eventually you can show them the information and they will gladly cover your costs.

  41. Therapy cost is like phase two of a boss fight. Just when you think that you've won the battle by powering through the anxiety and mustering enough willpower to actually see a therapist, therapy cost shows up with full health and one-shots you to the shadow realm.

  42. It's insane how expensive being poor is! You can't invest in anything, you're constantly paying added fees for being late, having to loan etc. Everything you buy is shittier quality meaning you'll have to buy it again that much sooner.

  43. houses. the average house price in my area is like $1mil. the young people in my country are split into two groups, those whos only chance at owning a home is inheritance after their parents die, and those who dont even have that luxury

  44. Especially when you're anything over a C cup. See some lovely reasonably priced sets in my town centre, can you find anything over a C cup? Nope! You'll have to pay double the price and its also assumed if you've got big boobs then you must need massive knickers too so you have to buy bras and underwear seperate for both to fit

  45. Sweetheart, don’t listen to the knob heads below. They know nothing about your situation and people who judge without knowing any type of context should bog off.

  46. Worst thing about food, at least in the US, is it's often only sold in large quantities and ends up going to waste unless you can freeze it. So many things are sold at a great quantity for a family, but way too much for an individual.

  47. Dental care. Absolutely extortionate for them to run a polished brush over and say, "you've got buckle abrasions!". I'm really thankful I have great teeth because the cost is just impossible for average income, even with benefits

  48. Agreed. Many years ago I needed major dental work and local place wanted 6k just to start. Went to Thailand instead. Flights, accommodation, tours, gifts and dental work 3.5k. Dental work cost 900 of that.

  49. JUst had the first stage of getting an implant. Just removal of old tooth and placement of new bone-a 40 minute procedure, $1475. And that is only the First stage-total cost? $5,000. And I need Two of them.

  50. And they practically all do a yearly maximum, like $2000 a year. Which is RIDICULOUS because that covers about 1.25 procedures.

  51. Why does my health insurance doesn't pay for it? I'm not even allowed to drive without glasses but they see it as a luxury.

  52. My friend built her computer JUST before this graphics cards mess started, and it didn't even cost that much. Wish I had followed her example. Guess I'm stuck with my work laptop for years now. There aren't many good AAA games nowadays anyway.

  53. I lived there as a child in the late 80s when it was a fairly “normal” city with plenty of middle-class residents; it’s sad that it’s become a rich, gated community. I guess the same could be said for NYC.

  54. Agreed. I spent $80 on 1 fucking set of sheets, and if we want a comforter (which we do but are hesitant to pay for), it’ll be at least another $70+ or so.

  55. The Sims. God help me, I adore this game. But just now I added up the cost of the base game and all additional content and came up with $884.55 USD. THIS IS WHY I HAVEN'T PLAYED THE SIMS IN OVER A DECADE, YOU GREEDY FUCKS.

  56. And Posca paint pens! I hear such good stuff about them but they're way too expensive to justify buying unless I was actually able to earn a living from using them.

  57. Mental health care. Honestly. I'm seriously trying to help myself so I can be a good mother and wife, and it's going to cost me like $900 to get the diagnosis I probably need to move forward? Mental.

  58. I was diagnosed with bipolar 2 years ago and am now on meds that help me greatly. Im a better mom now and just a better person. If I didn't live in Canada, I couldn't afford the doctor or pills. I really feel for people who are in your situation.

  59. If you have a university with a psychology department look into that. Student psychology clinics are really affordable and they work under the supervision of a licensed therapist. Best therapist I ever found was through them.

  60. I manage a vet practice, I wish I could make things cheaper but it is incredibly expensive to run a practice and the margins are thin.

  61. Any critters really... found a kitty in June this year with a gnarly eye (nearly popped out of his head). I knew he'd be an expensive little dude to get proper care for but I didn't realize just how expensive. 3K later and he's the best pirate kitty to ever cat.

  62. Activities. I want to take my kid out to enjoy the holiday season and do christmas-y things but i can't afford to drop $60+ every time we go see something new and exciting. And thats just for the two of us. God forbid her dad wants to come and now we have to get TWO adult tickets.

  63. Also epipens. So bloody expensive, expire, and need to be there incase of a deadly reaction. My sister needs them for her bee allergy

  64. In Australia, there's a limit to how much formula you can buy, because a lot of people will buy up heaps of it and send it to China.

  65. Prices are up in the used market because auto manufacturers bet on slow sales in 2020. They released contracts for chip production and shot themselves in the foot causing a new car shortage. Thiis forced buyers into the used market driving up prices across the country.

  66. That's what I was going to say. I just want a damn used car for a normal price but I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon. Most of my adult life I've had pretty good luck buying a car that was 2-3 years old and getting several years out of it. I've had my current car for 14 years and it's definitely ready to be replaced but I just feel like I'm getting ripped off in this market. I've seen so many 2018-19 models that are the same price as a brand new one.

  67. I feel your pain! I have worn out the Catalytic converter on my car (225,000 miles). Might just pay the $1800 bucks to get it fixed so I can wait for the prices to go down.

  68. I got a fruit dehydrator on Amazon for £35. Loads of recipes online and it’s super nice. 2lbs of beef jerky runs you about $8 all in. I made batch a lime and jalapeño for Christmas gifts the other day. I nearly ate it all, not sorry.

  69. I did a bit of digging a while ago to figure out why beef jerky is so expensive, its cause like 75% of beef is water, and the process to make it shrinks it dramatically. So to get a bag, while it my not look like much, it's just super dense cause all the waters gone. Sits so good though and I wish it were cheaper

  70. Rent, I have to pay $1000 for a shitty ass apartment, or pay $500 for a shitty ass apartment with 5 other strangers kinda seems awful. I’m thankful that my parents have let me live at home for college. People say I’m not getting the “college” experience, but at least I’m not throwing my money away to some greedy ass landlord.

  71. Old guy here - Assisted living and Nursing care is ridiculously expensive. This is compounded by the fact that my kids can barely afford housing and child care so there is no way they could help us ..

  72. LEGO is way too much. I remember scraping together £80 for a spaceship the size of a small dog. Only 10 years later that's like £200+ now.

  73. My husband and I have been saving for a year now, so we can buy land to one day build a house on the property that used to be where my great grandma and grandpa lived until they both passed away and the house was demolished and the lot cleared. It’s right in the middle of our small town where he and I both grew up and it hold a lot of sentimental value to me but also us as he was their paper boy and I had a crush on him grade school.

  74. Definitely housing. My wife and I got VERY lucky to get a place right before things got completely insane. We got into a house at around $245k, which was near the top end for us, and less than 6 years later the home is valued at $485k. Zero chance we could be buying a home now, despite making more money.

  75. Once gave my nan a shock, she smoked in the 70s and 20 cigarettes went up to £2 which she thought was too expensive so she quit. Fast forward to 2012 and she asked how much 20 cigarettes cost me which at the time was about £8-£10, she nearly spat her drink at me. Nowadays you're looking at about £15

  76. A tin of Caesars dog pate is only 80 cents. Let me tell you.. spread that bad boy on some toast. And sit back while you ponder where your life went wrong.

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