No matter the salary. What’s a job you just couldn’t do?

  1. Probably anything possibly involving killing someone. So either a hitman or even a cop. These jobs are not in my nature to pursue since I really don’t want to end a life.

  2. Butcher. Or anything that involves looking at meat / gore / blood, so along the same line of thought I'd also hate to be a surgeon or one of those people that clean up crime scenes

  3. I was paid a decent salary. I worked for 5 months at a private school in the cafeteria, it worked like a restaurant, bring the salt and ketchup, mayo, everything to each table, get called humiliating things, all the teachers are white, all the workers poc. Racism, being talked to as if I was a child, 5:45am-4pm, 30min break at 2pm to eat. After the kids finished the food and left, clean the whole two store building with food on the floor and gelatin on the stairs in 40min.

  4. The nurse that pulls the plug on dying people. My brother in law is one and he makes like 33% more money but damn idk if I could participate in facilitating euthanasia

  5. I couldn't be a cop. I'm both too anti-authoritarian and too law-abiding. I also think we have far too many crimes, and I wouldn't want to enforce tons of them.

  6. A surgeon. That's a persons life in your hands and you can't avoid not doing it. You have to make a bunch of tiny precise movements have a good memory of where every part of the body is at and how to fix said place.

  7. Be a cook. I’ve done it a million times and I’m good at it but it leads to a bad mental state and no time for friends, family or even simple relaxation half of the time

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