which actors were BORN for their role?

  1. Because for some reason I scrolled for 5 min and didn't see it. Viggo Mortensen Jr as Aragorn. He truly lives the ranger life that you see Aragorn living at the start of the series. His sword instructor said he picked up the skill faster than any he had trained before. That scene in fellowship of the ring where the Uruk throws the dagger at him and he knocks it aside? The was genuine, the Uruk actor was supposed to miss but he slipped up and it flew straight at Viggo's head and he deflected it. They left it in the movie because he just stayed in character and it was way more bad ass than the scripted scene.

  2. To add onto this, he actually sings beautifully, and bought and rode some of his horses from LotR. He's a fantastic guy who does quite a bit of charity work as well afaik.

  3. Peter Jackson admitted that sometimes he accidentally called Viggo Aragorn! He was so good at being Aragorn that people had a hard time separating him with the character. He also had a few changes/upgrades in Aragorn’s outfit according to his daily experiences. Such a dedicated actor.

  4. I like how he has an Oscar. He is Hollywood famous. He has fucking made it. Time to crawl out of this sofa naked and sweaty as a gag.

  5. That scene on Goodfellas where his character goes "Funny how? Like a clown?" was literally all the other actors and the extras really tense for real, because only Scorcese and him knew what would happen next and how Tommy would react being called that;

  6. I would argue almost all Seinfeld casting. Puddy, Newman, J Peterman, Elaine, Cosmo, Soup Nazi, Uncle Leo.

  7. IMO you can say this about pretty much everybody in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Those movies have some of the best casting decisions I've ever seen.

  8. T2 is one of the most perfectly cast movie ever, their roles fit their personal lives and acting strengths so well.

  9. Jeff Bridges embodies The Dude so well that I think he's actually become him over the years, but that's just like my opinion man.

  10. Especially amusing given that the role, all the roles, were entirely empty suits. No gender, age, or ethnicity specified.

  11. Hugh Laurie as Bertie Wooster. Hard for me to accept him in other roles because that was my first introduction to both him and P G Wodehouse . Come to think of it, Stephen Frye is the one and only Jeeves.

  12. He's so good at playing Patrick Bateman it's literally ruined the batman franchise for me. I literally just see bruce wayne as the american psycho.

  13. Also Stu in Scream. Plenty have tried to capture his creepy energy in, not only the sequels, but a lot of horror movies since his role but he did it the best.

  14. Christopher Lee as Saruman. He was the only LOTR cast member to have met JRR Tolkien and deeply loved the books. He had preferred to play Gandalf, but that role was a bit too physical for him at his age. He did a recording the

  15. I'm glad he portrayed Saruman. He has a stern presence that just works, but I don't think he has the warmth that Ian McKellen has that made his Gandalf just perfect

  16. I thought it was a missed opportunity in Spiderman: No Way Home that they didn't make a joke that JJJ was the same person even across multiverses.

  17. I would argue JK Simmons in pretty much anything I've seen/heard him in - Cave Johnson? Check. Terence Fletcher? Yup. J Jonah Jameson? Oh yeah

  18. The email response from JJJ in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has me convinced that Simmons was also the character in the Andrew Garfield movies.

  19. When he auditioned, he didn't play it as a wisecracking tv dad like almost all the other actors did. He played it as a man who had given up on life (apparently based on his uncle). And that's why he got the job.

  20. For the record, in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, Nicolas (Nic) Cage plays a character named “Nick Cage.”

  21. I read that they were trying to cast John Krasinski as Dwight, but he got them to consider Rainn Wilson because he really wanted to be Jim, and that fucks with me all the time.

  22. I still can't believe that Willem Dafoe demanded that he do his own stunts for No Way Home. Dude came back after a huge break in playing the role, absolutely nailed it, and put on an impressive physical performance as well.

  23. I read that Kevin Feige said they've held off on using Osborne or Octavious in the MCU because he didn't think they would ever find better casting than Dafoe and Malina.

  24. There are a lot of great answers in this thread, but Shelly Duval literally looks like they designed Olive Oyl after her.

  25. Let's be honest, that man rocked every role he had. He was a very talented actor who could pull off comedy, drama, and suspense roles. Check out One Hour Photo, Insomnia, and What Dreams May Come for reference.

  26. I keep seeing him show up as a guest star and a bunch of '90s TV shows. It's kind of funny though because he just plays the same character with different job titles in everything he does But I don't get bored of it. Today I saw him playing a priest on NYPD Blue who was friends with David Caruso and that guy that plays jigsaw and they were playing basketball. It was a weird mix of people.

  27. Dinklage as Tyrion, Charles Dance as Tywin and Diana Rigg as Olenna elevated the show and the scenes every single time they were on them, they were just perfect.

  28. He's a great actor, but like almost everyone cast the problem is he's too pretty. In the books he's impish and grotesque even before he was disfigured. Peter Dinklage basically was like casting a gross nerd as Jessica Beil in glasses. He's basically the brad pit of Dwarves when the roll called for the Steve Buscemi of Dwarves.

  29. It really bothers me that he is such a talented actor and so gd classically handsome and yet it took him like 15 years to become famous. If someone that good looking and that talented cant make it in this world then i no longer would want to be a part of the world.

  30. Even Stan Lee said this in an interview; Robert Downey Jr is the real life representation of the Tony Stark character in his mind while he was conceptualising and writing Iron Man. That it’s like he was born to play Tony Stark.

  31. Also Bryan Cranston as Hal in Malcolm in the Middle. I can't even fathom anybody doing that role better. Bryan Cranston is just a gem.

  32. Being a fan of Malcolm in the Middle, I didn't think I'd be able to take Cranston seriously in a dramatic role. Absolutely wrong on that count.

  33. The most accurate comment imo. I’ll forever see jack sparrow when I see Johnny. Hell I was halfway expecting him to show up in court in full character

  34. Jim Carrey for "the mask". To be honest every roll he did ended up being amazing because he fit himself into it so well but I really just can't imagine any other actor doing that roll as well as he did. Not even Johnny Depp who has a pretty similar sort of genre of movies he does. Comedy and some sort of like comedy action like in the "pirates of the Caribbean"

  35. Rami Malek as Elliot in Mr. Robot. That was the craziest emotional character that was so successfully realized because of him.

  36. He was so perfect for the role they refilmed the entire movie with MJF because they didn’t like Eric Stoltz in the role.

  37. If I remember correctly. He spent 30 days in a hotel room without much social contact to fully develop the character and master his role as a jacker. He was a brilliant actor.

  38. Keanu Reeves as John Wick. The guy really does have a limited range, but John Wick lands firmly in his wheelhouse. His first outing as Neo in The Matrix was nearly as good a score as well. Constantine was about as much of a stretch as he can manage (and I like that movie).

  39. Chris Evan’s as Captain America. He brought the character from the comics to life in way I don’t see another actor ever eclipsing.

  40. Most of the actors in the MCU match that same perfect fit. RDJ as Tony Stark, Chris Hemsworth as Thor. Some actors haven’t had the time to really cement themselves as a character but those 3 are definitely matched.

  41. The part I find insane is that cap wasn’t even his first marvel role. Before that he played the human torch in a fantastic 4 movie. Not only that, but they had to convince him to take the role because he didn’t feel like he’d meet expectations

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