what is a topic you absolutely cannot give a fuck about?

  1. I really honestly think the people who are obsessed with and keep up with this kind of stuff, just don’t have enough interesting things going on in their own lives

  2. I only care when people start doxing each other and abusing DMCA laws to get channels deleted outright. I guess that’s less YouTube drama and more YouTube Thermonuclear Warfare though.

  3. Most of it is trash on par with TMZ (like 80 percent) but there are those "special" degenerates that deserve to be exposed/put on blast for doing illegal/super immoral stuff. Plenty of perverts/animal abusers/scam artists have been exposed and or arrested due to "YouTube drama". I definitely agree most of it is tabloid type garbage that reads like a middle school argument.

  4. People keep trying to get me into TikTok, as if I need something other than Reddit to waste hours of my time on. I don’t mind seeing the occasional curated TikTok on Reddit (kinda like a vine or a screenshot from Twitter) but I’m skeptical of the algorithm and content.

  5. This is the only answer, if only because you escape the boring hell that is celebrities, celebrities, celebrities, celebrities, celebrities, celebrities, celebrities, celebrities, celebrities.

  6. I am sick to fucking death of being advertised to. Watch Hulu? Get 5, 2 minute ad breaks for a 30 min show. If I pause the show there's an ad on the pause screen. 1/3 of my viewing time is watching ads. Other day on Facebook I counted 1 ad per 2 legit posts. Reddit is 1 ad per 2-10 posts. Not counting the 500 billboards you see when you drive and fucking ads being played while you fill your gas. It's ridiculous. Great way to make me NOT buy your product.

  7. Honestly, I think we could trim that down even more and just say advertisements as a whole. Just because a company pays to put their brand in front of my face doesn't mean I'm going to buy it. It just annoys me because now they're interrupting my video to scream at me about their bullshit.

  8. I’d easily get their sale with a quick “this video was brought to you by x, y, and z” than a 15 second or more video portraying a dramatic life that was changed by chance to sell me frozen yogurt.

  9. Celebrities, royals and influencers in general. I'd rather talk about pinching glass. Edit: spelling.

  10. Man, I miss the day when only one ad would play and they were all skippable. Now days I’m forced to watch two 15 second ads just to watch a 3 minute video.

  11. I'll actively avoid anything that gets pushed my way by unsolicited ads. Instead of not knowing anything about your product, now I'll just avoid it out of spite.

  12. If your ad plays before my video, I fucking hate your company, your product and you are blacklisted for life.

  13. If I see one more ad for Invisalign, with a giant close-up of someone's mouth (with accompanying mouth noises), someone's gonna get hurt at YouTube.

  14. It’s pretty much wasted energy that could be used for productive things. Instead it’s being wasted to create, store, transfer and play something I literally mute and move my eyes away from until the timer is done

  15. Yeah. This has been especially grating lately with that Depp-Heard trial. I wish they would both just go away and stop cluttering up every social feed I have

  16. My parents would sacrifice a baby to go see that stupid shit live, or the got talent things, like the only good ones are the magicians and im not gonna lie, it’s the dorkiest shit ever. Occasionally a kid really good at piano will be on there and thats cool

  17. Reality shows period. They are all written. They are literally the opposite of reality. The Kardashians do not celebrate Christmas in August (which is when their Christmas episodes are filmed). Every single competition show has a disclaimer at the end saying that Producers have a say in who gets cut each week.

  18. I used to watch the first few weeks of American Idol because the only enjoyment I got out of reality singing competitions were the bad auditions, even if a lot of them were bad on purpose, it was fun to see how weird people could get with it.

  19. My local parks are covered in shitty small plastic red and blue confetti pieces. Really piss me off, go do that shit in your own yard.

  20. I mean, to do with friends and family is 1 thing. But I really don't give a shit even with my family. I don't care if it's a boy or a girl. I just want the baby healthy

  21. Every girl I’ve ever dated has been kind of into astrology. Not like it dictated their lives or anything, it was just something they had fun with. Every single one of them would ask me my sign and I’d say something along the lines of “well I’m a Capricorn but I don’t really out too much stock in astrology” and every time I would get hit with “spoken like a true Capricorn” lol

  22. I hate how horoscopes are so vague. Someone at my old job read my horoscope because she was an "expert" and it said something like "you will make a financial transaction today" and she used that as proof that it's true because I'm at work making transactions. I can't think of a single person that doesn't make a financial transaction daily.

  23. Anyone else immediately get turned off when someone you’re dating mentions astrology in a serious manner?

  24. It’s such obvious, subjective bullshit too. I’m both a Leo and a rabbit. They couldn’t be more contradictory and I’m nothing like either of these signs. All the descriptions could easily apply to anyone. Recently, the Meyers-Briggs has become a stand-in for astrology but people take it with more credibility.

  25. TV dating shows. I don't give the slightest bit of a fuck if tanned, generic cunt A will end up with tanned, generic cunt B or C

  26. The 90 Day Fiance universe is so annoying. There’s this one guy who looks like a sore thumb, is a douchebag, but somehow gets the best looking women. It’s probably all fake.

  27. I know Megan Fox from Transformers and the fact I once had lunch with her randomly like 10 years ago. I was on a film shoot in Venice Beach and so was she, we both went to grab lunch and ended up sitting together and talking for a bit. I had no idea it was her at first. She was actually a really nice person from my interaction. She treated us on the crew like equals to her, she wasn't the least bit stand off ish like talent usually is, especially "hot actresses". I've never been a fan of her as an actress, but she still seemed like a nice person.

  28. Every news headline that says Trump could be in trouble for this or he may be facing charges. Let me know when he goes to trial or they slap handcuffs on him. I feel like I’ve read May or Could 1000s of times in the past 5 years and nothing has happened. Done with reading about it.

  29. Same exact thing with Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington commanders/football team. I've seen about 35,000 articles asking "is this the end for Snyder?"

  30. Unfortunately a lot of “non-profit” organizations are simply labeled that as a tax status. For example, college board is labeled as a “not for profit” organization, and you know damn well their top executives are making multiple million a year.

  31. Most of them are also just rich kids documenting their (typically) already “amazing” life of travel and excess consumption.

  32. Legit had a couple of young women claiming to be "nano influencers" walk into our bar and ask for free wine to post. They each had less than 600 followers.

  33. I heard someone once say that modern dyes/detergents no longer have this issue and that it's outdated advise. I do remember growing up once washing a red shirt with my clothes and everything came out slightly pink, but nothing like that has happened to me in a long time, so I guess there's some truth to it.

  34. same. once i did turn a grey sweatshirt purple by washing it with my sheets, but it looked cool enough I didn’t care. so yeah. nothing bad

  35. It does matter if you want to keep your whites white. If you have nothing mission critical like work shirts, school uniforms or cricket/karate/bowls/whatever then go right ahead and mix. Otherwise they kinda go grey after a while.

  36. The fastest way to make me fall asleep/lose interest in a convo is for someone to start talking about NFTs or crypto.

  37. anything to do with sororities or fraternities. whenever i hear the rich college kids talking about it, man. it's the ONLY thing I've heard that makes me feel like im actually losing braincells.

  38. I rolled my eyes every time I saw an internet post from a sorority girl saying "Go Greek. You won't regret it <3", "Find your forever sisters", or worst of all, "You should go greek, regardless of what you think of fraternities & sororities" This annoying behavior extended to real life as well. The fraternities & sororities that wanted more members would set up in or near the student union and yell at people to get their attention. I knew a guy who was minding his own business get flagged down by frat boys.

  39. My mom texts me links MULTIPLE times a DAY, most of which are impossible to be true, and I tell her every single time…”ok”. I love her so much, and when I was younger she and my dad literally had the opposite views than she does now and raised me accordingly (I am 35 now). Once right-wing bat-shit Fox News politics come up, I let her talk and then I just go “mhmm” and “ok”, with the uncanny ability to not listen to one word, I just hear the inflection and respond accordingly. Then when she’s done I immediately change the subject. I got a pretty good cadence going.

  40. Ugh. My mom. She's not all the way in that rabbit hole, but it's far enough that I instantly blank out when she starts talking politics. No, Mom, the latest person you don't like isn't the Antichrist.

  41. Oh, yours too? It’s exhausting. Every conversation has to start with her expert “research” she has conducted going down the rabbit hole in her echo chamber websites she frequents. Next I get berated because I ask questions to poke some holes in her factoids that she pushes. “You’re just putting your head in the sand. WAKE UP!”

  42. My dad is/was an incredibly intelligent man and my mom didn't make it past eighth grade. They both used to be republicans. My mom who doesn't really care about politics, can see from a mile away that the gop is a bunch of liars and con men. My dad however has gone so far down the Q rabbit hole that we don't even talk anymore.

  43. My mom thinks Trump was anointed by God to execute all of the baby eating pedophile lizard people democrats that are currently controlling the world.

  44. I wish I didn't care about this, but as it's the leading contender for "how my country turns into a fascist, autocratic police state" I'm forced to give a damn.

  45. I like baking competitions. And for some reason I still like the early parts of survivor, but weirdly when it gets down to like six or less I stop caring.

  46. Only the screenwriter strike was in 2007 and reality tv has been popular around the globe since the 90s… unfortunately the inventor from Big Brother, John de Mol, is from my country. The guy is actually a billionaire.

  47. People and their fake outrage about books. This isn’t Footloose folks and I’d venture 100% of them haven’t read a word of them.

  48. It's like the moral panic about Doom, because there is demons in it, you can tell they've never played it because it's about a guy kicking the shit out of demons because he hates them.

  49. I bought the “I need a new butt” book after reading the outrage. My kids are the age where butt jokes are hilarious. I wouldn’t have even known about it without the outrage. Good book, sucks that some principal lost his job for reading it to kids.

  50. When a planet is in retrograde it is literally doing the same thing it is always doing, it just looks different from Earth (like if a car going 65 passes a car going 62, the slower car appears to be going backwards from the passenger seat of the faster car)

  51. I made the mistake of clicking on one video, just one time, and now YouTube seems to have concluded that clips from the Depp/Heard trial are my hobby or something.

  52. God, one of my coworkers called me on Friday to talk about something work related and then asked if I was following the trial. I said “heh no not really, I’m not into that kind of thing” and she proceeded to give me a blow by blow of everything that’s happening and then sent me links to videos/clips from the trial. 🙃

  53. When I first saw a mention of what happened with "the slap" I instantly knew we were going to have to hear about this horse shit for MONTHS! Didn't even need to see what actually happened. So annoying

  54. The will smith slap. One millionaire slapping another millionaire for making fun of another millionaire. I have zero fucks to give.

  55. I feel like the younger generation upset "fashion trends". I don't see trends mattering as much in the future. Today's kids brought back the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s all within the span of a year or two.

  56. I remember once my sister got super upset at me for calling her "trendy". She corrected me that it was "fashionable" because "trendy" people only follow the fashion. Which... wtf is fashionable then.

  57. For me, it doesn't even run that deep. I just have zero interest in procreating. No amount of prodding will make me want to make a life-changing decision and bring a new person into this world unless I'm already 100% on board with it. And that's not going to happen. The way that I see it, a vasectomy is much cheaper and easier than raising a kid.

  58. Srsly. I decided long ago to remain child free by choice, as I wouldn't want to bring another human person into this shitshow of an existence to suffer like we are.

  59. My MIL was very into “when are you having kids”, “I want a grandbaby”, etc when my partner and I made it very clear that we don’t want kids. She finally stopped when I thanked her for wanting to have an active role in our sex life and what positions does she recommend for conception. Putting it in that context shut her up.

  60. I personally enjoy playing sports, but I’m not interested in watching them. I just go downstairs during the superbowl for food

  61. I for one is the opposite, I care very much about crypto. I hope they all go bankrupt for what they did to the GPU market. A bunch of wankers hoping to get rich quick by sitting on their asses while wasting energy and harming environment along the way.

  62. 100% agree. Everyone was obsessed with Anderson Cooper's sexuality before he came out. Who gives a flying fuck if he's gay?

  63. I'll discuss politics in political conversations when I'm in the mood for it. But what I have absolutely no respect for is when people take apolitical conversations and settings, and drag their politics into it out of nowhere, while being completely oblivious the fact that not everyone agrees with them and nobody was interested in making this about politics. Doesn't matter if it's at the lunch table at work, or just a reddit thread on a topic that has nothing to do with politics.

  64. Marvel. There's too much of it now - films, TV series, it's like everything has to be some sort of Marvel thing. No interest at all, and it's pretty dull that so much media now has to be the same characters in the same world. No one wants anything new on TV?

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