What pisses you off instantly?

  1. This one motherfucker called frankie at my job loves to blame me for making duplicate or incorrect orders when I’ll be in the back sweeping or doing dishes not even cooking food.

  2. Ha or when you drop something and it rolls magically underneath the farthest corner of something, and now you’ll need to stick your arm all the way under there to get it out.

  3. When I hit my head on something. There’s this pipe right around head level near my washing machine and utility sink (I’m not even tall…it’s an old house). I bump my head on it an embarrassing amount of times. I always want to smash something when I do.

  4. My rage response to bumping my head on things is greatly out of proportion for what it should be. I have had some insane tantrum style outbursts from it.

  5. When I put the thing in a specific place, and then I go to get it from that specific place, and the thing isn't there. Where's the fucking thing? I put it there, I know I did. No one knows anything about the thing or its whereabouts. Drives me insane.

  6. My version of this: I go looking for an object I don't need very often. It takes me a while to find it, which annoys me. Once I'm finished with it, I then put it in a very specific place, so that next time I'll know where to find it.

  7. When in a conversation someone does a whole monologue but when they're done, wont let you get a single word in and will even walk away.

  8. Similarly, while in an argument they get to say allll their points but then when it comes to your turn suddenly they’re “done talking about it” and that “you keep talking about it” i.e. my entire family

  9. I had a friend who would like to tell me stories. When I would try to share similar stories to try and form a connection, he would appear very bored by looking around the room or putting his head on his table and sighing loudly. Really turned me right the fuck off.

  10. My friend bulldozes conversations and holy god is it annoying. He doesn't let anyone say anything until he is 100% finished with his thoughts on something. He will talk for minutes on end and when you try to contribute or say anything at all he just talks over you and continues on.

  11. Schrödinger's douchebag. Defined as someone who speaks or acts in offensive ways and then decides whether he was joking or not based on people's reactions.

  12. Trying to open “easy open” packaging to find out that shit is not, in fact, easy to open in any way, shape, or form.

  13. Those little tabs at the corner of packets of cold meat that are supposed to peel the whole thing open but instead, just completely detach! RAGE!!!!

  14. See also: people who exit a lift or train, or get off an escalator, and then just stop dead, causing an immediate pileup as everyone behind them has to body swerve the moron

  15. I hate that so much. I get that it's nice to find an empty seat in an already overcrowded train. But damn, just have some patience. The problem is that when people notice other people going in, they'll start to follow and the queue starts moving and it'll become harder and harder for people to get out. Dumb herd mentality.

  16. My husband has a habit of starting a sentence and...not finishing it. Then I'll chime in, thinking it's my turn:

  17. I’ve heard it’s common in people who grew up in large families. People with a lot of siblings grew up having to talk over people, otherwise they wouldn’t get heard.

  18. It’s even worse if they orchestrate it in a way that makes it seem as though they’re giving you a choice…except if they actually were they wouldn’t be going into details, they would just ask “hey, would you be able to do this?” and have it just be a yes or no question.

  19. My dad tried to volunteer me for some free babysitting on Saturday. I already had plans happening that day, but I was still going to say no. The kid in question is less than a year old, so I wasn’t comfortable enough to take care of them.

  20. For me it’s being volunteered or asked to do things on the assumption I must have the time because I’m the only family member without kids. Also never having my time respected or family members thinking I don’t actually work hard in my life because I don’t have kids.

  21. I like to knit and sew for myself in my free time. It's the thing I do for myself that's just for me, not something I do to make money. When people volunteer me to make something (my mom is so bad about doing this) I get so upset because they don't understand that not everything is about making money. I appreciate the compliment that they'd pay for my work, but the stress of finishing by a deadline takes away all the enjoyment from the making.

  22. The "someone has it worse" trope. 5 years ago (when i was 17) I was diagnosed with Lupus. 3 years ago my kidneys failed and i was put on dialysis. My mom, who was my support, died in September. The amount of times i heard that in the last few years, if i had a dollar for each one, I could surpass Elon. Like i know theres worse, doesn't mean I still cant feel bad.

  23. Toxic positivity. Fucking drives me nuts! Because nobody ever does that with any of the other emotions like example if you’re super happy because you finally got a job, nobody would tell you that other people have better jobs and more happiness so you should just be neutral about it.

  24. I really don’t see how anyone could have had a worse series of event happen to them if I’m honest. I’m sorry you lost your Mum mate, that’s terrible.

  25. This mainly gives me anxiety. I can’t scroll through that. Can’t help but think yeah that could happen to me. I don’t know why but as I get older driving makes me more nervous. I used to never be like this. I used to love driving.

  26. These people are very brave & very stupid af at the same time! Why on Earth would you piss off the person responsible for your care & health?!

  27. Completely agree, I’m a smoker but I won’t flick my cigarette butts on the ground. I will knock the cherry off of it and put it in my pocket until I can find a trash can to dispose of it.

  28. Being told I’m upset/mad about something when I’m not. Happens with my mom all the time. Sometimes I just need to be left alone with my feelings. I’m not mad, just don’t want to bother explaining my feelings about something

  29. What's even worse is getting comfy in bed after just finishing peeing in the bathroom and not even a minute later the urge to pee is still there.

  30. I got lecture after lecture my senior year in college from my dad because I vented about how many sleepless nights I was getting from working so hard. He couldn’t get it into his skull that I was working all day too. I was working non-stop, not playing video games until the last minute.

  31. Gotta share my example of the second one. Senior year of college, doing a paper for a German class. My first draft was ambitious, but careless. I’d tried to use complex sentence structures and multiple clauses. I knew that I was going to mess up, but that doesn’t really matter. Just so long as i get as much right as I can while being ambitious with my sentences it should be fine. Right? So when I get it back from my professor, and I read that it “really needed some work”, I think to myself “shit, was it really that bad?”

  32. Especially for no reason! Not saying lying is justifiable under any circumstances but there are at least scenarios where you could understand why someone might not want to be honest (ie due to some negative consequences they’d face). But then there are the people who lie for seemingly no discernible reason. Just for the sake of it. Drives me NUTS.

  33. This sends me 0 to 100 in an instant. The culprit is usually the cord getting caught up on something and ripping them straight out. So there's no one to even get mad at. "Fuck you chair arm!"

  34. My coat pockets keep catching on doorknobs and getting ripped out. I am the only person I know who has a leather repair guy.

  35. This happens with type 1 diabetics using insulin pumps, where their tubing gets caught on door handles frequently.

  36. Ooh on a similar note, accidentally biting your cheek/tongue.. Teeth are sharp and jaws are strong, it hurts really bad right away and then continues to hurt every time something touches it for the next day or so.

  37. The worst part is when you get all flustered because you’re put in a bad spot, and in your head that makes you look guilty which makes you even more flustered

  38. This is dumb, but your comment brought up the memory. When I was a kid, we were allowed one unhealthy snack per day. So I had a pudding cup, and was eating it extremely slowly. My mom came and went several times while I was still eating it. Then she yelled at me for eating "at least 2, maybe even 3". 20+ years, and that memory still irks me

  39. When I was a freshman in high school I went to a catholic high school and there were a lot of sport types of guys. I was just this scrawny little stoner kid. The gym teacher coach told me he was going to get me expelled for stealing some wealthy kids wallet. I told him I didn’t do it and he basically told me because of how I looked I did it.

  40. You can use my trick - I wake up in the morning and I think of three things that I’m looking forward to on that particular day, then I quickly realize that all I have to look forward to is problems and stress and I scream internally for 10-15 seconds and then take a shower and go to work in a daze, come home, go to bed and repeat.

  41. Dog owners who don’t pick up their dog’s shit. Witnessed this during my walk in the park today… owner watched their dog shit right in the middle of a soccer field and did nothing. That instantly pisses me off.

  42. I have a friend like this, it’s always about her. My boyfriend also pointed out to me how she never leaves my house without taking something. In the past couple months she’s taken alcohol multiple times, a blanket, wicker basket, a bra, earrings, ash trays and laundry detergent, to name a few.

  43. There are people even worse than that. They tell you about themselves, then ask "What about you?" or "How was your day?" And dont give a f*ck about your answer or your day, they say "ok" or "i see" and then continue to talk about themselves

  44. Not long ago I went to go fill my car up for gas, and a man in a pickup was at the pump I had rolled up to. Soon after I go there the car in front of him finished and left. There wasn’t very much space for me to squeeze between the pickup and the building so I decided to wait until the gentleman was done filling up. I sat there for about 20 minutes until I finally threw my car in reverse and maneuvered my way awkwardly into an adjacent pump. Soon after the man (who I might add was probably in his forties) drove off onto the road, looked back at me and yelled “you waited that long?” And started laughing hysterically as he drove off. I had just gotten off work and was in no rush, but if had dawned on me that he just sat there at the pump for an excessive amount of time for the sole purpose of pissing off a stranger who had done absolutely nothing to him. People are wild.

  45. My 6 year old son is a button pusher. He just keeps poking and poking those buttons until you lose it. He takes patience as a challenge. It's so frustrating! I'm trying to figure out how to get him to stop doing this cuz I don't wanna raise an asshole.

  46. I've noticed that movies are created with the antagonist eating (GOT and LOTR comes to mind). And chewing with their mouth open. Making slurping noises. I suspect this pisses off enough people to put it in the script to subtly invoke the "fuck you" factor.

  47. The entitlement of people. Seriously what the fuck. Some people you can tell have never worked for the service industry

  48. These people are just assholes in general, no matter if they worked in the service industry or not. Most people haven't, but they still know how to behave and interact nicely with others.

  49. Server at a steakhouse here. Had a couple come in on Valentine's Day, man ordered a ribeye medium rare. Took it out, he says his steak is cold. I ask him if he would like me to take it back for a quick reheat, he says yes. I do that, bring the steak back out, and he grabs it with his bare hands, squeezes it, slaps it back on the plate, and complains that I gave him back the same steak. I said yes, I only took it back to be reheated, it should still be cooked medium rare in the center. He throws a tantrum and demands I take it back, saying he just won't eat anything. I tell my manager, who graciously takes him a brand new ribeye, which he STILL refuses. The look on his wife's face when I brought them their check was pure sorrow. I can only imagine what she has to put up with every day.

  50. This is the only one that will truly, instantly, bring on rage in me. I'm a pretty laid-back person, hard to anger. But that one right there is instant. Also, any other person unable to defend themselves, adult or otherwise.

  51. Nepotism. I understand that it’s everywhere, in every industry. Being in construction, it’s frustrating watching the big bosses entire family, who can’t even read their tape measures, get promoted and unlimited overtime for simple tasks. There was a crew on a job I was on, and our only job was to fix everything that they touched, to make it right. Nepotism pissed me off.

  52. I worked for a pc repair shop in the early 90s and the boss decided his kid needed a job so he put him in the repair shop with zero experience (this was before certifications were common in the industry, not like he had those either.) Half my job became fixing things this kid fucked up and then teaching him the right way. Back then you had to wire up the power switch on all cases, 2 wires, 2 slots, with a little diagram directly on the power supply to show you how. If you get it wrong you fry the PSU or worse. This kid kept doing it wrong over and over again, not to mention blowing CPUs, forcing RAM in backwards, etc.

  53. I don't care if someone walks slow. I care if people walk slow and in the way. If you walk slow just stay to one side and be predictable. No wandering left and right across the sidewalk, no random stopping at a door entrance, no holding hands 3 wide, etc.

  54. Slow walkers, people who turn without checking who is beside them, random stoppers, phone zombies, and windy walkers should live in their own country.

  55. Or worse: 3 fucking slow walkers blocking the god damn tiny section of the hall way when I’m 1 minute away from being late to class.

  56. When I play a video that is insanely loud and go to turn the volume down and my phone just turns down my ringtone volume instead.

  57. Scam callers. Robo-callers. Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, makes me into a frothing maniac quicker. Turns me instantly into my evil alter-ego, Hagatha, and I start spewing venom.

  58. Someone asks a question, you start to answer it, and about halfway through they interrupt you with a rebuttal before you even finish your answer.

  59. Any news station being on in a bar or really anywhere. It's not news. The way they talk makes me cringe. The ticker constantly going by and how everything is "breaking news"

  60. Faking illnesses, whether it’s mental or physical. Been through too many doctors and beat cancer to hear someone say stuff like that.

  61. The college I went to required a sick note if you missed more than 3 days, because a girl faked having cancer. I cannot believe people do things like that.

  62. When someone doesn’t stop when I say stop. Or when someone thinks no is a joke. Like holy shit no means no fuckwads Don’t beg me for shit afterwards. Or when I say stop, stop. Like it’s common fucking sense.

  63. This. My one friend does this kind of shit all the time. Incessantly doing something he knows upsets or annoys me, or asking/trying to get me to do something over and over and over again; not stopping when I say stop. To the point where I get genuinely angry or upset. Then he fucking grovels and acts all nicey to try get back in my good graces. Never actually apologizes. Or stops. He still does that same shit. It genuinely makes me so angry. And I, internet stranger, am a very laid back and able-to-deal-with-anger kind of person. But he really knows how to push my buttons sometimes. At this point, the years of bs and borderline walking all over me is really starting to effect my relationship with him. It fucking sucks.

  64. Whenever I encounter someone with a "don't tell me what to do" complex. There's just something about the kind of person who would take that attitude through life that I find insufferable.

  65. I lost family bonds because of shit like this, just take a damn Corona test if you have been in contact with someone who was tested postively. But noo "can't tell me what to do!" It's just plain arrogance, fucking assholes.

  66. And then they finish saying what they had to say, I put my earbuds back in, and immediately they have one more thing to add.

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