What are examples where "bigger is better" isn't true?

  1. The very smallest red dwarfs can live for trillions of years. :) They cook their hydrogen fuel very slowly and over low temperatures. Talk about stretching your rations!

  2. Maybe I’m weird but I actually have a harder time with smaller pills. If they’re big I can just pretend it’s piece of food lol

  3. You didn't propose the way I wanted you to, so I'm not talking to you until you figure out what you did wrong!

  4. My friend has a 5 year silence after he asked his girl to marry him. After 5 years she hasn’t said a word to him. Granted she’s mute though.

  5. My now wife took so long to respond to me that the people I could see past her went from hands over face “awwwwwww” to closing their fists “ohhhhhhh”. Touch quiet.

  6. Mostly. But a tiny leak is more difficult to find. If you have a leak, you want it to be big enough to find and repair.

  7. Unless you're my coworker, then you get to constantly complain how your kidney stones are the biggest your doctor has ever seen...

  8. Arent the smaller ones spikey-er and sharper? Wonder if theres a “most painful” size right in the middle or something.

  9. My MD put me on what I called the "cheeseburger and onion ring" diet. You like spinach? No more spinach for you. You love Brussels Sprouts? No more Brussels Sprouts. You actually like Kale? No more kale. You make cole slaw with extra cabbage? No. Etc.

  10. sooooo true, also, if you want a better tasting zucchini, gently press the bottom part (the round part, not the green star-shaped thing (english isn't my first language)), the harder it is, the better the zucchini will taste

  11. It's because the water content is higher the bigger they get. The big ones are good for making zucchini bread tho

  12. The elephant trunk size ones you either stuff like bell peppers or shove down your GS suit to intimidate the other ski racers.

  13. This goes for all fruit. I'm tired of genetically engineered monster strawberries and grapes and blueberries that are utterly flavourless.

  14. My mom sends me pictures of her holding the zucchini she has grown in her garden. It makes me very uncomfortable.

  15. Vegetables. You would think more=better but the bigger they are the less flavor there is and the texture gets weird. For certain veggies at least. Zucchini for example.

  16. This one is my favorite. Appreciate a small, flavorful, not-looking-like-it's-been-jacked-up-with-steroids yam.

  17. I've noticed bigger cucumber kinda suck too. And watermelon, though that's not always true, but lately the bigger watermelons are kinda bland

  18. I went to school in India. In middle school, I once had a class size of 105 students and it was hell! I'm not even going to talk about the bad teacher/student ratio, but literally the classroom size.

  19. Thats why in the 50s and 60s cigarettes were advertised as having the advantage of smaller babies making for easier birth.

  20. Came here to say this. Anyone who's ever been pregnant has has that thought of what if this baby doesn't fit through that hole? C-sections suck. Emergency C-sections when you are 10cm dilated and the baby is stuck are terrifying.

  21. Yes. This. I birthed two big-headed boys. First got stuck and was an emergency C-section. Second was an excruciating vaginal birth. Issues prevented an epidural. I will say that their giant heads meant they truly had big brains. Both were HS valedictorians.

  22. Yeah man. My mam had to give birth to my 11 pound 9 and a half brother. He was only 2 weeks late and induced. They nearly had to push him back up and she could have bled out. They needed to dislocate his shoulder just to get his head out and raised my mam's entire body up. They literally cut my mam so much she didn't have seperate holes for birth and toilet... he was 60cm long and my 5 year old self was barely taller lol. She didn't even have an epidural.

  23. Even C section, you still have them sat on your bladder for months! My insides haven’t recovered from having twins.

  24. It depends on the debt tbh. Credit card debt is a big no no. But If you take out a multi million dollar loan and buy commercial or residential properties (something that pays itself off and let's you collect some money for yourself) you'll never really be in debt. And when the property pays itself off just take out another loan against that property and now you have a shit load of money that you'll never have to pay tax on because it's a loan. It's not capital gains.

  25. I’ve never experienced a large shit that has hurt. The only ones that hurt are the little balls that take 10 minutes to come out, the giant logs slide out pretty easily and effortlessly. I can take two seconds on the toilet and shit one as big as my arm easily, but then when I’m in the bathroom for 15 minutes, those little kernels of shit come out

  26. I started having Metamucil, or just psyllium fiber since that's what Metamucil is, before bed. It's actually really improved my morning poop.

  27. I got severely constipated after surgery from taking pain killers and holy fuck. That shit hurt so bad, literally.

  28. I was once in Italy and had to spend 4-5 hours trying to pass a shit I can only assume The universe had intended for a large hippopotamus or a small Blue whale.

  29. When I was a teen a friend and I decided that since rice crispy treats were so good we should make huge ones. We mixed a whole box of rice crispies and made one that was 5" thick and a foot square. We cut it in quarters and ate our fill .

  30. Your mistake was not adding some fruity pebbles to the mix. The stomache ache would still be there, but the delicious taste would remain. now I must make rice krispy treats

  31. Ah true, did Hitler have some deluded conclusion that the bigger weapons are the better? like that big fuck off train i’ve forgotten the same of

  32. Its a bit more complicated than that, those big tanks came after the germans started losing the war, they were in a position where they have to do something or they will lose.

  33. To say something that isn't necessarily obvious: cruise ships. These lumbering behemoths that cruise lines have been building don't really lead to a more enjoyable experience for passengers: they're overcrowded, impersonal and the desperation to pack in more and more "activities" actually can make a vacation more stressful. Plus, they are environmental disasters.

  34. I’d say 10 x 100 passenger cruise ships would be much worse for the environment than 1 x 1000. Not only that, it’d be impossible to cater for the large demand of tourists using small ships.

  35. Personal care products. Better quality products tend to be more concentrated or have less filler ingredients, so you need less product for the same results. I notice this with moisturizer especially.

  36. & shampoo conditioner! They take most of the "water" additive out & you only need a small amount. Your hair is already wet with water so it activates the product

  37. The trick is to do less than they recommend. I’ve seen some work that actually looks nice, and it’s always because they do a tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny amount. Anything more and you look like a molted Barbie.

  38. There a video on youtube where this surgeon talks about the amount of filler they use should be less than what actually comes in the box. They're finding that they're moving around and what not which causes the lips to get duck shaped.

  39. Indeed, I'm so old I worked for a company called DEC and used 8-inch diskettes. Very floppy, indeed.

  40. Being extremely tall, being over 6’8 and just being a normal dude that doesn’t play sports professionally sucks. Have to pay extreme prices for clothes and shoes that fit, have to duck to get into buildings, and your feet always dangle off on any bed you sleep in.

  41. Finally bought a california king a few months ago where my feet don't quite hang over the edge. I find I can't fall asleep unless they are, though.

  42. A shooting star. If it's a little meteor, it's cool and you get to make a wish. If it's a big meteor, we're all dead.

  43. I'm surprised I had to scroll this far to see this. Bigger is not always better. Guys try to jam an 8 inch dong into what's only a 4 inch long space.

  44. There is definitely a bell curve on penis size. My wife says "Giant dicks are like Lamborghinis...they're cool to look at, but you wouldn't want to drive one every day."

  45. We can’t sleep on our stomachs, even rolling over by accident can hurt (and wake you up in pain, yay!) depending on the time of month.

  46. Boobs. The bigger they are the more back pain you have and the more thirsty guys start drooling over them without giving a shit about your personality.

  47. When I was a G cup, I couldn’t wear whatever I wanted, I was being stared at and my back was in pain constantly. Now I’m a C cup and I’m never looking back. I can wear whatever I want and my back doesn’t hurt. People also look at my eyes rather than my chest.

  48. My wife has large breasts, and when she tells me I should try carrying them around for a day, I reach around from behind her and heft them and say "alright bet. Where we going?"

  49. Legit, pen***s. I know someone who has an 8 and a half incher and was thick too, he struggles to keep women because its legit just too uncomfortable for some women to handle, even if it fulfills a fantasy. I know some men who have a really good/average size and shape that work really well and yet they still think they would be better if they were bigger. This just isn't true. I know it sounds like a massive cliche or like a piece of sympathetic advice for insecure men, but it really is true. Guys, it really is how you use it.

  50. Fellas, prepare for a biology lesson. Ahem... The female vaginal canal is only 5 inches long in most cases, with arousal dictating how willing it is to accept bigger items (unaroused tightens, causing pain as it tries prevent breeding, aroused loosens, accepting larger sizes as the body prepares to accept seed). Ergo, while some women do like a big cock cos they want to feel their innards abused, it's actually agony for certain women. Some women, if confronted with a foot-long in the bedroom, will only be able to take half at most. It's not a matter of "It'll fit eventually", it's a biological shutdown, they'll be in pain if you try and that pain will cause tightening, which could cause tearing, which causes bleeding, which means they'll never want to fuck you again.

  51. what most people don't realize: just like there is a penis size distribution.. there's a vagina size distribution. and the two closely track each other (vagina size just slightly larger on average. which makes sense)

  52. Yeah, I’m slightly irritated at all the “lots of bad thing is bad” type comments. That’s obviously not interesting or helpful. And then people are upvoting it???

  53. A phone. Why the fuck u need 3000$ Bullfuck 11 when a 50$ cellphone does the same exact thing?

  54. Those stunt burgers that you see on Instagram, etc. How are you supposed to enjoyably eat a 6-inch tall burger drowning in cheese sauce?

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