What job do you have no respect for?

  1. I'm in the US, it can vary state by state but my state is pretty strict on realtor laws. Some states require attorney review and there are definitely penalties for being reported for shady shit. It does require consumer reporting though.

  2. Don't worry, Canada is the same. Real estate boards or whatever regularly lobby to restrict access to sales information and other stuff that could help you as a buyer / seller make informed decisions on your own. You can't even list your place without them because buying agents will steer their clients away. We also have blind bidding which makes them doing shady stuff much easier.

  3. Real estate agents are sketchy in Brazil too. Many of them are unregistered, look and act like con men. My mother is a (properly registered) real estate agent, and previous owner of a real estate agency. The whole business is sketchy really, from agents to owners, lawyers and contracts.

  4. There are debt collectors who call relatives of the deceased to pay off their debts when they are not legally obligated to

  5. My wife's (she was my girlfriend at the time) mom died when she was only 21. She has two twin brothers who were 16 at the time. We moved into their childhood home to take care of her brothers and these fuckers called for MONTHS harassing her to pay off her mom's debt.

  6. I had one call me to try to get me to pay off my deceased friend/roommate's bills, after a good few seconds of being stunned and surprised I just burst out laughing, said 'Yeah good luck on that one,' and hung up.

  7. I once interviewed at a debt collector because I was bored and curious. (Wasn't interested in the job.) Made it past all the pre-checks and had interview/role play session with a collector trainer guy. Holy fuck...

  8. MBNA sold my mothers credit card debt (about £1000) to one of these. She died overseas so I told them to retain a language-proficient lawyer to deal with our appointed notary there as well as requesting all communication in verified & professionally translated letters by signed-for delivery to a legal representative there.

  9. Had one call me four days after my dad passed away. They were saying something along the lines that his debt gets passed down to family, which I promptly told them to fuck off.

  10. A month after my dad died, I got a call while visiting my grandparents. It was a debt collector who had called everyone else in my family with no success. I guess they figured my 17 year old brain would be scared or something. I still have no idea how they got that number or how they knew I would be there but they got an ass chewing courtesy of my mourning grandmother.

  11. My grandfather’s home phone is called constantly by the exact same people from several different numbers begging him to pay off the debt of one of his best friends who passed away. They’ve been trying so hard to get it to stop.

  12. A local credit union tried TWICE to repossess the car of my friend's deceased mother last year, even though my friend and her sister had been making payments on it and were wading through probate to get the car transferred to my friend's name. She said everyone she dealt with was incredibly nonchalant and cold about the entire process. Bank really wanted the damn car. It only had a few months left to payoff, too.

  13. I had a job like this before and it was the worst job of my life. I was reaching out to those who were still alive and sometimes unknowingly reaching out to those who were deceased. One day, I got to an account where the patient had just passed away a few days ago and here I am asking for money. The wife rightfully let me have it. I was somehow (to this day I don't know how) able to get her to calm down and I just let her talk. We talked for a good hour as she just reminisced about her husband. Her tears turned to laughter at some points and after that call I realized I didn't need or want this job. I put her on the do not call list and at the end of the week provided my notice.

  14. I was gonna everyone was just trying to get by but fuck debt collectors. Calling my grandmother and shit to get money and throwing a fit because I slept til ten and wasn’t getting a job that morning. Again, to my grandmother.

  15. I once had a debt collector call me ...about my across the street neighbors daughter, who had some college credit card debt. We are not related , and I hardly know them other than the regular wave hello...

  16. I got this call when my mom died. Luckily I knew that I wasn't on the hook for any of that, but pretty shameful pelple do it anyways.

  17. I was working in law office a few years ago and got a call from an almost hysterical woman in tears because of this. Debt collectors were trying to convince her that she was responsible for her dead relative's credit card debts, which amounted to thousands of pounds. How lowlife would you have to be to do that to a grieving woman?

  18. Where I live, tax info was leaked and now scammers are targeting low income individuals/families (people earning under 30,000 per year) with etransfer scams. I got one the other day that was an etransfer warning that 240$ "a family member sent me" was about to expire

  19. I got an email like that that looked like it came from Zelle. It warned me that $600 had been transferred from my account and to please call customer service if I didn't authorize it. Had the number right there. I compared it to the info on their website and none of it matched... And no money was missing from my account.

  20. The pastors at mega churches whom ask their followers for money for private jets. Absolute scum to abuse others faith for your own greed.

  21. Just like the scamming scammer Kenneth Copeland who's not only scamming and preying on gullible religious people? The scamming scammer Kenneth Copeland whos face is the living proof for the existence of demons?

  22. Brian Tamaki is a greedy fucking pig, he takes advantage of so many people who are already struggling. Every time he’s in the local news (which btw is often) I get more and more pissed off at him and his wife.

  23. Every religion warns of these types of people, the hypocrites who pretend to be religious for personal gain. Each one that has any sort of divine retribution in its teachings say these people get the worst punishments of their religion.

  24. MLM managers. Not the low level idiots that get suckered into it, they suck too for trying to bring new people into that shitshow, but the people who create them know exactly what they are doing and are pretty much the only ones who profit off of it. Should be illegal. Pyramid schemes are illegal. None of them ever get the just desserts except occasionally by vigilantes I assume.

  25. A girl i know has been on an mlm for 2 years now and she post everyday the same shit and gets the 2 same people commenting every.single.day. And lately She went on a vacation« paid » by the company. I was interested in knowing where you had to stand in the ranking to be « paid » that vacation, basically all you needed is to spend 3000$ in the company so they can pay you a ~600 3 day trip to cuba and do meeting all day long…

  26. As someone that worked in well known MLM office - this is accurate. These people morality is closer to career criminals than any other. They have no problems lying, manipulating, or deceiving for gain or just cause they can. They don't even make that much money ironically, they do it cause they chose to be evil.

  27. me too. so many of the popular girls from high school have been in my DMs lately with the “hey girly!! how would you like to make BIG BUCKS working from home and being YOUR OWN BOSS??🦋🥰🌸” and i almost feel bad for them.

  28. When I lost respect for Amway was when the guy hosting the meeting encouraged everyone to eat his snacks because he would get points for it. As far as I can tell, he was selling it to himself, and getting a small percentage on the sale, which he then gave away. So he's making money by losing money. It was such bad logic that I lost respect for the whole thing, and I never did anything with them.

  29. This is an underrated comment. Creflo Dollar, Joel Osteen, Pat Robertson, [insert mega pastor here]… complete scumbags preying on people’s faith while enriching themselves and doing jack shit for the needy. Fuck those guys.

  30. For a while now I've been trying to write a comic book about televangelists. In the process I kind of want to show some of the methods they use get people to give them money. Many of these guys use almost the exact same methods that a lot of psychics use.

  31. And the scammers. I'm sorry, but what they are doing is wrong and they know it. I couldn't live with myself doing that to someone else.

  32. Theres a youtube channel of a dude that is good at hacking and such and pulls pranks on them and even messes their entire operation. Its bitter sweet.

  33. I've always found it interesting how many magicians go after people like this. I think it's because they know what it takes to trick people for the art. The slight of hand and mentalism. And they abhor people who use these tactics for such shitty purposes.

  34. In the UK they specifically have to say by law that it's not real and is just for entertainment.

  35. Ugh. People in general prey on the grieving. In the less than 90 days since my husband passed away, I have had: 4 or 5 dick pics, 25 or so friend requests on FB from random men in the area, ridiculous low ball offers on my husband’s truck (I did sell it for what it was worth, not $10/month with $500 right now). When I post a picture of me and my son on social media (to show family we’re doing ok), I get messages/phone calls from male acquaintances offering to ‘take good care of both of us’

  36. Those 'journalists' who write click-bait articles. The ones where you wade through page after page of deliberately prolonged text and ads to get to the bit you want to read.

  37. Only to reveal they don’t actually have the info they promised, only speculation. At least the ones posting about release dates.

  38. Or those articles that are about a Twitter thread or drama, but describe every tweet almost verbatim and won't tell you any usernames so you can look it up yourself. Or articles about beauty trends, but provides no pics of the trend so you have to use your imagination of what it is. Or articles about a video, but doesn't link the video and just describes a :30-1:00 video for 15 tweets or five pages.

  39. To add onto that, it's become so commonplace now and it's being justified through a lot of fanpages as well. People posting and reposting pictures of celebrities out getting coffee or walking around with their kids and families, and commenting "ooh their messy bun looks great here" or "I love those pajamas". These are happening on social media through twitter and insta fanpages, and it feel like it's "normalized" paparazzi. Meanwhile, the people running and liking these pages turn around bash those who do the same thing for entertainment websites.

  40. Honestly influencers even add more value to society than paparazzi. Truly a scummy profession. At least with some influencers I've discovered a couple of cool travel spots and tips. Paparazzi purely live to stalk people and catch celebs at their worst, or seemingly at their worst.

  41. They are scumbags for not just being invasive and parasitic, but also actively manipulating their targets in their favor. There were stories of them screaming abuse at actresses just so they can get an angry shot and sell a "diva stars vs journo" story.

  42. Sounds like someone needs some help. As a man who has averaged one girlfriend every 30 years of his life, allow me to help you...for a low low fee of £69.99 (+VAT).

  43. That happened to my mom a few years back. I think they got her for like $500 or a grand I don’t remember but she learned her lesson. Sad people have to resort to that. My mom is the nicest person you’ll ever meet.

  44. At my current job, in a customer service role. Had an older man call in recently that was clearly hacked/being scammed. The man said "the guy on my computer goes away when I pay him every few weeks. Thankfully he's not here today." This was something out of our control, but I told him he needs to call the police immediately and get some assistance.

  45. My parents (probably 85 and 81 when this happened) got a call from my “son” needed bail money for a DWI and please don’t tell mom and dad! They had his name and city he was living/working in correct. Could have ended with parents sending money except I had talked to them just hours before and told them he was traveling out of state all week and would return in a couple of days. Screw those guys!

  46. I interviewed at a job that ended up being one of those places and I ghosted them despite the offer. The FBI is now involved with them.

  47. My grandma gets those all the time, ones calling in a scared, panicked voice going "grandma...?". Their goal is get the old person to panic and send money to their "grandkids in trouble".

  48. My grandmother repeats old soviet propaganda to them. She's over 100 at this point so we're not actually sure if she's doing it on purpose or not.

  49. One nearly killed by grandma. She got in the car and drove five hours in the rain confused. That was when we had to put her in an institution. It was the beginning of the end of her life. She died less than a year later.

  50. My dad used to work for the CFTC, a government agency that prosecutes a specific type of scammer. He helped shut down hundreds of these guys over his career.

  51. Strictly speaking everyone who hunts the countryside in the UK is a poacher unless they're taking part in an official hunt. Because there is no land that isn't owned by someone. Yay, Magna Carta.

  52. I used to dove hunt in Argentina every January with my father-in-law. Beautiful farmland with over half a million acres owned/leased by the outfit we used, they mostly grew sorghum, sunflower, and soy.

  53. My wife went to work at a cheetah reserve in africa that had a rhino that had to be moved off their reserve because poachers were coming onto the reserve to hunt it. Fuck poachers.

  54. Yeah, I worked at a park that had a stuffed mountain lion bc some poachers had killed it on the park property (super illegal, btw). Luckily the poachers were caught, and the park tells everyone who sees the big cat the story (so it's up for educational purposes)

  55. People in sales that rely on cold-calling to sell their useless products who intentionally target elderly populations

  56. Worked a job like this for a day and a half when I was very desperate. I was living out of my car, rationing stale crackers and peanut butter to eat, and I couldn't make myself go back in after my lunch break.

  57. i used to work in sales and absolutely hated cold calling. most of time i refused to do it and got a write up or two from it, but it sucked and no one wanted to do it. i didnt want to make the call, and customers didnt want to receive the call. easily the worst part of the job. i would have rather just taken the tech and support walk-ins than make those calls.

  58. There are good people out there in sales but it's one of those professions that will constant tempt you with morals on one hand and self interest in another.

  59. Telemarketers. That profession should have died in the 90s. They have no reason to exist in the modern world. Nowadays they're just a bunch of scammers anyway.

  60. I know three "life coaches". All divorced moms at my kids school and all of them are human dumpster fires. One shows up to every event with wine in a tumbler and seems to have new damage to her car every month. Another one isn't allowed on school grounds because she stole a teachers credit card during a parent teacher conference.

  61. This is a good one. Tony Robbins(motivational speaker/life coach) has never had a real job. I don't understand what people see in his stuff.

  62. I live in China, we have a very petty iron fist on Internet speech control, most social media companies have to hire shit tons of people to monitor, audit, delete, and ban all kinds of things we say, videos we post. Nowadays they've become so sensitive that they pretty much delete and ban everything. So yeah, those "auditors" kind of job is the lowest of scumbag jobs.

  63. That's quite interesting. I assumed it was heavily automatized through algorithms and such. Didn't expect that they would actually hire an absurd amount of moderators per platform.

  64. Fr and the most popular ones don’t do nothing literally nothing they just look pretty and go to parties like what???

  65. I’d say all debt collectors. So many were so unbelievably rude to me even while I was trying to pay them! I filed bankruptcy years ago but I still don’t ever answer phone numbers I don’t know.

  66. Higher level people in hospitals (admin, CEOs, etc.) MAJORLY detached from what’s actually going on in their facilities (or just don’t care) and implement policies that can legitimately be dangerous for patients so that they can get their bonus.

  67. My CEO at my last company (healthcare system) is a doctor. Super accomplished dude on top of being a doctor and really a nice guy. He was also a physician in the ER at the largest hospital in the system prior to getting into admin. You could definitely tell with many of the COVID policies that the guy knew what he was doing. I appreciated it quite a bit, even though at that point I was in a non-clinical role and safely working at home. Plus he green lighted additional bonuses for all associates (but nothing extra for management/execs) throughout the past two years.

  68. Oh man. So, I work for an EHR (The software that's a medical record) and see a LOT of bullshit come through from the hospitals.

  69. I’m a graduating resident. Made sure I only interviewed at hospitals with clinicians on the board.

  70. Not to defend them, but I read somewhere that it's a twisted symbiotic relationship with a lot of celebrities. There are the megastars who don't need any extra attention who hate them a lot, but apparently a lot of celebrities call the paparazzi on themselves, especially at the start of their fame (not careers). It's arranged by their publicists. I read an article explaining that it happens both when they have nothing going on so they can remain relevant and also when they are promoting something. The funny thing is, when they become huge, it's impossible to stop and they now have to deal with them forever.

  71. Sadh Guru is the same. Fooling millions. He's no better. It can be difficult to spot the people genuinely trying to help that have insight. One who I really think was, was Thich Naht Hanh.

  72. All labor is labor of course, we’re all workers etc etc but fuck people who make a living scamming the elderly by selling them subscriptions they don’t even want or are aware of

  73. This happened to an old neighbor of mine. She fell victim to some kind of scam that cleaned out her bank account completely for a subscription to some gossip magazine she doesn’t even read. They would pile up on the stairs, and when I asked her why she doesn’t take her magazines in she didn’t even know they were hers, she thought they were mine. Then she was on the brink of eviction because she couldn’t pay her rent after the scumbags took all her money. I don’t know what happened to her as I moved not long after but last I heard she had a lawyer look into it but they said they couldn’t recover her money.

  74. now im not an elderyl person but i figured out the perscription ive been taking since i was like 13 was completely fucking useless last year and so ive probally payed close to 6,000 on this medications in co pay for no teason

  75. When I worked retail we had a GM who was awesome. He knew every job in the store because he’d personally worked most of them at one point or another. He could step into any role or help with any problem calmly and efficiently. Then he retired and the assistant manager stepped into his place. The assistant manager knew how to do sales and nothing else. The store tanked and he was eventually arrested for fraud because he was making false promises to people about the store credit cards. I’ve never seen a bigger example in one store of how to correctly and incorrectly manage.

  76. I'd specify further and say managers who haven't worked lower level positions and don't listen to those who have. While not common, it is technically possible to do some schooling, enter a workplace as a manager, and recognize that schooling didn't teach you everything you need to know

  77. A friend of mine worked at a company that had a policy where everyone, up to and including the CEO, had to work two days every month on the production floor. I always thought that was a good idea.

  78. those people that work in the middle of the mall trying to sell you stuff. they just pray on older people and younger teens that dont know any better.

  79. The ones that rub that lotion on your hand that beads up, then they tell you it’s your dead skin exfoliating. One got a little confrontational with me because I blocked my mom from buying it.

  80. I feel sorry for these people more than anything. It feels like a dehumanizing job only one step above begging. They know most people are trying to avoid them or don't care about what they're selling but they have to keep trying anyway. When I see one who isn't and is just standing there letting people go past undisturbed, I'm relieved for myself but then I wonder how long they'll keep that job.

  81. I used to work in a mall. One day, I'm walking back from my lunch break past one of the "Dead Sea facial scrub" booths and this dude starts in on his pitch with "Hey bro, you look tired."

  82. Tik Tok Influencers. Tik Tok's algorithm literally is not based on anything and people just go viral for the dumbest things, but when they are "famous" they act like they worked hard and are some kind of role model.

  83. Omg this is so true. I know a girl who ended up becoming TikTok famous (like over a million followers) and it has become her entire personality. And what does she do? Lie for attention and cyber bully people from high school (she’s 25). She dropped out of college to pursue this glorified hobby full time and she’s completely useless now. And a raging narcissist to boot.

  84. I had a conspiracy about Tiktok that I developed in high school when tiktok was still owned by China. There were several people in my school who became tiktok famous in a matter of a few videos. Usually they would post around half a dozen memes and at least one would blow up and get tens of thousands of likes, but it would only be one or two videos that went viral. I honestly think tiktok tried to make as many people get viral videos as they could to keep them on their platform since they are going viral on it. It’s not like they were out there making quality memes and studying to find something interesting to make, they would just post some crappy video of them making a joke or some dance and get like 14k likes for no reason, and once people at school saw that everyone was recording themself dancing and making memes like crazy. Before I know it everyone and their mother and grandmother is on tiktok.

  85. There's actually a reason for this! Algorithms can skim recipes from websites and put them in cookbooks. If you add a "personal story" to your recipe, it becomes copyright protected and can't legally be skimmed anymore.

  86. I appreciate that Mark has brought this issue and his efforts to a larger audience, but let's not pretend he's the first or some kind of savior for going after these guys once. People like Jim Browning, Kitboga, and Pierogi of Scammer Payback have devoted their whole YouTube careers to taking these operations down and don't get nearly enough attention.

  87. Social media influencers who get to stay at the hotel I work at for free and then treat us staff like we are below them and then demand everything be free, even the $3 bottled water we don't even give our loyalty members for free.

  88. The assholes who keep calling me asking for donations to the police union. No amount of asking them to remove me from their list, explaining why I will never donate, reporting them is enough for them to stop calling me once every 2 weeks. There is 1 prick in particular named Mark, Mike or something like I wish nothing but the worst on.

  89. When I answered one of these I said “Oh… no. Fuck the police, man. Absolutely not.” I’ve never received another call.

  90. In most cases, that is not a job. It’s made up of uncompensated volunteers, at least in the communities that I’ve lived in that had HOA’s. I had an ambivalent feeling about them myself, until I volunteered in mine as treasurer. I only did it for a couple of years because it takes a LOT of time and I got paid nothing. I can’t speak for every HOA, but the ones I have experienced consist decent people sacrificing their free time just to make the community better, and that’s the only reward they get, because they don’t get paid or thanked for their efforts.

  91. Politician. They're supposed to vote on laws that benefit their constituents. Instead, we just get a bunch of greedy people who will screw over their voting base just to line their pockets.

  92. Influencers. Never understood what most of them are influencing besides a drop in collective IQ...oh, and paparazzi.

  93. The influencers I know in the knitting and sewing community make patterns, tutorials, etc. It's really nice having that resource, especially if you don't live in a city. The sense of community nice too. I don't really get people who get thousands of likes for casual dancing, though. Seems silly.

  94. You're thinking of the stereotypical bad infleuncers. Every person with over a couple hundred followers is an influencer, because they can influence people. They exist in every niche you could imagine. They're not all Jake Paul. Many didn't try to become an influencer, they just wanted to make videos for people.

  95. Ah yes, do you think that "child sex trafficker" has any openings atm? I've heard the pay is quite good and theres a few places down the street with now hiring sings.

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