What is the most controversial thing you own?

  1. People bought a bunch of Iraqi money after he was gone thinking it would be worth money one day. Don’t think that worked out very well

  2. My grandfather went to the World Scout Jamboree in the Netherlands in 1937, and while he was there he traded patches and gear with some scouts from Germany. By 1937, the German boy scouts had transitioned into the Hitler youth, so I own a Hitler youth boy scout uniform with a bunch of swastikas on it.

  3. That is such an interesting thing to own, holy shit. Don't get me wrong, I hate Nazis, but that's kind of cool to still have, considering how much of that would have been destroyed, and just considering the history behind it

  4. I've got one of those as well. I thought I was being really cool when I ordered it at Barnes & Noble asking if they could hold it under a number instead of my name so that the Feds couldn't tie it to me. Gave them a number (8065866024) which wasn't random but would mean nothing to anyone else, then realized I didn't have quite enough cash to buy it so I had to use my credit card. And then I had to give them my phone number so they could call and let me know when it was ready to pick up.

  5. A complete ivory and ibony chessboard bought a sale of confiscated poacher stuff to fund elephant preservation. When I lived in Zambia and was on holiday in Kenya.

  6. I wanted a chinchilla really badly as a kid, but my parents said hell no. one christmas my grandma got me a teddy bear made out of chinichilla fur.. Luckily my parents told me it didn't hurt the chinchilla its just like getting a hair cut for them, but they were like WTF to my grandma. I now know better and am also like WTF grandma

  7. I have a chinchilla. Sometimes I catch him staring at me as if he is plotting my demise. I have to remind him I could totally turn him into like a quarter of a glove if he tries anything. Then I give him a chin scratch and a rose hip and all is well.

  8. Similar thing happened to me. I love snakes and have kept many as pets. Someone brought me home a 12ft long python skin from Morocco... Horrible and I don't know what to do with it

  9. When I was 18, I bought a print of a 1918 German zoo advertisement from a thrift store. I thought the artwork was neat. It had a leopard on it and I was completely cat-obsessed at the time. Turns out the artwork was by Ludwig Hohlwien. He would go on to produce Nazi propaganda.

  10. TIL the cute leopard poster I have hanging in my hall was designed by a nazi :,) Coincidentally I ordered it from a Berlin atelier.

  11. A variation of the picture was still used by the zoo a couple of years ago. Haven't been there in a while but it's not on their website anymore.

  12. He was certainly not alone. A lot of German artists were propagandists. The movie "M" was written by Fritz Lang and Thea von Harbou and basically deals with the social dilemma of choosing between a floundering but legitimate government and thugs who "get things done" but who use tactics that aren't ethical. Lang would emigrate to the US before the war really kicked off; von Harbou stayed and worked for the Nazis.

  13. My family owns a petrified walrus penis, my grandmother took it to get it identified at the Smithsonian several decades ago. Apparently her grandfather or maybe it was her great-grandfather brought it home after he spent several years on some type of expedition up around northern Alaska and points north. It has been loaned out to several museums at different times. The family has talked about selling it but everyone has to agree and so far there is no agreement about selling it. So I own 1/67th of a petrified walrus penis.

  14. Isn’t this called an oosik? My grandfather had one and told us to stir our coffee/tea with it before he’d tell us what it actually was.

  15. I have a set of small bone carved snuff bottles from China (dated to the 19C) with explicit images on them.

  16. No. It’s ironic now. You can wear it and be “retro” or sell it on eBay. I’m sure some high school senior will buy the merch.

  17. I have a glass vial/small bottle of pure histamine. If anyone would be exposed to this they would get a deadly allergic reaction. I have it double sealed.

  18. A first print edition of Batman Damned #1, the one featuring Batman's "little batman". (From DC Black Label featuring more adult content. Violence and swearing are totally fine, but a shadowy penis profile made people flip out enough they removed it from subsequent print runs)

  19. I don’t think I have it anymore but back when I was in 9th grade and my brother was a senior we hosted a foreign exchange student from Norway. Without us knowing he had been taking pictures of every overweight/ obese American that he saw while he was here for the year. It wasn’t until a year after he went home, on Christmas he sent us a leather bound photo album, like it looked really nice, opened it and boom.. hundreds of photos of people from Walmart and malls. My mom was not too impressed but me and my brother had a good chuckle, not even at the people but just the fact that he took all that time and energy to collect all those photos and then make them into a photo album

  20. Oh man this really cracked me up. It's got to be a wild ride being from somewhere like Norway and going to a Walk Mart

  21. I have a few Ivory jewellery pieces from the early 70s my parents bought back from Botswana, and a poison arrow kit. Mum has the 3-metre long python skin she just put in her luggage from back then too.

  22. My dad has a tiny elephant carved from ivory. I always found it pretty disturbing. I believe it was a present, though idk who gave it to him or where they got it.

  23. My great grandpa was a medic in ww2 and we own a little chest with his personal belongings, including his diary, some old bandages

  24. My grandfather was a doctor until the '60s. I have glass syringes with needles, forceps, a bottle of nembutal tablets, glass vials of pitocin, order forms for buying morphine from the government, and a few other things.

  25. There is a pharmacy museum in Cuero TX that is absolutely incredible. The building was purpose built in the late 1800's as a pharmacy and used for that for over a hundred years and they managed to hold on to all of their old inventory. They have tons and tons of bottles of heroin, morphine, cocaine, and the like as well as all sorts of quack medicine including one product you gave to your baby if the baby was too ugly.

  26. He wasn't a medic, but my grandpa did mail back enough parts to reassemble a German rifle when he got back. Dirty birds stamped on them and all

  27. Umm mortuary toe tags from an asylum in New York ....like twenty or so of them ... I think they could be the only things left showing that these people actually lived

  28. I have an English copy of Mao's Little Red Book from the fifties, how much did the Chinese original run you?

  29. My mom owns a tourist copy of the Red Book from when she went to China in the 70’s. Just casually has it laying around.

  30. That’s pretty cool, how dangerous might you say it is if it were not in the oil? And how did you come about such a neat thing? Silly question, does it glow? I could look it up but I want to ask you :)

  31. I have my grandfathers Hitler Youth knife. He was 12 when the war ended but he spent the last year or so of the war on a U-Boat basically as an assistant.

  32. We have Nazi binoculars. But we also have a German bunker behind our house. It happens when you live in a formerly occupied area.

  33. Elephant foot furniture is more common than you think; a man trying to prove the Loch Ness monster was real used his elephant foot umbrella vase to make footprints

  34. A piece of a radiation bore drill encased in resin. It has a cloud floating above it in the resin where the focal point is. It's safe now, bizarre to think about, and probably illegal as fuck for a civilian to aquire today.

  35. I bought a used Bill Cosby comedy album on vinyl and the next week everything started coming out about the horrible things he had done ☹️

  36. A full length Mink fur coat, it was my brothers ex’s and when they broke up she just left a whole bunch of stuff with him, so he gave all of it to me including that coat

  37. Please start hosting hoity-toity movie nights with your close friends so you can swan around in your full-length mink coat.

  38. A packaged stick from Afghanistan that claims to cure all known illnesses, including cancer, if you rub it on you.

  39. It’s probably a pharmaceutical jar for a dentist office from back in the day. Cocaine was commonly used as an anesthetic, and came in ceramic jars like that

  40. As a joke I told my mom I wanted my dogs testicles in a jar after we had him neutered…. She took it seriously and now I have had my dogs balls in a jar for almost a decade

  41. My grandma used to tell a story about a woman in her town whose husband captured one of those enormous red swastika banners. He saw that it was made out of some decent quality silk so he thinks, "Hey my wife could make some really nice dresses out of this." So he packs it up and ships it home. His wife gets it, carefully washes the whole big-ass thing by hand, and then without thinking, hangs it out of an upstairs window to dry.

  42. A small diary/journal written in Japanese with small letters also in Japanese in it. My grandfather fought in WW2 in the Pacific. He gave the journal to my father before he died. He said it was from a Japanese officer that he killed. My father said he was very shaken and seemed deeply disturbed by the memory. He made my father promise that he would never look to return the journal to the family or try to look into it.

  43. Radio lab did a show a few months back about good luck flags (I might be misremembering the name) but they were essentially Japanese flags that families, coworkers and towns would write messages of good luck on and send to the front with their loved ones. They were super common and often picked up as souvenirs by Americans. There’s a group working on returning them to Japan and the families of the deceased. Most WWII vets and their immediate families seemed to be or have been uncomfortable with the idea of returning them because they have some leftover animosity towards the Japanese or, more commonly, some guilt and PTSD surrounding having survived a brutal war, and having evidence of those who didn’t in your home.

  44. Oh wow, I remember when my ex-bil tried to make some alleged hallucinogenic out of banana peels, the dumbass.

  45. A Nazi SS officers dagger and a Hitlers youth ceremony bayonet. A friend gave them to me days before he died of cancer. They belonged to his dad.

  46. I have a decent sized Nazi flag in my house. My grandfather was in the US Army in WWII and fought in the Battle of Aachen. He went into a German meeting hall and saw the flag on the wall. He got up on a table to grab it and, in his words "two Krauts came in and started shooting. I ripped the flag off the wall and my buddies wasted the Krauts."

  47. I have a book of Roman-Catholic–themed comic strips from 1953. All men are lazy drunks, all women are gossips and nags, all boys only fight, and all girls are only supposed to be Mary Sunshine.

  48. My Scottish family crest is a hand holding a severed head on a sword. The owner of the head is a Moor who allegedly was wanted by the king. The reward was land. My ancestor caught this guy, cut off his head and brought it to the king. Pretty controversial when you know what a Moor was.

  49. When my sister was in high school she wrote letters to Charles Manson. He wrote her back. My dad intercepted the letters in the mail. He never opened them, but still has them. My sister never knew he wrote back.

  50. Probably a small bone I lifted from a catacomb In Peru when I was younger. Technically I’m a grave robber and definitely getting haunted.

  51. When I was a kid in holiday with my parents and sister, my sister and I found a bone in the bush behind the lodge we were staying at

  52. A friend of mine spent a lot of time innocently learning how to make a noose. After he became proficient, he gave me one of his best, but small examples to remember him when I moved back to the USA. I thought hanging it from my rear view mirror would be "cool", but I had moved to the south. Some of my minority friends later explained it to me.

  53. I remember wanting to learn how to make one for a costume (Clue), and I googled and got like a page of results of suicide hotlines. I hadn't even thought about that being a thing if you googled it. Like, goddammit, it's for a costume!

  54. Huh, I live in Ghent, Belgium and the noose is actually one of the symbols of our town. A historical nickname for people from Ghent is also "noose wearers" ("stroppendragers") and lots of people around here have a noose hanging from their rearview mirror. I never thought about it before but I imagine it must be pretty weird for people visiting from the US, altho the origin isn't racist at all. (Our soccer team's logo on the other hand, I can't really defend...)

  55. An apartheid South Africa flag. Given the somewhat rough and used condition it’s in, it flew somewhere for awhile. I collect flags and my family bought a box off eBay that said it contained old flags, not much else in terms of description. Somewhat of a shock for me on Christmas morning!

  56. As an arcade guy, I see why this is controversial. Those vector displays are getting harder and harder to find these days. While its not quite as bad as gutting one of those, I have a centipede cabinet that I also swapped for an lcd, but it still has the original board. I dont like multicabs cause the appeal of arcades to me is the gigantic wooden box that is exclusively one game. Not that Im against multicabs, they just arent for me.

  57. A very, VERY large dildo. Like, unreasonably large. My friend had it sent to me as a joke on a random day for no reason at all. Spent $300 for the sake of a joke. I was like bro something is very wrong with you lol

  58. Don't worry. I went on a cruise in 2019, and had to buy a non-slip pair of footwear because my current ones would have killed me on the first day. Walked into a Croc store, and there on a clearance rack was a pair of Crocs in my size. I am a grown man with tiny duck feet, there is never anything in my size in any shoe store in the world, yet there they were and on clearance.

  59. I own a poster that was done by Shadman. Back in like the hearty times of 2015, I had some money in my account and used it to buy it and keep it on hand. I liked the art, it was cool and I even showed it off to a few online friends back then.

  60. Yeah, he started making Hentai for Pedos, went off the deep end, allegedly started taking heroin, and was recently arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. Which for a guy that makes Pedo Art, is like Capone getting arrested on Tax Evasion.

  61. The most controversial thing in this comment is MichAgain. I've never seen it spelled that way despite it being a funky word. No worries.

  62. A copy of mein kampf translated to English. No idea how it came to me, read it. It's an exhausting read. The man was a calculated lunatic.

  63. A propaganda flyer dropped on Manchester UK by The Luftwaffe during WW2. My grandfather was a policeman at the time and all police were told to collect them.

  64. Well I finally threw it out the other week, but for years I had an old Felicity doll with a hole I made in the crotch area. I was abused as a child and it was a way of coping, I guess. Not sure why I kept it all these years. I’m just glad no kids ever came over and saw it.

  65. Captured nazi flag. Dead nazis sword too. Story goes gramps killed him and took it. Can't confirm. However, I am in possession of a dead nazi officer's sword.

  66. I read that as “Time Police”, and imagined a whole narrative about cops going back in time to catch people stealing things red-handed. Lol

  67. I thought they were ridiculous before I had a baby. Now I’m considering getting one because my toddler loves to abruptly let go of my hand and sprint towards the road. I’ve had so many figurative heart attacks by now, and she didn’t even manage to run out into the road yet. I think I need one, yup.

  68. I worked in custom framing and one of my favorite stories was this guy who came in and the first thing out of his mouth was "Just so you know I AM NOT A NAZI" before he pulled out a bag full of Nazi coins his grandfather had looted off bodies during WWII.

  69. A canvas painting of me (male) getting tag teamed sexually by my 2 favorite League of Legends Characters (one of which is a monstrous character). One of my friends had it comissioned for our secret santa last year.

  70. Pretty small but a copy of Rage by Stephen King. Only book he personally had pulled from print due to it “inspiring” a school shooting.

  71. I found a coat at a shop that takes donated coats from Europe and sends them to South Africa. I bought it for the equivalent of $10. It has a big fur collar made of arctic fox fur. Once at the gynaecologist office the secretary berated me for supporting the fur trade and I havent worn it since. In my head I thought it was okay since I got it from a donation program. Oh well. RIP Todd. Forever in our hearts, forever in my closet.

  72. Human fibula. Bought it *legally* from a really cool store I worked at in high school. Fun to show off at parties :)

  73. Probably the keepsakes from my family. Half German, half Russian. So I have a combination of Nazi memorobilia and Soviet memorobilia, I like to think they balance eachother out.

  74. Aight. Tell me about your collection or post on action figures subreddit. I got a couple, mainly the alternator series modeled after real cars. My wrx and skyline are my favorite. I really want the one shaped like a pistol and beast war t rex.

  75. Teeth that my grandfather collected in WW2 when he fought in the Pacific theater. I also has his k-bar that was used against the enemy.

  76. one of my internet buddies lives in the middle east and was conscripted to fight against ISIS back in 2015, he showed me teeth on his desk that he took from Insurgents he killed.

  77. Along those lines, I have the issue of Newsweek proclaiming "Madame President" for Hillary. I do tech support for retail, and was able to snag one before they were all returned.

  78. A real firearm and ammo. My grandfather left it to me. I only keep it because it is gorgeous. Its an italian made long rifle. A Beretta. Its black with wood and gold trimmings.

  79. I had a bunch of old (really old, from the 1930s) magazines from my grandmother. Tucked inside one was a 'newspaper' from the British brownshirts, the British Union of Fascists.

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