With the passing of Stan Lee, and Betty White, who is Americas token "Old Person" now?

  1. Oh... ugh Mitch McConnell. Yes, clearly beloved by the people, I sure do hope nothing unfortunate happens to... Mitch McConnell.

  2. The challenge is that most of the people being listed are living quiet lives out of the public eye. Stan and betty were pretty active almost right up until their ends.

  3. Norman Lear and Mel Brooks are still quite active, just not on screen as much as Betty was. Tony Bennett gave up performing recently due to Alzheimer’s. 😟

  4. I wouldn't describe the most popular people being listed: Morgan Freeman, Mel Brooks, Dick van Dyke or Dolly Parton as living quietly out of the spotlight, they're all active to this day

  5. Oh, it's the anniversary of Lucille Ball's passing. Lucy sent her flowers every year on her birthday and since she ordered ahead of time, they got to Carol even though she just found out Lucy died.

  6. I was a big fan of the Carol Burnett show as a kid. That and SNL were the comedy shows to watch. Hee Haw was for old people, so I didn't like that.

  7. I hate these threads because ultimately people on them end up dying soon after but please god, not Dick Van Dyke. I used to watch the reruns of his show when I was a little kid in the late 80’s/early 90’s and his trip over the foot rest was… perfection. May he never trip again because it could break a hip and send him to the grave.

  8. nothing you can say will convince me or literally anyone else in the entire world she's old though, even her birthdate won't be enough

  9. Don't hate to say it. These are my top choices for UK and American old people too. They have some fantastic medlies together. I will cry like a child when they go.

  10. Jimmy Carter's full name is James Earl Carter. This is important to no one, just an interesting coincidence that you would list him with another James Earl.

  11. I was on The Price is Right back in 1986. I won at Plinko. I was so stunned I just walked off stage. On the VHS tape my parents made it was clear Bob stuck his cheek up to me and I just blew him off. Regrets. I have regrets.

  12. Bob barker is hilarious. He really is a gem. On Roku tv, you can watch classic Bob barker 24x7 for free, it’s my favorite thing to watch and Bob roasts the contestants. He has kind of a Daniel tosh vibe, down to proving he’s better than the contestants at every game.

  13. You do know he had dozens of allegations of him sexually assaulting the women on the Price is Right, right?

  14. He lives in my neighborhood in Manhattan and is often seen with his wife of 50+ years holding hands and kissing. Still in love... he towers over her too so it's kind of amusing.

  15. It seems like Morgan Freeman went from being a wise man to a wise old man when he played God in Bruce Almighty. And that came out 19 years ago. So Morgan Freeman has been America's wise old man for almost two decades.

  16. Didn’t Morgan fall off the map after some sexual abuse came to light? I just remember him going to be Vancouver’s train voice or something then it came to light and got scrapped. Haven’t seen or heard of him since

  17. Still, I think, in a way, in a very meaningful way, that, uh, that I, uh, uh, all of us, have, uh, have learned from him.

  18. William Daniels, age 95. I could have sworn that I read his obituary a few years ago, but I must be thinking of someone else because he's still kicking.

  19. Ahh oh my goodness, I commented Michael Caine. But Buzz Aldrin is the world’s grandpa (and the moon’s, too I suppose).

  20. Stan Lee and Betty White weren’t just token old people. They also had rather wholesome personas and very long careers. But most importantly, they were also still culturally relevant at the time of their passing.

  21. Stan Lee shaped comic books and Betty White shaped television. Both were pioneers in their fields, and showed how truly fantastic both mediums could be with their inventiveness.

  22. James Hong! He's a 93 year old Chinese-American actor that's a character actor. He's been acting since 1952 and co-founded East West Players, a theatre organization for Asian-American actors.

  23. I'd say national treasure but he's not from my country. World treasure? I'm going to have a really shitty day when that currently 95 year old is in the news again. :(

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