What is the worst name for a baby?

  1. I still cringe laugh at the dude I went to high school with who named his daughter Khaleesi (who was born like two seasons before the end of the show) 😂

  2. I went to HS with a guy who named his kid Jedi. He’s never once posted anything Stars Wars related or even mentioned the movies on social media since it’s been around.

  3. I had the misfortune of knowing someone who called their daughter that. She was a hardcore meth addict and had zero custody of any of her multiple children.

  4. All stupidity of naming your kid after a fictional character who’s story isn’t finished yet aside I will never get why Khaleesi was the name that caught on in the first place, I personally think Daenerys sounds way better.

  5. I’m from Utah and that’s just the thing here. It’s aggravating, especially when the little twerp gets mad you spelled it wrong or they make fun of ethnic names for being “weird” or “hard to spell.” Okay MycKayleigh

  6. My coworker named her baby "Strawberry Rain". Which would be a great baby name, if she had given birth to a bottle of shampoo.

  7. if you search up "girl/boy names", click one of those with like 1000 of them and scroll to half of them you will see name spelling worse than that and its suppose to be advice to name your child

  8. I saw this one while googling worst baby names few days ago and there was on named "Airwrecka" which is pronounced as "Erica" there were a lot of them too like "Banana", "Burger" and even......"Arson"

  9. Some folk’ll never lose a toe but then again some folk’ll like Cletus the slack jawed yokellllllllll

  10. I have four names. My mom was about 20 when she had me. Apparently she got drunk on chardonnay while watching star trek. My name is, in order, a phonetically correct spelling of a Grecian constellation, the middle name of the original starship captain, a wizard from a popular myth, and my abusive biological father's last name (he was Irish). I know at least a solid 80% of people I meet have no idea how to pronounce my name

  11. Joke'll be on us when some dark wizard starts going around compelling people by their names. Only the unpronouncible will be immune.

  12. I have had 2 students I just felt terrible for. Hermajesty and Lil’Chris. I said, can we just call him Chris? His mom said, no his name is Lil’Chris. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  13. Dang. That's the SECOND her majesty.. was this in Ohio? I cannot believe another person names their kid HerMajesty. I almost died when I heard it the first time.

  14. Gotta respect mama for owning the heck out of that name choice. I would be curious about her child birth story… were there good drugs or was she going through a phase?

  15. ABCDE, I wish I was joking but some people have literally named their child the first five letters of the English alphabet

  16. Worked with a jack always called him Mr. Mihoff as a joke he didn't care. The other dip shits over time believed his last name was "Mihoff" like a year later his real last name come up. We had to explain the joke to the others dip shits. The never got it.

  17. I asked the nurses at the pediatric hospital I did part of my residency at this question and wasn’t prepared for the name they gave me. The worst one they had seen on a newborn was ‘Total Annihilation.’

  18. My brother is a doctor and during his OB rotation another doc told him about twins named them dontwannaman and dontneedaman where the dad left them 😭

  19. I had a coworker who named her son Jinx. At the daycare there’s a kid named Sonic. Which is actually pretty cool I guess

  20. Yeah it's cool... For a cat. Just imagine a second when they'll have to write a resume for a job, or anything that need them to be taken seriously. You can be sure they'll change names before 30, it's ridiculous parenting.

  21. Lol, that's my name! Seriously though, I was adopted at 2 weeks so I have two birth certificates. One is "Baby Boy " and the second one is my given name /surname from my adopted parents.

  22. one of my friends said to me the other day, “don’t you think chlamydia would be a great name if it wasn’t a disease?” never had i been so concerned for someone not born yet

  23. Even McKennedy is absurd. In Ireland Lidl use it as a brand for American party foods. McKennedy isn’t a real Irish name at all and Kennedy as a first name used exclusively by Irish Americans is barely tolerable.

  24. Someone gave me a baby names book before my daughter was born and it gave a brief description of each name. Under Adolf it said “Just don’t.”

  25. The fact that this was so low on this thread makes me think this name is finally ready for a comeback.

  26. My ex-MIL had a classmate named Sybille Uittenbroeck. This literally translates to "Sybil of/from the brook/small body of running water". Phonetically, however, it sounds exactly like "zie billen uit den broek", "see buttocks out of the pants".

  27. I knew a kid whose last name was “Plant.” He used to tell everyone that when he grew up he would name a daughter Mary Jane. Another guy whose last name was VanCamp said he would consider naming his (hypothetical) daughter Summer.

  28. Pickle. I found a TikTok page where a woman had named her baby girl Pickle. I thought she was joking, or that it was at least a nickname.

  29. I was going to name my daughter mayonnaise and call her may for short. no one is gonna know her name is actually mayonnaise as may is also a full name :)

  30. I had a teacher who talked about this kid he knew named “Gaylord raspberry”. After graduation he told our class he used to bully him

  31. I have a friend named Paxton, none of us in our friend group made fun of him. That much. Then again I almost constantly call him Pakistan.

  32. Meconium. His mom named him after a beautiful medical term not knowing it meant a baby's first bowel movement. He went by Meeco

  33. Just saw your post. I just posted about a woman who wanted to name her girl Placenta. Said it sounds like a rose. Luckily the nurse told her what it meant.

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