What was the dumbest argument you had with someone?

  1. If the Olympics calls the sport Ping-Pong or Table Tennis. I've had arguments over less important concepts but it felt dumb because that was the first argument I've had where someone just walked into the room with their smart phone and settled the debate by easily looking it up.

  2. Me and my irl had an argument over the fact that I put a trigger warning for insectophobia on my story. Like bitch that’s a real phobia and it’s a real problem…

  3. Pretty much most arguments I get dragged into. I personally don't give a fuck about arguing with anybody anymore so I pretty much just get arguments brought to me and I try my best to not lose my shit.

  4. For me was a argument with my ex she got sick i told her to take over to get home.she dump me because she has a issue with germs and Uber are dirty she said so i should have know better.

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