What took you an embarrassingly long time to understand?

  1. I completely misinterpreted the phrase, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade," for the longest time because it didn't occur to me that lemons are supposed to be bad here since lemons are sour.

  2. Everyone wants something from you. Your job, your wife/husband, kids, you are only of value to someone for something. And when you are no longer or value, you’re old news.

  3. Most likely how I never knew I was saying Gemini the proper way. I always said JEM-E-KNEE instead of jeh·muh·nai, the way others pronounce it. My beat friend the first time they heard it - looked at me puzzled with a look of "what did you just say?"

  4. Ironically, mispronunciations can come from being well-read. Learning a word from print doesn’t sound it out for you, so however you hear it in your head is the initial pronunciation.

  5. If you're referring to the U.S. Apollo space program, JEM-E-KNEE is correct. That's how the people involved pronounced it, including the astronauts.

  6. I have two things.. first one was I didn’t know NASA was in Houston, TX and always thought the famous phrase, “Houston, we have a problem” was just a fun phrase and it never clicked until my 7th grade science pointed it out to me lol. The second one is that I didn’t understand what the shirts with “Be-YOU-tiful” meant, I would always ask myself “what in the world does ‘tiful’ mean?!” didn’t click for me till the summer after 8th grade..

  7. I think this knowledge is definitely hidden amongst the innocence of our childhood but it really does hit you once that “child filter” starts to cut off..

  8. The lyrics from Dancing Queen are “feel the beat from the tambourine,” not “eat the peel from the tangerine.” I learned that a few weeks ago. I’m 34.

  9. CUP SIZES! My mom would just buy me dollar store sport bras and it never fitted. Last year I went to a real store and finally found out what a cup size was

  10. What a Deductible is. It been explained to me 46 times and i still don't really understand it. Am I an idiot?

  11. I thought the song "If you seek amy" was about a stalker in a club asking where a girl named "Amy is" It took me till my senior year in highschool to realize what it meanrt

  12. When people say “just a tick” Their referring to a tick of a clock… a second… It’s taken me 16 years to understand what it meant…

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