Which famous saying isn’t really true in your opinion?

  1. I think the point is, that passing gas is natural and you shouldn't draw attention to it and embarrass people for something they can't help. The phrase shuts people up by redirecting the ridicule back at them.

  2. You're supposed to say that after being flattered, usually right before you do something to demonstrate flattery works. I have never heard it used unironically.

  3. Best I can think of isnt really a saying or common phrase but “you shouldn’t be nervous unless you have something to hide”. It’s typically used in dramatic media to pin the blame on someone for something when they may just be nervous because they’re in an unfamiliar environment and that naturally makes someone uncomfortable. Not to mention they are usually being interrogated in order to get them to confess to something even if they didn’t do it.

  4. Agreed. It’s such a privileged thing that people in those positions with money say. I did what got me money and found within my career journey a job I LIKE. To me, that’s been success.

  5. Haha. I say this a lot, but I always follow it up with, “which will be really soon if I don’t get some sleep.”

  6. "Researchers have found that whatever doesn't kill you, messes you up for a really long time, and you're lucky if you ever get it together." - Dennis Miller

  7. And it's always stated as though it was a tenet that Nietzsche was promulgating. But it was part of a series of "types" who's mindset he was describing, and this one was part of the military mindset. He was saying that's how soldiers think, not that it's some kind of truth that applies to just anyone. Nor was he claiming it's some admirable quality.

  8. I mean, a lot of famous sayings contradict each other. Do "birds of a feather flock together" or do "opposites attract"? Is it "out of sight, out of mind" or does "absence make the heart grow fonder"?

  9. the birds of a feather one is actually a cautionary one because the full saying is "birds of a feather flock together, until the cat comes" it basically means be careful of who you surround yourself with, watch out for superficial friends

  10. Good things come to those who wait. Patience is definitely a virtue, however it simply cannot and should not be applied on everything. Striking while the iron is hot has proven to be much more to the point for me than being patient.

  11. I think both are valid. You need to combine those and it results in the following: patiently wait for an opportunity and then don't miss that opportunity

  12. I was teaching sociology to master's students, and one girl said "my dad says nobody has a reason to be poor if they don't want to". Master's. They were about to become teachers. Imagine someone like that in a modern school.

  13. Yeah, slow and steady only wins if you’re lucky enough that the hare is dumb and takes a nap, but he could still leave you in the dust if he wants to.

  14. So many of these saying are true, but are contextual. Slow and steady often does produce better results than fast and unsteady, e.g. practicing a skill for a few minutes every day for years, instead of a few hours for a limited time than giving up.

  15. Ryan O'Neal says this in the film "Love Story." Then, in the film "What's Up, Doc?" Barbra Streisand says it to Ryan O'Neal, and he says, "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard."

  16. I had this conversation with my wife recently. My first girlfriend from high school spouted this nonsense to me when we first got together...and then was SUPER toxic. As I grew up I realized it's something toxic people say to allow them to be shitty to their partners and not have to take responsibility for their shitty actions.

  17. I asked a guy I work with how to spell his last name once (Schneider). He said "I before E except after schnee".

  18. Seriously. Whenever you see that trope in movies or TV (goth falling for the cutesy pink person, nerd and jock dating, super hyper person falling for the quiet reserved person) it’s normally their similarities that make them friends. For me and my best friend, though we may seem to be opposites from far away, we’re actually quite similar. We just dress a little differently.

  19. I don't believe it's necessarily untrue. My wife and I are pretty polar in terms of likeness and we love each other. We've experienced a much broader variety of activities. I would never go to festivals, bars, communal campgrounds, or social outings; they don't really interest me. But because of her I experienced all of that many times over. And she's expressed that if not for me, should would never have been interested in hiking, fishing, woodland camping, or homesteading.

  20. Also the flower does consider the flower next to it, which is why it tries to grow as tall as possible to get the most sunlight.

  21. Most people misunderstand "the customer is always right" to mean "each customer is right to act the way they act", but the true meaning is more "if the customers aren't buying, you have to change to meet their needs/wants, not expect the customer to change".

  22. If anyone cares, it originates from cooking imagery. To roast and baste the pig makes it "sweat." Thus to sweat like a pig means you're sweating under severe duress (cooking lol) or by another playful turn of words, you're so hot you're "roasting."

  23. I HATE this saying SO much. My wife and I lost our first child (still born) and found out on her birthday. People regurgitated that stupid line to us so much. It makes me clench my fists in cold anger whenever I hear it.

  24. Well, everything does happen for a reason. It's just that the reason has more to do with the blind, mechanical nature of the universe than the person saying it would like to think it does.

  25. The human brain is very good at making connections and patterns that aren't really there, and has a bias towards your own experience. This can make it feel like a lot things were "meant to happen". It's main character syndrome.

  26. Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life. - complete BS. I run a high end photography studio, I work 60+ hours a week. I wear all the hats. Do I love it, yes. Do I work my ass off, also yes.

  27. Yeah, what really happens is you end up working twice as hard....and sometimes for less money....because you love it right? So you’d do it even if you weren’t paid.

  28. Turning my love for photography into a source of income killed my interest in photography. It became a business, a gig and a chore. My expensive equipment lies unused and I learned that sometimes you have to do things just for yourself.

  29. I once read A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway. I read this passage and it resonated with me. The context behind it is basically the old spend their time politicking and send the young to die selfishly to protect their own interests.

  30. Yes!!! You're not a catch just because you have your "best" moments. You still have issues you need to work on. You shouldn't expect everyone to be able to handle your "worst" moments, and shrugging off the people that "can't handle you" as people that don't deserve you is toxic. Patience is reserved for people who are trying to fix themselves, not for people that shift blame. And even then, not everyone is in the right frame of mind to do that. Everyone has their limits, and you shouldn't blame them because you go past them.

  31. I understand this when it's like people who are happily married for years then one gets sick and the healthy one leaves, then as soon as the sick one gets better, the other one wants to come back. Or that kind of situation.

  32. This should be a required question on dating apps. "Have you ever posted this meme saying "If you can't handle me at my worst... yadda yadda.."

  33. THIS. Just a way for some women and men to justify their toxic behavior. I’ve only ever heard it irl used in a gloating way too.

  34. i think this saying used to be different but got twisted. like, it was “keep the ones who were there for you at your worst and still stuck around” or something like that

  35. Time away from someone either makes you realize how you can't exist without them, or realize how easy it is to exist without them.

  36. I read somewhere that he didn't want to say "shame on me" because he didn't want it being clipped and taken out of context, but then made it worse.

  37. "Everyone gets what they deserve." And any of its related phrases. People that do bad things never get their comeuppance and people that do good things don't get rewarded. All the time.

  38. My son’s mother cheated on me for a year after 8 years together. She also used me for thousands of dollars during that last year. During the cheating she won $90k on a lottery ticket, and a year after we split she won another $55k.

  39. Usually whoever has a responsible attitude ends up doing all the work, and then getting scapegoated for the mistakes of the well-connected fuck-ups in the organization if anything goes wrong.

  40. 'If you murder a murderer, the number of murderers in the world stays the same.' Like, what if you had been a murderer prior to killing him?

  41. If you murder a murderer, the number of murderers in the world stays the same, but if you murder two murderers, it goes down by one.

  42. Anyone who says "cheaters never win and winners never cheat" has never taken an interest in professional sports.

  43. I also saw someone omit the "expecting different results" part and decided the definition of insanity was simply repeating the same thing.

  44. Thank you. I correct people on this all the time yet they just keep on saying it over and over and over, it's insanity.

  45. "Crime doesn't pay". Crime totally pays and is tax-free. In fact, it pays so well that criminals try to pay taxes on it.

  46. “Blood is thicker than water.” It basically an excuse to stay with family who abuse you. You can stop talking/seeing family who mis treat you. Just because they are family doesn’t mean you have to put up with it.

  47. This one irks me the most, especially because i know people who follow it blindly. I've had blood fuck me over in ways that my friends would never even think about.

  48. Not really an official saying, but I’ve always disliked the phrase “Shark-Infested Waters.” It’s not an infestation, that’s their natural habitat.

  49. I especially hate this type of saying when people use this to justify idiotic behaviour, usually related to love and relationships. You can want something/someone, but you can also control what you do about it.

  50. I also hate this phrase because it implies that women are these unreasonable, selfish, demanding nags who will make your life miserable if you don’t always give them what they want.

  51. This is one of my least favorite sayings. It implies that the husband should go out of his way to make the wife happy, but that the husband's happiness is meaningless. I like your version a lot more.

  52. I spent 16 years trying to make my wife happy. Never worked. She looked to me for her self worth and identity. After awhile I started to do the same. We’re separated now and we are both way happier, and have self respect/worth outside of each other.

  53. I've found this saying surprisingly true in a ton of cases though. My dad once hired someone cheap to pour concrete instead of a proper professional contractor. The results are awful.

  54. Jesus at my old job people would peel price stickers off boxsets so they could claim it was apart of the 10 for £1 deal and I’d tell them no because I’d priced it myself and they’d try “the customer is always right” and knowing I’d lose my job if I Said “I don’t subscribe to that bullshit” so I’d just tell them that the price sticker must have been removed and it’s actually insert correct price, they’d either get angry and pay or get angry and leave it threatening to never come back

  55. I had a boss that told me that the correct way of seeing this is "the customer should always believe they are right". They probably aren't but if you tell them you likely won't get a sale.

  56. This was a marketing term that originally dealt with stuff like what you sell in your store, different flavors for foods, etc. Not that any asshole with an opinion was right just cuz they were there shopping instead of working. In its contemporary meaning, it's so much bullshit.

  57. I don’t know why I don’t see this one because it’s patently absurd but “what you don’t know can’t hurt you.” In fact it’s the things you don’t know about that will fuck you up big time (cancer, that car about to pull around a blind corner, German U-boat, etc etc)

  58. "Everything happens for a reason". This makes zero sense, people only say that to protect them from the fact of how uncertain life is.

  59. Exactly. Tell this to people who spent 10 years in a torture camp, or who got brutally raped, and had PTSD for life. “God let you get raped because he thought you could handle it.”

  60. If you work hard, stay motivated and put a lot of effort in your work. Surely you will recognized and will profit from that. After 20 years i can say, it is a lie.

  61. “That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” Demonstrably false; all manner of people are emotionally or physically shattered by various traumas and they are definitely not “stronger”.

  62. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Sorry miss Kelly Clarkson, it didn’t make me stronger, it made me traumatized.

  63. Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. 1) you are getting chocolate 2) if you’re talking about specific chocolates there is also a sheet telling you what each chocolate is called and what’s in it 3) most boxes of chocolates I’ve had I have had before so I know exactly what’s in them

  64. They didn’t used to have those little diagrams in the box. When I was young, you really didn’t know what you were about to bite into.

  65. You have to work hard to succeed in life. No, you have to work smart. Working hard and especially working a lot can actually decrease your odds of success.

  66. We have that phrase in English as well " Silence is/implies/gives consent". Like many of the phrases here, the original has a different or expanded meaning. Both come from a Latin phrase:

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