Whats the best example of 'men not understanding a womans body' that youve ever heard?

  1. My sister knew a guy in highschool who thought women had FIVE holes, one for piss, on for periods, one for sex, one for birth, one for shit. Luckily she corrected him.

  2. I knew a guy who thought that girls could control when they started their periods… like, he thought they needed to have them monthly but that they could start them at specific times as was convenient. Sometimes I don’t know what the hell is going on in peoples heads. Also knew a guy who thought girls always found sex painful, and that guys shouldn’t stop just bc they say it hurts bc it always hurts for them. That was honestly kinda scary.

  3. My best friend, swedish male 26 thought like two months ago that periods always begins on mondays and stops at sunday.

  4. In middle school during our swim unit, my friend asked to sit out because she was on her period and only used pads.

  5. That women always lactate, some more than others. This is why bras have different levels of padding to them to soak up the excess milk. You know, in case you didn't currently have a baby to feed it to.

  6. When I was in 10th grade one of the senior classes had a female student pull her tampon out in class to show the teacher it was full because he wouldn’t let her go to the bathroom.

  7. what about just getting up and walking out with out asking? needing to piss or change a tampon isn't his call right

  8. I love him dearly, but I had a friend in high school who thought that human eggs are the same size as chicken eggs that you buy at the grocery store. He had sat through multiple sex ed lessons that describe the many processes eggs are a part of at that point.

  9. Good friend, conservative Catholic-Portuguese family, only ever had one girlfriend (at this time). In the university gym, good looking young lady is on one of those machines where you sit with a pad on the inside of each thigh, spread your thighs then bring them in again against the weight. Maybe you can picture it. Anyway, friend observes this, nudges me and says “I love watching them work out their clits.”

  10. If I heard your friend say that, I would laugh so hard, everyone would look at me and ask 'What's wrong with him?'

  11. If you could work out your clit like that, then you could work out your dick like that, and if that were true there wouldn't be any jokes about skipping leg day... it'd be more like "not every day is leg day bro"

  12. Knew a guy who genuinely believed women having orgasms were a myth or disorder because "only male orgasms do anything so a female having an orgasm is pointless"

  13. Wait, so going down on a woman is disgusting, because "pee comes out of there", but blowjobs are okay? Last time I checked, pee actually DOES come from out of there (I'm no expert, but being a 33 yo male I like to think I have some peeing exerperience).

  14. I cant share many of these internet horror stories with my partner because he gets so upset that people can be so stupid/selfish/willfully ignorant.

  15. My takeaway here is just surprise that a hole-through-which-pee-one-flowed was too gross. I mean, look at all the things that a great many people categorize as acceptably ungross... the duality of man indeed.

  16. My mom asked how I was using tampons if I was a virgin when I was 14. She didn't know you could do that.

  17. I had a man I used to date compare a kink he had to me using tampons. And I quote “It’s like the equivalent of tampons for you!” I was like “Oh, baby. What is you doin’?” I actually had to explain to this idiot (who is a decent amount of years older than I am) that tampons do not cause pleasure at all. It was such a weird conversation.

  18. Someone on Twitter complained about a censorship made on a female character from Tokyo Mirage Session (a game) and he said: "not only did they remove her cleavage, but they also removed her vagina bones". Ever since this was tweeted in 2016, everyone has been laughinv at him, even today

  19. I’m Chinese American. My (ex) bf at the time was like “I want to have sex with you because I heard Chinese people have an extra muscle in their p*ssies”

  20. Back in my Internet forum moderating days, I banned someone pretending to be a woman. The ban was for general inflammatory behaviour.

  21. I’ll never forget in high school a teacher over heard one kid telling another that there are two holes in a pussy and he always uses the other one cause it’s so much tighter and she laughed and laughed and explained that if he can get his penis in a girl’s urethra then it must be smaller and skinnier than a tooth pick…

  22. Came here to say the same thing. I knew a guy that thought women only got pregnant while on their period. He had a lot of kids, and said he wouldn’t have sex with a woman while on her period, so the comment made him sound more dumb

  23. No, there isn’t just one hole that the milk comes out of the nipple. There’s many areas where the milk comes out for breast feeding. It’s not a hose, more like a shower head.

  24. The absolute total insistence of this guy from college, who fully believed and argued with dozens of women publicly “that having a dick or a dildo long enough to hit a woman’s cervix is the only way to make a woman cum”. A woman training to be an OBGYN pointed out that many women actually are in a good amount of pain from Pap smears which contacts the cervix and it’s usually sensitive for a couple days after because it’s the exact opposite of pleasurable. Nope, he said “she doesn’t know what she’s talking about”.

  25. The one where the guy thought virgins don’t have vaginas; it’s his responsibility as her first sexual partner to “make the hole.”

  26. my FATHER told me when I was starting to get my period and complaining about it that if I wanted to stop bleeding I should just exercise more because he knew a young woman who exercised a lot and her period went away

  27. My dad had no idea that Womens periods didn’t happen like clock work. How could you not know you were pregnant? Well dad, some women don’t get a period, some women have irregular periods and some women get a period during pregnancy. He was floored.

  28. A coworker who got drunk at a work event and started complaining that his arranged marriage wife must be cheating on him because she was now wet and receptive to his advances instead of avoiding him because it hurt.

  29. My abusive ex assaulted me mid sex once saying I must have cheated because I felt ‘looser’. He was the only person I’d ever been with and I thought I’d done something wrong

  30. My great Aunt said "If a woman uses a tampon, she'll do ANYTHING!" Suggesting that women who used tampons would sleep around. (She said this on more than one occasion, and was quite a prude.) Add: She was born in the 1920s and was a ministers daughter... she had a different mind set for sure.

  31. I dated a guy who thought periods lasted a month, tampons were pleasurable to put in, women pee out of their vaginas + that they can hold in their periods.

  32. Saw something ages ago where a guy believed that a woman’s period came from her ass. Oh also this notion of a tight vs. loose vagina

  33. I’m a birth doula. The list of things can fill a book but the latest one, “how long is a birth 2-4 hours tops right” “why are you getting a doula, they can’t push for you”

  34. A twenty-three year old man told me with complete certainty that women's vaginas stay the size of the largest thing that's been in them. Apparently this is why so many men cheat on their wives after the wives give birth. Because their vaginas stay baby sized.

  35. My 20 yo coworker thought this. I had to explain to her what causes the UTI she had and that woman have more than 2 “holes” down there and a uterus. I think she’s still in shock over the discovery that you don’t pee out of the vagina!

  36. I do believe a lot of the confusion there stems from the fact that in everyday language vagina is often used to refer to the entire vulva.

  37. When my husband and I first got married, he was annoyed by how much toilet paper we were going through. Turns out he didn’t know women have to wipe every time they use the restroom… even just to pee. We joke about it now, but wow.

  38. In a similar vein, when my parents got married my mom moved into my dads house, and bought a giant package of toilet paper from Costco. Apparently my dad said it would be enough to last for three months.

  39. Does...does he think a uterus can...tell one sperm from another....??? Like...our bodies can just say "ew this sperm is from a rapist, bring me another batch"?

  40. An argument on the bus between 2 guys talking about a friend having no success with IVF. They were fighting about this meaning she was impregnable or inconceivable

  41. Reminds me of the old joke of the three French army officers at a dinner party. They're talking about their families and one tries to explain that their wife can't have children.

  42. If one of them didn't say "you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means", then I'm highly disappointed in them.

  43. ive been told to HOLD IN MY PERIOD by a guy i know. he then proceeded to explain TO ME (A FEMALE) how mestruation works, and that I could simply HOLD IT IN LIKE PISS.

  44. Men on TikTok explaining how tight a woman’s vagina should be. I’ve also seen them try to tell women how to clean it. Kinda disturbing how wrong some people are.

  45. Those dudes who insist that you should wash your vagina with soap, and act like saying the vagina is self cleaning is our way of being lazy about hygiene. Like no, just because you cut corners with hygiene doesn’t mean we’re out to do it too.

  46. Rush Limbaugh saying that Sandra Fluke (testifying before Congress) was promiscuous because she took a birth control pill every day. He thought she only needed to take one on days when she had sex.

  47. When I was about 15 or so I got on the pill to regulate. My older sister (about 21 at the time), asked me if she could have one of the pills for her cramps and then threw a fit when I told her no and she said they were just sugar pills.

  48. Mine might be common, but I still am kinda baffled how dumb I was. I thought I was king of oral. I'd go down at any time and stay down there until the sun set. But I was just licking the labia/vulva/whatever the technical term is. If I hit the clit, it was just because I was all over the place. Finally had a girlfriend simply say "stay up top". Game changer, probably more for her than me.

  49. A local chiropractor made glue/“lipstick” for womens vaginas (for their period) so they could be free from tampons. His idea was to literally glue your pussy shut and the glue would supposedly wash away with urine.

  50. “I replaced him with a Hitachi Magic Wand for my sexual needs and a dog” when I read that I had a heart attack, then I read “for my social needs and exercise buddy.” And sighed in relief lmao. I thought I read it wrong at first.

  51. My husband’s friend was upset when his pregnant wife had to get a transvaginal ultrasound because the ultrasound wand was long and he thought she might like it… Tell me you’re a bad lover without telling me you’re a bad lover…. Sheesh

  52. Last year I had a kidney stone and the tests involved multiple women doctors and such touching my penis and testicles. I can tell you that was not arousing. I was telling my friend who was concerned that something might "come up" if he were in the situation. With all the science talk and equipment and clinical environment. There's nothing much sexy about it.

  53. I've met both men and women who think that every woman is taking a birth control pill. As if every teenage girl just starts taking it, in the same way that they start wearing bras and buying tampons/pads (I know, some women are choosing not to do those things, either). It may be a very common form of BC, but not all women want to deal with the side effects.

  54. I think it's because the birth control pill is not only used for... birth control. I had several classmates whose gynecologist who prescribed it bc they had period cramps etc.

  55. People definitely act strange when they find out for whatever reason I’m not on birth control and say that it was from side effects. My birth control side effects are constant bleeding… Vaginal bleeding and nosebleeds. I never had any medical problems until I started the pill and then it triggered my first gallbladder attack. Which led to pancreatitis and gallbladder removal. Next time I tried, still the same bleeding and my legs swelled up. Morning after pill gives me the same bleeding for a day or two usually. Never gotten a nosebleed or bleeding between periods otherwise… I think I’m just higher risk for the vascular related effects and it’s pretty much immediate. I really don’t want to end up with a stroke so I’ve stopped experimenting with it. I don’t have sex anyway… I’d consider trying another form of it if I ever have a regular partner and that’s what we decide to do, but not interested in any risk otherwise when I’m lucky enough not to need it lol.

  56. My grandmother told me that the female orgasm was a myth that men told women to trick them into sleeping with them.

  57. Friend told me a guy at her school was complaining some girl he fucked was “dry as hell”. He apparently didn’t realise that was a self report.

  58. My wife and I are two women and we had our son through IVF. When I told my dad I was pregnant, he asked if we knew the gender yet, and then stopped himself and said “ah never mind, obviously it’s a girl since you are both women.”

  59. My friend who is a fucking DOCTOR and I were having a conversation about different contraceptive methods. I was telling him about my IUD and how painful it was to have it placed, how awful the sounding of my uterus was (if you don't know what that is, I don't suggest you look it up, it's better to be ignorant!) I explained the entire procedure in graphic detail, we talked about how it probably hurt a lot more since I have never had a baby. Apparently women who have had babies don't feel as much pain when having the IUD placed. Anyway...

  60. I’ve had an IUD for about 5 years now. At some point during this time I was having pretty frequent sex with a partner at the time. I developed a blood blister on the opening of my vagina. It was pretty large and very easy to see with just my legs spread. I had taken a video of it to get a closer look.

  61. As a woman who had an IUD placed after giving birth to 3 children…it was agonizing. I was shaking and nauseated from the pain when my doc asked me to rate the pain level from 1-10, he rolled his eyes when I said 8 and suggested I wait a few minutes before leaving. The knowledge that it’s worse for women who haven’t had children is horrifying.

  62. Of course that happens. What did you think bras are for? They’re meant to restrain our boobs from punching people if we get angry in public, like muzzling an aggressive dog.

  63. Or that they can defy gravity somehow. “Eww her boobs are so saggy!” they’re size 40F, they’re not going to float, Cody.

  64. A guy I was dating told me not to worry about using protection, he was just going to jerk off one time first and then pull out. All those three brothers have made their girlfriends pregnant «by accident» within a short amount of time

  65. A friend of mine got her period on a date, and her date was absolutely convinced that she'd done it on purpose to have an excuse not to sleep with him. Bruh

  66. “Somebody wrote in the book that I'm lying about being a virgin because I use XXL tampons, but It's not my fault I have a heavy flow and a wide-set vagina!”

  67. I went to the doctor for abdominal pain, and a male resident was giving me my ultrasound. He had me convinced that I was 99% pregnant and said he could see the heartbeat. So my boyfriend is pale white and stressed and I’m crying and scared. Later, a female doctor did an ultrasound with the vaginal probe and turns out he mistook my right ovary for a baby and my pulse for a heartbeat.

  68. I had a hysterectomy and was concerned with vaginal length afterwards. My husband has always "bottomed out" and I never liked it and I mentioned that I hope I'm no shorter after surgery that I was before. He kind of laughed and asked how I could be. He thought they were just going to take the uterus and leave the vagina open at the top. It took me forever to explain to him that there's no way they weren't going to close me up. Like, sperm weren't going to be swimming amongst my intestines from then on. There was not going to be a chance he could accidentally lacerate a kidney with his fingernail or something. Why would he think they'd leave an opening from my abdominal cavity to outside my body like that?

  69. What do these guys think happens to the food we eat? We convert it to pure energy with no waste?

  70. It amuses me in a sort of painful way when I see art depicting a female skeleton and for some reason they've made the bones "curvy" so you know for sure it's a woman.

  71. I went to the museum once for a school field trip and a 17-year-old classmate insisted to the tour guide that it couldn’t be a female skeleton because it didn’t have breast bones.

  72. An ex of mine (early 20s) asked me how it works when women pee. He said thought a penis came down the vagina and retracted after voiding. I thought he was joking. He wasn’t.

  73. I overheard kids talking about how they thought that period products shouldn't be free because women can just hold in the blood until they get to a bathroom. I've also heard of people who thought that women would use pads like diapers.

  74. In Idaho the legislature was debating whether to allow a doctor to remotely prescribe or approve an abortion. They had a female doctor on the stand and a male representative asked her something like:

  75. Why are absolute morons like this in charge of making laws about our bodies???? Fuck, that's frustrating!!

  76. Just saw a TikTok of two politicians argue about an IUD and whether or not it’s an abortifacient. Because it stops an embryo from implanting… they don’t know how the body works. Once the sperm leaves their body, they really don’t understand anything after that.

  77. Men have tried to explain to me that women pee out of their vaginas, that women get looser if they sleep with multiple guys but not if they sleep with the same guy, that child birth feels good for women and makes them orgasm, that women with big boobs have a high body count because she grow every time a woman has sex, and that women can control how much blood comes out on their period

  78. I told my bf at the time (around 15 y/o) that I started my period and asked if his Mom had anything I could use. He brought me a dish sponge.

  79. I went into a clinic extremely ill. I had horrible stomach pain, couldn’t stay awake, lost 70 lbs in a month, and my tongue turned yellow. When presented with all these symptoms, my doctor came to the conclusion that I was having cramps, gave me a $200 aspirin, and sent me on my way.

  80. dude, same thing happened to me!! i was like 12 and my doctor was all “congratulations you’re becoming a woman” and i was like “dude i am dying.” they also thought my mom had muchausen’s because she kept bringing me in to get looked at since she knew something was very wrong. the ONE time my dad brought me in and i was officially diagnosed….. anyway! hope you’re well and sorry you experienced that too!

  81. As a diabetic myself. I wonder why it isn’t painfully obvious to doctors when we are in ketoacidosis. As when I was. I just googled frequent urination. And the entire Google page was type one diabetes. I was like. Well I must have that. Went to the pharmacy. Checked my bloods. And the pharmacist was like yep. You must have it. Sent me for blood work. Boom. Done. It’s bizarre to me. It should be the easiest diagnosis. Lost a lot of weight. Pees a lot? Perhaps I’ll check their bloods. Who knows.

  82. My ex-BIL thought that a woman’s anus and vagina combine into one hole during childbirth, then went back to being two separate orifices.

  83. He's technically correct, though "combine" is a rather gentle way of saying "sometimes everything just fucking rips apart and has to be fixed by doctors"

  84. That politician that said if a woman gets pregnant after a rape, their body will have a way of "flushing the whole thing out."

  85. I saw a preacher on TV, can't remember his name. He implied that a woman getting pregnant from a rape is like a flower growing from a seed. The baby is an unexpected blessing, making the rape worth it.

  86. Once, while on vacation at a large water park with my dad, uncle and 3 male cousins, my uncle and cousins got upset when they realized a large portion of what I'd packed was just tampons.

  87. We were in biology and my teacher was talking about the female body and how it goes through periods and births etc. and this dude in my class goes “but if they just hold it in the blood won’t come out” I’m a man and that was the most stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

  88. Almost all of mine are covered, but there was the dude on Twitter who mansplained to Dr. Jen Gunter - a gynecologist - the difference between the vulva and vagina from a vocabulary perspective (he argued that it was okay to say vagina for everything because everyone does anyway), then doubled down after literally thousands of people called him out. He then wrote an essay on Medium or someplace, where he continued to argue his point.

  89. Believing that their willies can ‘stretch out’ a vagina, especially if they are different sizes. We push babies out of there and spring back to normal. Nobody’s penis is that big, there’s just no way that could happen.

  90. So sick of guys obsession with big dicks. Any guy bragging about dick size is getting nowhere near me. I want your skill in bed, not your ego.

  91. OMG I hear you on the clit thing. Had an ex who, every single time without fail that I expressed that whatever pressure or movement etc he did was the right amount, he would legit add more pressure and it got painful for me. And then he would act as if something was wrong with me because I didn’t like it.

  92. Literally just read a post where OP’s boyfriend was upset that she was TOO WET during sex. Okay dude tell me you’ve never had sex without telling me you’ve never had sex.

  93. I had a similar conversation with a friend. He was surprised at how tight his latest girlfriend was, because she'd slept with several guys. I was like, "you know that's not how that works, right?"

  94. It was actually me. Until I was 28, I actually thought women put on a pad like a Band-Aid, like right over the vajayjay. When I saw my wife stick it to her panties, I was dumbfounded. It never occurred to me that they were worn that way.

  95. I listened to an abortion debate wherein a man said that “technically, the womb isn’t inside the woman’s body, it’s part of the lining.”

  96. A boy from summer camp truly believed women only got their periods to spite men. He thought we could just not get them if we felt like it.

  97. It's a tie between the guy who asked if a device to prevent pregnancy could be swallowed instead of inserted vaginally, and the guy who tweeted that women use too many pads per period and probably only really need two a day.

  98. A guy who though the heartbeat abortion ban was reasonable because 1 - women had 6 weeks to decide if they wanted an abortion. 2 - there were lots of forms of barrier contraception that worked on day 0 of your pregnancy/ cycle, he just couldn’t name them. 3 He had a better understanding of this than me despite the fact that in addition to being female, tried to get pregnant, got pregnant and got a degree which covered a huge amount of reproductive physiology. 4 - told me not to argue with him because he was more supportive than most men on women’s reproductive rights.

  99. A guy kept hitting my cervix during sex. It felt kinda nice at first but then made me feel sick, and I almost passed out, but I guess to him it really just looked like I had the best orgasm of my life and needed a while to recover. He said he was glad he finally found the clit but he was kind of freaked out because it “felt like he was hitting the head of a penis down there.” I was stunned. Then pulled up some diagrams and informed him where the clitoris was. And what a cervix was. He was 33.

  100. Told a guy that women's vaginas do not stretch out after a lot of sex with different men and that it was a myth. He told me, a woman, that I was wrong.

  101. As a dude, I don't know if I should be happy that my country's education system hasn't failed me or be alarmed about the existence of licensed doctors that can't tell the difference between a BC ring and an IUD. Fuck me.

  102. A woman friend of mine told me about a guy she was with who thought that he was putting his penis in a different place depending on weather they were going doggy style, or missionary.

  103. There was this kid in middle school -- I forgot his name -- but he always bragged about all the sex he was having. Of course we were in 7th grade and knew he was full of shit, but he kept going on and on about it. He would talk about how he would 'pull out the pro-tongue and lick it' until she came. When asked about it, he said the "pro-tongue" was a fleshy thing (I think he said it kind of was a like half sized dick) inside the vagina and you pull it out and it's a highly sensitive part of the girl that will make her orgasm.

  104. Even better was the recent askreddit to the effect of, if you were going to give human breasts a useful and not sexual function, what would it be?

  105. I remember working at a sporting goods store around 20 when I was talking with the girl from footwear and she suddenly just buckled a little bit. I joked “what was that” and she looked real modest and whispered “I just got my period”

  106. To be fair, you weren't wrong either. Sometimes it starts gradually, sometimes it comes on strong. It can vary a lot from woman to woman and month to month.

  107. I had to explain to a married man with 5 kids that babies and poop do not come from the same hole. With a straight face. 😐

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