Non picky eaters, what’s a food you just cannot do?

  1. In south east Asia, they use blood jelly as an item that's added to dishes like noodles or soups. It is basically the blood of an animal (usually pig or duck) in the form of jelly blocks. That's a big naa aah for me.

  2. 번데기. Silkworm pupae that is boiled or steamed. I tried it once and that’s it. I don’t like the taste, how it looks, and the smell! I get nauseous whenever I smell it. And they also sell it in a can!! 😭

  3. When I was a little kid I loved these when fried. It tastes really Protein-like, a little earthy but also kind of fragrant. and they would wiggle North-South-West-East which was really fun as a kid.

  4. Beondegi for those who can read the Hangul. I have vivid memories of hung over walking through steam clouds on the sidewalk nearly barfing as the smell hit my face. Or thinking “wow this girl is smoking hot” and then she starts chowing down on those silk worm larvae and thinking “maybe we’ll just be friends” haha

  5. I had never said no to trying anything. Until my boy showed up with some balut. Same for me, just something there makes me pass it up.

  6. As someone from the Philippines, I grew up with balut being so common. My uncle had a client who has a poultry business and gives him a dozen or so of balut regularly. He would bring some over when we have our weekend family lunches.

  7. For me it's brains. I don't care if they're from a cow, a pig, a sheep or some other unfortunate creature. Doesn't matter if they're baked, poached, breaded then deep-fried. No, just no!!*

  8. Yea…I had to take a hard pass on that one when I was in the Philippines. I got fairly adventurous in my meals while there, but that birds eye looking up at me when I cracked the top of the egg open was just too much.

  9. Same. I'm filipino and it's like expected that I eat Balot. Also, we have another one called Penoy except it's duck. My mom craved these while she was pregnant with me, all the more reason they expect me to like it lol but i just can't. It's fucking horrifying.

  10. Once I was in Vietnam and got a steamed buns from a street vendor. I didn't realise that was what was inside. Almost vommed. Never again.

  11. I'm pretty adventurous with organ meats, I've had various lungs, hearts, livers, tongues, blood sausages, etc, but I draw the line at nervous tissue lol.

  12. My husband’s 94 year old grandmother frequently eats brains and eggs for breakfast. It’s her fave. Apparently, at some grocery stores you can get canned brains. CANNED. BRAINS.

  13. I agree. Born in Africa. Raised in America. Dated a Canadian girl that craved water buffalo brains we we went to Nepal. I refuse to eat organ and she gave me so much shit. My 3rd word brain trumps my adventurous 1st world brain..

  14. Jello from chicken, i Just can stand it. It is traditional polish food and is very popular in my voivodeship (Silesia) and on every family gathering it is on the table. I Just simply find it disgusting. BTW i find flaczki ( soup from guts) very yummy <3

  15. When you say jello from chicken, is that the jelly-like congealed fat/colagen you get when a leftover roast has been in the fridge, or is it some specific jello made from chicken?

  16. I’m constantly shocked at how well people from other countries can speak English, I’ve been trying to get better at Spanish my whole life and it feels like I just hit an artificial ceiling, like I can converse at a very basic level, but it feels so unnatural.

  17. You're doing great for one year of study! And if you ever get a chance, there's another soup from guts you should try: menudo from Mexico. It's delicious.

  18. Reminds me of 'holodetz' (basically the same thing) from when I was a Peace Corps volunteer English teacher in Ukraine. When my host family made it a couple of months into my stay, they happened to mention that Peace Corps administration had asked all the host families not to cook it too soon into our two years in-country in order , in their words, 'not to frighten the Americans'....

  19. I had natto once. Once. Maybe it's "healthy" but if you're Wikipedia page describes it as an "aquired taste" due to the odor and texture ... yeah it looks, smells, and tastes like snot goblins.

  20. I had the same initial reaction as you. To me, it’s not that the taste was bad per se, it was just super bitter and the “stringiness” made it difficult to eat cleanly with chopsticks. Since then I actually kind of like it. Try it with a splash of hot sauce.

  21. my japanese friends all say its so good and i need to try it when i go there for college. this is making me unsure lmao

  22. It’s not really considered a delicacy in Japan, in fact it is poor people food that became a breakfast staple. I have snooty upper class Japanese family members that won’t eat it. I think it technically is a food that’s exactly about planning for winter as it’s easy to store and also it’s fermented so it stays good through the winter months.

  23. When I arrived in Japan, I basically fully committed to doing whatever it took to succeed. One of my early challenges was natto. Americans do have a few fermented foods (like yogurt), but we don’t ferment beans, so the natural reaction is: the beans are rotten!

  24. Same here. I will eat absolutely anything, there isn’t one single thing I strongly dislike. Until I tried netto, and had to spit it in a napkin in the middle of a restaurant. Absolutely vile.

  25. Similar here. I’ll eat damn near anything. Snails? Sure. Sweatbreads? Hell yeah. I’ve even eaten fish eye. Not my fav, but like most weird seafood, it’s mostly just salty.

  26. There is an American tourist came to Egypt and tasted the meal of cow's brain. Famous food here alongside liver but he couldn't taste it, said it was too hard for him knowing what they were. Wonder of you would eat brains and liver?

  27. Add on question, are you a picky eater if you’ll eat most foods, but they have to be prepared a certain way? I will only eat carrots if they are raw or in carrot cake or curry. Little things like that for example.

  28. Runny eggs? Tomatoes?? Mushrooms??? When I saw this thread I was expecting more. Organ meats and insects(both land and sea) are just about the only thing I won't try only because I know what they are.

  29. I find monkfruit sweetener to be the only one that tastes good as long as it's pure and not bulked up with erythritol. I have a stevia plant and throw a couple leaves into my tea sometimes but can't do the stevia powder.

  30. I don't like them and try to avoid them for the most part, but for like flavored water drops, you have to have it. Stevia is the best as long as it's not too much (then it gets bitter and pine-y) and sucrose/xylitol are OK, but NutraSweet makes me gag (and one time gave me a puking migraine). I don't trust NutraSweet, and AceK also tastes way too fake for me. So no diet sodas ever (Splenda is barf, too).

  31. Came here looking for Cilantro but this is this first one I really recognize with all the weird cold European meat jellies above

  32. It’s interesting reading how many of us can’t do fake sugar. I can’t stand them and I’m so sensitive to them, I can literally SMELL if something has sugar substitute and it makes me gag 🤢

  33. Tuna. When I was pregnant with my twins, I had horrible morning sickness the entire time. But my body just craaaaved Tuna Helper one night. Made a box, ate it all myself.

  34. When I was pregnant I saw a box of fruity pebbles and HAD to eat a huge bowl. Let me tell you, throwing up cereal is like throwing up wet sand. (I also peed my pants. Pregnancy is no joke.)

  35. Fickle thing being pregnant. My ex-wife craved a couple of different things throughout both pregnancies and now she can not stand the sight of them. The only thing she still loves is crawfish.

  36. My wife referred to herself as iron bladdered through her life. That all changed when she was pregnant with our first. It’s totally normal!

  37. Natto. I try it every few years just in case anything's changed with my taste buds or texture preferences, but it's just as bad or worse every single time I give it another go. The slimy, stringy texture is the primary offender.

  38. Japanese here. Every single one of my non japanese friends absolutely despise it. And most of them will never come to like natto no matter what. But there are a few friends of mine that continue to eat it and now eat natto more than me. I love natto but I can understand some people won't like it because it looks like trash and smells like a wet towel that was left in a box for a few days lol

  39. There's a supermarket where I live that sells super small bean natto (just natto but beans are smaller) with mustard and soy sauce. That tastes ok

  40. My 7 year old nephew is obsessed with eating fish eyes. He’s almost normal otherwise, except that he prefers cucumbers to cake.

  41. It’s not something I’d usually choose, but when my mother made it when I was a kid I ate it without complaint. And I’ve had it as an adult when the alternatives were worse. (“Worse” = “dried out shoe-leather-like ham that’s been sitting on a steam table for three hours”, and I like ham only slightly more than liver).

  42. I hate liver as well, it’s like it sucks the liquid out of your mouth and leaves behind the taste of mud. But i went to a place in Louisville, Kentucky years ago on the bourbon trail, and had chicken livers… and they were quite good. I was very surprised.

  43. Ugh even thinking about liver makes my throat close up. There are foods that I don’t like, such as olives, but I’d still eat them if served. Liver is the only food that makes me heave. I just can’t eat it.

  44. Liver is completely different from Liverwurst or “Gooseliver”. I cannot abide liver - chicken, beef, whatever- mom used to lie and say it was a new recipe and wouldn’t taste like liver. It’s not just the taste, it’s the mealy texture. So gross! But liverwurst, teewurst, yum!

  45. I love liver, and I'm not just saying that to be quirky. At Passover my mom always makes a huge container of chopped liver just for me. Probably not great to eat that stuff too often though.

  46. I used to work in a deli where we made seafood salad from Krab. It came in a package that said “freshly caught imitation crab” and I thought it was one of the funniest things ever

  47. I actually love the imitation crab meat but it’s 100% because I love junk food. If I’m in the mood to eat chicken nuggets I’m also in the mood for those. I can’t imagine they are too healthy.

  48. My Mom makes a salad out of it. It’s chopped finely with celery, black olives, onion, and sharp cheddar and then mixed with Mayo. It’s one of my favorite foods.

  49. Shark Fin. Such a cruel process to obtain and flavourless from what I heard. I'll eat pretty much anything else, or try it once.

  50. It really is tasteless, it's like small bits of undercooked rice noodles. Where I live, restaurants used to serve them as a part of a course at weddings.

  51. I cannot agree with this more. There are a few things here I don't particularly like, but can stomach, like lima beans. Aspic however is the food from hell. Will refuse it every time, which fortunately is rare.

  52. Indonesian mother of a friend of mine once made a squid dish, flavorwise it was amazing, but eating entire minisquids just gave me a texture difference overload. Had to tap out once I got too much into my head

  53. Had mini squids at a sushi restaurant once. Didn’t taste offensive at all, but biting down I could distinctly feel my teeth popping through the various membranes and organs. I really didn’t like the sensation.

  54. When I was in Thailand I noticed so many signs on public transport reading “No Smoking, No Alcohol and No Durian” quite hilarious as the stench is unbearable let alone in small spaces.

  55. My coworker once brought a bag of durian candy to the office. I tried a piece to see if it was as bad as I had heard. First I smelled the candy, and it was bad. Then I ate the candy. It was good! Very sweet. But then the aftertaste showed up. I spent the rest of the afternoon with the taste of old gym socks in my mouth. Even after brushing my teeth three times the taste wouldn’t go away. (Yes, I keep a toothbrush at the office. Sometimes my breath gets a little funky after lunch, okay?) I will never eat anything durian flavored again.

  56. When I lived in Jakarta with my dad's family, he told me,"You either love durian, or you hate it." I hated it. The slime, the texture, the cloying sweetness... and let us not forget fresh durian smells like the fruit you threw in the garbage a couple of days ago is rotting.

  57. A lot of durian comments. For me the only exotic fruit I can't take is monstera deliciosa. If you eat even a slightly unripe one, your mouth will get penetrated with thousands of microscopic needles and will hurt like hell until they slowly dissolve. A nope for me, the taste isn't worth the risk of a mouthful of needles.

  58. Shocked I had to scroll this far down to find durian. My wife has her durian, and I leave the house for a couple hours.

  59. I used to think I hated meringue (and I still vehemently detest the cheap shop-bought shit that's like nails on a chalkboard when you bite into it) but once I tried a homemade pavlova it became my favourite dessert. The difference between good and bad meringue is massive.

  60. They used to have the Testicle Festival just down the highway from where I live, but it became a disgusting raucous trash party where old dudes and old bar hags just let their junk and tits hang out and people were date raped, party buses crashed and killed people, etc. we don’t miss the Teste Fest in Montana

  61. There's virtually nothing I won't eat, being of European heritage I'll eat virtually any kind of offal.. But I loathe coconut water. Just cannot do it. It's the only thing I know of that I can safely ingest that I choose not to.

  62. There must be something wrong with my tastebuds, because coconut water (bottled AND fresh out of a coconut) strongly reminds me of semen. It’s so off-putting.

  63. Back in the early days of the internet, I found a website about how to properly butcher a human. I mostly remember the preparation of the thigh. With zero humor. 1996 I believe.

  64. There was a Jelly Belly "game" where the same color was either good or bad and you couldn't tell unless you ate it. Black was either skunk or licorice. I had one, chewed a second, and said "Oh, thank god. It's skunk."

  65. I tend to be the opposite here. I love black licorice, but i can't stamd red licorice. I got carsick while eatong them and i get sick to my stomach just by the thought of it

  66. I eat just about everything. The 2 things I can not eat are kimchi, and menudo. My wife is one of the pickiest eaters I know, and loves menudo. I can't stand being anywhere near it.

  67. Half Korean here. I cannot stand “old” cabbage kimchi. It’s more sour, almost carbonated, extremely pungent. I will only eat fresh cabbage kimchi until about the 2-3 week mark and then I toss it.

  68. Menudo is one of those things that can be really good or really bad depending on who made it. I'd much rather eat Pozole every single time, though. Pozole has almost everything good that Menudo has, and zero of its possible downsides. You just sacrifice a couple of Menudo's good qualities to dispense with the risk of getting a bad plate. I'm happy with that compromise, though.

  69. There’s a lot of people in this “non picky eaters” thread that don’t like tomatoes, which is one of the main foods picky eaters stereotypically hate.

  70. When I was a baby, people had to guard their lima beans from my grubby little baby hands because I was a lima bean fiend.

  71. The biggest crime with lima beans is that in their adult form, they are butter beans, which are divine. Every lima bean is one less butter bean in the world.

  72. The only time I’ve done the Heimlich maneuver was on an old man that choked on his lima beans. As soon as he was properly rescued and breathing again, he grabbed his spoon and went back after them. What a day.

  73. I have thrown up when eating sea urchin in three different presentations, without knowing what it was. I can eat literally everything else(that's edible). Don't know why, my body just doesn't like it.

  74. Heh, I choked on a pea once and I thought I had finally swallowed it but after a while I sneezed and the pea shoot out of my nose.

  75. Went to one of those bowl places you pick out stuff and then they cook it. Had these great crunchy potatoes that I just loved and recommended to everyone I took there. I’m a dumbass and it was water chestnuts

  76. My grandmother lived in Southeast Asia for a while and loved water chestnuts. She put them in everything from eggs to lasagna. It’s hard to describe the disturbance of finding a crunchy water chestnut in spaghetti and meatballs.

  77. They are pretty much the only thing I won’t eat. There’s something about the texture that I can’t stand. Like nails on a chalkboard but in my mouth

  78. I don't hate them but I generally don't want them. With that said, a friend brought meatballs to my wedding (we had a pot luck style feast) and there was a crunch in the meatballs. At first I thought it was onions but there wasn't an onion taste. Everybody loved them, and it turns out there were diced up water chestnuts inside! It was really good. They said that they help soak up all the flavor of the dish, and provides a little more filling. Don't count them out just yet!

  79. Don't hate them and won't not eat them, but at the same time, I don't search them out of the oriental crunchy mix

  80. Chicken divan is absolutely my guilty pleasure. My mum makes it: I’ve no idea how she got the recipe, as we don’t have any culinary connection with the US. I know it’s trashy, but it’s so good…

  81. Okra is the one food I can't stand, too. I've had it cooked every way it can be cooked and nothing gets rid of the horrible slimy texture.

  82. I didn’t like oysters until I went to a fancy event where they had a free oyster and champagne bar. I reckon I ate at least 30 oysters over the course of the evening, at first because they were free and it would have been rude not to, and then because they really grew on me. The red wine vinaigrette dressing was the magic seasoning as far as I was concerned, though my husband swears by Tabasco.

  83. It isn’t a “spit it out” sort of thing for me, but I haven’t found a blood product I enjoy. There’s a distinct metallic taste, I believe from the iron in hemoglobin, that I just really don’t like.

  84. I thought that I hated cottage cheese, turns out I just hated the brand that my parents bought. I tried a larger curd variety from a much better brand and I can eat that stuff straight from the container.

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