What things are normal but redditors hate?

  1. Parents asking their teenagers to watch their younger siblings after school or for an occasional night out. Especially if they won't get paid.

  2. Redditors tend to view things in a very black-and-white way with no room for variation or subtlety.

  3. Too many people reply with answers on relationship posts despite the post only having 2 paragraphs. It's impossible to have an accurate image of a relationship based upon such little information.

  4. There was a post years ago where a guy posted a question on here, and then filled the entire comment section himself. The whole thing read like a normal post and comments, but it was all him. Truly a work of art.

  5. "Unpopular opinion: I know I‘m going to get downvoted for this, but I think Putin should not have invaded Ukraine."

  6. Being nice and polite to strangers before they're nice and polite to you is not only common courtesy, it may even benefit you in the long run.

  7. True story. Went to a job interview for a job I really wanted. Show up the say of and it's raining hard-core. About to walk in and I see an old guy farther behind me also walking towards the door. So I stop wait and hold it open for him. We smile he says thanks I say no problem and we go our separate ways. When I finally got called in, guess who interviewed me? I like to think I got hired because I was qualified but I also know holding that door abd being polite to that stranger was a great first impression that probably helped sell me.

  8. It baffles me how people on here act like it's such a horrendous imposition that people talk to them. I see comments in relation to servers at restaurants, Uber drivers, and barbers where people seem absolutely aghast that someone had the audacity to strike up conversation.

  9. It's honestly upsetting how often people thought I was being mean or rude when I was making a nice or neutral comment. People read whatever meaning in your message as they want to...

  10. Someone was arguing with me that a woman should not go up to a man and just start up a conversation at Starbucks. Saying it was creepy for someone to just go up and talk to someone and talk.

  11. Yep! I was looking back at all my posts, and I was so much happier and had higher self-esteem when I started using Reddit compared with now. I am almost ready to leave Reddit - again!

  12. If you're happy on reddit you're clearly exploiting and oppressing all the unhappy people, and probably caused their problems in the first place, you selfish bastard!

  13. However, if you write a long post that contains only 75 links to different articles everyone assumes you're a brilliant poster and will shower you with reddit gold. No one will actually click any of the links though, so it doesn't matter if they have anything to do with the topic at hand or even if they support your position or not.

  14. And the reading comprehension is awful too. So many people feel the need to edit and add clarifications because one subject is touched, but not explained, often because it's not the focus of the post and that's what so many readers focus on. And you still get SO many people who take something out of context and jump to ridiculous conclusions because they think they have the whoe picture when they really don't.

  15. Or, let’s say you were incorrect about something and 10+ people keep commenting correcting you - or some people straight up demonizing you and just dogpiling it.

  16. Don't worry, someone will reply to you saying how you are wrong or restate something you said in your post as if you didn't say it at all and be wildly upvoted.

  17. Speaking on something you're quite well experienced in. I had talked about things that pertain to my career/industry and have been downvoted for being correct and sharing my knowledge based on the post. Don't mind me, only been doing it for 20 years, but I'm probably wrong.

  18. I'm going to sound like an old man but what first drew me to reddit many moons ago was the fact that everyone seemed so damn smart. I came on and learned so much about a wide variety of subjects. Now it's the same 14 jokes rehashed and retold while actually thoughtful stories/posts aren't even looked at.

  19. Or how someone who has zero knowledge or experience in your industry replies with something false trying to correct you, or say you are wrong. And then they get way more upvotes. And then you try to explain how they are incorrect and you back up your statements with facts and links and you get down voted for people thinking your being a smart ass

  20. Bonus points for people calling you a liar because they aren’t personally aware of something you work with existing. Like god forbid I work for a company that sells something that is similar to mass-produced products and integrates with readily available resources but has a specific focus to an industry you didn’t know existed.

  21. The rabbit hole of trying to argue with some random Redditor about an industry you work in just isn't worth it most of the time. It just devolves into trolling or changing goal posts.

  22. I was once downvoted for talking about how the earliest Homo sapiens were taller than people today. Lot of people don’t quite understand how long human evolution was.

  23. Don't even get me started on this one. Especially because the industry I work in has been so closely tied to the internet everyone feels like they are an expert in it. With outrageous opinions with no facts behind it.

  24. Every wedding-adjacent thread has a gang of people trying to one-up (one-down?) each other on how little they spent/how cheap or non-existent their rings were. You’d think that because I spent money on my wedding/dress/and ring that I’d be doomed to a miserable relationship (I’m not)

  25. I had a big traditional wedding with over 100 people, spent about $30K, and my engagement ring cost about $12K (my husband and I went halfsies on it). It was fun, and everyone had a blast (I mean, hello open bar). I don’t regret one thing about it, and have so many amazing memories from our wedding (when else are all your friends and family all together in one place?). I would never admit this on any other Reddit thread.

  26. Especially if there wasn’t a pre-nup. Doesn’t matter if you’re both dirt-poor and there’s nothing to protect, non-prenup weddings are clearly just a plot by those dastardly women to steal all of your money.

  27. This is the best answer I've seen so far. The Reddit standard take on weddings is so far from the real life societal norm that it's embarrassing.

  28. Compromise is gaslighting. One bad thing equals narcissist. Not fulfilling every need equals trash. Age gap of 3 years immature pedo.

  29. “What is the creepiest/weirdest___you know?” I’m surprised they don’t get removed at this point they’re posted every day

  30. “Reddit, what never fails to turn you on??” mfs when I don’t fail to turn on the pipe bombs I installed under their homes

  31. “My (21F) boyfriend (22M) got me wintergreen gum instead of spearmint, and didn’t laugh at this movie that I thought was funny”

  32. There's a post I stumbled across recently on one of those "stop what you're doing and split up NOW or you'll end up being strangled in your sleep" subreddits.

  33. Wow, your mom said something kind of shitty, I hope you cut your entire family out of your life completely and found a better one.

  34. And you'll also get banned from the subreddits that agree with you because they don't like it when you post in subreddits they don't agree with, even if you're calling someone out.

  35. Got from so many subs lmao. Some banned me for apparently participating in a sub with a different political agenda. How am I supposed to even know that.

  36. This post is making me think reddit is very toxic.. and very much unable to cope with differences of opinion.

  37. Misery not only loves company, it breeds it. Everyone on here is such a miserable sod that they make everyone else miserable. Nobody's allowed to like anything. Nobody can be happy. Everyone is a shithead no matter what they're saying.

  38. I can speak from personal experience that reddit fucked me up with doomscrolling. Social media is designed to addict, regardless of the damages it may cause you. I gotta leave this site one of these days.

  39. With how bad most of the life advice most redditors give is, it is not unreasonable to assume that most of them are miserable, especially because when it is caused by the consequences of their own actions and they really can't cope with that.

  40. The slightest problem in a relationship. “Bro she disrespected you by forgetting your favorite vegetable, get out of that toxic relationship”

  41. Or “Bro, get rid of her if she insists you spend time with her instead of spending all your free time playing video games. Spending time with your girlfriend is some simp shit.”

  42. My parents are fairly conservative and good people. I roll my eyes at some things they say and I deeply respect other opinions they offer. What a life

  43. If I had the money and knowledge to do so, I'd love to study the correlation between peoples upbringing and their relationship with the internet.

  44. Every 'debate' is focused on being more right than the opponent. There's never an attempt to find common ground, follow reasoning to conclusions, and critiquing the reasoning. If you have no common agreements you can't have a discussion and are just screaming louder and louder.

  45. Accountability in life. A large number of people here have the mindset that your life is completely determined by your environment and that individuals have little influence in the outcome of their lives.

  46. That seems to be the internet in general, I get that life has challenges and some people are simply less fortunate than others but it feels like a lot of people here can be described with “I tried nothing and I’m all out of ideas”

  47. Shame, Accountability, and Consequences are very much deflected....while also demanding others be shamed, accept accountability, and feel consequences.

  48. not hating your job or boss. Not saying there aren't awful bosses or jobs out there but man people can't even show the slightest bit of happiness with the job without people being like "If they aren't giving you at least a 10% raise and 30 vacation days every year, the greedy corporate overlords are stealing from you and probably kill kittens in their free time"

  49. I wrote a comment just earlier today talking about how my company’s subcontractor is incompetent and causes us a lot of issues. No comments about my own company, its size, its employees, etc.

  50. This is a good one. If you judged the labor market by Reddit you would think everyone only worked minimum wage retail jobs with abusive bosses and customers, and that barely anything else even exists, and that you are doomed to fail before you even start.

  51. Related, but having a lawn that is composed of grass. I was shocked at how passionate people here are about hating lawns with grass

  52. I’m regularly disturbed by how often men on this site talk about women like they’re second class citizens or not even people at all and it gets upvoted. Not even just on incel subs — regular popular ones. It’s like they’re seething for the chance to sexualize and mock a woman and any time they have the opportunity to do so — valid or not — they never fail to do both at once.

  53. The post I saw before this was a post with a bunch of comments talking about how women are worthless hags as they approach their 30’s. I think women should probably be higher on this list.

  54. If a woman makes any content that draws any sort of attention to herself at all, suddenly she's an attention whore.

  55. In any thread about bad relationship experiences, it's very rare to see a woman's bad experience with a man voted to the top. I remember a thread a couple of years ago: someone's college girlfriend cheating on them and breaking up with them had more upvotes and engagement than a woman relating how her ex husband tried to kill her. And any time there's a thread about, say, women being sexually assaulted in general by anyone, one will pop up immediately after specifically asking men to tell their stories about being assaulted by women.

  56. I’ve seen so many posts lately justifying hitting women because she was “acting aggressive” eg walking towards him. Somewhere near the top will be a comment “equal rights equal lefts”. The posts are only made to specifically justify violence towards women. It’s so disgusting

  57. I started noticing this a lot more recently and it has turned me off from Reddit a lot. A lot of people are just blatantly disrespectful and say very damaging things. What have made some people so angry, I’ll never know.

  58. I once posted a comment along these lines "Not every religious person is bad, if you are treating people respectfully and doing objectively good things it doesn't matter at all"

  59. Then they get mad at someone who is well off lol. All the room and housing/decorating subreddits are like this. You’ll see some shitty little apartment with a mattress that has thousands of upvotes and then when someone posts their beautiful room or house and whatnot it’s a bunch of snarky comments and people saying they are privileged and lucky lol.

  60. I don't think it's inherently abnormal to be religious but boy does Reddit HATE religion. Particularly Christianity. As if all Christians are intolerant.

  61. That and they think we're a monolith. Like we're either all Evangelicals or Roman Catholics. Christianity is a huge umbrella term that encompasses many many different ideas. I'm an ELCA Lutheran and we have about as much in common with Evangelical mega-churches as dirt has with water. Even within Lutheranism there is a lot of gap between the different denominations. The main two, ECLA an LCMS, are VERY divided on a number of issues.

  62. I have noticed this with a friend when I was in highschool that were very vocal atheists. They would get mad or condescending to anyone that was Christian or said anything that was pro God, but when we had foreign exchange student that was a practicing Hindu they didn't say shit whenever they said anything about thier religion or talking about an upcoming festival/ceremony they were going to miss. When I brought this inconsistency up he looked confused as to why he would ever be condescending to the guy. I then at this time realized lots of young atheist are more anti-christian and less just general anti relegious.

  63. The supreme advantage that most moderately successful normal people have is a loving 2-parent household and not any crazy socioeconomic inheritance achieved through slave labor in 1822.

  64. This happens a lot on anti work. There are plenty of people in the world who are happy and not rich. I was on there once explaining diet change, water, sleep, exercise, and hobbies are phenomenal for my mental health and I genuinely love my life. Nope, they were having none of that I must be miserable.

  65. Always someone that feels specifically insulted and harassed because you didn’t mention every exception and how brave they are.

  66. When other people have money. The vitriol directed to perceived wealth is remarkable. I'm not talking about billionaires, I'm referring to middle class people who make over $100-200k per year, which is very common.

  67. Ur telling me a person who studied law school for 5 years and had been working their way up for the last 10 years is making more money then me?

  68. 🏟🏜🏝🏚🏕🏦🏤🏭🏰💒🏣🏬🏢🏫🏩💒🗼🌅🌄🗾🚞🚓🛬💺🚀🕜⏳🕦🌝🌞🌟🌠☁⛅🌫🌪❄⛄⚡☔💧🌈🌀🌬🎍🎌🎑🎎⚽🏇♠🎚🎛🎤🔔🖥🖨🎥📼

  69. Ok stadium desert. Obviously Qatar. Beach shack. Global warming clearly. Tent and a bank. Homelessness and crazy house prices. Well, I'm tired. Someone else continue these riddles.

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