Using only famous brand, what is your country?

  1. I heard that the Matterhorn was based on the shape of the Toblerone. Any truth to that? The resemblance is uncanny.

  2. Remember the times when Tims didn't even accept debit cards? And it was like the ONLY place. If you really wanted it you'd have to search for cash or change. Anyone else??

  3. We've got one in our area and it's pretty amazing. They gravy they serve with the fried chicken is the best. They need more US locations.

  4. Probably the best answer. Quintessentially English. Not sure how well known that is internationally though (although anyone not familiar with it should be able to work out where it's from). Cadbury's might be a better answer on that score.

  5. Literally every Brazilian I’ve met in Ireland including my boyf has havaianas- are you all given a pair at birth? 😅

  6. Awe we had a Brazilian exchange student in my little Canadian town, his parents came up to Canada for his going away party. They brought us little gifts from Brazil, and havaianas were in our little package 💕 2005. Memories

  7. Have you seen the spanish advertisment of lada, it fking hilareous. Now introducing a car that can be flipped with a stong person.

  8. Norway. I'm Australian and I think it's the best tasting water. I also love reusing the bottles. I just feel guilty treating myself to it when I own a Brita jug.

  9. This was my immediate thought but then I wondered if people out of Australia know the glory that is bunnings

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