You’re stuck for 24 hours in the last video game you played… what will you be doing during this time?

  1. Damn I need to redownload this, I got on switch and put a couple hours into it but then it glitched out and froze and I didn’t have it in me to repeat the last day. Very disappointing and I wasn’t even very far in but I lost about 4 hours of play time.

  2. Just keep playing the song of time every 23 hours and you’ll never complete your 24-hour sentence until you want to. You at least gotta get the Zora mask and go for a swim at minimum!

  3. Or being Agent 47 but having your real-life skills so Diana will be confused as to why you just suddenly don't know how to choke someone out or aim a gun anymore.

  4. Everything in Subnautica is 3x bigger than it looks because its an underwater 1st person game (perspective n stuff). Reaper leviathans are as long as the first Godzilla was tall

  5. At first I thought it was Valheim, which wasn't too bad. Then I remembered I played a bit of league of legends since then. I'm dead.

  6. Considering my last game was Legends Arceus… I’d like to think I’d be catching Pokémon, but I’d likely just spend a lot of time running away from them….

  7. Plot twist, you're just a pawn, and not even the hidden heir pawn. You can only run AT the king with a shotgun.

  8. Fucking terrified. I don’t want to be in Destiny 2 I’d probably get raided by some unnamed fallen or sucked into hell by some random ass hive spell.

  9. Remember! Your ghost who'll revive you. Or you could literally vibe out at the tower have ramen, chill with the cats and chat with guardians all day. Idk whatever you choose you're big chillin

  10. Well as a human you'd at least be in the last city, just stick around there, maybe go visit house light in the fallen camp. Go to the tower and slap zavalas blue butt. Tell Hawthorne about the red war and how you woke up the traveller and killed gary. And now all she hears is how you and your clan are making a difference.

  11. animal crossing - fill my pockets with bells, gold, and cool items, then do some fishing until I get out and come home filthy rich

  12. I’m playing Cyberpunk at the moment so I’d veeeeeeeeeeeeery cautiously go sight seeing and hope I don’t get murdered by some random cyberpsycho.

  13. Riding on my good old trusty white arabian named Snowy in the vast wilderness of America and hunting wildlife as I please occasionally visiting the MC's wife and kids and helping them do some chores

  14. My partner was watching me play and I was trying to explain that RDR is the only series I know of where I'm willing to take it slow and literally walk my horse between missions because it makes it so much better of an experience.

  15. I just played to level 60 only doing Minutemen quests. I finally took Strong and fucked up Kellogg. I think I'm going to kill the Institute this time.

  16. Heading to the Rising Sun Inn in Falador, buying a wizard's mind bomb, and waiting for this whole thing to blow over.

  17. Do i have to start from scratch or can i start with what i currently have in ARK? Might be time to go riding around on a T-Rex or something if i can use my current stuff

  18. That’s like playing on nightmare difficulty. Best bet would be just fishing and trying to stay out of sight lol. I’m on my first play through right now. Fucking fantastic game.

  19. Running around collecting crap I lack the skill to use… then get murdered by someone who I didn’t even see… over and over again.

  20. I'd be stuck in Stardew Valley and i would spend twenty hours fucking Harvey and four hours walking along the river

  21. It’s hard to not marry Penny. They made her situation shitty, she’s super nice and will get down in the bathhouse after dark.

  22. Last game I played was HItman 3, so lock my self in my room praying to any deity that I'm not important enough to get 47 send after me.

  23. Doing menial tasks to pay off my home loan… so basically no difference except that in real life there’s less danger of wasp stings.

  24. Tooting around in Hyrule but probably just in the forest because my arachnophobic, 9 year old self could not face Queen Gohma and get past the first level. (Ocarina of Time)

  25. I'm on the free trial at the moment and just finished the main game story the other day. Since I didn't know there were night clubs and to stay on brand, I was going to say "watch the catgirl dancers in Costa del Sol" :X

  26. Dressing up as a clown, digging cherries out of the dirt, dropping giant apples on 'dinosaurs', and potentially getting eaten by a letter of the alphabet. Alright.

  27. Being a forest kid, leaving, find out I’m another race/not a forest kid, talking to a princess who escapes from an all powerful bad guy, traveling through time to assemble the power of gods, besting the bad guy, who turns out to be a god-dog the whole time, and rescuing the princess who turns out she basically already saved herself because she was a warrior the whole time.

  28. Oh dear, I'd be in control of America, but with only 12 cities, bordering France and trying to use my Rock Bands to get a few more Babylonian tourists to visit.

  29. You could chill with boggart and melina at the shack and just have some seafood. But yeah don't step more than 10 meters out.

  30. I am stuck in Napoleon: Total war. I suppose I'm napoleon? If so I'm happy and my life is accomplished and complete. I will be fighting off the Austrians and Italians in Italy.

  31. Sunless skies, so I can choose between loitering around in a Victorian-style space city or explore space (and likely die to some lovecraftian affront to all that is holy) for a bit

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