People who like winter, why do you like it?

  1. Mosquitos and fleas and all that shit can't survive at high elevation either. Did you know huskies can sometimes have epilepsy? They need some doggo Xanax :p

  2. I lived in San Diego for a while and having sunny weather every day was great. But I found I felt guilty sitting indoors reading. You feel this pressure to be out all the time. Eventually though, you manage to work it all out.

  3. Fun fact: because of their geometry, when clustered together snowflakes actually do make it quieter as they act as a natural aural insulator. If it ever seems quieter when it snows, that’s usually because it is!

  4. I love when the snow falls, and it makes that whisper sound, like a hiss almost. It's so calming and relaxing to me.

  5. Snow is beautiful. The sky at sunrise and sunset is amazing. It feels like a time of rest when there is always a good excuse to do less.

  6. If only it snowed. It hasn't snowed for years for me in the UK. It's just cold and wet. Without the snow, Winter is terrible. With the snow, Winter is amazing

  7. Snow is beautiful during and immediately after a snowfall. After that it becomes a dirty sloppy mess for weeks.

  8. Yes, I live in sweden and in the middle of summer the sun really never goes down. I can’t fucking fall asleep when it’s so bright and when I finally do I wake up because it’s too damn hot.

  9. That’s my main reason. You can always put on more clothes, but you can only take so many off. That and winter sports.

  10. I was playing outside in the snow with my daughters today. So much fun! I just fell backwards into the snow and yelled, “I love snow!” Because it’s true!

  11. Snowy nights are the best nights. One of my best memories from the last few years was Christmas Eve 2020. It snowed all night and at about midnight I opened an upstairs window (screen too) and sat for a while watching. It was completely quiet, cold, a little windy so sometimes a gust would blow snow into my room, the sky was a nice deep purple-ish color... I think about that night all the time now. I took a video to remember it but otherwise just sat and looked. Idk why it was so good but it was so good

  12. Not sweaty, no sunburns, amazing sleep at night, able to enjoy warm showers after a cold day outside. Weather isn’t always soo sunny and up in your eyes

  13. Texan here. A quick fix for a painful inescapable hell heat is to get naked, wet yourself and let fans blow on you.

  14. In the winter you can always bundle up to get even warmer. In the summertime there’s only so many layers of clothes you can take off before you get put on a list.

  15. I am very happy this is the top comment. It should be noted though that this is likely a male sentiment as for most of our lives we have high amounts of testosterone flooding our bodies. Also im curious to know if anyone has done a study on circulation in women? It certainly seems to be an issue with a lot of females I know, and that can absolutely be a factor in heat retention.

  16. Exactly what I can always say! You can always layer up. At a certain point, you cannot layer down and just have to boil in your sticky skin.

  17. I run hot. Have done all my life. I'm happy in t-shirts and shorts until it gets below ~8°C. Heat knocks me out completely.

  18. I'm the same. I've always just given off so much heat. My wife loves it because she can snuggle up to me get warm quickly. I asked my doctor about it, and he said thats just how some people are. It's a curse.

  19. This is me. Heat makes me feel quite unwell. In winter I am actually comfortable and can sleep without needing a fan on high speed all night (although do still need it occasionally).

  20. That’s what I like about it too, especially when going on a walk early morning. Plus I love it when it rains (when I’m not having to go to work) and the lightning storm’s…but we hardly have any lately.

  21. Because summer is bullshit with its hot, humid days, and muggy nights. There is only so naked I can get, and then I am still hot.

  22. And dressing comfortably in the winter for me = leggings, thick socks, a sweater. A perfectly presentable outfit I could wear out or around the house. Dressing comfortably in the dead of summer basically requires being in your underwear. I hate feeling like I look like a schlub around the house just trying to stay cool and needing to put layers I do not want to be wearing on in order to go out and look decent.

  23. This is Texas 95% of the time lol. Spring? Hot. Summer? Hot. Fall? Depends, but usually Hot. Winter? You guessed it? Hot, but sometimes it’s cold and awesome. I appreciate Winter so much because it’s the one part of the year we actually get cool/cold temps here, and it makes me a lot more comfortable with Spring/Summer when there’s actually a break from the Hot weather lol.

  24. exactly this - right now it's snowing and i am thinking fondly of the first day of spring. when it's 100 degrees out with 90% humidity, i will be dreaming of a day like today

  25. seasonal allergies as well.. all the wood smoke from fireplaces can get bad on some days depending on the weather but usually the winter air is as clean as it gets around here.

  26. The one thing I’d rather be doing more than ANYTHING else. I do a lot of other activities, but this the one there is no substitute for.

  27. I'm piggybacking on this one because it's the highest voted comment about doing something active outdoors. Bunch of typical shut-ins in here.

  28. I love snow first of all. I love everything about it. I love when it's snowing. I love how it looks on the ground. I love how it looks on cars, buildings, and trees. I love playing in the snow, skiing, and sledding. I love the memories I had as a kid waking up in the morning and seeing snow on the ground; then listening to the radio excitedly waiting for the school closure announcements and getting snow-days off.

  29. Its easier to heat up than it is to cool down. I feel you can breathe easier when its chilly outside. I can't stand the uncomfortable heat when it hits in the summer. Well, when we get sunshine that is (I'm from Scotland) I prefer wearing boots, jeans & a good jacket as opposed to shorts & t-shirt. Cuppa Tea & a good book in front of a fireplace or log burner while its Baltic outside.

  30. I’m an indoors person, nothing I like more than relaxing in a comfy chair with a good book and a fire in the fireplace. I don’t like the constant pressure to go outside and “do something with the day”. Winter gives me the ability to relax.

  31. The weather I prefer rainy overcast and snow days the holidays are cool and I absolutely can’t stand the heat fuck summer

  32. Because it feels like the back of the balls of Satan here in Louisiana during the summer. I need a fucking break from sweating when I walk to my car

  33. Personally, as a guy. I have way more clothing options where I don't sweat my ass off all the time. That being said I do miss the desert in California a lot. No humidity all the time beats most of the country in my opinion

  34. The best feeling in the world is lying a cozy warm bed, not having to get up and go to work and the weather outside is wet, windy, snowy. Is there a greater sound than listening to someone else scrape ice off their windshield knowing that you don't have to?

  35. Winter here is 20-25C weather with blue skies and cool fresh air. It's the best time of year to be in my city.

  36. I can always put on more layers. I can't take off my skin without dying. The choice is clear. Also I have a weird skin condition (sorta like an allergy) that makes me get really hot at night, so winter usually takes better care of that.

  37. Snow blocks people. You are in your house, with you, food and a heater or a blanket! Environment is living!

  38. I can't really explain exactly why I love low temperatures, I've just always been that way. I get uncomfortable in the heat and don't like the feeling of summer weather, so I am grateful to live in a country where colder temperatures dominate most months of the year.

  39. Haha, even your name is hating on the summer. I too am a summer hater. Winter is just the correct move. Not only is the temperature superior, but the sun going down at 4 is the cherry on top.

  40. I only like it when there is snow (which most of the time, isn't the case), because snow is beautiful. The vast majority of the time, here in Central Scotland, it's mild, miserable, grey, green and muddy. Not much to really like about it except on that rare occasion where there is a covering of snow. A hard frost, lasting throughout the day is quite nice as well, but also happens only a small minority of the time.

  41. I love feeling the earth go into dormancy for a long rest, making fires, the spectacular sunrises and sunsets, and getting cozy :) I wintered over in Antarctica a while back and being able to appreciate the weather for what it is kinda helps me accept myself and my own changing moods

  42. No bugs, it's not hot, I can wear cozy socks and blankets, snow is beautiful, cooking and baking is way less terrible since it's not just making a hot house hotter, I can leave groceries in the car to run another errand after grocery shopping and don't have to worry about anything melting or getting too warm, don't have to worry about gross garbage smell festering in the outside trash bins - need to throw or old milk in the summer, better keep it in the fridge until trash day - not an issue in winter, sleeping in the same bed with a partner is snuggly in the winter... Among other reasons

  43. A good pair of -40° boots stomping fresh tracks through crunchy snow, nose hair tearing with every breath, really hot chocolate, dead silence broken by the screetching of frozen power steering pumps, frozen maple syrup, frosty eyelashes while shovelling the driveway, mindblowingly cold beers around a fire in the Rockies, every turn a perfect powerslide drift, frozen dog poop really easy to pick up, backyard hockey rinks. ❤🇨🇦Eh

  44. Answer: I love winter because it's a time to slow down, get cozy by the fire, and spend quality time with family and friends. It's also a time to enjoy the beauty of nature covered in snow, take long walks in the park, and sip hot cocoa by the window.

  45. I like the cold, I like the rain, I like bundling up, I like getting cozy. But most of all I like everyone else being miserable.

  46. My favorite thing is when the snow is falling, you can go outside and hear peace. All sound is muffled and it gives a cool ambiance that makes you feel calm.

  47. As a guy I can honestly tell you most of us don't give a fuck what you wear as long as it doesn't look like you've worn the same clothes for a month straight while rolling in an ashtray. Hell, most of us find girls in comfortable clothes attractive too if that's what you're going for.

  48. Because summers where I live get to 40 degrees very easily, so being able to experience 10-15 Celsius for a few months maybe 0 for less than a week is a blessing

  49. If you're hot you only have so many layers you can take off, your skin technically is one of them but it would be very unpleasant. You also get moist, your skin starts to stick to things because you're moist, and no amount of air movement will help.

  50. It’s like 4 degrees in Chicago right now. I hate that it’s this cold…BUT… if you go out and take a couple deep breaths, it’s absolutely invigorating. Air feels so clean and so refreshing.

  51. The cold and snow have a cleaning effect. Bugs, bacteria, viruses and pathogens are all wiped out by the cold. Somewhere south it's warm all year just seems nasty to me

  52. I like wearing cozy jackets that are super fluffy, sitting under a warm blanket with a hot cup of chocolate/mocha/milk/coffee, watching a movie or just scrolling my phone. Having no bugs in my face, usually less people except the ones you want to snuggle with. Just love winter.

  53. Because it easier to get wafm than it is to stay cool, in Australia our winters are alot of places summer, and unless you have a good aircon and can afford to run it allday everyday it sux,

  54. I like wearing sweaters, when it's the nice cold it feels really refreshing, and I can make hot chocolate and curl up with my cats, and I also really like the feeling of snow crunching under boots. My cats also love the snow and will make tunnels through it and will puff up so my hand sinks into their fur and they love watching the snow fall and chasing the flakes.

  55. In winter, you can bundle up as much as you need and you'll be fine. In summer, you can strip naked and it still won't help.

  56. I’m originally from Phoenix and live in a much colder climate now. I’ve realized I can simply put layers on to be comfortable from the cold but I can only take so many layers off to combat heat. Sunburn on your balls isn’t a fun thing to deal with.

  57. You can always put on more clothes to get warm. There’s only so many clothes you can take off to get cooler before you get in trouble. And still be hot.

  58. I find that it’s easier to warm myself up than it is to cool myself down. I prefer to wear an extra layer or two than be uncomfortably hot and not be able to take off any more clothes.

  59. Snowboard. Snowmobile. Semi-legal drifting of vehicles on the street. No bugs. The dead silence of a late winter night with a mild snowfall.

  60. When it's cold, I can make myself warm by putting on more clothes, moving a lot and/or turning on the heat. And then I'm warm.

  61. Because this is a beautiful hope that always leads to relief, such as spring. Also, comfort of a blanket raises as high as outside's temperature going low.

  62. I think we are kinda introvert in winter we can't go outside that much which is a good thing for us or for me at least

  63. Because it makes being a homebody even more enticing. And I hate being too hot, which is usually the case in summer where I live.

  64. I like not having sweaty balls and asscrack two seconds after stepping outside my front door. I like not having an astronomical power bill because I'm trying to keep my house slightly below "sweltering". And of course there's the age-old reason: when it's cold, you can keep adding layers. When it's hot, there's only so much you can take off before it becomes indecent and illegal.

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