Lets sort it put what’s better kfc or McDonalds?

  1. KFC would win hands down if they didn't fuck with their Chips... Macdonald's do mozzarella dippers tho... That salsa is to die for.

  2. I have a very special place in my heart for KFC actually. Some big life events happened in one for me as a child. I've certainly had better fried chicken over the years, but compared to McDonalds it's way more flavorful and enjoyable. I still go have it every once in a while just to reminisce.

  3. McDonald’s is a lot cheaper and easier, but I’d say KFC tastes better. Maybe it’s nostalgia or maybe it’s the mash pot and gravy, but it’s always so satisfying. McDonald’s is very hit or miss.

  4. You mean popeyes or kfc and mcdonalds or burger king ?? Kfc and mcdonalds are not similar enough to compareimo

  5. I haven't had kfc in well over a decade. I don't even remember how they taste tbh. I did have McDonald's recently and it was straight trash

  6. McDonald’s used to have these Chicken Selects that would give KFC a run for their money. Very good, tender, no bad vibes from them at all. With a small fries and an orange Hi-C it was a good meal for not a crazy price.

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