If money wasn’t a thing what career would you have?

  1. This. I had a whole idea for a museum dedicated to historical crafts/artforms, including martial.

  2. I was trying to come up with an answer but I think I'll go with something like this too. Productive, aligns with my hobbies, and fills a niche that's been empty here since our FLGS shut down a few years back. Ironically was turned into a gym equipment store, though they never took down the original sign or massive MtG posters.

  3. Baltimore used to have a "sidewalk astronomer." He would set up a telescope on a street corner, point it at Jupiter or Saturn or the Moon, and pass the hat to let people look.

  4. I love when people do this! I remember watching a lunar eclipse at my uni and some guys had set up a really good telescope that everyone was taking turns using.

  5. I really want to see the Milky Way with my naked eyes again before I die. Is there a database somewhere so I could find the nearest dark sky area? I'm willing to travel over 100 miles, just don't know where to go. Like, are deserts a good choice usually? Are mountains better? I hope this doesn't sound too stupid, I just don't know enough about this to even ask the right questions!

  6. Probably a national park ranger or carpenter. Im a software engineer and enjoy the thought process but don't like the lifestyle. I think I'd be happier working with my hands or being in nature

  7. Man, i'm a trained joiner and now trauma surgeon, but given no need for money, park ranger is way up there along with zoo keeper, specifically big cats and small mammals. I'd go straight to africa and protect and care for endangered animals.

  8. I went to school to be a national park ranger. Worked my ass off to fulfill this dream. Unfortunately, it’s so competitive and mostly seasonal. With everything going on in my life I just couldn’t realistically make it work. So here I am working in the banking industry… definitely a far cry from my dream. I don’t hate it but it makes me sad sometimes.

  9. Giving into the stereotype that software devs and engineers just want to become carpenters lmao. I feel you though I'd definitely want to use my hands somehow and I also like being in nature

  10. Park rangers are hot, don’t sell yourself short I think you can take a fire safety course or be certified as an EMT and then go for it

  11. I’m right there with you. I’m considering getting a job just in metro park maintenance and will be volunteering to build and clean up local(ish) trails starting this March.

  12. I wanted to work at Waldenbooks since I was 10 years old. I finally got to when I was 19, until I was I think 22. I miss it everyday. The advance copies of books, borrowing books, the discount. Helping people locate books, seeing the joy when you pulled a copy out of something they had been searching for…

  13. I’ve thought about this, but then I go drop my dog off at day care and it’s a madhouse of barking. I’d lose my mind if I had to be there all day. Not all dogs are well behaved.

  14. I would do the same—and then train as a vet as well. If I don’t have to worry about a livelihood, I’d like to help as many dogs as I can. In my personal life, my dog has been the reason to continue to persist on a daily basis. It’s incredible how much of a positive effect they have.

  15. One of my most fun jobs was line cook. At a locally owned bar and grill. It was great. I went months between buying groceries. Got a free drink after each shift. Pay was shit, but at that age I was gonna be spending it all at the bar anyway, so having a discount on drinks made it all worth it.

  16. I honestly really enjoy my current life working at/managing a small neighborhood restaurant. I like the chit chat. My customers are cool. Through COVID (we’ve been takeout) I think we’ve brightened up people’s days and provided a sense of community. It’s low stress and the owners are hands off, so me and the chefs run the joint. I eat sushi every day, have plenty of time to read or plan my garden or sketch, and get to bask in the compliments about my silly sandwich board designs. The money isn’t even that bad, but there aren’t benefits and my partner is graduating with his PhD in May, so now I gotta find a job that offers health insurance in case he doesn’t land something right away and I’m kinda sad about it.

  17. In the same vein as your road maintenance, right after I graduated high school I did "trail maintenance" at the national park, best job I've ever had. Picking things up and some heavy lifting sometimes but boy was it worth it.

  18. Right there with you. I would be spending times with the wife and kids, going camping, manicuring my lawn, tending to the garden, growing my wildflower meadow and playing video games. I’d be tinkering on projects as well.

  19. I had a professional education teacher in high school that we all loved, and he seemed so happy to be there. But one day part of his lesson was to tell us that he, and everyone else, works their job mainly because it pays them. He said right to our little faces that he would absolutely not be here if he wasn't getting paid. Blew all our minds and we were all speechless just long enough for my dad to burst into the classroom and beat me senseless with his jumper cables.

  20. I got my bachelor's in secondary ed, but by the time I graduated I already had a job that paid significantly more. I often day dream of exciting lessons I would love to try out and think through challenges that I faced during my student teaching. I'm passionate about education and kids, but it's hard to go into the profession when you want to give your family the best life possible.

  21. I did this for a while after my son was born and it wasn't for me. I loved the time with my boy, but lost the feeling of accomplishment and missed adult interactions. Raising a child is a huge accomplishment, don't get me wrong.

  22. I've been doing this for around 9 months now, after leaving my job due to COVID bullshit and hating it anyways. Had my first summer off with the kids, ever. Now I sit with one during the online schooling periods, and care for the toddler when he's sick with whatever that has to keep him home from daycare.

  23. No career. I would just do whatever I wanted at that time. Some of it would be productive and useful. Other times it would just be relaxing or fun.

  24. I would have a B&B, but on the barter system. An electrician and their partner wanna stay for a weekend anniversary, do an inspection and one simple fix on my place. A baker needs a getaway, hit me up with your suppliers so I can get a good deal on supplies for the pasteries and bread I'd make.

  25. When I was a student I roomed at a co-op. I'm from rural Ontario so I'd never even heard of one like it.

  26. Barista who could talk back to asshole customers. I loved being a barista. Making people's day by giving them one of the few remaining legal stimulants was awesome!

  27. I’m an operations/supply chain/logistics guy but what I love is when I get to do my small amount of data analytics. What I don’t like is the terrible work/life balance.

  28. Adjacent to this, a professional blunt roller. This is a thing, I know snoop employs a full time blunt roller

  29. Judging from how many very-wealthy people "retire" into teaching eled/sped and then leave after one year.... I'm gonna go ahead and say that while many people believe this is a fun job, the pure number of people that can't cut it past year two is explanation enough as to how far doing a "meaningful" job can get you. When burnout, community disregard, and undo pressure from all aspects of the job begin to make you want to get covid, it's not just the low pay that's making people leave.

  30. Have you ever thought about being a Big Brother volunteer through Big Brothers Big Sisters? Positive male role model for a kid minus the bullshit teachers have to deal with.

  31. Speaking as a professional musician, studio engineer is one of the more stable jobs in the industry. Especially if you’re into doing live sound, you can work every night. I’ve played quite a few club gigs where the band and the sound guy got paid the same amount. Difference is the band had to split it, the sound guy kept it all!

  32. Librarian. Like I own a library and I am the librarian. Upstairs is a sound proof room for discussion. Downstairs is snack point. But utter utter and I mean uttermost silence in my library on this floor.

  33. Working in film, photography or being a writer. Preferably all within working from home in a home in the woods.

  34. I'd be kind of an artist in many fields. I'd make music (I play drums and guitar); craft things out of wood, plastics, fabrics and metal like furniture, cosplay props, knife handles and other useful stuff and sell it.

  35. I work in museums and have met several very successful and happy maritime archaeologists!!! If you play your cards right, you can go to state schools (I think UTexas has a good program) for your degrees. There are also quite a few archaeology positions that always pop up on government job sites.

  36. Astrobiology. If I could just get the training for free and not have to worry about bills or anything like that I could finally go to college and do something meaningful.

  37. I've spent a lot of time thinking about this recently. I am a system admin currently and if money was not an object, I would do the same work but for free consulting for non-profits. I already do this partly during some days off, but I'd do it a lot more.

  38. My gut answer is teacher. I’ve always enjoyed helping people understand concepts. But the pay is extremely lacking and administration + parents make the job miserable.

  39. That job sounds fun and all but I don’t think I could handle being up at 3 am to start baking for the morning rush.

  40. I hate how money forces us to specialize and exceed at one thing so that we can generate personal income, so if money wasn’t a thing I’d like to expand my skills in art.

  41. As silly as it sounds to say, or even type, an actor. That has always been my dream job ever since I was little(in a very genuine sense, not in the "I want all the money and fame," sense) Doubling, also as a writer. That said, I would settle for anything in the creative arts world. Not that it's easy anywhere, but as many people know, trying to make a life and living from those sorts of pursuits are often incredibly unstable and unattainable for most.

  42. During university, I worked in a bakery, part time. I loved it. Ok the early mornings were a bit annoying but I finished at 2pm and then went home and napped,read or saw friends. And the sugary smell was just divine.

  43. Horror writer. But I haven't been able to write a thing in five years, despite having all the free time in the world, so, I suppose money wouldn't make much difference.

  44. A doctor. I know they make a lot often, but you need the money to get the education… so if money wasn’t a thing, that would be my passion.

  45. Everybody goes into debt for med school. If you’re serious about this, the cost of applying is about 2 to 3K. You will have to dedicate about a thousand hours for ECs though

  46. Seems like the debt is pretty worth it if you actually make it through med school and earn a doctor's salary. I feel like for most people the roadblock is less the money and more the work ethic, strong academic skills, etc.

  47. Building custom pet homes (cat towers, catwalks, tunnels, fancy comfy kennels, aquariums, cages, enclosures and the like)

  48. Cosmologist. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do for a living. Stars, heavenly bodies, supernova, etc. it all fascinates me to no end and I feel like earth can provide only so much in the realm of what worlds could be like. Sure we could look at smaller elements of physics, but something about studying things so massive that they warp space and time and explosions that put the light of the sun to shame really appeals to me. However, I decided against it in favor of a more practical and safe career path.

  49. I'd start a ramen restaurant called The Mein Man. After that my Indian concept: Keep Calm and Curry On...before finally, my Nepalasese-Mexican fusion restaurant: The Best Everest Taco

  50. Naval aviation on the path to becoming an astronaut. I’d do it regardless of money, but unfortunately I don’t meet the medical requirements 😔(yet)

  51. either construction worker or salesman. I love dressing well and presenting, explaining things to other people. I also like the feeling of having created something you can touch and feel.

  52. Explorer. Not really a career but hey man, fuck money. I just want to explore this great world we live on with this 1 life I get. I don't want to work any kind of job.

  53. I would have loved to be a writer or completely submerged myself into being a seamstress. I I think I would rather indulge in my hobbies completely like learning a new language or skill like gardening

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