What TV show cancellation do you think was undeserved?

  1. Pushing Daisies too. I know the writers' strike almost killed the show. I am still annoyed that PD wasn't renewed for a 3rd season but the same network greenlit the V reboot.

  2. Came here to see if anyone mentioned this, I finished the series and just felt empty even after seeing Trouble In Tokyo, I wanted an explanation for Terra's return, but the tone and lack of an explanation just made the episode even more intriguing and impactful

  3. Almost Human with Karl Urban. Fox pulled a Firefly and rearranged the first few episodes. It had some serious promise.

  4. The creator, David Fincher, got busy with other things. I believe he said he might come back to it at some point.

  5. Mindhunter is not cancelled, don't give bad luck 🤞. It's just on pause. I really hope they get back together and do the 5 seasons initially planned.

  6. I’m still really mad about Mindhunter being cancelled… great characters and kind of spoke to people’s fascination with serial killers whilst going into the psychology to understand them.

  7. I heard something that they might bring this one back. It never was actually officially canceled just they released the contracts for now til everyone can be back. Goff wasn't available anymore cause he was having to do Broadway for Hamilton.

  8. Omg. I will stop what I am doing to watch episodes of that gem. Operation White Shadow had me fucking rolling on the goddamn floor. Veronica was the bitchiest bitch ever and I loved her!

  9. Glow. They were filming their final season before covid hit and they just said ‘fuck it’. That show was a blast Edit: Wow, thanks for all the points! Cool to see so many Glow fans out there. Definitely a show I recommend to anyone any chance I get

  10. Yeah I liked that one. They had managed to develop several endearing characters and I wanted to see where it was all going.

  11. Came here to write this!! Such an incredibly feel good show with beautiful design and talented cast. Sad it didn’t last longer. It kind of reminded me of an American Amelie.

  12. You could tell it wasn’t the same writers and when they tried to bring it back it wasn’t the same humor style and just completely flopped.

  13. Bro I loved constantine DC not going all in on it after the crossover with arrow and the other dumbass show is one a huge fumble

  14. Galavant was SO GOOD. Cancelling it was garbage. ABC is really good about cancelling shows that are interesting but not procedural cop dramas or medical dramas. It was something different that didn't rake in the same number of viewers as the other 2 genres so they chuck it. So lame. I mean, TAD COOPER!

  15. I loved all three, but with the opening of Galavant season 2 being about how surprised they were they got another season made that whole season feel like we were getting away with something we shouldn’t.

  16. It wasn't cancelled to make room for GoT. It was cancelled because the BBC wanted to pull out of cofunding it and HBO didn't want to take the full costs alone.

  17. Everyone once in a while I go back and binge clips of it on YouTube. Especially if the fat guy who yells the news in the forum.

  18. Dark Matter hurts the most. We were finally getting into the final end game and even got a glimpse of everything that was going to happen and then….. Canceled. HATE YOU SYFY EXECUTIVES!

  19. Yes! Especially when you think about how the first season of most tv shows are the worst. This show could have gotten so good. Also I would have loved to see what they would have done with the characters and their relationships. I read somewhere that they intended Lindsay to end up with Daniel and I would have loved to see that play out

  20. One of the best animated shows to me. Really pushed the boundaries of being a kids show, and not by being sexual but by dealing with some pretty heavy subject matters in their stories.

  21. I loved that show! And it ended on such a cliff hanger, too! What the hell happened with those black ships?

  22. I loved this show. I was heartbroken to learn they cancelled it. Any show that’s cancelled should be required to wrap it up.

  23. I enjoyed it so much, I wound up watching the whole thing twice in one week and I could run through the whole thing again right now.

  24. Part of my childhood died when I heard it got canceled. Man I remember watching that show when I was really too young to watch it. Stayed up past my bedtime just to catch new episodes. I fell in love with it again after rewatching it as an adult and then I saw that announcement like a week or so later. This is a crime!

  25. and the reason why it got cancelled was BS because more girls watched it than boys because apparently girls don’t buy toys so it got cancelled

  26. I can't believe it took me this much scrolling to find this. I love this show and actually just started rewatching it. I wish they would come back for a final season

  27. I watched this and my reaction for the first 2-3 episodes of each season was wtf? And then the last 2-3 episodes was “omg how?”

  28. The first season of this show is my favorite season of all shows ever. It is just phenomenal. Terrible it got canceled.

  29. One of the best series I have watched in the last decade, it does everything right, I couldn't believe it was cancelled.

  30. Wasn't cancelled in fairness, they'd always planned to end it like that it just would have essentially been open to bringing it back if the actors had wanted but a few of them didn't want to renew their contracts. So wasn't exactly unfairly cancelled

  31. YES!! The whole series they were talking about how Arthur was going to create this wonderful kingdom, and then he just...dies. That and what was with the truck at the end?! They totally ruined the feel of the show in the last minute of thr finale! It's like they went "let's kill the series and spit on it while we're at it".

  32. I watched the series back in the day and now again in Netflix. In the end, Arthur would give away part of his family claims to land in order to save his people from war, would stop at nothing to help the ones closest to him without putting anyone else at risk, and that ultimately died for his kingdom in order to end the last remaining war in Albion.

  33. I was so disappointed that it got canceled because while S3 was not as good as S1 and 2 imo it definitely did not warrant getting cancelled. I can't believe no other network picked it up.

  34. I love the running gag in that show where they kill off high profile celebrities seconds after they introduce them as characters. Jack Black, Will Ferrell, John Hamm, I guess thats all I can remember but I loved it.

  35. Carnivale. It was so amazing and set up some great things in its two season run. I was devastated when it was cancelled.

  36. Yes, I was going to comment this one! It was so wonderful, and I was so excited for more, I think that show would have done better in today’s climate of show styles, but definitely could not trust it to be resurrected properly.

  37. The 2014-2015 tv show "Forever". I can't believe it was cancelled and so soon. Just one season and it barely made it that long.

  38. Maybe not super popular but I loved The End of the F**king World on Netflix. Watched it, loved it, found out Netflix cancelled it and got sad. Also Santa Clarita Diet, cancelled by Netflix and got sad. Seems to be a pattern.

  39. I am happy to see Santa Clarita mentioned, it was my first thought when I read the question. And I think it's pretty obviously not just a pattern at this point but literally their business model.

  40. The Owl House. It’s not done yet of course, but Disney has forced it to end sooner than the creators would have wanted it to go.

  41. All of the shows had this problem. Gravity Falls, Duck Tales, Amphibia. But, I will admit Owl House got done the dirtiest.

  42. Happy! The Sy-Fy show starring Christopher Meloni and Patton Oswalt needed a 3rd season to tie up the cliffhanger Season 2 left us with. It was such a funny show.

  43. Futurama! Not salty anymore since Rick & Morty was created, but man Futurama was such a great show, much better than most adult animated series these days..

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