What’s the smallest hill you’re willing to die on?

  1. Type 1 and type 2 diabetes are completely different conditions and should be called different things. Hate the question “but why aren’t you overweight” when trying to explain type 1

  2. Thank you! Or when people turn vigilante dietician on you and start telling you what you should or shouldn’t be eating.

  3. Cashiers should be allowed to sit down during their shifts, ex. Aldi. There should be no reason why they need to keep standing in place for an entire shift

  4. There is a super market near my house with the nicest cashier lady. She has severe osteoarthritis in her knee and is forced to stand for her entire shift. I'm considering calling up there to go full Karen on management to allow all staff to sit.

  5. The whole "don't put it in your body if you can't pronounce it" nonsense is infuriating. A fucking apple has things in it most people couldn't pronounce if you wrote out the chemical composition. And does my having taken organic chem and biochem classes mean I can eat things others can't?

  6. All companies regardless of what industry they're in do their best work and are the most consumer friendly when they're in second or third place in their industry. The 'leader' is almost never the best option.

  7. The best service and the most exciting food is at two star Michelin restaurants because they’re playing offense not defense.

  8. Don’t give me a “promotion” unless it comes with a pay raise. The only reason I would want a promotion is because I get paid more, not so I can flex my title on ppl

  9. All of LinkedIn now is pure hyper-inflated title porn, it's such a fucking joke. It's always funny when I know what someones actual job is and what they do and their job title on LinkedIn is something way crazier sounding. Like, "friend123, you aren't a 'Senior Digital Media Strategy Engineer' or whatever the fuck".. You fucking make a few posts here and there on the company facebook page that has like 30 followers that no-one cares about.

  10. Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds. Chemically. It’s purely marketing that makes you pay more for mined diamonds.

  11. Yes! Any lab-grown crystal that has the same chemical composition as its counterpart that's dug out of the ground is still a real gemstone. I LOVE lab-grown corundum (rubies and sapphires) because they are beautiful, flawless, and mind-bogglingly inexpensive.

  12. And diamonds are very common, but the entire inventory is kept locked up in giant warehouses to limit supply. If you disagree, just try selling one.

  13. I hand-crafted my fiancés engagement ring. I could have paid thousands of dollars for mined stones. Ordered lab-grown stones and put them in myself and only paid $360, with the completed ring costing a grand total of $650 in materials. People out here straight up getting ripped off by the jewelry industry.

  14. The Oxford comma is exceptionally important. People have even won legal cases over it. It is not to be removed or dismissed.

  15. I despise having to write official documents in the Navy, because the Navy Style Guide expressly prohibits the Oxford comma.

  16. Now this is some real shit. I know the dangers, I’ve seen the products to remove what I’m packing in these ol glory holes. I can’t help that a q tip and a stiff breeze brings me such a release.

  17. Ah, but in legal writing an ellipsis does not replace a period. So if it’s at the end of a sentence there are four dots.

  18. This stuff was crack to me as I kid. If I remember right, they took out a lot of the sugar and replaced it with artificial sweeteners. Just don’t hit the same

  19. Bathrooms at the work place should all be required to play music to help drown out the sounds being made

  20. Loud music, full sized doors, and an exhaust system with the force of a hurricane. My office closed permanently and made everyone remote, and of the many things I rejoice that I'm no longer forced to endure daily smelling other people's shit is one of them.

  21. Omg, this. I totally don't understand the lack of privacy in our office restrooms. The person who designed it basically put two toilets in a closet together. There's a wall separating us, bit it's enclosed so you're basically both shitting in the same little room, it's so damn awkward and pisses me off when someone else comes in there when I'm using it. I can also hear the women who go into the women's restroom and can basically hear them peeing because it's so quiet lol. It's so awkward imagining your cubicle buddy going to the restroom lol.

  22. Also they need to automatically dispense the kind of odor remover that hospitals and veterinarians use to neutralize the worst smells. They work amazingly well, and should be widely used in bathrooms.

  23. Some lady was up my butt crack. I stood there while the line moved up a few inches. She told me I have space to move up. I told her an three inches or three feet isn't going to move the people ahead of us up any more than they normally would.

  24. Even if I only have a few groceries I get a grocery cart. That way, I can force them to give me personal space if they won't do it willingly.

  25. I grew up around a few nuclear engineers that always said nucular, no point in arguing them about it because they could basically di whatever they wanted.

  26. Chicken Selects were some of the best chicken tenders. They went along with the snack wraps too. (breaded was just a chicken select i believe.)

  27. Apparently the Colonel befriended an Irish guy that lived in Toronto. He had a KFC franchise there and would move back to Ireland and set up KFC franchise in Ireland. His establishment in Limerick is still running today using the same recipe. Pat Grace, the man who was friends with the Colonel, was allowed to continue using the original recipe. His son now has a website where he sells what apparently is the original KFC recipe and ships internationally:

  28. People need to understand that the point of your vehicle's lights at dusk and dawn is to make the vehicle visible to others, not to allow the driver to see. There is enough light for the driver to see the road, but not always enough light to see other vehicles.

  29. Pay-it-forward drive-through chains are pointless circle jerks. They aren’t really helping anyone, they’re just making everything awkward.

  30. Im a starbucks barista and like its a nice thing dont get me wrong, but the way our systems work things get confusing and orders or items get lost so people end up getting free but wrong orders :( it also puts the customer on the spot to make a decision to continue or not and i hate that its so awkward. I always just say hey your order has been paid for have a great day!

  31. Awful example - a friend with little enough cash that he avoids Starbucks most days decides to go on his birthday for his free birthday drink.

  32. I think offering to pay for someone else's drink is fine but barista or whomever asking or implying you should pay it forward is stupid. Why I can't have the nice thing and be done with it? Someone has to benefit eventually. It's fine if people pay for others randomly but it should NEVER become an endless line.

  33. Somebody did this to me once. Bought a $4 drink. Figured hell ill pay the next one. They said something like $45 and i was like, “uh no thanks” and drove off with my free drink

  34. I just want a neon sign on top of my car that I says SIGNAL that I can light up when people don’t signal. It’s so stupid, so dangerous and so lazy

  35. If you worked successfully from home during Covid, there is absolutely no reason you should be forced to go back into an office.

  36. Oh my god, this annoys the shit out of me. I remember the worst for this was back in the day when someone was driving a cheaper 90's car (sometimes I still see this even in more modern cars) but it was common in those cars to have the rear speakers above and behind the head rests in the back seat, right at ear level. So if you were a passenger sitting in the back seat and music was playing, you couldn't hear jack shit that the people in the front were saying but they had no idea because the music wasn't directly in their ears. I remember anytime I got stuck in the back seat of one of these cars I was like "alight well I guess I'm just sitting here in silence till we arrive".

  37. People who play music on their phone speakers in public or talk on speaker phone should be locked in a stockade and everyone should be able to throw tomatoes or something at them for an afternoon.

  38. I abhor the arrogance of those too ignorant to use headphones because their egos need us to hear how shitty their music is. Ahhhhh!!!!!

  39. And apostrophe's for plural's? Don't know how to make plurals? Just toss a couple of apostrophes in there before the S and that'll do. :-)

  40. the fill line on the detergent cap is higher than it needs to be bc they want you to use more detergent

  41. People need to put their shopping carts in the little cart house, or return it back to the store. If you leave it in a parking spot, then you’re an asshole.

  42. In Germany you need to put a coin into the cart to even get one, 50cent, 1 Euro or 2Euro coins usuall fit. There is also some chips that work. I believe I saw a video where someone said that, Aldi brought that practice over to the US when they expanded.

  43. The thing is even though it’s small by the time you buy it, it does take a lot of meat to make, and good quality meat is expensive. Difference between a Slim Jim and a bag of the good stuff.

  44. Yeah I thought I wanted big impressive games on my phone but then I realized there’s no point. I’m never going to play on my phone over a console

  45. LOL I thought this was a clever joke at first. Teach children what a hill looks like?! There's not a single hill, mountain, or cliff in Lousiana? Daaaaamn.

  46. Similarly to this. The animals that stick their entire tongue out of their mouth before putting the utensil in. It makes me visibly angry to see somebody's tongue outside of their mouth to eat. so. Unnecessary.

  47. It is in some states (like CA)! You just have to ask the attendant to turn the machine on instead of paying for it.

  48. GMOs are not inherently bad. Almost every fruit and vegetable that you eat is a GMO. Kale, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts and mustard are not only gmos, but are all derived from the same plant

  49. The definition of GMO is extremely broad and includes all livestock and cultivated foods.

  50. Paper straws are objectively terrible and their only benefit is to serve as a PR cover for large corporations to cover up significantly more harmful environmental practices.

  51. Here is a paper straw with a giant plastic cup with other packagingthat contains plastic. "We love mother earth"

  52. The real true way is sock, sock, pants, shoe, shoe. That way you don't have to pull up your pant legs to get your socks on, assuming long pants and long socks.

  53. Ok so I agree with you that sock, sock, shoe, shoe is the proper way to do it....but then I got a back injury and hoisting my leg up to put on a sock became really hard. Now I almost HAVE to go sock, shoe, sock, shoe because once I commit to the first foot it's foolish to let the opportunity to finish it off slip away. It feels dirty, but it's my life now.

  54. We shouldn’t be breeding dogs like bulldogs or pugs. It’s not cute to spend thousands of dollars on a dog that can’t even breathe properly.

  55. My heart says this isn’t a small hill…. Which is making me realize that I’m willing to die on this hill.

  56. At work, I follow policy, not convenience. That makes me a lot slower than other people, but I'm doing the job correctly. If the policy is too slow, the policy can be changed. Until it is, I'm not gonna let management make a scapegoat out of me when something inevitably breaks or gets lost because of cut corners.

  57. Breakfast being the most important meal of the day was a marketing ploy by pork, egg, and cereal company. Everyone thinks I'm crazy when I tell them.

  58. Funny thing is, it's not a "hill to die on" but an actual fact. Studies have been done into this, and none of them showed that breakfast was the most important. The only thing that really matters is your daily intake of nutrients and calories, and it's preferred that you don't eat it all in one meal.

  59. If it's Monday, and you say next Friday, you are talking about 11 days from now. If you think you mean 4 days, you are wrong

  60. Never buying any more Nestle, fast fashion (SHEIN or fashion nova) stuff again. I don’t like slave labor or people who think clean drinking water isn’t a basic human right.

  61. Whenever anyone posts anything about Istanbul, I will always post "Not Constantinople." I get downvoted to hell every time, but I will never not do it!

  62. Concurrently, all carryon luggage not stored above your row (or under the seat in front of you) should be checked underneath by the attendants.

  63. Doing anything on your phone in public that makes sound (facetiming, tiktok watching, speakerphone convos, etc) makes you a rude jerk

  64. People who draw on fake freckles but only do a Disney like, sunkissed sprinkle across their nose and cheeks are cowards. As someone covered in freckles from my scalp to my feet, COMMIT. Get on my level, freckles on your entire face, your scalp, your ears, shoulders, back, chest, stomach, butt, legs, arms, hands, lips. I have a freckle on the palm of my hand. I have freckles on my feet.

  65. Ugly gourds, the weird shaped ones with odd folds and colors and sometimes lots of warts? They are the epitome of fall decorating, period. Nothing is more lovely than ugly gourds.

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