What is the pettiest reason you can't date someone?

  1. I literally re-thought about my relationship with my ex when we went to the zoo (I paid for everything, tickets, parking, food, gift shop, etc which all wasn’t cheap) and he had the nerve to say our trip to the zoo was “boring”.

  2. Wasn't my pettiness, but a girl I went on a few dates with wouldn't date me because she wanted to be the "artistic" one in the relationship and she was worried that me being a musician would spoil that for her.

  3. Ugh my ex wanted to make cheese fries so he bought and melted down a block of cheese and… big surprise it didn’t work how he thought it would so he stood in the kitchen yelling “GIVE ME YOUR CREAMY GOODNESS!” as he pushed a giant glob of cheese around with a soggy waffle fry. He didn’t just say it once. He said it for every bite.

  4. Ended things with a guy over various other reasons, but the most annoying was how many times he told me that "He'd leave me for Miranda Lambert in a heart beat". Which okay, I get it some people have a 'list' of celebrities they'd leave their S/O over, mostly as a joke. But this was like everyday, just randomly said not related to the conversations we were having at the time, and he meant it. He made sure I understood that if for some god forsaken reason Miranda Lambert walked in through the front door, I was gone.

  5. She insisted on hanging out at home. She lived with like 6 people, and they always had friends over. I felt like a bf extra on Friends or Seinfeld.

  6. My grandparents were very southern. When I was a kid, I spent the night at their house and heard them…wrestling. I heard my grandpa say my grandma’s name, Sarah, but with his accent he said “Ooh Say-ruh!”

  7. Rewind to college, me and my friends are out at a bar. My buddy Dave and I are seniors and his sister is a sophomore, and just turned 21 so she's out with us. We are having a good time and look over and his sister is chatting with this guy at the bar. Fast forward an hour or two and they are still talking, except she's basically on his lap and they're making eyes at each other. 1:30, last call, we are getting ready to go and checking to see if she is going home with this guy or coming with us. She's not there. We look around and she's sitting with her girlfriends at a table. We collect her and as we're walking out I ask what happened to the dude.

  8. I did Internet dating for a while before I met my husband, and I have to say, the fact that he wrote in complete sentences with near-perfect spelling and grammar was a real turn-on.

  9. I almost broke up with a girl when she was trying to be seductive and yanked my book out of my hand and closed it losing my spot.

  10. Ugh. Hated this. She would sleep in Sunday mornings and my bio clock still woke me up are my weekday work time. So I would just catch up on news on Sunday quietly in bed next to her, still cuddling.

  11. I know a couple that have the same name (heterosexual couple for clarity’s sake). It’s weird. Like, can you imagine crying out your own name in bed?

  12. I had a guy break up with me in high school because God told him to… I was like uh okay guess I can’t argue with that one.

  13. Was it after sex? I had this experience. We literally just had sex. He hopped out of bed, starts putting on his pants, and says, "God didn't like what we just did. I'm a Christian."

  14. Shopping for a house rn and this irritates the fuck out of me. Those single-word signs in the dumb loopy font. Like "GATHER" in the kitchen and "EAT" in the dining room. What, does someone with dementia live there and doesn't remember what the rooms are for?!

  15. My wife once told me she couldn't be with someone who wasn't around the same level of intelligence as she. I have no idea how I'm going to keep it a secret that I'm a fucking idiot the rest of our lives.

  16. But here's the thing: If she's a fucking idiot and lacks the self-awareness that would lead her to consider she might be a fucking idiot then she'd find someone of similar intelligence and be content with a fucking idiot such as yourself! So I'd say it worked out!

  17. This is legitimately fair though. Girl I dated just out of highschool was nice and all, but just... Pretty dumb. I'm far from a genius, but damn it's a shitty feeling to try and pick words you think they'll understand.

  18. I can't date anyone with lip injections. It felt super unnatural kissing her. Like kissing a baboon with rigor mortis.

  19. She ate pizza with her hands.No, not like you think. She would scoop up the toppings in a messy pile and like a animal, claw them up and eat them then rip the bread and eat it.We were at a fancy italian place and I got horrified.

  20. was she indian? that sounds like how a lot of people in india eat their food although most know how to eat pizza I'm pretty sure.

  21. I broke up with a pretty hot girl when I was younger because she didn’t swing her arms when she walked. It just looked weird and reminded me of a gorilla. Really stupid reason I know, but it just looked so stupid and I couldn’t overcome it.

  22. nah i get it, my brother doesn't swing his arms AT ALL. doesn't help that he's also super tall and skinny, and in marching band so he's trained to walk super smoothly. so he just glides around like a tall victorian ghost child, but i dont wanna make him self conscious so i say nothing.

  23. I also dated a girl in high school who did this. She also, was hot. But I get what you're saying. It's so weird to see. Her arms just hung there off her shoulders like sticks or something. Even when walking up and down stairs. It's a little unsettling.

  24. I don't know why I'm like this, but only my left arm swings when I walk. I didn't notice it until a physical therapist pointed it out to me. Now sometimes when I think about it, I get self conscious, and have to manually swing it when I walk, which probably looks more awkward lol

  25. I showed a woman The Green Mile and she laughed during Del’s horrific execution. I’d never believed in getting the “ick” until that moment…

  26. One of my favorite reddit comments has been "Not all nurses are bitches, but all the bitches you went to HS with are now nurses."

  27. My boss's daughter's ex bf broke up with her because they had a Dyson and he said he wouldn't be able to keep up with her extravagant lifestyle.

  28. My wife has a Dyson, a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, and a Louis Vuitton purse. That guy was right - it's a steep hill to climb.

  29. Was she a 42 year old office manager? There's something about middle aged women in office environments that brings out a love for minions. Printing out the memes and hanging them in their office is the highlight for me, personally.

  30. He ate with closed fists around his utensils like a toddler and his face right up to his food like someone was going to steal it.

  31. Prison or big family with lots of older siblings and/or minimal food. I have a buddy with 5 older brothers who eats like this. I actually made a joke about it the first time he came over for dinner and said something like, “easy, man, we’re not gonna steal your food!” (And I wasn’t being a dick. I genuinely thought he was doing some kind of caveman impression to be funny.) He explained that growing up, his older siblings would steal his food right off his plate, so he always protected it and shoveled it in as fast as he could.

  32. Went on a date with a girl and at the end we went to kiss. She attacked my face like a zombie trying to eat my brain. It was like the worst, cheesiest porn kiss. I finally had to grab her head and hold it still to get a decent kiss in, but I couldn't go through with it again and had to bail on her.

  33. She had a hyperrealistic Joaquin Phoenix Joker tattoo on her thigh. It was well done and looked great, but idk.

  34. I had a Bumble match who had this. He was tall, good looking, enthusiastic, ambitious, financially stable. He had the white spittle. I kept trying to overlook it but I felt queasy at the idea of kissing him.

  35. I dated a guy and he pulled out Sudafed nasal spray. Said he had bad sinuses. I too had Sudafed and bad sinuses. Decided to cut it short so as to not breed the chronic rhinitis

  36. As someone with chronic rhinitis, thank you for considering the potential offspring. Fuck nasal sprays

  37. I dated a woman who would always write everything using text abbreviations, e.g. "I want 2B with U 2nite BB"... texts, emails, cards, notes, everything she wrote that I saw for the 2+ years we were together was written like this, and she was late 20s at the time.

  38. Had this happen once. We connected on so many stinking levels. I was infatuated, so was she. Everything went right- from the conversations, the first meetup, the humor, the chemistry- I was waaaaay out of my league physically there, super exciting.

  39. I don't know if I'm insane or otherwise, but hearing someone chew open have me leave the room to not endure it further

  40. She had a large tattoo of a half-zombie girl on her back. When doing her from behind it'd feel like the tattoo's eyes were on me the whole time and it gave me the creeps, it's one of the very few moments were I felt like I needed to make up an excuse to peace out. It was hard af actively trying not to lose my erection when that happened, so no regrets about weaseling my way out.

  41. That reminds me of a woman I met at a wedding once. She was a massive fan of Michael Jackson and wanted a full back piece of his face. Her bf dumped her bc he "didn't wanna be raw dogging it from behind and making eye contact with the king of pop"

  42. This is exactly the sort of content I clicked for! All these posts are talking about major compatibility stuff.... No man, I asked for PETTY

  43. I had a similar experience, but the girl had a dinner-plate size tattoo of the Sublime shroom face logo on her back.

  44. If their Instagram is nothing but selfies, especially if they’re striking the same pose in every shot. I had a match like that and it honestly creeped me out.

  45. As someone who has this, it's appreciated that you think of things like that. I got really sick because my partner forgot and ate some kind of a a peanut chocolate bar at work and we kissed and I had to go to the ER, whoops lol

  46. She annoyed the shit out of me (actually the reason why I broke it off). I figured she just was like that because of nerves, but as time progressed, it just got worse.

  47. I dated a cringeworthy guy once. He constantly embarrassed me by being awkward and trying way too hard. He even made my mum cringe and that’s BAD cos she likes to give everyone a chance. He was a kind, sensitive soul and I felt guilty for dumping him. Well it turned out he was extremely obsessed and still to this day harrasses me and sends gifts. I didn’t feel so bad after he threatened me.

  48. I instantly noped out of an otherwise fine blind date when she ordered apple juice - off menu - at a fancy restaurant. 19-year-old me only knew apple juice as a toddler's drink, and I just couldn't get past it.

  49. This reminds me of the time that the apple juice at the fancy restaurant I used to work in was stored too long and fermented, and we inadvertently got a 5 year old kid drunk off his ass.

  50. You would have hated my Dad (don't worry, he's dead) because he used to put ketchup, mustard, mayo and relish on his. In addition to salsa and sour cream. An absolute maniac he was.

  51. Admittedly, my fiance was not good at properly trimming nails/toenails when we met. He trims them short, but tends to leave sharp edges that end up cutting me in the night, lol. I jokingly started calling him Freddy Kruger and taught him how to properly trim and file his nails. Now, every 2 weeks we watch a ridiculous/cheesy movie together and have a 'spa' night. We do face masks, soak our feet, trim and file our nails and then paint our toes fun colors! It's become a great bonding time for us! :)

  52. I actually went on a tinder date last night, outdoor seating, everyone speaking quietly, or regular volume. She was basically yelling, she was so loud I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

  53. Haha, never dated a loud talker. But when I was dating my wife very early on, we stopped by her house to get something. Her parents had another couple over that evening, and we were introduced.. the Wife says "oh it's nice to meet you"

  54. If you don’t like music. Like what in your life made you dislike the best gift on this great green rock we inhabit! WHAT DO YOU DO WHILE DRIVING IN TRAFFIC!

  55. Their ex is literally a garbage human being and the fact that they once found them attractive enough to want to date them grosses me out.

  56. He wore tighty whitey style underwear. Couldn’t shake the image of a little boy who pulls his pants down to his ankles to pee.

  57. Back around 2005 I was talking to this guy at work and thinking how funny and sweet he was. As we were chatting, he was pulling his lunch out of a bag (it was McDonald's) and he had all these fries, a ginormous amount of fries, and I thought, ugh, I could never date a guy who ate that kind of food.

  58. Her voice. She sang beautifully but her voice when speaking was super gravelly. It was like she went out of her way to speak in the laziest way possible. I don’t even know how to describe it, you’d have to hear it.

  59. Not me but a now married friend of mine wouldn't go near a lass if he didn't like her nose, not cos ugly or anything just if he didn't like it.

  60. People that like to “debate” too much. I’m all for having your own opinion but when someone thinks they have to be the devil’s advocate constantly? No thanks.

  61. Or just contrarians. I had an uncle like that. Doesn’t matter what you said, guaranteed he would say the opposite. Doesn’t matter what you knew or how much you studied, he thought he knew more. Whatever your opinion, you were wrong and he was right. Every time, no exceptions.

  62. They didn't like pizza. Not like they couldn't have pizza for a dietary reason, but could have as much as they wanted just didn't like it. Still upsets me to this day

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