What is your hottest opinion that will get you immediately cancelled?

  1. And on top of this certain jokes shouldn't be censored or banned just because a particular group finds it offensive. People have the right to complain and be upset, but they don't have the right to force everyone else to get upset on their behalf

  2. People should stop listening up the political opinions of celebrities. They're no more qualified to talk about complex issues than the average person. I don't care about JK Rowling's opinions more than I care about Stephen King's.

  3. Reddit user: "Rule nr 1 of dating: Be attractive. Rule nr 2 of dating: Dont be unattractive" same reddit user in the next comment goes "women are whores". Reddit in a nutshell.

  4. Saying that your Obesity isn't unhealthy isn't body positivity and I'm not body shaming so. You are not plus sized, you are fat and sugar coating that fact by coming up with special terms for it.

  5. As someone who fights knee and ankle pain in my late thirties because I “wasn’t fat, I was husky” and now I AM fat and weight is a bastard to shed, I 110% agree.

  6. Its like saying shit like “breakfast beers”. Just because you put a fun little term on it doesn’t change the fact that you are an alcoholic and will die early.

  7. I'm not straight up obese but I still call myself fat because that's what I am. You have a problem with people calling you that? then do something to change your image

  8. What’s crazy for me is the switch between skinny and fat. I could eat and do whatever I wanted until I turned around 29 years old. I’m 32 now and in that three years I’ve gained 90 pounds. It’s insane. It’s like my body went “nah you don’t need metabolism anymore”. Now I have no idea how to lose the weight because I’ve never been fat before

  9. I don't care if bullies are insecure or have other problems, even when they are children. Stopping the damage they do and the protection of their victims should be the first priority. Especially since most of them don't change and continue to bully others in adulthood.

  10. I would agree that should be the top priority 100%. But I would also say not a lot of focus is given to actually help the bully learn to stop dealing a bully and deal with their problems productively. And I think too often this is dealt with as a short term problem, and we need to realize that the bully who is beating up kids or doesn't seem to care about hurting others in any way, is way more at risk of becoming a criminal in a decade and it's way more effective to help the 10 year old who is being mean, than to try to fix the 20 year old who just robbed a store with a gun and hurt someone, and ideally you stop the crime before it happens.

  11. I think referring to a fetish might be where you might make people uncomfortable. I’d like to be seen as a person before my race, and wouldn’t want to think that someone was only attracted to me because of any one of my characteristics. It could also make it feel niche, like it’s a weird thing to be into.

  12. There is no such thing as cancel culture. It's just people doing what people have always done since there have been people. We shamed, ostracized, scolded, and sanctioned people for violating norms back before the invention of pottery.

  13. Cancel culture is the epitome of rules for thee, but not for me. It's virtue signaling at its finest. That's why celebrities get hit the hardest. "Nobodies" feel obsolete, so when someone " "better than them" " does something unsavory, they see it as an opportunity to bring them down to their level.

  14. I don’t think purposefully being a single mother knowing the guy wanted nothing to do with the child is a good idea . It’s extremely selfish . And even more selfish when you are impoverished .

  15. Vegans that shame people for eating meat are projecting their insecurities into others. They need to feel "superior".

  16. I just got absolutely buried in PMs on another platform for reminding someone that everyone can’t just up and stop eating meat, and that supporting a small local farm is far better for the animals than buying meat from Walmart.

  17. All this "men can wear makeup!" It's actually tactic used so more people buy beauty products = more consumptiom. The same with this trends regarding skincare. Anyone can wear anything they like, couse we should be totally free to do that, but i find it suspicious that is so much publicised in media, taking in count how companies actually want us to have insecurities so we spent more.

  18. This! I own soap and shampoo, both in bar form, I also own sunblock. It's not so much a body positivity or environmental stance, it's that I can't figure out makeup, every time I've tried, people tell me I've got it wrong and look silly. I'm generally lost when it comes to skin care products. Places like sephora scare me.

  19. This isn't even a hot take, it's just a sad sad reality that says some pretty awful things about the state of both the culture and capitalism at large.

  20. Depends on the country and where the recycling ends up. In my country it works very well and you can always go and see what they are doing in the recycling plants, they usually have lots of middle school kids going to learn how it works.

  21. Yes it’s fine to be alone and single. Also some people who are alone and single can get bored, and also lonely. Sometimes both at the same time.

  22. The first thing you need to know when you are dealing with a gossip is that you are not dealing with somebody who is mentally or emotionally sound.

  23. On the flip side, there is scientific evidence about the benefits of gossip and how it helped humans evolve. Like everything moderation is important

  24. An overwhelmingly large chunk of the people claiming to be some kind of saviour, activist or ally to minority groups are doing so to either make money, or to be powerful and lionized, not because they actually care for the issues.

  25. If women can choose men solely based off of height and cock size, then men should be allowed to have a preference of weight without getting “cancelled” or be accused of fat shaming

  26. My problem with this isn’t the argument, my problem is that this idea that women chose men based on height and cock size seems to come from men. (Most) Women do not care. If you’re not getting dates from women and you happen to be short, one did not equal the other I can guarantee that.

  27. comparing "fatphobia" to racism or other forms of oppression is disgusting. weight is controllable, no ur thyroid issues did not make u gain 100lbs, u cannot change race, sexuality, etc. so stop comparing ur doc telling u to lose weight with hate crimes.

  28. If whitewashing characters in tv and movies is wrong, why are we ok with changing the ethnicity of white characters? For example: nick fury, the new lord of the ring series that is coming up…. Isn’t it doing the same thing? How is it diversity then?

  29. Because when you add more white people it's white supremacy but when you add more non white/straight/cisgender people it's, like, totally progressive and slay.

  30. Heres what I understand!: White people are in everything and everywhere already so making a white person black does not to hurt the representation of white people but if you whitewash a POC in film you’re erasing representation that they barely had to begin with.

  31. I wish I could disagree with you on this but it is literally the only fast food that I will eat. I think it's amaze ballz.

  32. When I worked for a wireless carrier my store managed the local Chick-fil-a franchise owner's "corporate" account. He'd occasionally bring over their food. I tried it a few times and never really liked it. Even the soda was worse than 1970's McDonalds orange soda.

  33. That people can be understood if you know about their perspectives, priorities and memory capacity, if you make the effort for it.

  34. The recent use of pronouns to identify gender .. people signing off emails with he/him/his .. I don’t see the purpose . The gender movement diminishes the actual fight for equality it sounds trendy and annoying …

  35. Furthermore, they are very impressionable and will accept any opinion adults give them. It is entirely possible for an adult to convince an 8 year old they are a different gender (or anything else). They only really start properly questioning things around 13-14.

  36. Hum, for this it's yes and no. It is not possible to completely prevent it sure. But it's not a question of "no global warming or global warming", but "4°C global warming or 2.5°C" ? Because that's what science tells, that depending on what we do we will follow different paths, and each fraction of °C will have increasingly dramatic consequences.

  37. I feel like there are too many people in the world for any of the changes we’re trying to implement to make a difference. No matter what we introduce (e.g. solar panels, electric cars) the sheer amount required to make meaningful change will cause just as many problems as the old infrastructure. Case in point, cobalt mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo causing untold environmental and social damage and solar panels having a lifespan of about 10-25 years and being made primarily of plastic. Even if everybody in the whole world was able to invest in and use these technologies, and that’s a big if, they would cause just as many problems as the current technologies due to scale. There’s no ethical way to limit human population though, so there’s not a lot we can do.

  38. Global warming is preventable, but not even with a gun to our heads will we do anything about it, so in short, you are right.

  39. Some of the money spent on "prevention" should be spent on defensive measures instead. Flood barriers, weather-hardy crop research, wildfire mitigation etc.

  40. Prisoners should be offered community service jobs and be compensated for them with time off their sentence instead of money

  41. I’m fine with time off the sentence but they should also receive some structured compensation for their work that comes in after release to help them get their life together. Throwing people back on the streets totally broke after they’ve just been through criminal school is a recipe for recidivism.

  42. Cultural appropriation is a loaded term for what is ultimately the migration of popular ideas and practices, and it's not harmful. Being offended doesn't make you right. Nobody can expect to own and control symbols or traditions, or expect to gatekeep access to them.

  43. Children should not be given puberty blockers and be allowed to begin the process of changing gender untill they are at the age of consent / voting.

  44. Expecting parents have every right to get a pregnancy terminated without judgement (within a reasonable time frame, y’all) if they find out the child might have a disability - they are the ones who have to struggle just that little bit harder in raising such a child, and it’s also cruel on any other existing or yet unborn siblings who may be thrust into the role of care-giver if the parents get sick of it or die. It also means they have a human being who’s quality of life will be limited from the beginning

  45. We need to stop teaching kids that girls mature faster than boys because I think it's what leads to teen girls getting involved with adult men. Also by teaching kids this it becomes self fulfilling in that it lets boys avoid maturing while putting more pressure on girls to mature faster instead of enjoying being a kid.

  46. Even if they actually do mature physically a few months earlier on average, that doesn’t mean they’ve matured mentally. There’s a big distinction there

  47. Cancel culture is really fucking stupid. We have all made mistakes in our pasts and done things we regret. Why are we putting famous people on a pedestal for perfection when they are just as human as us?

  48. If someone calls someone else a slur, it doesn't give you an excuse to get violent towards that person. (Unless they try to hit first)

  49. I love how everyone is just saying “The Slap” not specifying which slap it was. This has become so widespread and general that we don’t have to say “The Slap of 2022” or some other name.

  50. I believe women and men are complementary with each other in term of their contribution in society. So forcing women and men as "equal" is non-sense. There are stuff that men naturally good at, and some that are women good at. No need to force both side to be equal in that area.

  51. Politicians who say “Black lives Matter” are no different than politicians who refuse to say “Black Lives Matter”.

  52. All these girls wanna talk about how they want a guy over 6foot, he's gotta have a big package, he's gotta have a full head of hair. And won't admit that its body shaming. But as soon as a guy says I want a girl with big tits every feminist is immediately verbally abusing the guy.

  53. Only incels believe this. Insecurity, bad hygiene, and severe lack of personal self improvement outside of videogame scores is what turns off most women.

  54. As an American in Korea, the amount of racism Korean's have towards literally any other Asian country is astounding. Even the children I teach, elementary students, are violently racist towards them. If I even say the word China or Japan they tell me they want to bomb them, kill them, and many other terrible things.

  55. While the actions taken every day by a stay at home mom are relatively easy, I think that a lot of people don't consider how much of a personal/professional sacrifice it is. When we sat down and considered it from all angles, it made more sense for me to be a stay at home mom. Daycare is extortionate regardless of what part of the country you're in, and is usually comparable to your monthly rent, if not more. This meant leaving my pretty decent job (which wasn't the best paying job but also nowhere near the worst), until both of my children started school. When I finally got back into the workforce, it was harder because of the huge gap in employment and experience.

  56. Or dad, but agreed. It just financially makes sense when you look at the price of childcare, cleaners, take away, ect. The second income needs to be incredibly high to make not staying at home viable.

  57. IVF is fundamentally wrong. There are 1000s of babies in need of adoption, love and care but you are paying $10,000 per go just so that the baby you get has your dna stamped on its forehead? You could spend that money on an adopted or foster child or even yourself but you’re wasting it on your own special designer baby that shouldn’t even be there because you and your partner have defunct junk. It’s selfish too given how overpopulated the world is. I’m not saying no one should breed but if the universe has said ‘your spunk is skunky’ that should be an indication that you shouldn’t be adding to the population.

  58. Why is it the responsibility of people struggling with infertility to adopt? No one is telling fertile couples to adopt instead of having their own children.

  59. It’s not a designer baby with modified DNA or some shit. A sperm gets taken from a sperm sample and physically put into an egg. This isn’t exactly sci-fi shit.

  60. Not that I’m saying your opinion is wrong but keep in mind something , there’s many people I’d say the majority that may not have the emotional capacity to deal with a child with issues . For example , when you adopt a child many times you don’t know the full backstory of the parents . Would I want to adopt a child with two schizophrenic parents ? Absolutely not . That’s too much of a bargain to gamble . So I can see what you’re saying from both sides of the coin

  61. Unfortunately in some countries it's easier to go through IVF. The adoption process in Australia is very long and difficult, you could be waiting years and years to adopt.

  62. I'm MtF trans and I do not believe in gender identity. I don't believe feeling like a woman is enough to be a woman. Sex is what matters and that cannot be changed.

  63. With these opinion, I don’t understand how you’re trans (not trying to deny it though) gender dysphoria is what makes you transgender, when your body doesn’t align with you identity. Gender identity is a very real thing, I’m a girl who constantly gets mistaken for a guy and it makes me extremely uncomfortable. Of course you shouldn’t take my word for it though. Multiple studies have been done on this. Gender identity is real. And sex cannot be changed, no one tries to deny that. You would only call yourself transgender BECAUSE your sex is different from your gender.

  64. I was born with a penis and I feel like a man. Whilst I don’t think I’d get upset if someone referred to me as a woman, I’d definitely jump to the conclusion that they were wrong (even if I didn’t bother to correct them). Gender identity is as real as any other social construct.

  65. Climate change: most companies that provide "green" energy do far more damage to our planet and wildlife than coal and oil production.

  66. I have to admit, while I don't assert this as a fact, I do suspect there's truth to this. And I am very concerned about what it means for them that society has decided to embrace the positive symptoms of it, if in fact that is the case. Having said that, I support permissiveness over bigorty every single time. Whether this is a healthy identity choice or a disorder, these people have a RIGHT to safety and security in their community, and DESERVE love and human compassion like anyone else. I'm taking their side over any hostile party's side every single time, right, wrong, or otherwise. There are bigger issues in play here.

  67. The vast majority of degenerative diseases have been manufactured by food companies, pharma companies, and civilization itself.

  68. Well, this is going to start a shitstorm, but here goes. Abortion should not be encouraged. It should be legal, but not promoted.

  69. Agreed up to a point. In the US, we do not have a correctional system. We have an enslavement system. I do think the majority of criminals can be reformed, and that the majority of criminality has more to do with the economic conditions of society than any actual failing on the part of the individual. Some groups of people are whole-sale set up to end up in prison and this is an unforgivable crime.

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