What something you do in a hotel room you’d never do at home?

  1. Last time I was in a hotel, I didn’t do this and by the time I got into bed at midnight I started freaking out because thought I felt bugs crawling on me. Turned on the light, inspected the sheets. Nope. Pubes and crumbs.

  2. The absolute FIRST thing I do is leave my luggage at the door and check under the fitted sheets for bed bugs. I had a former coworker bring them home from a hotel, cost him a FORTUNE too get rid of them.

  3. I’ve never done this and thank the lucky stars that I’ve never brought back any bedbugs. I’m definitely going to start doing it now tho.

  4. Your tip is also valid when traveling with a sexual partner. One bed for clean activities, one bed for dirty activities.

  5. I make a trail of towels from the door to the shower if I'm anywhere near a beach. I don't like tracking sand everywhere. Also the carpet is filthy.

  6. Usually there’s a towel on the side of the tub or on a towel rack, specifically meant to be laid down as a shower rug.

  7. This comment somehow just reminded me to move my laundry, that’s been done in the washer for probably an hour now, to the dryer. So thanks internet buddy

  8. God forbid there's a hockey tournament. The parents let their kids set up mini sticks and nets and play in the hallways.

  9. I live in an apartment near a college campus. It's only weekends and breaks but I have adapted to heavy sleeping.

  10. I definitely don't do that lol I give them a few chances then call the front desk. The hotel hallways are not your vacay play station.

  11. Or sitting in a chair that hundreds have men have ejaculated in. Or touching a remote that hundreds of men have ejaculated on. Or walking across a carpet full of cum stains from hundreds of men who have ejaculated.

  12. I have a travel kit that has like a dozen different soaps and mini shampoos in it from hotels over the past decade. I never actually use them because every time I go somewhere they have stuff there, which I also steal.

  13. It's not stealing, they're yours when you pay for the room. Unless maybe you're wandering into random hotel rooms and taking soap...

  14. Yup especially if I have 2 queen beds- one for eating one for sleeping. So luxurious. Also, stack all the pillows around me like a fort for sleeping.

  15. Hubs and I have discovered the joy of the bed picnic while on holiday. We go to the grocery and get snacky type food like hummus, pretzels, dips, berries, carrot chips, cheese and whatever else looks good. Then we take the comforter off the bed, undress, and have a naked bed picnic, usually while watching a movie we've seen a few times. Soooo nice and unlike home, I don't care if I get berry juice or hummus on my sheets.

  16. Recently started traveling for work. Last night was the first time I did this and it was GLORIOUS. Crumbs were everywhere, when I was ready to sleep I just rolled to the other side of the bed haha.

  17. Maybe nobody peed in it, but the coffee maker is universally disgusting. Try running just regular water through it once before brewing coffee - I usually find it barfs out a lot of dust, dead bug parts, other particulate funstuff.

  18. Watch TV. I don't have cable at home so sometimes I'll flip on cartoon network and just watch it the whole time while doing other stuff.

  19. I've put on Cartoon Network in a hotel room as background noise to fall asleep to, only to wake up at 5 am to Inuyasha as I go to take a leak.

  20. Am I the only one who never makes my bed even at home? It’s not like it’s inherently unhygienic, the way not taking out the trash is. Unless someone’s coming over, I just don’t see the point.

  21. It’s all about cranking up the AC and using a blanket to sleep in the middle of summer. Something I’ll never do at home.

  22. I used to stay at a downtown Four Seasons hotel 60-90 days per year, for work. Every day, like a ritual, I would collect the high end soaps, lotion, q-tips, sewing kit, and unused shampoo & conditioner.

  23. Reddit people are restoring my faith in humanity today. Such a kind and slightly genius idea. A woman’s shelter can be such a depressing step through life for many and they were able to have a little bit of luxury.

  24. First and only time my mum used a bath bomb was when we were in a hotel because we've never had a tub deep enough to do it. She loved it.

  25. When he walked into his first hotel room, I told my 3 year old "the first rule of hotels is, you are allowed to jump on the bed"

  26. I was looking for this one. It’s the best feeling. Dude I’m 51 and I do that! Granted it’s followed by a quick inventory to see what muscle I probably just pulled and then of course a nap.

  27. Not me but guests when I worked the front desk at an extended stay hotel. I’ve seen a hotel room quite literally trashed. There was trash ALL OVER that room; the floor was covered, somehow it was hanging on walls, etc. The manager wanted us to see how bad it was so we walked over to the room. The looks on the faces of the housekeepers having to clean it were total and utter despair. I’ll never forget them.

  28. I used to be a stewardess on a cheap cruise ship (a cleaning job, mostly). Sometimes we would have guests who came on board mainly to binge drink the cheap alcohol we sell in the taxfree shop and just get weird and wasted. When on cabin cleaning duty I had a list of rooms to clean and another list where I was supposed to just change the towels, take out the trash and otherwise freshen up their cabins. One cabin on the tidy-up-list was WRECKED. Absolutely disgusting. There was beer and soda cans everywhere, food leftovers on the floor and table, used snuff everywhere (very popular tobacco product in Scandinavia), and there were sticky pools of beer and soda on the carpet floor, the walls and even the fucking ceiling. The bathroom was covered in hair and vomit. I had to call my manager who took out all their luggage, kicked the guests off the ship with a fine. Took me forever to clean (remember it was on the tidy-up-list, so it was only supposed to take a couple of minutes). Although this was my worst experience with a guest cabin, it was in no way an uncommon experience to see cabins literally trashed like that. Of course, I also had lovely guests who made my job a great place to be. But yeah I agree, please be nice to the staff

  29. I can tell you horror stories about working in LA during Anime Expo and how the majority of the rooms were trashed. It got to the point where we had to let attendees know if their room is that trashed, we would have to charge them extra. We even added additional XL trash bags in the majority of the rooms in order to make it easier on the attendees to use for their trash. It helped but not as much as one would think.

  30. Room is literally left the way I find it, besides towels, one trash can, and the bed. Why make more of a mess than you have to?

  31. I worked construction for a while and basically lived out of motel rooms with full construction crews, you really learn to appreciate the cleaning staff and the things they have to deal with.

  32. Write “get out” with a thin layer of soap on the mirror in the bathroom, so when the next person uses the shower and it fogs up they think there’s a poltergeist in there with them.

  33. I do not miss those days. They were awful. Crackheads dancing around in the parking lot yelling at people who weren’t there. People hitting me up for a dollar every time I left my room. People asking for rides. Having to get up every hour to see if my car was still there.

  34. Are you able to cook? What do you eat? I lived in hotels for a couple years for work and had a hot plate and we always had mini fridges

  35. Swim in an indoor pool. I refuse to go to a hotel without an indoor pool. I love the stink of chlorine filling the room. Associated with some really great memories.

  36. I also love my memories associated with the pungent smell of chlorine. My family went on tons of road trips as a kid. The only thing we kids cared about from the second we got to the hotel was the pool. I can still remember pools at various Motel 6s.

  37. Eat a club sandwich. How can something be so ordinary but so elaborate at the same time? And so universal on every room service menu in the world?

  38. Fill an ice bucket with ice from a machine, then proceed to sit on the bed and eat said ice straight from said ice bucket. It’s one of my favorite parts of staying in a hotel. My sister didn’t believe me until she came into my room and saw me eating ice out of a full bucket like a goblin. I don’t know why I’m like this.

  39. Pre-pandemic I used to travel full time for work and lived out of hotels 40-50 weeks a year. I miss the showers man.

  40. I do it behind the dumpster in back of Arbys. Though it's meth rather than cocaine and homeless guys rather than sex workers.

  41. Live out of a suitcase. I never use the dressers and only utilize the closet to hang special event clothing if that's what I'm traveling for.

  42. Not always uninterrupted. Use the do not disturb sign, otherwise you’ll be beating it after just waking up, and housekeeping will just walk in at 10 past 10 in the morning.

  43. Lol I get so grossed out by hotel floors too, even if they “look” clean. I bring flip flops for the shower (the kind with holes so the water drains out) and wear them around the room, too.

  44. Just jumping on to say that if you take any of the unused mini lotions, shampoos, conditioners, soap etc., Ronald McDonald houses, Homeless Shelters, Schools with "Caring Closets" can all use them if you want to dontae!

  45. Fuck my husband without worrying the kids will hear us. I couldn't possibly give less of a shit if strangers heard us but our kids are old enough now that it would suck for them and they're up late and early enough that it's a pain in the ass for us. Well, for me at least - it distracts me pretty badly sometimes. The last time we had a hotel room to ourselves was 2014. Honestly, I don't want much for a vacation - just a decent hotel with maybe a hot tub, a movie and take out in bed, and worry-free fucking.

  46. You should get a hotel for a night, or weekend, it would be a nice break and not as expensive as a full holiday.

  47. Thisssss. We go about 3 minutes up the road to a jacuzzi suite at least a few days per month. The ability to finally ... let loose... does a lot for the soul.

  48. I work at a hotel in Memphis. blood on sheets is one of the most uninteresting things we could find in a room lol

  49. Blood usually comes out of fabric really easily. Just run it under water and use a bit of soap then hang it out to dry, if you're ever in that situation again.

  50. Clean. Don’t care if my home looks like a hoarders dream house. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to make an underpaid housekeeper do any more work than she needs to

  51. Lol the divide in this thread is wild. Some people are like you but the majority just seem to immediately jerk off onto the nearest surface the second they get the chance.

  52. I KNOW! My wife and I always clean our hotel rooms before we leave, we know we don't have to, but it kicks into our inner rudeness radar and it just feels impolite not to.

  53. OK, I guess I am weird... I stay in hotels a LOT (pilot) and I make an effort to tidy up after myself... I don't leave shit stains in the toilet. I don't leave trash laying about. I just try to make the housekeepers job easy and not disgusting... At home, not so much.

  54. Check all over the place for bugs (like roaches) and shit used to spy on people before I so much as take my shoes off. I used to not be like that about it, but better to be paranoid than to find out people were spying on you and jacking it to you without your consent.

  55. Is this a american thing that there are bibles in the hotel room? If never seen one here in europe.

  56. "I dry my balls off with the curtains, because I know they don't change those. Think of that the next time you want some sunlight."

  57. I had a stressful day at work and my spouse has an overbearing (unintentionally, it’s who she is) house guest visiting from out of state—so I splurged on a hotel last night, all alone. This is what I did that I don’t typically do at home:

  58. I immediately untuck them. I hate the feeling of not being able to pull the covers up and under my feet. Even when I go camping I’ll bring blankets instead of a sleeping bag.

  59. Then you hear a random, "Finish her!" from the guests next door thinking you're actually "going to town".

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