What’s the most expensive article of clothing you own?

  1. £50 cloak t shirt. £50 toothless emp hoodie. I will never waste so much money on something I will break or outgrow.

  2. I have a down coat that I paid $230 on sale in 1991. I'm still wearing it, so no regrets. I also have a beautiful black suede fringed jacket that cost $400 from 1999. I rarely wear it but when I do I feel great.

  3. Lets see... 500usd. Designed it myself and got it custom fit and sown in norway (I was going to the castle, so kinda had to make sure it was better than my lousy quality sewing, but then the queen asked if I had sewn it myself, and I was embaressed to say no since I had designed it myself). 🙊 I consider it my most valuable dress since the queen complimented it.

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