What’s a guilty pleasure you hide from your significant other?

  1. Everytime I go on a late night grocery run (once or twice a month) because I work nights, and my wife forgot to grab whatever, I add a $0.70 Mexican soda to the cart. It is just for me. It is something my dad used to get me on especially long days when I was a kid "helping" him on jobsites. It is my tiny reminder of him.

  2. I write stories for years now, some of the times she thinks I'm working on the computer but I'm actually writing a story. There is nothing to hide but I just keep it to myself, non of my family members know I write stories. Till today I have written 56 stories( most of them are short).

  3. Yooo I did this as well. I wrote 3 entire "books", 150 pages each. Its cringey as fuck because I was a kid/teen when I started, and I've been wanting to rewrite for years now.

  4. My husband has gluten sensitivity. If he eats regular pizza, his stomach hurts for a couple of days after.

  5. I don’t know if this is a guilty pleasure necessarily but I pretend to be asleep when he comes home from work because he always kisses me on the forehead.

  6. I had a girlfriend who used to do something like this. She'd pretend to be asleep, but mostly on my side of the bed so I'd cuddle up.

  7. see, my boyfriend does this, but immediately after jumps on the bed on all fours and makes everything bounce because he missed me.

  8. Sometimes I take the long way home and talk to myself in the car about my "problems" - like Self Therapy. I put one earbud in so ppl think I could be on the phone.

  9. That's normal. Anyone who says it's not, simply needs to sit down with a medical textbook on early child development. I think it's purely culture that shames it out of us later on for simply thinking aloud.

  10. Oh... Other people do this? I've been "talking" to my "therapist" for a while, too. It helps me to recenter.

  11. I do this but usually when Im worried or upset about something. I just straight talk it out with myself. No radio, nothing. I love it.

  12. This is my answer too. He always wonders why I usually stay up later, and it’s because it’s the only time I get to myself where I can just relax. We have a great relationship, but I really value those hours of peace and quiet at night.

  13. Sounds like you have something called "Revenge Bedtime Procrastination" or in Chinese "報復性熬夜" (bàofùxìng áoyè) which means "Revenge of staying up late". It's when you stay up later than you should to make up for not getting something you wanted during the day or feeling like you have little control over your life during the day.

  14. I lift to James Bond theme songs and always start with the Daniel Craig ones because he is so outrageously yoked in casino royale and this might be my most embarrassing confession now that I am typing it

  15. Smelling his clothes. Not creepily, like his boxers. But when he lets me borrow a shirt or a sweater I’ll put it on and just revel in the smell of him on his clothes. If I recall correctly, it definitely wasn’t like this when we first started dating. It’s been over two years now and I only remember doing this around the 7 month mark. He smells really, really good.

  16. My wife of 37 years still wants to wear/sleep in whatever shirt I was wearing that day because, “it smells like you.”

  17. Sometimes after work on the way home I go and get fast food, stop at a park, put Netflix on my phone and sit and eat and hangout alone until I feel like all the drama from the hospital has left me for the day, sometimes for an hour or more. It’s extremely enjoyable but also it means I don’t take my negativity home to my SO (who still thinks I’m at work at this point).

  18. This is actually a really important mental exercise to disassociate your work self and your home self. Many people (used to) do it during the commute (reading a book, the paper, listening to music) but with working from home that phase of the working cycle is missing which leads to more stress being experienced.

  19. haha early on in our relationship we agreed that my partner doesnt ask about my Warhammer spending, and I don't ask about her Shoe spending. (obviously within reason)

  20. Covid has messed it up for a bit now. But every 3 or so months the boys and I all get up like we are going to work at our respective jobs but instead all call in sick and meet for breakfast, then go back to our one buddies place for the day to hangout. Around 4 or 5 one by one we all head home for our normal arrival time.

  21. I have a whole album of “unflattering” pictures of her. Not really something I hide, but they make me happy. She’s so silly yet so beautiful.

  22. A couple of an ex of mines fave pics of me were really unflattering and I said to him 'but WHY' do you like that one?? It's terrible! And he said 'because you were sleepy and smiley and had just shuffled up to me for a morning cuddle and it was SO CUTE.' another one he said I looked super relaxed in and he liked that.

  23. My partner somehow was in the background of a lot of photos taken at parties always chugging when we were younger. Like head way back, hurry the cab is here kind of chug. I started collecting them and made a folder on my phone titled ,” partner’s name chugging in the background of photos”. We’ve laughed for years over that album.

  24. As someone who has lost a spouse, that album will be your most cherished possession should you ever join Reddit's most heart-breaking sub,

  25. Twinkies. My youngest child is extremely allergic to eggs, so we don’t keep products in the house that contain eggs. Sometimes, when I’m desperate for an egg-filled spongey cake, I will grocery shop solo, snag a 2-pack of Twinkies, and indulge in the car before driving home. Then I was my hands and face and mouth in the outdoor sink before going inside to resume mom duties.

  26. Before the plague, I used to go grocery shopping and while there would get a little something off the hot/cold foods bar in the store. A couple of chicken wings, an eggroll, a slice of pizza. And eat it in the car or their dining area before I went home. (I would only spend a couple of dollars, and I deserved it!) They don't have that kind of thing any more :-( They still have the dining area, people can buy pre-made sandwiches and salads, but no more salad bar.

  27. There are a couple of pretty fucked up sub-reddits that I peak in on from time to time, but never post on. Just to see what kind of fucked up crap people do. Sometimes it's like watching a slow motion train wreck. Just can't look away, even though you should.

  28. I will cruise the house butt naked and just do whatever the hell I want. About once a month. I won’t be able to this summer because the kids will be back in school, but come August, I’ll be naked and free again!

  29. Once every 2 months I take a me day. He thinks i am at work, work thinks I am home sick. I need the peace and quiet.

  30. One of my teachers in highschool did this. He called them "mental health days", but told us he has to be careful not to use all of his sick days on them.

  31. You-time is totally cool and necessary, but I’ve seen a bunch like this in the thread and I wish people could just tell their partners and have them understand :( I’d be completely fine with this as long as I knew where they were and that everything was okay, but if I found out they weren’t telling me I’d feel kind of awful, personally (both in lack of trust from them but also in myself for making them feel they couldn’t be honest with me).

  32. My partner has some trauma around food /weight gain. If there is a snack (especially candy) in the house, they cannot help themselves but eat it, and eat all of it in a very short period of time. They then go on a full guilt spiral around eating the treat and it makes their mental health quite bad for a while (days to weeks). So I have a secret snack stash so that I can eat my treats in moderation. My partner knows it exists, but doesn’t know the location.

  33. If you’re SO is open to it, check out the drug Naltrexone and The Sinclair method. I used it to stop drinking and my wife used it to stop binge eating. It’s remarkably effective and cheap.

  34. I commented above but yes I do this too! I have been talking to myself since I could remember. I do consider myself my best friend. It’s a great no judgement zone.

  35. I do this too! I have a long list of voice memos in my phone. I don't really have anyone I can talk to about stuff, so whenever I have a thought that I need to get out, I record myself so I feel like my thoughts are out there somewhere even if no one else hears them.

  36. Reading fanfiction - honestly not even steamy stuff usually just silly little stories with characters I feel familiar with. I'm an academic, so all day long I read all these "intellectual" articles and books, and I'm expected to have all these clever thoughts, so when I get home, I can't face reading books, so fanfiction it is. I'm weirdly embarrassed to tell my SO though, so I don't

  37. I’ve heard before that it’s a comfort/relaxing thing - reading a new book requires having to learn new characters, get invested in them, and then you may not like how it goes. It’s a bit of an effort, if that makes sense. But a well tagged fanfic with your current fave pairing - you pretty much know what you’re getting, you’re likely to enjoy it more. I love it.

  38. Same, I somehow fell into fanfic when I was on maternity leave. So many hours along with a newborn and I couldn’t do all that much. So I was always either listening to podcasts and reading fanfic. Then covid hit so even more. I love it but it just feels so embarrassing, no one in my real life (not even my husband) knows how much I enjoy fanfic haha.

  39. I told my SO I read fanfiction and it’s still embarrassing when I remember that he knows. I don’t know why it’s embarrassing but I can’t change how I feel!

  40. The s/o travels for work every few weeks so I am home alone often and my complete disregard for eating anything nutritious. Fast food pretty much every day and lots of candy. Also in bed playing video games by like 7. Just an all around gross human when they aren’t around haha

  41. My wife rarely goes out of town but oh boy when she does it’s pizza, wings, ice cream and video games for like 48 hrs straight

  42. I ALWAYS get myself a two Mars bars when I go to the drug store to pick up her prescription. I sit in the car and eat them both before driving home. I dunno why I started doing that, but I don't plan to stop.

  43. when I'm alone, I turn on music, get high, like down, and pretend I live a different life. it's something (the high part was only a recent addition when I got a med card) that I have done as long as I can remember. I imagine I'm a character in a fantasy, a romance, action, any and everything. I don't know why I do this, but it has always helped me calm down/recenter myself. sometimes I'll even get up and dance. I went through some abuse, and I like to think this helps heal my inner child. but I've done it since I was a kid, and it was really the only "kid" like think I could do.

  44. Me too!! It was also a childhood coping mechanism I never let go of. Its a safe place to work through complicated emotions, using whatever plotline my brain could cook up. Decades later and I'm still dealing with the real world in the Imagination Zone. Hey, it works better than other strategies out there.

  45. Not weird at all! I’ve created elaborate fantasies in my head for as long as I can remember. I’ll mull over and build on the same one for months at a time. I use them primarily to fall asleep, but I’ve also indulged throwing on my headphones and “daydreaming” every once in a while. It’s always been a big comfort to me.

  46. I’ve also done this since I was a kid! (also had a tough childhood; escapism, probably) It’s more of a storytelling thing than me pretending to actually be in it, but yeah. I listen to a soundtrack and imagine pairing it with a completely new and different story that I plot out in detail. Soundtracks that have really clear emotional turns and moments are especially good for this—the first LotR and Gladiator have been longtime faves. Also, lesser known, Never Let Me Go. Good movie, great soundtrack.

  47. Oh I am so glad it's not just me. Saving people, being the hero or living a different life. Helps me relax. I never want to be the centre of attention in my real life.

  48. I used to do this all the time! Mine wasn't so much healing though as it was maladaptive daydreaming. Horrible things would still happen to me and my loved ones in this imagined life, but I'd still prefer my daydream life over my real one. It generally stopped once I met my husband, and comes back sporadically when my stalker is bothering me. And I didn't have to be alone, have music on, lie down, or get high to daydream; It would just happen and I'd space out for as long as no one bothered to snap me out of it. There were no fantasy, adventure, romantic elements of this imagined world; It was just me living my life as I imagined it would be if I had a different set of biological parents or was orphaned at a young age. Just me as a regular kid with hardly any friends but slightly more personality.

  49. I do this too, I day dream and fantasize. I feel less anxious and calmer. Daydreaming maybe a coping mechanism for trauma and abuse.

  50. I’m dying laughing rn. Mine is that when nobody is home I twerk to my music, I know it’s strange but I love feeling sexy when I dance. I’ll even practice doing the whole lap dance on a kitchen chair and shit. I’ve told him repeatedly when we go out dancing that I don’t know how to grind, twerk, or do any of that type of dancing. Mostly because In front of people I know id look like a total dork from embarrassment. Idk that’s just what I first thought of.

  51. Dance for/on him and he will love it, even if it feels dorky to you. Honestly, do it and you will blow his mind. Source; am a man.

  52. Had a good friend in California similar to your guy. This was 20+ years ago, but he got on his feet and thanked me for buying him lunch many a time. Good on ya, internet person.

  53. My husband is kinda jaded about people and I’m like you. I don’t always tell him about some of the charity stuff I do either.

  54. In the 20 minutes it takes me to drive home from the store I consume an entire can of squirty cream. Once a week, on a Friday.

  55. I hide out in my car in my neighborhood before arriving home. I’m a stay at home mom but sometimes the weight of the house gets to me. I also loved movie pass when it was hot. I went and saw a movie alone every week. I saw some pretty bad ones but I didn’t care.

  56. I’m on a diet but I keep bags of Doritos in the garage and I sneak in there and eat fistfuls of Doritos and then wipe my fingers and mouth clean.

  57. i watch people play online casinos and lose their money, it's one of my great entertaining guilty pleasures. their reactions are sensational, pun absolutely intended.

  58. It actually involves wife without her knowing. once a year she plans her getaway that I take her on but she has no idea. I'll give you an example of the most recent.

  59. She knows… BUT that’s not a bad thing - the surprise wasn’t the important aspect. It’s that you thought to include her favorite things, you asked her, you remembered and you followed through. Never stop doing this!

  60. In Eastern Europe, porks have different skin (?) and we burn it under hay, giving it an interesting smokey flavour. It is called “cioric de porc” and if you ever have a chance to try it - I hope you will love it as much as we do!

  61. My friend was eating some once and screamed, I looked at what he had dropped and it was a pork rind that was literally a nipple, even has some hairs on it. Rough!! Lol

  62. Sometimes I play with myself while he's sleeping beside me. I ran the idea past him a couple of years back to make sure it was okay, but I've never actually been caught, which makes it fun.

  63. I've normalized it for me. We could be laying in bed, she's reading and I feel like rubbing one out, I'll just do it. Right there, right beside her. I know she's turned on by it as she's told me so. She likes to watch and after I cum, it's a smirky smile on her face.

  64. my s/o is a health nut. so when we eat chicken it's usually always the breasts, which i dont mind, but i really do miss eating my favorite parts (aka the dark meat). so when i'm off and she's at work, i order two whole rotisserie chickens and go to town. i eat it like a caveman just to feel alive again and get rid of all the evidence before she comes home.

  65. This is so strange. No disrespect to your s/o, but there is really very little difference between white and dark meat. Yes, white meat has a tiny bit less fat and calories, but it really is tiny. If she wants to be healthy (and sorry to be proscriptive here) it's probably a better idea to just eat whichever damn chicken parts you like, with lots of veggies on the side.

  66. Wouldn't it make sense and be cheaper to buy whole chickens and split it between you? You can have the dark meat, she has the white meat?

  67. about once a week or once every other week, i go to the local sushi place and pig out on a massive meal while looking at my phone then immediately go home and sleep it off.

  68. When I was younger, I would read Danielle Steel but I’d switch out the cover(hardback book) to something intellectual.

  69. I like to smoke cigars when I’m out drinking with friends. My husband doesn’t believe I’ve ever smoked anything in my life.

  70. Reminds me of a story I read about a retired couple the wife said they had to save $$ so no more steaks although the husband loved them. The husband does not live long afterwards and at the funeral she regretted not letting him eat steak- but what everyone knew but her was that he had been squirrelling away $ and eating steak every week at a diner the whole time.

  71. I like a lot of movies my husband doesn't want to see. But I love going to the movies. So, I go alone, and I eat a box of Milk Duds and overly buttered movie popcorn and either a giant Coke or a Martini. I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing this and we both enjoy our away time for like two hours.

  72. I play with my boobs non sexually and squeeze them like stress balls and jiggle them around randomly. I also like to run my fingers through my pubic hair if I have any.

  73. Bbq sauce. She literally can not handle being around it at all. So most of the time I just avoid dishes with it. Weirdly it's made me appreciate it as a "treat" even more. Love that girl to pieces

  74. Taking pictures of them while they're sleeping. Don't post them anywhere or anything. They're just for me to look at when I'm lonely.

  75. When I play the Sims, I get a disturbing satisfaction from getting my Sim like pregnant constantly, or have them cheat on their partners with the partner's dad or something. Also, I've been doing this since I was 11 y/o, so it's pretty much been part of my sexual awakening

  76. Omg this. I didn’t think I had a secret thing but this is definitely it. I’m generally a kind and not dramatic or materialistic person at all but one of the best times I had on the Sims was with a villain job and she married an old rich guy and basically screwed him into an over-exertion death to get all his money. What the fuck!!

  77. Me too. Love my wife and the kids more than anything but when I get back and they're all in bed, it is blissful.

  78. Wicked Whims. If you know, you know. But the weird part is that I make one of him and me, despite us getting plenty IRL. 😳

  79. I will, after taking one of my folks to their doctor appointments or an errand, go get me a Hokkaido milk cream bun or egg tart and enjoy it on the way home. Oh, I do get another couple for later for me and spouse. But after dealing with my 80 yr old parents and taking them around town. Yup. Mom at least still loves to indulge but demands caramel lattes so we grab her one.

  80. (NSFW) I’m a straight man but bought myself a fucking machine so I can occasionally get my ass destroyed in the safety of my own company when she is out of town.

  81. I don’t really hide it but I sometimes still go on neopets to feed and dress up my pets check in on my old neofriends and play some games

  82. I haven’t written since I was a tween, but I still read it constantly. I barely read books anymore. No one knows. I don’t have an SO right now and don’t know how I’ll explain that I read a lot but don’t read books…

  83. I always get the side eye for watching snapped. So I don't tell anyone I date how much true crime I watch. What can I say I'm a forensics nerd.

  84. I sometimes go for a private McDonald's without telling my husband. We eat very healthy food at home. Almost all organic, not much red meat, tonnes of seasonal vegetables and fruit etc. Lots of seeds and nuts. Now and then I get an urge and I visit McDonald's and eat a large big Mac meal all alone and I love it. It's about once a month. H wouldn't say anything if he knew but I like that nobody knows.

  85. I don’t know about hiding it but I’ve never watched anime with any of my s/o’s lmao like I would watch my hero academia on Crunchyroll and my gf would come over and I’d turn it off like I was watching porn, I don’t date the type of girls who like anime, I know that shit is nerdy and can be cringe, and I know they’d try to watch it with me to be nice but I don’t like making people sit through something they don’t enjoy for my sake

  86. I used to do this. After years(and getting married), I tried to introduce her to My Hero Academia, and she didn’t like it. A couple months later I was watching Attack on Titan with a buddy and she sat down and got hooked. Maybe something to think about for the future.

  87. If I notice that she’s down or upset about something, I will usually do really stupid things and and just generally act in an intellectually-challenged way. The goal is to act so stupid that it verges on the territory of embarrassing myself. It always puts a smile on her face and helps her be happier. It’s the greatest feeling in the world when I see a huge smile on her face and it makes my day. She’s so beautiful with the big smile.

  88. I like to get high at night. My wife knows, but I don't tell her when I'm doing it. She can smell it in my beard when we kiss.

  89. I love crab boils. They give my husband too much heartburn but I love them. We just got a handful of local spots that specializes in them so if he happens to work on a weekend, I’ll order one just for me. Hide the evidence before he gets home cause I feel bad even though they give him heartburn

  90. I go to the grocery store further away than other stores in the vicinity as I enjoy the longer drive with my music playing .... Not because it is a "better store".

  91. I listen to comedians in bed when wake up and she is not awake yet. Jim Jefferies, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, etc.

  92. I got excited about Euphoria because it was something i enjoy that other people enjoy and i’m not super used to that (i have ASD) and my partner replied that the show is creepy and weird, and made jokes about me being a pedophile

  93. Okay so my partner WFH and mainly hangs out with his friends online because they're all gamer nerds. So he's ALWAYS home. Very rarely, he will actually go camping with his friends irl. It is the only time he leaves the house for more than a couple hours at a time. I pretend to be sad when he leaves, because I love him and don't want to seem mean, but as soon as he is out the door it is music blasting, solo dance party, video games, long phone calls with friends and ordering Japanese food.

  94. My favorite activity is to get really high, occasionally do nitrous, and just listen to music with my eyes closed trying to visualize how each of the sounds are being made.

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