Which non sexual profession is mostly associated with sex?

  1. Having cleaned houses and businesses for a long time in a professional capacity, and also having done "bikini cleaning" during college for that scary but need-it-or-you-starve income, I can say that this is true in a lot of ways.

  2. yes. this is true i worked as a maid in the middle east, and got harassed groped daily coz i knew if i fought back I'll... our uniform looks like the nurse scrub uniform

  3. My cousin's husband's relative was working as a Maid and was hired by a dude who said he has a habit of walking around naked, which should have been the biggest red flag but she didn't see it.

  4. I've known of real estate agents in my area using the job as a way to cheat on their spouse, so that's probably how the stigma came about

  5. This is a thing in a lot of Asian countries. If you try to buy a condo they usually assign you with young goodlooking women and getting them in bed to lock the deal is kinda part of the job.These agents gets a ton of commission.

  6. Huh. I'm a real estate broker & a bellydancer. You know I get more weirdos on the real estate side, so you might be on to something. At least once a year I do a showing - knock, ring bell, announce myself loudly upon entering & will find the seller - so far always male in this scenario - either in the shower or just coming out of the shower & saying they didn't know I was coming. They have to approve showings via text & the system auto-reminds sellers of showings, so they knew. They knew. Also - do they not realize we are showing people? It's usually 3 adults, me & 2 buyers. Is this the plot in some porn??? Maybe they are all trying to live out their porn dreams via unexpecting Realtors & hopeful buyers...

  7. When I was a senior in high school my family moved to Florida. I was so excited to hear we would have a pool boy at the new house. Enter a 50 something year old half-bald guy with a beer gut almost as big as me. That quickly crushed my pool boy dreams.

  8. Am also a poolboy, though new. My coworker said an 85 year old woman wanted to have six with him.

  9. This is the actual answer, the other andwers are highly related to porn, but Masseuses are almost expected to be willing to do stuff, for money though.

  10. I went to school for therapeutic massage. There was nothing more insulting than people asking about " full body masages" and " happy endings".

  11. I’ve never sought out any other service from a massage therapist. That being said, as I get older, the only happy ending I truly crave from my massage therapist, is my back feeling better when it’s all done. As a guy, I also have no compunction or preferences about the sex of my therapist, just that they’re good at what they do.

  12. My grandmother disowned my mom for becoming a nurse, dear old granny likened being a nurse to being a prostitute. The thing is - my grandmother was actually a prostitute. I don’t have anything against the profession, but she was just a terrible person and a hypocrite, among many other things.

  13. Speaking as 43 year old 370 lb man whose hair is leaving his head for his back, I fully agree that we nurses are incredibly sexy.

  14. I’m a teacher and any sexualization of the profession grosses me out so much. I can’t watch news clips/ L&O episodes with any sexualization of a teacher. It’s so gross.

  15. Ya, there's a price to be paid with having things convenient. Used to be... a man had to go to the store to buy himself a pitcher of milk. Ya, but men got lazy. They wanted that milk delivered right to the door. Only problem was, the guy deliverin' that milk ended up fuckin' your wife. Sure, you had your nice cold milk delivered right to your doorstep, but your wife was gettin' pounded out like a mallard duck.

  16. I had my gf call in a pizza once, she had a cute voice. I could visibly see the disappointment on the delivery drivers face when I answered the door. He had even given us free stuff.

  17. Been friends with a delivery driver for a long time and this sort of thing (getting solicited for sex while delivering) happens infrequently but often enough to have had several stories about the times it happened to them.

  18. Only one time something interesting happened to me as customer instruction on the slip said "send cutest guy" and I was the only delivery guy on shift so by default it was me

  19. Nurses and teachers. Always thought these stereotypes were hilarious. I’m a nurse and my SO is a teacher. He does paperwork and deals with misbehaving kids all day and I spend a lot of time my time covered in vomit. Sexiest jobs ever lol

  20. You clearly never been in a building site with plumbers on it. There's nothing that makes you think of sex when you look at them. Electricians in the other hand...😍

  21. Can confirm. I was a lifeguard for about 10 years in my late teens and early 20s. So many single moms would come to the pool just to hit on the lifeguards. The vast majority just wanted to flirt and confirm that they "still got it". There were however, a select few who would legit give me their number or ask what time I get off work.

  22. Any tradespeople jobs which involve going into clients houses, 9/10 times to do the least sexy jobs like unclogging drains and doing complicated wiring

  23. So what you're saying is pulling a foot long cylinder of hair and who knows what out of a drain isn't sexy? I need to rethink my strategy

  24. Andy crawled through a river of filth I'd not even like to imagine, but stood clean on the other side....

  25. Why are lawyers not supposed to have sex with their clients? To prevent the client from getting billed twice for essentially the same service.

  26. I feel the need to ask but for men and women ? I've seen some news here and there about female teacher getting rowdy with some of their male underage students and it not being called abuse/rape but seemingly they seem to get away with a slap on the wrist at worst and with charges against them if the parents are actually responsible.

  27. One of the most unsettling things I’ve ever seen on the internet was an adult video featuring a former teacher who was previously arrested for statutory raping a student. She took the porn guy to the park where it happened to film there but the guy could not get it up. Have found the whole teacher thing even more icky since.

  28. A friend of mine is a teacher and dudes will try to use education-themed pick up lines. Then she has to explain to them that as someone who's actual job is working around children, those lines are the biggest possible turn off.

  29. Masseuse, my girl is one and male customers ask for the younger girls and try to "tip" them for happy ending. It gets so bad during the christmass period they need to put up a sign saying "no happy ending" . (Theres a christmass market closeby -> drunk people)

  30. Supposed to be RMT right? I usually refer to mine as massage therapist, or just you know, their first name lol

  31. Does she hate it when you call her a masseuse? I have a couple friends who call me that cause they know I hate it.

  32. I used to babysit, when I was 16, for a couple. One night dad got home early while mom was still out and ended up pinning me on the floor and kissing me while grinding is dick into me. Ngl I was into him and it but said, "what about your wife? And I have a girlfriend" (I'm bi) he told me not to worry about it and she pulled up to the house right about then. Babysat for them again a few days later and the wife approached me and basically straight out asked if I'd be interested in a threesome. And that's how I ended up being the babysitter in a sexual situation. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  33. Cheerleaders in my school supported it. But they were also all Bi so they were like "team bonding everybody" followed by what could in some cases be considered bonding.

  34. A lot of bar-going folks seem to think that bartenders are slutty. Which, okay, sure, when I was working bars, I was a total slut, but that was more of a me thing than a bartender thing.

  35. A work colleague of mine used to work in a hotel. He had no "official" job position and was doing all kinds of odd jobs, depending on what was needed. Porter, waiter, cooking, housekeeping, whatever was needed at the moment. And sometimes he had bar duty.

  36. ASMR in general creeps me out. Someone whispering in my ear? Makes my skin crawl, no matter what they’re saying.

  37. As a big fan of ASMR the "sexy" ones creep me out. I prefer listening to someone to do homework or quietly game and whisper to themselves. When I was in college studying at the library was hard because the sounds of whispers and shuffling papers would put me into a trance.

  38. As a teacher, the amount of times that dudes tried to flirt with me using the "ooh, if I was your student i'd never concentrate"

  39. Flight attendants. Their job is literally to take care of the passengers’ security and to check that everything works on the plane.

  40. Maybe thirty or forty years ago, when flight attendants ("stewardesses" back then) were young and single and female and didn't work much past thirty. But now, when it's seen as a lifelong career?...not so much.

  41. Can confirm, was cabin crew for Virgin airlines and the number of 'jokes', comments, insinuations, insults, etc became more exhausting than the job itself.

  42. I'm an accountant that isn't on TikTok, suddenly I started getting the side eye when people asked what I do for a living.

  43. lol the only time I went in to one of those places the clerk looked like the kind of guy that you wouldn’t let near your kids and he was watching Napoleon Dynamite

  44. Geisha. Yes, there were instances of them providing sexual services, but as a whole, that was not part of the job. A geisha is someone devoted to entertainment arts like dance, music, theatre and so on. You'd have to dig around as to where the misconception was born, but there's nothing sexual involved especially nowdays.

  45. According to the Robert De Nero documentary about taxi drivers you have a mental breakdown and shot some guys but never get laid once.

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