What famous place is not worth visiting?

  1. Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch in Wales Nothing there except an Edinburgh Wollen Mills shop. Which is just silly as Edinburgh is nearly 300 miles away.

  2. Meh. I went there to take a photo by the train station sign. I got a photo by the train station sign. The whole experience was exactly what I expected and I was completely whelmed.

  3. I think you're just taking the piss, but I'd like to confirm to other readers that Edinburgh Woollen Mills is a Carlisle-based retailer specialising in clothing with outlets throughout the UK.

  4. Where ever you are in Wales, you're always pretty close to a castle. So if you're disappointed with where you're at, just ask where the nearest castle is and go explore that.

  5. Hollywood, it's seedy and disappointing. It's full of entire industries (*cough scientology *cough) that take advantage of starry-eyed twits.

  6. I think what I really liked about Hollywood was how shitty it was. And the Chinese Theater and walk of fame are so much smaller than I expected. The fact that everything looked so much bigger and more glamorous on TV really made the whole thing perfect to me.

  7. The two things I remember most about Hollywood are how dirty everything was and that some random junkie screamed "Lesbian, fucking lesbian!" at my dad's then-girlfriend. The rest of the visit is just a blur of disappointment.

  8. I was especially disappointed that you can barely see the Hollywood sign from the Boulevard. Had to ask a tour guide and he send me to a specific intersection. When I got there the sign looked tiny.

  9. 15 years ago I literally ran into Ron Jeremy in Hollywood getting into his Toyota Corolla. It was (at the time) the most exciting and disappointing experience in my life.

  10. Plymouth Rock! I don’t know how famous it really is outside of New England but it’s a rock that marks where the Pilgrims supposedly first landed in Massachusetts. It is quite literally just a medium sized rock with “1620” carved in it but every elementary school teacher around Massachusetts at least hypes it up for the class field trip to see a literal rock that is not big, impressive, or really historically relevant. Driving an hour on a bus to see this was the most anticlimactic thing and I would not particularly recommend.

  11. I'm pretty sure every field trip to Plymouth Rock also went to Plimouth Patuxet Museum (aka Plimouth Plantation historical reenactment village thingy) which was infinitely cooler than the rock, though the appeal of the rock has always been all the tourist shops nearby you could go and buy those honey straws and rock candy from, which I'm pretty sure is the end goal of all elementary school field trips anyways, no?

  12. I grew up in the PNW. One landmark in the area along the stunning Columbia river Gorge is called Rooster rock. It was originally named Cock Rock by Lewis and Clark on their famous journey to the west coast due to its phallus-ness, and was renamed Rooster Rock decades later to not offend puritans. If I remember right, the Native American Indians of the area also named it after their word for penis.

  13. If you’re in MA, Salem is pretty touristy but there are a few museums that are super cool (House of Seven Gables and Peabody Essex especially) and Concord is really cool in my opinion.

  14. Lands End, UK. Heralded as the 4th most disappointing attraction in the UK. It's not even disappointing enough to win an award

  15. Lizard Point (the most southerly part of England and not that far away) is a much better trip - it doesn't try and pimp itself up with tat and tourist attractions, it lets the scenery do the talking and gives you space to take it in. Plus you might see a chough, which is a cute and super rare lil crow with a red beak and legs.

  16. It’s not even the real thing. It was brought there just to have something symbolic to look at but no one has any clue where the Pilgrims landed in Plymouth. It wasn’t even their first landing. They landed in Cape Cod and found it easier to set up camp in Plymouth.

  17. Hi, I’m in Plymouth UK…so Plymouth 1 if you will. The mayflower steps are even more disappointing. The actual mayflower steps are in the admiral Mcbride pub on the other side of the road. I love seeing American tourists looking at the fake steps and being amazed lol

  18. I hear people say this all the time and I’m honestly so confused. Does anyone actually expect Plymouth Rock to be anything but a rock? Don’t we all know it’s only notable due to the legends built up around it?

  19. Hollywood Walk of Fame. It's a sidewalk and outside of maybe big events where they may clean the ones around where photos may be taken, it otherwise is just covered in dirt from people's shoes and some are barely legible because they haven't been cleaned in ages.

  20. Haha this is the answer for sure, everytime I’m in LA and someone wants to go I’m like: “Look, whatever’s in your head, keep that image, it’s just better, I promise” That being said, walking it and finding stars is kinda fun if you have to walk that street anyways. Like it’s a fun street to walk, Just a terrible place to have as a destination.

  21. don’t forget the people harassing you about taking a picture with somebody in a superhero costume or their fire mixtapes

  22. Hollywood can be fun if you are going to see a band at the Palladium or the Whiskey or the Fonda... or a show at the Pantages. There are some cool restaurants and bars, great music stores and world the famous Amoeba Record store. The walk of fame was always - oh yeah, check it out so and so's star. It really shouldn't be a destination in itself.

  23. In 3rd grade a meteor crashed in the backyard of a kid’s house in my neighborhood. He talked about it everyday at school and said people weren’t allowed to see because NASA was collecting samples. A few days later he said we could go see but everyone had to pay $5.

  24. Hi - Benji here. I invested that money into early Bitcoin, got rich, fucked a lot of women, caught syphilis, lost all my money on red, went mad chopped off my own penis which I turned into an art installation that is now on display at the louvre.. 10 out of 10 recommend going to see that, I will even take you on a guided tour for $5000.

  25. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Meteor Crater in Arizona is totally worth the trip. Pretty mind-blowing to stand there and imagine a meteor dropping on your head.

  26. Hey wait hey wait! My friend! My friend! I read your comment. I think thats worth a tip no? presents hand for money to be placed in

  27. I’m traveling to Cairo in June and have to admit I’m having a bit of buyers remorse after reading all the stories. Still—I think it’s worth putting up with the bull shit to see such a marvel of human history.

  28. I mean… barring the fact that the Pyramids are an extremely impressive feat… I have to say they lost a bit of luster when I saw a pic of them taken from the inside of a KFC or some shit…

  29. “Lashokran” mean "no thank you" in Arabic. People thought I spoke Arabic for this reason and they left me alone most of the time.

  30. Platfotm 9¾ in King's Cross station, London. Stupid metal statue on a straight wall, a horrible queue to taking a photo with you on it, and another hundred-meter long queue to the small and very expensive Harry Potter shop. I was there middle of the day in off-season, don't want to even think about it on high season.

  31. My husband and I took a train from Edinburg into Kings Cross for a Christmas trip one year. We thought, hey since we’re here we should find Platform 9 3/4. We walked the platforms in the station thinking it was actually on a platform. Ended up in a utility elevator with our luggage and a bunch of station workers who thought we were the funniest American tourists they ever met. They ended up pointing us to the very sad wall in the main lobby with the statue and a line 2 hours deep.

  32. You’ll also never see the ball drop unless you’re willing to wait on day and risk soiling yourself in the freezing cold while you sober up too soon.

  33. This I can agree with. It's only tolerable if you are rich and want to get a hotel room overlooking the square like years in advance and pay tons for the privilege to look out on all the plebes suffering for hours penned up. But there are many, many better things to do with your time and money.

  34. I've lived within an hour of NYC for my whole life. I've never gone to Time Square for New Years and can count on one hand the people that I know that have. You've gotta be insane to do it.

  35. Egypt. Its like if phone scams were a materialized location. You get there an right away the airport is going to start scamming you, take your electronics away and tell you that you need permits for them (which they will gladly sell you, and then tell you that its the wrong one and have you buy another one), the hotel you stay at will check your bags again like the airport did and again tell you that you need permits or whatever random thing they decide they can get away telling you needs one. The police will extort money from you if they think they can. Fake police will come up to you and fine you or tell you to follow them to different sites where they will charge you. Children will run up to you and ask if you want to ride their camel very aggressively (they will cut you off with their camel and not let you move forward) tell you its free, and then try to charge you insane amounts of money and call their camel pimp over to deal with you if you dont pay. If you dont get on the camel they will often even get the camel to attack you. Its all pretty wild, its not worth it.

  36. Reading a lot of frustration about Egypt here but learning about the existence of camel pimps really takes this up a notch.

  37. Just watched the Best Ever Food Review on YouTube about Egypt, and like 90% of what you described happened on there. It made me confident that I’ll never go to Cairo.

  38. That's the type of experience my friends had going there. I've placed it on my low priority list of destinations to visit, but it's a shame because I love Egyptian history and hieroglyphics.

  39. Egypt is one of the destinations where it's 100% better to do it with a guided tour. The guides keep the worst of the scammers away and organise all the permits that you actually need and whatever. Highly recommend.

  40. The answer to almost every "What vacation isn't worth it?" kind of question is Egypt. Either because of the corruption or the disgusting sexual harassment women experience there. My cousin married an Egyptian man and visited yearly for a while until the harrasment got too much, and then Arab spring happened and it's pretty clear she's never going back. Every time this question comes up I understand why.

  41. And this is why you should always hire a well-vetted tour guide when touring countries that struggle with corruption and bribery.

  42. Best ever food review show (youtube channel) said egypt was the worst place he has ever visited and will never go back.

  43. My grandparents visited the pyramids (admittedly decades ago, so I don't know if it's different now). They tried to get a quick photo op sitting on camels, but while they were up there posing for a picture, the guys stole their shoes off their feet and demanded an exorbitant fee to give them back. For what it's worth, my grandparents do not recommend it.

  44. I know someone who went with a tour company that schedules and books the flight, hotels, day trips, meals, shopping, & camel ride and it was completely uneventful....but felt it was totally bizarre they had zero contact with any local Egyptians. They were herded place to place on a strict schedule to only pre-planned locations.

  45. Native Buffalonian here. The Anchor Bar, the home of the original chicken wing, does not have the best wings in Buffalo. It’s a total tourist destination.

  46. New Yorkers will inevitably say this, but if you're a visitor it's definitely worth a walk through at least once..especially if you're from a small-ish city. It's very unique.

  47. Everyone should take a subway to times square and come up at night for the first time. It's a LOT of light. Grab a slice and go. It's like a half hour thing.

  48. I absolutely hate ads, and I really liked Times Square. Walking through it was kinda interesting. Didn't need to stay long, but it was worth walking through if you're nearby for some other reason.

  49. Plymouth Rock. It’s a rock surrounded by a cage with a date on a shitty cold beach. That’s it. No you can’t touch it.

  50. I came here to say this if no one else had. I have lived in the greater LA region my whole life; I can confirm the walk of fame is terrible, at least when I went.

  51. Next time check out the Sunset Strip instead. Cleaner, better restaurants and stuff to do. You're also more likely to see a celebrity.

  52. Agreed. Was about to write this myself. There are some gems in Hollywood if you know where to look, but skip Hollywood Blvd. Take a studio tour, go to a taping (free) or wander through the Hollywood Forever cemetery (free) or a drive along Mulholland (free). Even Sunset Strip is more entertaining. The only time the WoF is interesting is if you're there for a star ceremony. I happened to catch Ennio Morricone's, thank god. I think the chamber of commerce posts a ceremony schedule somewhere.

  53. Maybe less famous than the question meant, but about fifteen years ago my friends and I took a road trip to Centralia, Pennsylvania (the abandoned town with a decades-long mine fire burning under it that the Silent Hill movie was loosely based on). We thought there would be tons of abandoned buildings to look at, creepy places to see, adventure to be had- we were so excited, and we were like six or seven hours away so it sounded like a fun trip.

  54. I grew up on the other side of the mountain from Centralia...it WAS creepy AF when it was all going on. It was all row homes and you would have 1 "home" in a row still standing and having extra brick supports holding it up since they tore down the other homes on either side. Toward the end, there was just 6-7 partial row homes left in the entire town. People lived with birds in their houses to alert them to "move or die". So many people held out for more money on a buyout. You would see smoke/steam risings from peoples backyards and people STILL lived there.

  55. I grew up near Centralia. If you peak around the area you will see like fissures in the ground where they are warm to the touch. Thats pretty creepy. And if the atmospheric conditions are right, you can see wisps or smoke coming out of the hillside.

  56. That boat sailed many years ago. It was actually pretty cool/eerie about 35 years ago, before they cut access off. We would go up there as kids for the occasional funeral and visit. It was pretty cool and creepy.

  57. During the winter, you used to be able to see smoke/steam coming up from the cemetery. There are like 3 buildings left there. They are people that would not settle with the government because they are afraid the government was just after their coal rights. At one point you could actually cook an egg on the rocks on that closed-down highway. I think it's now forbidden to go on that highway due to liability issues or something like that.

  58. I also did this, in 2010. Did you see the creepy church on the outskirts though? I still have photos somewhere. It was dirty as fuck though. Trash everywhere. We did see a few places where the smoke was coming up, but we weren't about to go walk right up on them.

  59. There’s a cool documentary about Centralia on youtube. It actually centers around the guy who maintains the cemetery and the few people who still lived there at the time of the documentary.

  60. I’m Egyptian , I started to realize that , I went to the pyramids last year for a little trip and they even treated the people who lived there badly , but there was a very nice tour dude thingy , I stuck with him

  61. My wife and I visited with a tour company and I think that made all the difference. Having a tour guide with us the whole time helped buffer all the locals, and having prearranged tours meant we weren't constantly trying to barter or figure out way around.

  62. Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin. It used to be the border between the US and Soviet sectors, but all that's left of it is a shack and a sign, and the only thing you can do is pay to get your photo taken with someone in uniform. There's a frickin' McDonald's next to it.

  63. There is a museum nearby which is the real attraction in my books. The actual checkpoint is whack

  64. I was looking for this, god it was disappointing. I seem to recall there was a really badly dressed soldier who you could take pictures with for 5 euros.

  65. Oh, the area around Checkpoint Charlie is downright bizarre. It's become basically "American Tourist Trap Land". Every corner of that cross street is like a 3D theater or escape room or souvenir shop. And it was absolutely mobbed. And all that for a very serious former military checkpoint?... Wouldn't ya'll rather see where Michael Jackson dangled his baby out of the window?...

  66. I mean I enjoyed seeing checkpoint charlie but it was 1 of many stops on the 6 hour walking tour of Berlin I took. THAT I highly recommend it was an amazing way to see the city and Berlin is a cool town.

  67. Hollywood. I don't mean in the colloquial sense, but rather the actual neighborhood. The neighborhood includes the Walk of Fame and the Chinese Theatre.

  68. While the Louvre is amazing and can consume entire days of walking, don’t bother fighting the crowds to see the Mona Lisa. It’s tiny and has a crowd of tourists dozens deep all taking pictures. “No flash photography” be damned, so all you see is flash reflecting off the protective glass.

  69. I saw Starry Night by Van Gogh (another surprisingly small painting) at the MOMA and I was the only person there. I was able to check it out for quite a while. I get the hype now.

  70. The Louvre was great in general but I found le Musée d'Orsay to be pretty great. Smaller crowds and they had a Van Gogh exhibit when I went.

  71. I went to the Louve in 2009 and the painting opposite the Mona Lisa was significantly more impressive. A 20ft tall canvas encompassing the entire wall. Was a very detailed painting of a courtroom of I remember right. Spent more time looking at that cause I could barely see the Mona Lisa through the crowds!

  72. My wife and I went to Paris in January, and seeing the Mona Lisa without the crowd was actually kind of cool. She's an art major, so she was totally into it, and I thought it was super interesting how small it actually was! Much much smaller than the one my grandma had hanging above her couch.

  73. I enjoyed entering the room with the Mona Lisa, squinting at it from behind the crowd, then admiring nearby paintings that most others were ignoring.

  74. We went (ran) up the stairs to see it as soon as the museum opened, bypassing nearly half of the museum just to see if before it got too crowded

  75. Did you go recently? It was completely redone when I visited in 2017 and people there were saying it was night and day compared to the before.

  76. I want to visit as many American landmarks as I can, but this place just never really interested me. I'd rather just go check out the Badland National Park

  77. My favorite thing about Philly is that every tourist stands in line to get a photo with a badly made rocky statue prop. This is city with actual boxing champions

  78. I enjoyed the tour of the US Mint there; didn’t enjoy the parking ticket I got for the meter that expired as I was walking up to it. I also enjoyed the 30th Street Amtrak Station and Independence Hall.

  79. Filthiest, rudest, lousiest, stinkiest and most sexual assaultiest place I’ve ever been. Even the locals seem to fucking hate it there. Everyone is pissed of and trying to steal from you. Every street crossing is a death trap. All the men seem to think it’s okay to grope women in public. Child labour everywhere. Animal abuse everywhere. Lack of sanitation everywhere (and no clean drinking water). Random military checkpoints everywhere. Corrupt cops and soldiers asking for bribes everywhere. The entire city seems to be run on a convoluted system of kick-backs.

  80. Cairo is awful, I've told people take the first plane of the day to Cairo, spend the morning at the pyramids, the afternoon at the National Museum of Egypt, then get on the last plane of the night to fly somewhere else.

  81. I was just in Cape Town and did the tourist thing and went to Robben Island. I'm lucky that I noticed that, for almost double the price, you could do a walking tour of the island, vs the normal bus tour.

  82. Dubai is a twisted parody of everything wrong with modern society and I judge anyone who goes there for their insta pics.

  83. I read some comment online that Dubai is like someone was playing SimCity in sandbox mode and just said fuck it to any kind of planning or organization

  84. Dubai is a Fyre Festival made into a city. The giant housing on artificial islands everyone sees are falling into the ocean and are an ecological nightmare.

  85. Not gonna lie this is somewhat why I would like to visit Dubai once. I honestly want to see how wrong people can do with practically unlimited money in a irl sandbox mode.

  86. Niagara falls is a really cool site but its not worth a trip if youre staying on the American side. The Canadian side is way better and has more things to do

  87. I live 15 minutes from Niagara Falls, and our family was talking about this just yesterday. There's a major international tourist attraction right on their doorstep, but the city of Niagara Falls, NY, is a crime-ridden dump.

  88. Dubai … yes, the entirety of Dubai. It forces labor by stealing passports of individuals who work there.

  89. Sometimes it's not about "not worth visiting" and more like, "only worth it at particular times". Empire State Building during the day? Lamesauce. You can see lots of cool stuff, but it's way overcrowded and you never get a really nice view outside. But the same visit near closing, well after dark? Wow. Stunning views of Times Square, and overall nighttime cityscapes. Not as many people so you can actually enjoy the visit. Plus the guards are super friendly, and when it's near the end of the day, they are chattier and happy to point out some cool sights you might not have thought were at all interesting.

  90. Dubai looks like a giant cleaned up Las Vegas strip. Like, it has the style of someone who has no taste but a lot of money to make something look like their interpretation of “fancy” and “high class”.

  91. A monument to all that is wrong in 21st century society, built by a slave dictatorship founded on oil. What a wonderful place

  92. The Empire State Building. It's $44 to $77 and you wait for like 90 minutes to get into the first elevator, then wait at LEAST another 90 minutes to go further up. (I gave up after 2 hours total and went and had fun in the city instead of spending 3-4 hours of my life standing in line)

  93. Top of the rock during the day for the reasons you mentioned and then Empire State at night. No line ups and seeing the city all light up at night from that vantage point is really cool!

  94. Hollywood. I took a trip while I was stationed in California and it was the most absolute disgusting place I’ve ever seen. Besides the homelessness issue there, you’ll find trash all over the streets and sketchy businesses (liquor stores, souvenir shops, etc). I’m sure when there’s a big event going on, the city cleans up for a day, but it just looked like shit when I went

  95. Venice during the season. Good god, the place is crushed with people. You can hardly move at certain times and you are always bumping into folks. Other places with the same problem during the season/summer. Yellowstone, Yosemite, Zion, and any Amusement Park.

  96. If you're visiting one of the major National Parks in the Summer, get off the beaten path. 95% of Yosemite visitors only see the valley. That's a fraction of what the park has to offer.

  97. I went to Venice for the Carnival and stayed a few days after it. I feel like it was the best possible experience, one day there are massive crowds, costumes everywhere, performances and events, the whole deal. Then the Carnival ended and the next day the city was deserted. Walked around and found ourselves on lots of completely empty streets, like not a single person in sight, it was very cool.

  98. I still love Venice. The streets, the buildings, the canals, the bridges, even the piss smelled alleys are an experience and I’m not even being facetious. You can explore the whole city in a day and whenever you think you’re lost, you’re not. Can’t wait to revisit Venice.

  99. Mall of America. It’s literally just a giant mall with the same stores as a small mall. Sometimes even the same store twice!

  100. I visited Minneapolis in March to see a band and the best endorsement I would give for the Mall of America is "Visit if you're in town for other reasons" as it wasn't the worst way to spend a good chunk of a day just walking around the mall and there are a few cool storefronts nestled inside.

  101. The aquarium in the basement is nice though, at least I remember it being nice but that was years ago. I'm sure it was overpriced then too.

  102. The benefit of the Mall of America is that there is no clothing tax in MN, so if you're going for a total wardrobe refresh it can really save you a lot of money.

  103. I actually really loved it, and I enjoyed that it was never packed any time I went (Summer of 2019). However if you are traveling just to see the mall, then you will probably be in for a world of disappointment.

  104. Manneken Pis in Brussels. So tiny and bonus with a lot of people hiding the sight... the only fun part is that he's dressed differently at points

  105. To be fair, the Manneken Pis is in a very central part of Brussels, so you’ll probably see it anyway just by wandering around looking for more beer or meatballs. No one goes to Brussels just to see it.

  106. Leaning tower of Pisa, just a small town without much going on, then a ton of tourists pretending to hold it up. Go to Florence instead.

  107. Pisa should be done as a train day trip from Florence. Within that mentality, Pisa is a great town. See the tower with the baptistery and crypts, then the university gardens, then back to the train for dinner in Florence

  108. I think in order to go to Pisa, you're primary destination should be Florence anyway. I think it only takes an hour to get to Pisa from Florence.

  109. Avoid the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The homeless, dudes forcibly handing out their mixtapes, the cosplayers, and other weirdos will bother you constantly while walking it. There's tons of other places in LA worth your time.

  110. Not necessarily super famous but it’s right next to the most visited national park in the country: Gatlinburg, TN. That town is an overpriced tourist trap dump designed to suck your wallet dry. You’ll pay $10 for a shitty iron-on t-shirt. My advice: drive straight through and go to the mountains, the difference is like night and day.

  111. I live in TN and hear people talk about going to Gatlinburg all the time. But what they mean is they are renting a cabin near Gatlinburg and staying in that cabin all weekend aside from perhaps a nice hike. A friend recently made the mistake of going to actual Gatlinburg and boy did she learn.

  112. I enjoy Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. It’s fun if you know where to go. Drive through Cades Cove at dawn, go get breakfast, spend the day in nature, check out Goats on the Roof if you like animals, and spend the evenings getting food at Fanny Farkle’s or Mellow Mushroom and browsing the little shops.

  113. Dollywood is sick, Gatlinburg is worth one pass through for the sheer camp of the whole place. But Dollywood is one of my favorite parks

  114. I dated someone who is from this area and we visited a few times during our relationship, I honestly always thought Gatlinburg was pretty. Pigeon Forge, apart from Dollywood, now that place just screams tourist trap. Yes Gatlinburg has some silly tourist trap things, but at least when I was last there (which admittedly was probably 10 years ago) it didn't feel nearly as commercialized as Pigeon Forge did. I mean there wasn't even a Titanic museum in Gatlinburg!

  115. I'm surprised I haven't seen this on the list but the little mermaid in Copenhagen. I seen it while we were there and it was incredibly underwhelming, if there was a line up at all I would have skipped it forsure.

  116. I was in Copenhagen and visited the little mermaid with my girlfriend, it was what I expected. The most memorable thing however happened as we were leaving. A bus pulled up close to the statue. As soon as the doors of the bus opened chinese (I think) tourist started running out of the bus like the mermaid statue was on fire and it was the last chance of seeing it. In the chaos one lady fell while exiting the bus and was left lying by the side of the bus. No one from the bus checked on her or offered any help even though they saw her there. Luckily she was not hurt but seeing how obsessed these tourists were with getting a good picture of the mermaid statue was memorable for sure.

  117. I personally liked it. I saw it while visiting Copenhagen. Just a nice chill little statue without any big tourist stuff around.

  118. The Alamo is surprisingly small, right smack dab in a busy downtown area, and can be fully experienced in 5 minutes. Also, it doesn't have a basement.

  119. Boston is amazing. It’s clean, it’s feels much safer than a lot of other cities, and the harbor area is beautiful. People are nice, and it’s not insanely huge like NYC where you’re exhausted halfway through the day.

  120. The Mona Lisa within the Louvre. Don't get me wrong, that museum is incredible, but the Mona Lisa is so lame and underwhelming and you have to wait so long to see it. Not worth it at all, imo

  121. The best thing about the Mona Lisa is that it draws all the tourists away from everything else. While they're fighting to see a not very attractive lady, you can stand and look at The Raft of the Medusa with no one around you.

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