Are you still wearing a mask? Why or why not?

  1. I feel like wearing a mask in and around hospitals is just a reasonable thing to do, regardless of any ongoing pandemics. You never know what diseases you might catch from sick patients or what sicknesses you might accidentally be giving to other people who could be immunocompromised.

  2. I just enjoy not having men tell me to smile. They don't know if I'm smiling or not now. Win Win!

  3. Mask off. I have a hearing disorder and have had a really hard time communicating with people. That said - around anyone who is immunocompromised or would be more comfortable with one, no big deal. A store asks me, totally cool. No need for people to be dicks about it.

  4. Yes, immunocompromised due to kicking cancers ass via organ transplant a few months ago. I'll be 30 soon.

  5. Do you feel like you've beat it? I got my kidney out, I'm undergoing treatment, and my scans are completely clear but I still kinda feel like I could die at any moment. I probably shouldn't have that mindset :/

  6. im immunocompromised too, a type one diabetic, glad to see another immunocompromised person, nice job beating cancers ass

  7. Yeah but because I've been on chemo (not cancer, my meds are just low dose chemo) for the last 15 years. I wore masks BEFORE it was cool.

  8. same lol, doing chemo throughout high school i had to wear a mask when i would go into school and people were scared of me because they thought i would give THEM something

  9. I do wherever it's required immediately without complaint, but if it's not required I don't anymore. I'm vaccinated and boosted and not a particularly at-risk person, but I understand not everyone is as lucky as me so I keep a mask in my car and put it on if requested.

  10. Same here. I'm not anti mask in any way, shape, or form. I'll still gladly put my mask on if necessary. However if it's not necessary, then I guess I don't really see a need to anymore lol

  11. I'm going through chemo. My immune system is a roller coaster. Mask stays on for the duration of my treatment. Same with my husband's mask.

  12. Writing this from the hospital lobby while my housemate gets his chemo infusion. I'm masking up and not doing any indoor events until he's cancer-free.

  13. Same. I'm neutropenic and one of my rules is I have to wear a mask outside if it's windy bc like idk spores or something. People give me shit about it. Just mind your own business.

  14. Fellow chemo friend here. Still wearing a mask! Good luck with your treatment, I hope everything goes well and your side effects are mild.

  15. I'm finished chemo a couple months ago, but am still wearing a mask when I go anywhere. I ate at an outdoor restaurant today for the first time in a loooooong time.

  16. My dad is end stages of Cancer, if I get the call to go, I don't want to have even the slightest concern that I may be positive. The mask stays until he goes.

  17. My father and brother both have cancer and my mother just had a stroke and lost sight in one eye. I wear a mask because while I don't want to get Covid myself, I really don't want to get it and give it to them.

  18. When my husband was doing chemo in 2016 we both had to mask up in public to avoid bringing anything home. Same for guests who visited us. Specifically when his WBC was >1

  19. No one’s going believe my cough isn’t contagious. Easier to mask up and prevent my lungs from needing to cough in the first place.

  20. Yeah, my wife and daughters wore masks "before it was cool" for allergies, and they will continue to do so. Except now they have prettier masks than the ugly blue disposable ones.

  21. Same! So much pollen the sidewalk is yellow. I also work as a Carpenter and keep my mask on at all times. It's so dusty from cutting wood and drywall. I'd rather not be hacking up a lung.

  22. Team allergies for the mask win. Covid literally made me able to breathe again. I spent several years in and out of the emergency rooms in the spring with anaphylactic and asthmatic attacks from spring allergies (yeah, mine are that bad, double epipen carrying just to go outside). Started immunotherapy and it was going ok, but slowly. Then covid hit, mask on all the time in spring of 2020 and I didn’t have to go to the hospital once. Doctor and I lightbulbed at the same time and I wear a mask whenever I go outdoors between March and June now.

  23. When I realized me and Nina Simone have the same double chin, my life changed lol. Like us, she was slim but still had the hang gang.

  24. Finally someone who also wears a mask for cosmetic reasons. I was starting to feel bad for coming here to complain after all of the top comments have cancer. Man, Fuck cancer.

  25. Hey! I'm Aldo a nurse and a student with a double chin! 😃 but I have a consultation next month to get Kybella injections lol

  26. Fellow double chin-slim face gang member here! I've been thinking about getting plastic surgery for my chin to be honest. It seems like a pretty straight forward procedure! But until then, yeah I'm in the same boat. I wear my mask for health reasons AND to saddle my giant double chin.

  27. Yes and no. Walking outside, no. Going to a mall or to do groceries, going into smaller stores ect, then yes.

  28. I had to scroll way too far to find someone who does it because of regular sanity or respect of others and not because of fear of immediate death or getting fired because of some edge case like cancer or being a surgeon or so.

  29. Yes I make exceptions for the eating out with friends or the occasional fun night out at the bars but otherwise if I have to be indoor near strangers I have it on. This is how I’m going to be from now on and it’s really no big deal at all.

  30. Bruh, COVID made me realize people are gross af. If I’m outside, and it’s not crowded I won’t wear it. But crowded places, I’ll mask up for sure. My fiancée and I went out once somewhere crowded and some lady sneezed and she felt the mist. No thank you.

  31. Wanted to find another person who also realised how gross people are! I feel so much better walking around with a mask on - in crowded areas too mostly.

  32. Same here. Baby due in July. We're all vaccinated and boosted, but it takes so little out of me to throw on a mask that I might as well. The risk might be low to the unborn kid, but the effort is extra low, so it's a no-brainer.

  33. Had a baby during the height of the pandemic, this is the best reason to stay masked up. I missed so many appointments with my wife due to covid. No way I was going to miss the birth. We are staying masked until our kid can get vaxxed.

  34. My new coworker training me is gross. He talks heavily so I feel his breath and spit. It doesn’t get rid of the smell from his bad breathe and it might not protect all of my face or my arms from his spit but it does protect my mouth from his spit 😭

  35. the number of people who dont wash hands after using restroom is ridiculous. After pandemic i started paying attention to people closely

  36. This maskless guy on the train this morning was near me coughing up a lung during the whole commute and I was really tempted to say "If anyone should be wearing a mask, it's you."

  37. Yeah, I generally don't wear mine anymore but keep one in my pocket in case I need it. Sometimes I'll put it on out of habit when going into a store. I primarily stopped because my parents, the main people I wanted to protect, stopped. If they're not going to mask anymore themselves I won't bother.

  38. Big same. I’m as vaxxed as I’m allowed to be and pretty confident that my largely hermetic lifestyle won’t expose me to many people. But if the mandates come back in my area? No biggie.

  39. You’ve spoken for 95% of the population since the pandemic started but media sources and social would have you thinking otherwise.

  40. Yes, for a few reasons. I've been mouthing "fuck you" for 2 years now, and I'm not sure I can stop. My teeth are a mess and they make me self conscious.

  41. Your first paragraph is my reason too. The amount of shit I'm getting away with saying to people is fantastic but I also don't think I can stop.

  42. I enjoy the fact I have mastered the skill of wearing a mask and making my eyes look like I'm smiling at you, all the while I'm making faces at you.

  43. I recently caught a girl staring at me (I wear an eyepatch, everyone stares, it fucking sucks) and I forgot I wasn't wearing my mask, so instead of muttering under my breath, I said directly to her face "what the fuck are you staring at?".

  44. I took the mask off as soon as the mandates were lifted, then started wearing them again when I noticed that a lot of retail staff were still wearing them.

  45. When the mask mandate dropped I stopped wearing mine. But I recently got sick, not covid, I put my mask back on so I don’t get my coworkers sick. Lasted 2 weeks but glad I didn’t get anyone sick.

  46. I noticed I do weird ass face movements, lip movements etc behind my mask. The second I start going maskless is the second I start looking like a weird fucko out in public.

  47. Honestly I have pretty nice eyes, but some acne scarring, so same. I think I look mega hot with a mask on and sometimes wear it out especially when I feel a bit more self-conscious about my facial blemishes.

  48. I'm almost 67 years old. I've noticed that women smile at me so much more often (like 10 times more) when I wear a mask when out in public. WTF???

  49. I did not realize how much a mask had become part of my neurodivergent-in-public procedure. I make weird faces now and I can't stop it. It would require a lot of self-monitoring, and I'm out of practice.

  50. Yes. I'm severely immune compromised. It's prevented me from being sick for 2 years, which was unheard of before wearing a mask. It also helps with my anxiety.

  51. I’m immune compromised and just got it for the first time. If you get it try to see if you can get the antibody treatment from your doctors, it’s super easy and it keeps it from getting too bad. Also we have to isolate for 20 days because we’re contagious way longer, it sucks.

  52. My immune compromised mother died from covid. It basically shut down all of her organs, and I stood there in the hospital and watched her suffer and die needlessly.

  53. Yes. As the username implies I'm an intensive care doctor. Wearing a mask costs me essentially nothing. I've worn it at work for countless hours and it has kept me safe for >2 years (full disclosure I wore an N95 anytime I was intubating or in a room with any other type of aerosolizing procedure, otherwise just a simple surgical mask). I'm triple vaccinated and despite exposure on a daily basis I haven't had COVID yet and although I recognize I probably will at some point I'd still like to avoid it if possible and reduce the risk of spread.

  54. I've been a patient my whole life (born with several congenital heart defects). Now I've officially entered the medical field as a respiratory therapist.

  55. Yeah my mother and I are nurses and we felt it's similar to universal precautions like what happened in the HIV pandemic, where gloves really became mandatory

  56. Just had this conversation yesterday. My girlfriend's sister is a nurse who has worked, masked, in Covid wards throughout and hasn't gotten Covid. She now has Covid, which she got from her kids who got it at school that no longer have mask mandates.

  57. I always thought we should have had masks in hospitals before COVID… seems like commons sense, but when I think back everytime I’ve been in the hospital as a kid nobody wore masks except the doctor, the nurses never did

  58. I'm peds ER, haven't gotten covid yet even though unmasked infected kids literally coughed on my face. I also intubated with only an N95 on a few covid+ kids when I didn't know they were positive until later. Masks work really well. I can't see myself going back to maskless now. I wear an N95 throughout my shift (only taking off once in a shift if I have time to eat), so I might downgrade to a plain mask once cases start truly disappearing.

  59. It just blows my mind that there are people out there up in arms and beside themselves at the thought of health care professionals taking all the possible precautions to prevent sickness and disease from spreading, especially in context of a hospital where people go with the expectation of attentive medical care.

  60. Well put. Anesthesiologist here. Also haven't contracted COVID yet. Simple, easy, cheap, harmless, and I just don't understand people's outrage and fuss over masks. People suck. I wear one at work all day every day pandemic aside.

  61. I was just thinking about this the other day, the idea of indefinite masking in health care settings. I wondered, if all mask requirements in such settings were lifted tomorrow and Covid stopped existing, would I still wear a surgical mask to my in-person doctor's appointments or if I had to go to the ER? The answer was yes - I could think of no reason why I would ever stop wearing a mask in health care settings. You're going to a place with known sick people walking around. To not wear a mask there seems completely careless to me now.

  62. I work in a healthcare setting. I’m ambulatory but am often around folks who are immunoconpromised. Wouldn’t want to be the reason why someone fighting for their life with chemo dies of COVID instead. Also, A LOT of attendings in my hospital are over 65. They still have a lot of life and energy left in them. People who blow off the fact that it is mostly people over 65 that are affected therefore no big deal are assholes.

  63. My SO works in a hospital and they just assume it’ll be permanent in healthcare settings. Not a big deal for most people.

  64. I am an ICU nurse and I cannot imagine ever working with patients again without a mask. It seems so gross now to think back on all the times I’ve been coughed on or had skin flakes, etc fly in my face. Masks forever at work lol

  65. I took my mask off for TWO DAYS when my school removed mask requirements. I immediately got the flu. Schools are cess pools pools of illness.

  66. I know you already know this, but kids are plaguerats. Jesus fucking christ. Tuesday I picked my kid up from school and he told me that he escorted his classmate to the nurse's office after the kid threw up. Wednesday morning my kid was throwing up. Thursday morning my other kid was throwing up. Thursday night I was throwing up. Friday night my husband was throwing up. Went to pick up my son from school he told me a different kid threw up in his class. It's just a fucking chain reaction that you can see happening in front of your eyes.

  67. Yep, I'm an elementary school teacher. I usually catch strep or the flu a couple times a year as they make their way through the building, but after wearing a mask I haven't been sick since early 2020.

  68. As a parent (of some of these plaque rats), take my upvote. I have seen every flu spell passing through our house after one my kids brought it home from either school or daycare. I completely agree

  69. Fucking this. Wife and I are the most careful people either of us know. Wear masks everywhere. I'm one of the only people at work to wear a mask. Don't go out to eat. Don't go to any public functions. OCD levels of careful. Have avoided COVID for 2 fucking years. Her 4 year old neice sleeps over. Bam. Both of us COVID. Fuck. Kids are indeed plague rats.

  70. No. I’m vaxxed and boosted. However, if asked to or I see a sign requesting/mandating it, I will. And I won’t be bothered by it either.

  71. Same. Back in early 2020 I was voluntarily wearing an uncomfortable P100 mask back before they were required or even recommended. I had to work going inside of 10+ homes per day and no one really understood how contagious or how deadly it was yet. I continued wearing an N95 all the way until my family got their second vaccine and the mandates ended.

  72. My best friend is deaf with cochlears and also in med school. She thinks she’s missed out on about 50% of what’s been going on around her these past few years because of how hard it is to understand without lip reading. I’m not sure exactly what the solution is for people like you guys. Whenever I’m one on one with someone hoh (like a patient) I always offer to take my mask off and leave theirs on. But that’s all I can do really.

  73. It's made my life a lot easier since my job requires ear plugs. I can almost have a conversation again.

  74. Similar situation here. I didn't realize how bad my hearing was until everyone started wearing masks and I couldn't understand shit.

  75. Immunocompromised and a regular visitor and caretaker for my granddad in his 80's. Mask's are staying long term, at least the next few years. If my health improves we'll see from there but I rather doubt it.

  76. I used to have various mild colds every few months. Since mask wearing started, I haven't been sick once. Feels great not having a mild cold all the time.

  77. Yeah - I would have to travel for work like once a month, and every second or third trip through the airport I'd end up with a cold, or very rarely the flu.

  78. I'm in one of the vulnerable blood groups and have zero interest in having cardiovascular or neurological issues.

  79. My mom is very high risk and I see her often. I’m not going to risk getting the virus and passing it on to her. I would never forgive myself. So I still wear a mask, even though I don’t like it.

  80. As someone who is still struggling to grasp my grandpa's death from covid 3 months later, I would like to say thank you for taking this point of view. He lived a long life, but going through the process of him dying from covid was heartbreaking. Nobody should ever have to go through that.

  81. Yes, there was a mask less woman next to me in this public washroom blowing her nose like she was trying to lobotomize herself through her nose and coughing like her lungs needed to get out. I don’t care what she has, I don’t freaking want it. The mask might be minimal protection against it, but at least I won’t get her spit directly on my mouth.

  82. Not saying this was the case here but having seasonal allergies during covid really sucks. The smallest cough or sneeze because of the pollen and people treat you like a leper.

  83. This is my reasoning as well. I live in a small town and I don’t have to make small talk with anyone at Publix anymore. It’s amazing. Sometimes I leave my sunglasses on too.

  84. This. Absolutely this. People go on about the government 'trying' to control us... If people are so scared of being tracked or identified that much, why wouldn't they hide their faces behind a mask? Seems like a cheap and easy way for people not to identify you.

  85. That's the other COVID revelation for me. I always thought of some strangers as nasty, like that guy in the men's room that finishes his business and then just walks past the sinks with his filthy hands. But, now I know most people just don't understand basic hygiene. They taught us this crap in elementary school for a reason and you just forgot?

  86. I do. I’m a personal trainer and I work with children 6-12 (two separate jobs). Kids are disgusting and people working out breath heavily. Best to keep that shield up.

  87. My colleague just gave me props for still wearing my mask (I'm a flight attendant in the US) when I was taking a little breather after boarding. I just went "it's not even about COVID. I used to get sick 4 or more times a year, I got sick once the whole 2 years we wore masks. I'm going to keep wearing it as long as I can."

  88. This exactly. Also, I'm due in a few weeks and my older two kids (including one who is higher risk) still can't get vaccinated which is beyond frustrating at this point.

  89. Yea... my face is rather expressionless most of the time and due to years of retail work and hearing "you should smile more" I'm self conscious about it. It's going to be unfortunate when I do decide that it's been long enough.

  90. My mom works in an elementary school (aka germ central) and she says that since the start of wearing masks, there hasn't been a single flu or stomach bug that's gone around the school.

  91. The minute I took my mask off along with everyone else, I was sick with an upper respiratory infection, the stomach bug, then some other cold/flu like illness in a 5 week period. I either have the strongest immune system in the world now or I have the worst one and I'm one more illness away from dropping dead.

  92. Yes. My infant son was born prematurely and is at higher risk for complications from respiratory illnesses. Also I’ve been way less sick from things like flu/common cold since wearing masks. Win win. Also I hate talking to people in stores and this definitely helps.

  93. Yes, because people are gross and liars and they get sick and they ignore it. And they sneeze and say allergies. Big deal I feel safer with a mask, and I don't worry about how my breathe smells and I can eat onions and tuna sandwiches at work.

  94. Yes. Father to a 3 week old baby girl. Mostly out for groceries and shopping and masked. There are many airborne diseases

  95. Nope . Could care less for COVID , I’ll let my body handle itself , what’s funny is in my school class no one wears masks but the one kid that does caught COVID lmfao . In my opinion viruses and sicknesses are inevitable when it comes to mankind, so I just deal with it . I don’t need a mask to feel like I’m safe from COVID or any other sickness cause at the end of the day you WILL catch something whether you like it or not 🤷‍♂️. As for hospitals and doctors I can understand but just to be out and about ? Nah I’m good . Plus I’m Floridian and was a mechanic when it all went down so I never wore a mask at all through the whole thing unless everyone bitched and moaned enough . Glad everyone is finally not being a bitch about it anymore out here lol

  96. After seeing people with signs at the beginning of the pandemic saying that the immunocompromised/elderly should be sacrificed....yeah as an immunocompromised person I don't trust others either.

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