[Serious] Why or why not should children have access to puberty blockers?

  1. I had puberty blockers for a few years. I have a medical condition that made me start going through puberty earlier than I should have. I’m glad that they were available and I was able to be a normal child

  2. My child's endocrinologist described it as the gift of time. Blockers are reversible and merely pause puberty, giving time to undergo more (yes, more - a lot of therapy was required before we could even see the endocrinologist) gender therapy before making any more decisions.

  3. Forcing a trans kid through puberty is the same as forcing HRT on a cis kid. It gives them the wrong permanent changes which does significant harm to their mental health. It's a medical need, people talk about not letting kids make decisions but being trans is not a decision. It's like saying we shouldn't let a kid get their appendix removed when its inflamed because they're not mature enough to decide to get surgery. You can't just push it off until they're older. Also puberty resumes when you stop taking blockers, puberty blockers are far less permanent than being forced through the wrong puberty is.

  4. Because kids always go through phases, they are not mentally able to make a sound judgement on a life long decision

  5. I believe some children do know from a young age, but a vast majority don’t. From ages like 5-10 I wanted to be a boy so bad, but then I hit puberty and realized it was just a phase. Kids can’t mentally make that decision.

  6. I think if it's a possibility it really needs to be only with the sign off of a therapist that specializes in the subject. Like a 13 year old shouldn't just be able to go to their family doctor and say they want them, but after evaluation a well versed therapist might be able to make that call.

  7. As they have no proven physical effects that are unhealthy to the body, and ARE proven to dramatically lessen emotional distress and risk of suicide, they should be accessible.

  8. Blocking puberty can be damaging in a way that might keep that child from being able to develop their reproductive system correctly. Not that it might kill the kid, but will make some things difficult or even make them sterile. Better for psychologists and psychiatrists to analyse each case before giving meds to kids.

  9. You effectively sterilize yourself and there is no evidence of dramatic changes in suicide or emotional distress.

  10. I believe it's not something that should be done to children, it could be very damaging if they change their minds later on. But, if it's something that the child is considering, it should only be done after several rounds of psychological and psychiatric evaluation so the professional experts are 100% sure that giving such treatment to these children would not be a mistake and then prescribing the medication correctly.

  11. I think that’s a call that is based upon parents and different clinicians of different specialities (medical and mental health) in their clinical decision making and the specific picture on an individual level (that would be a multidisciplinary team and with older kids who are minors). There are standards of care and guidelines and I don’t think that 9-year olds are walking into a pediatrician’s office and out with a script and and heading over to CVS.

  12. I agree with this. Folks also have no qualms about putting kids on ADHD meds, anti anxiety or antidepressant meds with...and this is usually done with much less rigor than you're describing.

  13. I mean, I honestly don’t care what goes on with other peoples choices, but since your asking my opinion, I personally don’t think it’s a great idea while they’re minors.

  14. To destroy the normal human development is one of the most insane things I've heard. People who are so mentally insane that they want to stop their body from natural development to cater to their insanity is just... insane.

  15. if we dont let children drink, drive, smoke, having surgeries because they are under 18 and cannot give legal consent, why the fuck we let them take blockers that have long term effect on their bodies?

  16. There is a difference between blockers and hormones. Blockers merely pause puberty and it starts back up when stopped. Hormones have the long term effects that blockers don't.

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