Metalheads of Reddit, what is your favorite metal band?

  1. Not a big metalhead, but my first job was at a small independent grocery store. We had 2 produce guys. One was the lead singer for "3 inches of blood", the other was the lead singer for a smaller local band, I believe they were called "Goats blood".

  2. I've heard 3 inches of blood on the radio a few times; I kinda like them. Never heard of Goats Blood, although they could have done a show together and called it 3 inches of goats blood...

  3. Chuck Schulinder really had a way with words that I don't think is really touched upon by most metalheads. Yes, I love Leprosy and SBG as much as the next person, but I find myself going back to Symbolic more and more over the years. What he says speaks to me, and I feel there's pain and wisdom in the words he wrote on that album.

  4. Ronnie James dio is my hero and I came down so far to see one of the greatest ever because people buried it in alt and prog rock and screamo deathcore, which is cool they listen to but dio is fucking METAL

  5. Always and forever my favorite band. Between Halford's incredible voice and KK and Glenn's dueling solos ... just can't beat it.

  6. I'm partial to stoner doom metal. Sleep, Electric Wizard, and Elder are three favorites that come to my hazed out mind.

  7. When I saw the question, I immediately said to myself "I hope Blind Guardian is one of the top answers." I looooove Blind Guardian. Open the post, first answer is Blind Guardian. Mega props.

  8. Iron Maiden. The quality is really inconsistent and plenty of their work was kinda meh but when they were on, so incredibly epic.

  9. they're incredible live. spoiled me for other shows. the band, bruce dickinson in particular, was so energetic on stage they puts band a third their age to shame.

  10. I would have never said inconsistent for Maiden. Their albums are consistently good throughout the years, of course some are better than others but none is really disappointing. Also they barely changed style, never sold themselves, touring relentlessly, so pretty consistent.

  11. There is no band that gives me the feeling of Motorhead. Don't go looking to them for precision or polish, but they put out some of the most badass tunes out there. "We are Motorhead, and We Play Rock and Roll" is the baddest line in the human language.

  12. I love Mastodon. Leviathan came out right when I was starting to get into metal/punk/hardcore and it was an absolute game changer for me.

  13. I recently went back to older Megadeth. I'll be 40 in a year. I remember when I was 15 and had my wisdom teeth removed the dentist let me listen to my CD player. I played Rust in Peace, high on nitrous, giggling at the hot assistant, and getting my teeth yanked out of my skull. I'm going to try to get my hands on Peace Sells, and Countdown to Extinction on vinyl.

  14. Rust in Peace and Peace Sells are two of the greatest metal albums ever made. When Megadeth are on it, they're miles better than Metallica. There, I said it.

  15. Bolt Thrower and it’s not even close. They have arguably a perfect discography in that not one of their albums are bad. You can argue about the production quality of some vs others, but objectively they all absolutely rip. No band has better riffs.

  16. I've always been a hoe for Nightwish, they're probably my top. I've also been favoring Opeth lately and Sabaton, Korpiklaani, Bloodywood for kicks.

  17. I saw them by chance at a festival, only knew them by name, absolutely brilliant show got into them a little bit after that not put them on in years, might give them a cheeky spin tomorrow in work

  18. Not a “metalhead” but some metal bands I like: Full of Hell, Death, Wiegedood, Dethroned, Black Sabbath, Amenra, Oathbreaker, Primitive Man, Thou, Anal Cunt.

  19. AND one of the few ukranian black metal bands that aren't straight up nazis or involved with the Asov Battalion. The Ukranian black metal scene is utterly infested and I hate it, because they do not represent the larger population.

  20. Heard the riff to Cowboys From Hell and that was it for me, I was instantly hooked. Grew up listening to them and saw them in concert a couple times in my youth.

  21. Ah yes, the time I partied with Randy Blythe at 20 years old, him doing lines in the basement and me starstruck as fuck lol. Ended up with a cool picture of it though, my son is almost 16 now and he loves hearing about my days of being around bands lol and no, NOT as a groupie 😂 and obviously he's got great taste in music 🤟

  22. I only discovered them when Amazonia came out so it's been an absolute joy working my way through their catalog. Insanely talented and unique musicians, thought provoking intellectual lyrics. The drumming is just insane.

  23. Meshuggah for the past 10 years. I recognize they are very hit and miss with alot of people. But to me that only indicates that people are listening with the wrong lens.

  24. Too many to mention, but if I had to shout one particular band out that I've been listening to a lot recently - Bloodywood are gobsmackingly brilliant. A fusion of metal and Indian folk music. Started out as some guys doing covers on YouTube, and have transformed over the past few years into an amazing band. Check out their new album "Rakshak" (and have a look at some of their videos on YouTube)

  25. Iron Maiden. I saw them every chance I had growing up. I went to high school in the 80’s so I had glorious concerts to go to. Then MTV came around with headbanger’s ball!

  26. Dream Theater has probably been my favorite band since high school when they displaced Metallica for the top spot. Their latest stuff is a bit hit or miss for me, but there are still some great gems in the new albums. I've been obsessed with Barstool Warrior lately.

  27. Ænima is definitely their best album. And I'm mostly just commenting this to start the standard "Best album" argument chain. Go on...

  28. Metallica, by far! Great lads, and they have such a vast amount of masterpiece songs spanning so many different types of sound(thrash, straight-up rock, ballads, heavy metal etc). Love them!

  29. Surprised at how far I had to go to find this. Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, And Justice for All are three of the best metal albums, from start to finish, you could hope to listen to. There's a lot of great stuff out there, but for me it all started with Metallica.

  30. Right now its probably Architects, they rerecorded their newest album with an orchestra at Abbey Road Studios and its super sick.

  31. Recent favourites: Opeth, Mastodon, Gojira, Pain of Salvation, Leprous (hard to name them metal recently), But if to choose the one, it'll be post 2003 Katatonia.

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