What franchise made you wonder how the hell it got popular?

  1. There was some study that showed a correlation between watching those shows and being less likely to become a teen mom for girls. So some good came out of them lol.

  2. I find it funny how the same age group complaining about the inaccuracy of teen shows/movies (e.g. college kids/young adults) are also the same age group most likely watching inaccurate teen shows/movies.

  3. I just heard on the radio last week how one of the moms died in January from an overdose, preceded by their child's father.

  4. The first time I caught "Honey Boo Boo" while channel-surfing, I thought it was a show about people pursuing bariatric surgery, until they showed the piglet defecating on the kitchen table. At that moment, I figured out exactly what it was.

  5. Pretty sure pageants as we see them on TV are banned in my state. I've never seen one and I don't know of such thing as a pageant circuit.

  6. I made it all this time without reading a single line of those books, and then you go and make me read my new least favorite sentence…

  7. I just learned that 50 Shades was written as Twilight fan fiction. This made it even funnier to me and explained EVERYTHING.

  8. It was smut for people who never read smut before, and it was marketed as an adult novel specifically at the time that people who read stuff like twilight would want to read something like that. And bdsm itself was becoming really mainstream among the millenial generation. It's pretty genius in a marketing sort of way, even if you could probably read better fiction on

  9. Man… one of my favorite NYC stories involved FIfty Shades. We used to buy the bootleg DVDs in my old neighborhood. My GF came home with Fifty Shades. She was pumped, I was like “ehhhhh” but I owed her since I made her sit through some of my movie choices. Every sex scene on the bootleg was cut out. I guess the Chinese bootleggers cut out sex scenes(?) in movies. Anyway, she was livid. Once she realized it she screamed out “where’s my god damn sex”! . I still tease her with that line

  10. There’s a line where he keeps pulling thumbs out of places and I am very concerned about how many thumbs he supposedly has?

  11. What tampon brand was this? I was a tampon user for more than 40 years, and never saw strings in any color other than white.

  12. It started, if I understand correctly, as videos to put on while eating alone. People would film themselves eating dinner and talking as if they were hanging out with a friend so lonely people could watch them while they ate dinner and feel less lonely. It then spiraled and became the thing it is now.

  13. Nobody hates professional sports teams from Philadelphia as much as the fans of professional sports teams from Philadelphia.

  14. Favourite recent Philly fan moment: caller on a morning radio show arguing for a ban on Australians entering the country until we figure out what the hell is going on with Ben Simmons.

  15. Philadelphia sports team have had some exceptionally bad owners and GMs. Way more than you'd expect for one of the biggest cities in the country. From the 76ers championship in 1983 to the Phillies in 2008, the town was just worn down by choke after choke, bonehead decision after bonehead decision, and crappy team after crappy team. It would be miraculous for a town with 4 major franchises to not get worn down and embittered in that time frame. That doesn't just go away with a little success in one World Series and Super Bowl since then.

  16. I watch it to make myself cringe. The story is total bonkers and makes no sense. The characters always act out of place. It really hurts to see how bad it is.

  17. Why would they turn a light hearted comic into something so dark it's like if they rebooted brooklyn 99 as an svu unit

  18. It’s a show to have on as just background noise while you’re doing something else. There’s also a shirtless Archie in almost every episode, so if you’re into that, then that’s…a reason to watch.

  19. The real housewives of (insert American city here). There’s gotta be like 8 separate series of those at this point.

  20. Here in Germany we also have the bachelor as a TV format which is really really awkward. Especially since many of the women use it to get insta famous. Also, the relationships never last a long time. What a surprise.

  21. I seriously don't understand why Jake Paul ever got as much attention as he did. Wasn't he just the hot meatheaded dude from Bizaardvark? I'll admit he had some funny lines but come on really?

  22. He was only hired for that show bc he was already a famous douche on YouTube. Then he got fired for being too much for the Disney Channel. And who is he? Is he the fighter or the one who tried to create a fake get rich quick business aimed at kids? (Don't tell that he's both.)

  23. Pop figures….don’t get me wrong, I get that there are many unique and interesting variations of them, but they’re basically unposeable statues that eat up space.

  24. There's a small shop not too far from my house that specializes in them. They have a few more collectibles but it's like 99% Pop Figures on floor to ceiling shelves in two rooms.

  25. I've always thought they were ugly. Time made me ignore that more. The only reason I bought some eventually was the realization that this is probably the closest I was getting to an actual action figure of some properties that I like. But always with the rule: if I can't tell who it is without the name on the box, it's not worth having.

  26. It’s like Beanie Babies or anything else that just becomes popular. Lots of people have them because they saw someone else have it and they felt left out.

  27. I have one and it was a gift. Baby Groot, remember how popular he was after the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie? It lived in my closet until a year ago when I got a new position with an office. Opened it for the first time and genuinely surprised that they're bobbleheads.

  28. They're filling the void in the market that the higher quality Nendoroids can't (or more likely, doesn't) fill. Basically, it's because of pricing.

  29. 90 Day used to be a guilty pleasure of mine (probably the same for most other viewers) but man they made too many spinoffs. They all also became wayyy too obviously fake

  30. These are in the so bad they're good category. The one thing I miss most about cable tv is the scifi channel at 2AM, so many fantastically terrible B movies.

  31. Anything that has to do with putting mentally ill people on the spot. Hoarders, intervention, morbid obesity, etc. They’re already ashamed and feel stuck otherwise they wouldn’t be in that situation. Can we not stick a camera in their face for views and just help them?

  32. I know at least one of those shows about severely obese people offers them weight loss surgery if they can drop a certain amount on their own so that they can safely be operated on.

  33. In my experience a lot of people bought those CDs expecting them to be like the NOW That’s What I Call Music compilations not realizing the songs were sung by annoying kids.

  34. I have a theory that their marketing was directly aimed at parents, like the kids were an afterthought. It makes so much sense that the product would be meant for parents and not kids, no child has ever wanted kidz bop. They wanted parents to see it as a direct solution on censoring popular music. It didn’t just bleep the cursing, it completely changed ANY suggestive lyrics. Great way to get family friendly music that was less annoying than “childrens music” (think Cocomelon).

  35. They are entertaining if you like gorey low budget horror movies. The good ones have some good puppet effects, the characters are unique and they often fight Nazis

  36. I've never played it, but I've seen summary videos on the underlying story and how people figured it out. I thought that was really cool.

  37. You really need to watch the movie Willy's Wonderland on Hulu. It is Nic Cage at his Nic Cagiest...and he doesn't even speak a single word the entire film.

  38. The show Biggest Loser ruined the life and health of many of it's participants. The model of weight loss they use is bad for you, and the weight loss results are unsustainable for most people. And the psychological damage is serious.

  39. I got into the biggest fight with an ex about this stupid series! She was in love with it and dragged me to see the first movie...it was hot dog shit and the fact that they made another after is ridiculous.

  40. YES. The premise is just so, so stupid. What if people had more than one personality trait???? I can imagine eight year olds liking it, but I side-eye any adult who likes this kind of garbage.

  41. Read the first one because the wife and all her friends were, wanted to see what all the fuss was about. It was the worst piece of trash I've ever read.

  42. I only read it because my older sister wouldn’t stop talking about it. That’s when I realized she’s a bored housewife with no sex life if she actually thought that trash was good.

  43. I'm the type of person that once I buy the first in a book series, no matter how much I disliked it I have to buy and finish them all otherwise I just have a half-finished series on my shelf and that ain't right.

  44. The first one was basically just Point Break with street racing. The second and third felt like they were capitalizing on the street racing boom that the first one helped usher in.

  45. Evolved with whatever the hell was considered ‘trendy’ by 13-14YO middle school boys who sprayed on too much Axe.

  46. Ah man, you really had to be there. I was a wee lad, all of 15 years old in South Florida. It came out the day after my birthday. My friend and I watched it twice that weekend.

  47. It always felt kinda like a minstrel show. Like, “oh hey guys look at the funny black woman isn’t she so funny because she’s so loud” kinda thing. Then again it is literally made by a black guy, and as a white guy I am absolutely not the target audience for it.

  48. The first season or two was fun in a delightfully trashy, turn your brain off and watch some crap tv to relax after a long day at work kind of way.

  49. Lmfaooo me. I used to live in Jersey and grew up going to seaside. I don’t watch any of the new ones but when it came out I remember watching the first 2 seasons. We hated them but couldn’t stop watching. It ruined seaside for a lot of people. My friends and I were there the night Ron got into a fight on the boardwalk we were so confused. Lol

  50. The sad part is Rabbids came first by an order of years. Same general premise, but way funnier. Though sadly far less accessable since they were locked behind "the Vidya games".

  51. They were a fresh breath of originality at a time when everything was being rehashed to death. Despicable Me was an actual new idea and the minions were a huge part of that.

  52. I worked with a middle aged woman who was OBSESSED with them (I mean tee shirts, Facebook memes, coffee cups) and it used to irritate me SO MUCH

  53. Honestly I enjoy the movies and my kids love them but 4 is trash. They couldn't even get the main actors and it was basically straight to streaming.

  54. eh the first one wasn't bad I can see it as a decent movie for kids. second one was just like there but holy the third and fourth one sucked so bad.

  55. Fifty Shades of Grey. I've never tortured myself by watching the movies, but I did try to read the first book when it came out to see what the big deal was. I didn't even make it halfway through.

  56. Honestly, I think that little squirrely thing featured in the short was the reason for the success. It made everyone laugh and got them in a good mood for the actual movie.

  57. Just ask Despicable Me, Frozen, Wreck it Ralph, Life of Pets, and all the other animated movies that struck gold once and then had terrible sequels.

  58. 5 sequels and not one of them follows up on the damn baby from the first one. Is he still alive? Is he an adult? I need answers!

  59. I literally lost a friend because I showed them the clean shaven picture of them. They were so vested in that trashy bigot family that they couldn't handle the fact it was all built on a lie.

  60. I think its like the Billie mays situation where you see the same commercial over and over and you get used to it and get confused when its gone. And tv ads are absurdly repetitive.

  61. I'm gonna guess it's her consistency, kind of like the Geico gecko, and also the fact that her character is supposed to be annoying.

  62. Literally exactly what happened. Dev said fnaf would be his last video game. Made it very simple with hidden 'secrets' that could have been expanded on, but didn't necessarily need to. Dude was planning on moving on, but then it somehow got the attention of the big gaming youtubers and it skyrocketed. So then dude just made up the lore as he went, riding that youtube money wave.

  63. The lore itself is fine the fun part however is piecing it together and solving it. The fanbase is pretty cringe tho

  64. This comment paired with the Monokuma pfp is 10/10. There’s only room for one animatronic animal who delights in death.

  65. Teen Titans Go, I despise it still. I can understand why the original series was the next big thing, but I never understood why the cheap, less serious sequel became even more popular. They even made a theatrical movie and are planning to make a sequel to it. Even though everyone hated it when it first aired in 2013, it got popular.

  66. Ridiculous premise bolstered by some cool kills. That’s all it is. Kind of like the Final Destination movies. Don’t pay attention to the why. Just watch people get fucked up.

  67. I guess it counts as a “franchise” since it had a spin-off, but The Big Bang Theory. Im a long time comic book and sci-fi fan and I didn’t find it funny at all. Their comic book references were also kind of cringe.

  68. The Big bang theory was never a show for millennial nerds, it was a show for boomer parents to laugh at millennial culture, which at the time was very much about comic book movies, "science" (seriously the science fad of the late 00s early 10s doesn't get called out enough for the oddity that it was), and just throwing pot shots at a culture that had moved on from their interest.

  69. Twilight. I know, cliche answer, but the story is literally of fanfiction quality. No effort put on the world building, the vampires aren't interesting at all, and the werewolves are just bigger wolves. And it's creepy when you realize the HUGE age gap between Edward and Bella. Such a shame that Taylor Lautner was dragged into it.

  70. Taylot Lautner isn’t a particularly good actor, which is why he isn’t seeing much success since. He’s not even close to as good as Stewart and Pattinson has proven to be, which is why they are doing better post-twilight.

  71. In fairness to Edward, he's permanently 17, so a relationship with anybody for him is creepy no matter how old they are. Jacob, on the other hand, looked at Bella's newborn baby and thought to himself "oh yeah, when she turns 18, I am going to cuh-laim dat ass!"

  72. I know the answer to this - even though the story isn’t that great, it is an easy read and gives you some escapism into that odd world. I don’t like some things that happened in the story (Edward being creepy, Jacob imprinting on a baby, Bella being parentified by Renee) but it’s an ok story. Better than some, worse than some.

  73. Honestly, transformers. I love the franchise but the original cartoon is very flaky in places and it makes me wonder how it did well enough to warrant all the current stuff.

  74. It's about the toys. Gotta keep in mind all the 80's cartoons were designed to generate toy sales. GI Joe, Masters of the Universe, Transformers, etc.

  75. COD. Not so much how it got, due to the quality of Modern Warfare and Black Ops 2, but how it stayed when they just recycled the same shit over and over after that with a 60 dollar price tag and 1 year lifespan. If course there is the occasional good one, like the recent Modern Warfare, but like I said, 1 year lifespan.

  76. I think with COD, it possibly stays popular because it has die-hard fans who will absolutely lap up anything COD related and will never listen to anyone complain about it.

  77. The shows where they send misbehaving teens to a strict family’s house for a week. And the cameraman is just like following the teens as they sneak behind the strict families back and I’m like bruh

  78. But they sell merchandise like a mofo. And that's why the sequels got made. Because slapping a cars logo on ANYTHING was like making free money

  79. Fast and the Furious cause I'm very sure that they are just milking off the franchise right now. The first movie is not even that great.

  80. I have to admit I did like the first 3 because of the races (even if unrealistic), but yea it’s gone way to far and they are trying to do a spin offs.

  81. I got Modern Warfare (the original one) back when I was in the fifth grade. It was simple and elegant like no big FPS after it.

  82. Twilight! I watched them all last year for the first time and watched them with open mind. Oh my fucking god i do not understand why people love this movies and the cgi baby so much. Everything about it is truly awful

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