Non Americans of Reddit, What are your thoughts on the things your hearing on American Abortion laws?

  1. American here - can confirm. It’s not just about abortion, it’s about a right to privacy and bodily autonomy, we do not grasp this.

  2. I think most people don't care enough about the US to have a separate opinion on the abortion laws in each different state.

  3. Honestly, seems fine. I watched an American lawyer explain the roe vs wade case. It seems all they're doing is removing the federal responsibility of abortion law to be put back to the state level with the locally elected representatives to vote on. That seems more democratic to me as the local population in essence will vote for what they want. Obviously I could be completely ignorant.

  4. Non-Americans whose abortion laws were established through legislation instead of the courts, judging American courts for thinking it should be established through legislation, not the courts.

  5. America’s population is either declining, the government is covering something up, or the elite pedophile ring wants more abandoned children.

  6. Good riddance. It was a controversial ruling from the get-go...and not because it concerns abortion. It was one party warping the constitution to fit their ideals. It extrapolated an implied right from an implied right...and it getting (quite rightly) repealed wouldn't be a problem if the pro-choice crowd had actually tried to get it properly federally legislated instead of counting their chickens before they hatched and relying on a shaky ruling on borrowed time.

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