What are some timeless songs that AREN’T from the 70’s or 80’s?

  1. Was a first soprano and performed the entirety of Beethoven’s 9th alongside a full choir and orchestra at a sold out venue. One of the biggest core memories of my entire life.

  2. A lot of people don't know that, but this has been quite close to what we call a "meme song" today.

  3. Both the Bobby Darin and Frank Sinatra covers of this song are too upbeat for me - it is about a homicidal gangster (from the three penny opera). My favourite version is by Lyle Lovett - much more menacing:

  4. I like this pick. A lot of songs produced by Dr. Dre are timeless. 2001 could've came out in 2015 and honestly it wouldn't even be super out of place compared to other music that came out at the time

  5. Most of them from the 60s. Original rock and roll still stands today, motown is heard at almost all weddings at some point. Elvis and the beatles and Hendrix and Led Zeppelin to name just a tiny hand full of artist that have timeless songs from just the 60s alone. Awesome decade of music that.

  6. One of my first musical memories as a kid was playing in the living room while a Beatles record was playing in the background. I was mostly ignoring it but when “Eleanor Rigby” started playing I immediately stopped what I was doing and just listened. Such a sad and haunting song that sticks with you over the decades.

  7. Ring of fire - Johnny Cash, King of the road - Roger Miller, I fall to pieces - Patsy Cline, From a jack to a king - Ned Miller, Are you lonesome tonight - Elvis Presley, Son of a preacher man - Dusty Springfield, Jackson - June Carter-Cash & Johnny Cash, those are just some of the songs I heard growing up in the 60s. I wish I still had mom’s vinyl collection.

  8. I've loved Sir Mix-A-Lot ever since I read an interview where they asked him if he got tired of performing it and he said something to the effect of "Are you kidding me? That song bought me everything I own, it's my FAVORITE song and it's the BEST SONG IN THE WORLD and I'll NEVER get tired of it." All-star A+ answer.

  9. anything on "nevermind" is timeless because it's not drowned in reverb like other rock albums at the time, and is simple yet incredibly powerful.

  10. Tom Lehrer was mostly active in the 50s and 60s and a large chunk of his discography is still popular today, as evidenced by the fact that references show up from time to time on Reddit.

  11. I would argue that it’s the exact opposite of timeless.. in fact it is actually time sensitive

  12. Fun Fact: The Verve lost all the revenue from Bittersweet Symphony because the copyright holder for the Rolling Stones (notably not the Stones themselves) sued them for sampling The Last Time.

  13. Stacey's Mom. Mom jokes were pretty popular for awhile and I definitely think that song had something to do with it

  14. I hate that fckng song. Every single novela my mom made me watch (cuz we grew up with only one TV) used that damn song for their “romantic moments”.

  15. I'm surprised to not see any Sinatra on here yet. So many timeless songs from the 40s, 50s & 60s.

  16. Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones 1965. Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix 1967. Actually kinda many songs from 60s are counted.

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