What is a lazy thing you began doing when you realised you can live with it?

  1. When I use the microwave, I’ll heat food for 1:11 or 2:22 because I can’t be bothered to move my lazy fingers.

  2. I figured out that my microwave's turntable rotates once every 12 seconds. So, everything I cook is on a multiple of 12 seconds so that it always ends up at the front of the microwave when it's done cooking, and I don't have to reach all the way to the back of the microwave to get my food out.

  3. Whenever the instructions say something like “microwave on high 4 minutes, rotate a quarter turn and microwave on 50% 4 more minutes,” I just do some mental math and microwave on high for six minutes.

  4. You need one that when you hit 1 or 2 it just does a min or 2 mins. I bought my specifically for that case. So one button press and done.

  5. I make myself egg sandwiches for the week and came to the conclusion that 60 seconds was just not quite enough. But instead of doing like `1:10 I just do 69 seconds

  6. when i was a kid on a school day, i had this routine where i'd stick my legs out of the bed and bang around on the floor so it sounded like i got out of bed and then just lie there for a few more minutes

  7. Did you also get your toothbrush wet and squirt a wee bit of toothpaste in your mouth rather than actually brush your teeth? If so I may be your mom and you weren’t fooling me or the dentist and you sure weren’t fooling the plaque that attacked.

  8. My only problem with this is it takes up too much damn space and can't be stacked upon. I suppose I could get a shelf and basket for fitted sheets.

  9. I once watched 12 hours of the golf Network because the batteries were dead in my remote control. I don't know if that's lazy or depressed.

  10. Dude I’ve never played golf but I did a similar thing. It was just on and I didn’t change it. It was kind of relaxing to watch. Like listening to a chill audiobook.

  11. Whenever I clean the house I put on my housecoat with really big pockets. I just walk from room to room and put things in my pocket that don’t belong in that room. Once my pockets are full I go to each room and empty my pockets putting what is from each room in that room.

  12. I was taught to make a bed properly as a child, I swear I was. Hospital corners and everything. I even know how to fold a fitted sheet, thanks to my auntie, who's an Air Force nurse and therefore doesn't consider little problems like "non-Euclidean geometry" to be a reason not to do it properly.

  13. After being forced to make my bed for my entire childhood and never understanding the need, the literal second I moved out, I jsut stopped doing it completely. No regrets.

  14. Wait, you still make your bed at all? I basically just half-fold my blankets and sheets at the foot of the bed as I get them off of me (and even that is only so that they aren't in the way when I'm sitting on it).

  15. I wholeheartedly believe instant ramen noodles taste better if you eat them straight from the pot! I learned this in Korea and never going back to eat it from a bowl

  16. My husband says I’m gross for doing this, but he usually doesn’t eat whatever I make. So if I’m the only one eating it why shouldn’t I eat my lasagna straight from the pan? Why dirty more dishes?

  17. Before I get out of bed in the morning, I will grab the top corners of my sheets with my hands and prop up the bottom two with my feet and move it into place. Then I slide out of bed without ruffling anything. Just like that, my bed is made.

  18. Dude, since my kids, I do the same, I have 5 baskets, parents, kids, general, bed sheets, undies & socks

  19. I have a laundry bag. The bag go to the laundry and it comes back full of folded clothes. It's magic.

  20. You have legitimately just changed my life, I think! I have arthritis in my hands and I loathe folding clothes. My laundry room barely has room to open the dryer door, but it's next to my dining room. Our clothes inevitably end up unfolded for lengths of time in the dining room. If I just made a cube for each member of my family with 3 baskets, I can just sort them. Thank you!

  21. At one point in my life I just dumped all my laundry on my bed and just left it there. I had bought a king sized bed because one of my ex’s would sleep over a lot.

  22. When I had remote school last year I did this a LOT. Signed in to a zoom class and rolled right back over in bed. "Kinda" listening but often just fell asleep again. Thankfully the subjects were so easy I didn't miss much.

  23. •My entire adult life I've been buying only matching socks (ankle-high, cotton, all white) so that I never have to sort or match socks and can just throw them all in a drawer. Within the last year or so, I've been hearing this on social media as a "life hack" and I'm over here like "well this is awkward because I've been doing this for years..."

  24. So you buy let's say 20 pairs. All is fine. But some get used up, no problem 39 socks are easy to pair up, just take any 2. Then it's 20 socks, so 10 pairs, all fine. But one day there's just too few, you decide to 'top up' and you find out they changed the design and you just can't buy anything that matches the socks you already have. I have that problem now.

  25. I used to live in a motel with one of those big a/c units under the window, in the winter my neighbor and I would "blow dry" our hair just sitting in front of our heaters that were already on anyways lol

  26. My entire wardrobe is black - shirts, pants, underwear, socks, everything. I can literally throw everything into the wash and not worry about sorting colors, whites, etc.

  27. Every week at work there is an “operations” shift from 8am-3pm where you order supplies, approve payroll for the week, message candidates on indeed, etc. Nobody else gets there until 11am, and when they do, they’re doing other stuff. This shift is 6 dedicated labor hours because it takes my boss and colleagues 6 hours to get everything done. They’re all incredibly slow workers.

  28. When I worked as a night watchman at one place... they had the old unused offices down the hall from the one used office. No one ever went down there. The hallway kind of twisted and turned some, this way and that. Right before management came in I would go to an empty office and spend a couple of hours in there sleeping or quietly browsing the internet or even watching a film (I have hard drives full of tv shows and movies). And I have my own mobile hotspot. WOuld hang out there until it was time for me to go home. Btw most of the night there was no one at work but me. Only two hours or so in the morning were there people there (management in the office and employees out on the factory floor).

  29. So, I'm unashamed to admit that I was raised as a pampered little shit, and the knowledge that I'm moving out soon-ish made me realize that this will probably be the last time for a looooong time that I'll wear ironed clothes.

  30. If you properly time your dryer cycle, and also have a place to hang clothes properly, i.e. on hangers that don't distort the shape of the garment, then you don't really need to iron them.

  31. I realized that the buttons on my shirts are just decorations! I pull over all my shirts now. I also now load beers or sodas into the 'fridge by opening the case placing on the shelf open side in then open the back and just hold the cans and pull the cardboard out. It's like an ammo magazine of beer!

  32. Clean dishes from the dishwasher get taken out, used, and then rinsed and put in the sink. As soon as the dishwasher is empty it gets filled again. Cupboards shmuboards.

  33. My dishes and utensils live in the drying rack, except for my chefs knife, spatula, and cutting board, which live on the counter spot where I use them.

  34. Not ironing (haven’t owned one for a decade) and only by frozen onions. I also store most on my clothes downstairs where I wash/ dry and fold them otherwise they’d never get put away. I have adhd though so I have to strategise for executive dysfunction.

  35. I dialed it down like 5-10% with work focus and shifted that energy into my normal life. I used to have delusions of grandeur and extreme wealth (I am in sales) and once I realized the philosophy of "good enough" my happiness skyrocketed and I no longer freak out as much as I used to. Career is going great as well. With my old mindset id probably never feel good about myself.

  36. I guess I'm lazier than I thought. I also only push one button on the microwave. I don't fold clothes, I just put them in the drawer. When I send something in the mail to family members, I don't even put the names on the packages, just the addresses. That's one whole line of writing I don't have to do. I sleep on top of my covers with a lap blanket so I don't have to make the bed in the morning. I brush my teeth in the shower, I also wash my delicates while I shower. I have various old spoons and hand shovels stashed around my garden so I never have to walk to find a digging tool.

  37. I have serious depression and even though it’s managed, my biggest struggle is that I find everyday life maintenance overwhelming and nearly impossible to upkeep. What you’re describing right now made me realize that there’s more than one way to complete tasks. Thank you for the hope stranger ❤️

  38. I'll start. I began eating watermelon without removing seeds when I found out the seeds don't harm me (Unlike Apple seeds that apparently have poison).

  39. LPT: if you have a toaster oven, leave the plate on top and then you have a warm plate for your breakfast bread of choice. That’s where my breakfast plate lives

  40. I started skipping breakfast mostly as part of my weight loss plan but it stuck even after I reached my goal weight. Before I'd take an entire hour in the morning slowly making and eating breakfast - now I sleep in later, brew and drink a cup of coffee, and I'm ready to go. Sounds efficient, but I mostly do it for the sleeping in aspect.

  41. I'm not even trying to lose weight and can confidently say that at this point in my life, I've probably eaten breakfast around only half of the available mornings in my life mostly due to wanting to catch some extra sleep.

  42. I'm single and instead of cooking for one every night, I continue to cook for 4 like when I lived with my parents, and just eat leftovers for the next few days.

  43. I'm a big fan of cooking for 8, then freezing half. It's great for those days when I really can't bring myself to cook, but don't want to splurge on eating out.

  44. I found out about overnight oats. I bought five mason jars, figured out the perfect ratio, drew lines on the jar. Prep the oats at the beginning of the week and now all I need to do is fill one with milk every night and put the toppings on it in the morning.

  45. Yeah i do exact same thing. I also wouldnt consider it lazy but kind of optimizing time/money with the food. Also as a single, i consider food as a staple or fuel for my bodily functions, whats the matter anyways making some super nice food if you only enjoy it yourself?

  46. I participated in Ramadan this year and got lots of kudos from my co workers for participating as a non-muslim. Honestly though, not having to get up to get breakfast nor pay attention to time in the lab to make it for lunch was kinda nice, with the bonus of having less calory intake while gorging a nice dinner too!

  47. I put my laundry baskets in the middle of my room till I get a “free weekend” to put the clothes away. My weekends are totally filled to the brim /s. I just play basketball all day…

  48. Having my “getting home outfit” which I wear for a good week straight. Whenever I get home I put on the same clothes I’ve wore for the last 6 or so days just because it means less washing

  49. So I noticed, thanks to apocalypse number 43 AKA the Coof, that I only wash clothes when I need to. Since working from home, I find myself waking up 10m before my work, and showering at my first 15m break.

  50. I own one pair of jeans currently. And like 4 pairs of pyjamas, and that's it for pants. Jeans 40hrs at work, pyjamas for everything else except when I'm home with no pants on, like right now.

  51. My school district is awful and split the work for 90% of your grade was test results and quizzes and the other 10% is homework. The district has yelled at us so much for ignoring the homework. I think they did a statistic and over 67% of the district has nearly 10+ missing assignments in each class.

  52. I'm 35 now, and I still look back on homework as a stupid idea. You spend a workday's worth of time going to class, then you work more at night. The hell is that!? That is the antithesis of work-life balance.

  53. I CANNOT believe I'm posting about Erma Bombeck twice in two days loool, but I used to read her books when I was a kid (I'm old); she had a humorous essay about temporary measures that turn permanent. It didn't mean anything to me as a kid, but I think about it now a lot (as that's basically the central concept of my life).

  54. Not washing my water cup everyday lol I change the straw but don’t wash the whole cup. It’s just to much in the am lol I don’t care who judges me

  55. There is a volume of leftovers wherein the number of Tupperware containers that would be required is untenable. I have this problem frequently.

  56. I've put unfinished plates in the fridge so I don't have to wash it right away or worry about it attracting ants

  57. I honestly don’t understand why people don’t already do this as the standard? I only realised I was not the norm for doing it when people who saw commented on it.

  58. When watching Movies or series im often too lazy to start up and connect my big ass screen at the footend of my bed to my laptop and just watch it on that much smaller screen.

  59. I've been too lazy to update the Netflix app on the tv in my room for almost a year now so I sit in front of it and watch netflix on my phone.

  60. The fact that I have to get up to get the ps4 controller is apparently too much work for a Sunday so I just end up in bed watching YouTube half of the day.

  61. fabric softener works by deteriorating your clothing. you shouldn't use it regularly anyway. instead of dryer sheets (wasteful, expensive, contain fabric softener), get a set of wool dryer balls. they remove static just as well as dryer sheets, and you only have to buy them once. for the lazy, take a look here (can't vouch for this article though, I haven't actually read it)

  62. I haven't used fabric softener in over a decade. My mother-in-law passed away over a decade ago, and when we cleaned out her house, we were amazed at how soft her towels and washcloths were. Her sister told us that my MIL used white vinegar instead of softener. I've been doing it that way ever since.

  63. Making instant coffee. It's not great and I still use my french press a lot but sometimes I just need a quick cup of coffee

  64. i like iced so i take a closeable bottle, tablespoon of instant coffee, 50/50 chocolate oat milk and cold water, some ice. shake it like a martini and enjoy.

  65. Online shopping. I know it might not be a lazy hack for some, but the pandemic introduced me to me online shopping for everything. I barely go out .

  66. I don't wash my jeans unless I broke a serious sweat in them or got something on them. It keeps them in good condition longer and it's just unnecessary.

  67. I hated english class in school. Never understood sentence structure and what everything is called. Adverbs and all that jazz. I literally would barely do any work all semester, in class or homework. At the end of the semester the teacher would give me a packet of the assignments I skipped and said if you get all this done by the end of the week, I'll give you a D so you can pass. Deal. Would always pass with a D and gave zero F's.

  68. My cabinets are always open in the kitchen. Constantly opening and closing stuff to try and find things was too much work.

  69. I eat my pizza off the pizza box and use the box as a cutting board to slice my pizza, because fuck it.

  70. I take my shirts directly out of the dryer and put them on hangers while they're still warm. That way they don't have any wrinkles and I don't have to iron therm.

  71. I never undo my sheets, I get home sleep over the covers if it’s cold I’ll grab a blanket, I still change the sheets every 2-3 weeks but I won’t undo them so my room is always looking neat.

  72. If the shirt is inside out, I'm gonna hang it, that way. It's a bonus, actually because the hanger dents don't jut out when I decide to wear the shirt (right-side out).

  73. Showering too often is bad for your skin and hair. I work out 3 days a week and shower after that, or after anything else that results in me getting even slightly sweaty, like going for a walk or spending more than 10 minutes outside in 80 degree weather. I'm never out in public without having either showered the night before, or showered two nights ago and haven't done any physical activity since.

  74. I stopped mowing my yard every week. So many people judge you by how high you let your yard get and idgaf anymore. On my off day, instead of mowing it, I’ll sit on the porch and watch it grow some more.

  75. Use the same mug for coffee, milk, water, cereal, ice cream throughout the day and only wash it once at the end of the day

  76. Idk if it’s considered lazy? But I haven’t worn a bra for the past year. No need anymore. I’m a SAHM. Now I’m pregnant again and probably need to wear one again but they’re so fucking uncomfortable.

  77. As a child I would sleep with my school cloths instead of pajamas so I didn't need to get dressed in the morning, I thought I was the smartest!!!!

  78. cleaning the shower while i'm showering myself. it seems like a huge job until i realised i could just put product over before i get in and then spray it down once i get in. it means it gets done more often and i dont have to scrub as much when it does.

  79. after making frozen food in the oven, transferring the baking sheet onto the plate so it doesnt get as dirty(didnt have the option of using or installing a dishwasher)

  80. When I order a whole large pizza for myself, I'm too lazy to walk downstairs to put the leftovers in the fridge, so just leave it out for a few hours in the box before I finish it.

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