If you had the ability to add a feature to the human body, what would it be?

  1. Exactly! We are supposed to be long distance runners and yet we have to deal with bad knees after a certain age?

  2. Whatever tooth structure that is present when the adult tooth emerges from your jaw between the ages of 5-18, it is all you get. Unlike hair, nails, skin, and most parts of your body, tooth enamel never grows back when lost. Nail bitting, ice chewing, night/day grinding will accelerate wear just like driving a lot of miles on car tires. They eventually become worn and pop/crack. If you are chewing something and in your mind you think,”man that’s hard.”, immediately spit it out. If you are grinding, buy a night guard on Amazon for less than $20. If you are nail bitting, they have clear nail polish that tastes bad. Please take care of your teeth...eating is one of the pleasures in old age.

  3. This would actually be so helpful! There are so many symptoms and aches and pains that are linked to underlying conditions that don’t get diagnosed til way down the road when things have really progressed.

  4. You kinda have that already, kidneys. Cats for example can drink even ocean water without issues, though in general they are way more prone to kidney stones as a result.

  5. I was going to say something a little similar. It seems silly to me that we can simultaneously a) be thirsty, and b) need a piss. Just re-absorb the fluid, body. Maybe shit out the toxic stuff left behind.

  6. As someone that does photography for a hobby I'd love to be able to take pictures of what my eyes see and be able to upload them to the cloud for editing later.

  7. Can't we already do this? Not to the levels of movie standards, but enough to pick up important things at a distance.

  8. I'll settle for a 3rd set at age 30, by which age I'd hope I've overcome tooth-destroying habits and fully learned the value of good dental hygiene.

  9. Or just stronger enamel in general. Why waste effort to grow new teeth again after childhood when you can just make the originals stronger?

  10. Yes. If we would just allways have two rows of teeth. One visible and one hidden. We would allways have a spare tooth ready to go. And the body would grow a new one. Hang on... if I have the ability to change one aspect of the body it would just be perfect teeth that wont get damaged

  11. Or, alternatively, Doctor who style. When you're about to die your body regenerates and replaces every cell in your body. Sure you get a different body but at least u get to live for 13 lives.

  12. A user interface that shows all information you want about your body, like hormone level or if you have an internal injury.

  13. You don't need to climb walls if you can fly. And it's easier to buy scuba-diving equipment than jetpack. So I would say wings. But it might be actually quite impractical, you would need really large wings to hold up your weight. Also the amount of food you would have to eat to support powered flight would probably be huge. (Birds are small and lightweight for a reason.)

  14. Ability to repair cartilage, ligaments, tendons, spinal discs etc. The wear and tear on these things cause the majority of pain and suffering in humans as well as disability.

  15. I really hope the Devs finally patch the glitch where you open the fridge and don't remember why you are there or what you're looking for

  16. I like this one but you know there’s going to be people running around jokingly flipping other people’s switches like as they sleep, are distracted, or for more nefarious reasons.

  17. Way the fuck down here but me fucking too bro. I would be a crafting god. Being able to hold something down perfectly with 2 hands, then use my second set to do manipulation work. Don't give a shit that it would look weird but probably hard to find shirts.

  18. Voluntary ovulation. Don’t feel like incubating an unfertilized egg in your uterus and then ejecting it in a bloody bath this month? Then just fucking don’t release the goddamn egg from your ovary in the first place.

  19. No stupid and useless hormonal cycle, and without the dangers and side-effects of the pill! Awesome!

  20. Or just switch the body to marsupial style. Don't want the little pink wriggler, just don't let it in the pouch. Also, when the pouch is not occupied you have a handy pocket to keep things in.

  21. Yea.. Wait till some dudes make voluntarily not ovulating every month illegal. SABOTAGING A BABY'S OPPORTUNITY TO BE BORN?? OMFG!!

  22. Just conscious control of reproductive organs in general. It’s great we have an autopilot mode and all but sometimes it’s really inconvenient

  23. Okay my first thought was that nothing would beat "regenerating teeth" but damn, this is the one that I would vote for even though it would not affect me in the least, as a hat man.

  24. My brother in law is super sensitive to pain, even shaking his hand hurts. He got a regulator thing installed in his chest that tones it down.

  25. a little patch of skin near the collar bone where if you put your finger there you can access full character customization sliders

  26. I would just increase intelligence. Cuz then they would figure out a way to achieve a vast majority of these listed abilities with technological development

  27. Actively switch on the "Burn the stored fat for energy" hormone and disable the thing in my brain that says "The amount you can eat is a point of pride and is intrinsically tied to your personality".

  28. Give men an on/off switch for whether or not their "stuff" can impregnate a woman. Respectively for women, the ability to block a man's "stuff" from impregnating them. Would not affect drive or feel.

  29. Honestly, just being able to consciously control my dick in general. Nothing is worse than an awkward boner when it’s not appropriate. Actually no there is one thing. Not being able to get it up when the situation calls for it.

  30. SD Card slot. Lots of useless anxiety creating shit stored in here that I would love to dump and lots of interesting useful knowledge I would love to know!

  31. Smart regeneration, so it regenerates any body part, but limits tumor generation, and also repairs and regenerates telomeres(like some jellyfish do) so we effectively stop aging at age 25-30

  32. An non-hidable, un-trickable, brightly colored patch in the middle of your forehead that turns on if you are lying. Put politicians out of business.

  33. Mute alarm. The ability to turn off a pain response because goddammit I know it's broken, you don't have to keep screaming at me about it.

  34. Connect the way our body passively/instinctually regulates itself with our conscious brain. So we'd be able to stop cancerous cell growths with a thought. Turn on metabolism more often and prevent calories from moving into long term storage so we don't get fat and unhealthy. Activate all the chemistry in our brains that makes us fall asleep like a switch. Turn off pain if we need to or focus cell growth where its needed and turn it off where it's not like say our fingernails. Our bodies are pretty amazing, they just suck at doing what we need in the short term vs. the evolutionary long term.

  35. I have flat back syndrome, so an upgraded spine would be cool. It’d also help people not slip a disc from sneezing or develop sciatica from working a desk job or spend all day with a sore neck simply from sleeping on it wrong.

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