What is your most controversial take on Star Wars?

  1. I like Star Wars. The movies, the shows, the games. But the community ruins it. They complain and bitch about every single thing there is. It’s fantasy, not history..

  2. I feel the same but for the opposite reason. The fandom seems to prefer to throw around familiar quotes and pure praise, saying to just shut up and enjoy. I really love digging into critiques and talking about the things that don’t work and maybe trying to fix things.

  3. “Let’s hide vaders child… on vaders home planet… with his family. Nobody will EVER find the child”

  4. Strange how people keep hiding and try to get "off the grid" on one of the most popular planet in the damned galaxy.

  5. On a similar note given the series covers 3 wars over 60 years of pan-galactic conflict can maybe literally everyone important stop being FUCKING RELATED TO EACH OTHER? Trillions of sentient individuals and anyone who's anyone is either someone else famous's parent, sibling, or kid or finds someone else famous to have an eventually equally important kid with. Honestly I think that's probably why Rogue One and The Mandalorian are so good. It's just a bunch of randos who still do big important things

  6. That’s my take, for such an immersive potential most of the Star Wars movies and shows really lack that complex immersive experience, because everything is limited to tatooine, or other tatooine. Often the hero’s land exactly where they need to be and settings feel sort of empty, or narrow. The only exception I can think of is Daiyu in Obi Wan.

  7. The scale is way off. Trillions of people but they need clone soldiers, definitive ground battles with less than 100,000 soldiers, space battles with dozens of ships instead of millions. Using convoluted death orbs to destroy planets tens of thousands of years after world ending kinetic weapons were easily plausible and exponentially easier/cheaper.

  8. Lasers just change the boolean state of the door. Already open? Boom, now it’s closed. Door’s closed? Boom, now it’s open. Except when it’s closed and they need to prevent people coming through. That one I’m not sure about… Null state?

  9. Didn't the guy from Denmark (Denmarkian??) intentionally build the Death Star to have flaws because he was forced to do it? Then Darth Vader had that badass hallway scene. I think that was in Rogue One, but I don't know a lot about Star Wars so I may be misremembering it. The robot in that movie was very funny tho.

  10. Its not like the exhaust port was a gaping volcano to chuck bombs in either. Its a little hole that was going to be a hard target even with a targeting computer.

  11. Chief Bask informed Grand Moff Tarkin that his people noticed the flaw and suggested that the move to evac, even then Tarkin didn't deploy any more fighters, the ones deployed where the squads directly under Vader.

  12. Not sure if controversial but they need to take the franchise and yeet it 200 years in the future. I'm tired of the Empire era where they need to justify why more than 2 jedi and 2 sith exist at one moment along side knowing everything is pointless until Luke leaves the farm.

  13. Alternatively, I’d like a film about when the republic was at its height. 1000 generations is 25,000 years and we’ve had 9 movies about the last 60.

  14. Not sure if it is controversial or not either, but I 100% agree. Not only do they need to move away from the characters, but they also need to move past the empire versus rebels as the overarching story. You can do so many cool things outside of the Skywalkers and politics.

  15. I never thought about going in the future but I actually really rate this idea. Putting the universe into the future will move the story past this empire/republic, Skywalker prophecy saga and into something new. Obviously the past would still matter 200 years later but maybe a story about another galaxy attacking the Star Wars one like in the comics would be interesting. Regardless, if Disney's at the helm, it'll likely be something quite mediocre and underwhelming (how I'd describe their movies and series so far).

  16. If you're into reading, the current High Republic books/comics do exactly this but in the other direction. They're set 200 years before the Empire and frankly they're brilliant. The Republic is still expanding and the Jedi can just get on with their business without worrying about someone coming along and Order 66'ing them all. Loads of scope for some really interesting exploration of different types of Jedi, different alien cultures, and different types of baddies.

  17. Taika waitit said his movie will be completely disconnected from any characters we know. He wants a fresh slate for his star wars vision.

  18. The Legacy series of comics was actually incredible, its about 100 years (iirc) after the original trilogy and follows Luke's great grandson who can't shake the Skywalker name is ashamed of it, he takes drugs to suppress the force and is ana absolute scumbag bounty hunter at the beginning of the plot, even if it's not Canon now it is absolutely worth the read 100% could not recommend it more

  19. It is shown on multiple occasions that droids are very much alive with their own personality (C3PO, R2D2, L3,K-2SO, and more). Its clear robots are as alive in the Star Wars universe as any other alien race, yet they are treated worse than slaves by both the good and bad sides. C3PO and R2D2's memory being erased like its nothing, given away like slaves.

  20. In fairness, R2’s memory is never wiped. In Canon, the reason that droid’s develop personalities is because their memory is almost never wiped.

  21. This isn’t really a controversial take. The situation you describe is intentional. As Lucas demonstrated over and over, especially if you watched the clone wars, is that the notion of the light side being good and the dark side being bad is an oversimplification of the way in which living beings used the force. The way one treats their droid is supposed to be an indication of one’s morality.

  22. It’s been a lot of asset jerking by Disney. More and more it’s becoming “LOOK, LOOK, ITS THE CHARACTER YOU LIKE” or just making it similar to the other Star Wars movies. They need to a movie that the only thing it has similar to the others is that John Williams scores it, other wise don’t mention the sky walkers or Palpatine or the falcon or the empire or really any of the Jedi we know about.

  23. What worked about the first trilogy from the 70s is that they're simplistic space fairy tales that whole families did and still enjoy. I think adding more films easily overloads that foundation, as the simplicity in plot, setting and character can't take too much weight. The Expanded Universe books built on that foundation in interesting ways, though... But clearly aren't seen as suitable for movies by the people that matter.

  24. In an entire galaxy, long ago, far, far away, why are there only, like, four people who do anything. And “maybe they’re related?!” is always the game being played.

  25. This is part of why I like 'Rogue One' so much. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but what's especially appealing about it to me is that it's a bunch of nobodies who have nothing to do with the Skywalkers changing the course of the war. What's more, only one of them has a connection to the Force, and it's a weak connection -- maybe he would've been a Jedi, but also maybe not. The others are ordinary. They're just people, fueled by passion and trauma rather than wizardry.

  26. They tried to get away from that by saying Rey’s parents were nobodies but they immediately went back on that choice in the next movie

  27. Lol, you would love the great Jawa horde we have down in Atlanta. The local rebel Legion basically made an assembly line for making Jawa costumes and then turned an old bus into a sandcrawler, now we have like 30 or so Jawas who can costume up at any time. Only issue is they're very tall jawas.

  28. He should have been a force ghost during episode 9. Some dark presence subtly messing with the universe, but not truly alive.

  29. The thing I hated most about the EU was OP Palpatine. I also hated the gave him the massive force storm in IX. Palpatine was a schemer. He couldn’t overpower Plagueis so he killed him in his sleep. He couldn’t overpower the the Jedi and the Republic so he infiltrated and destroyed it from within. Making him a dark side god goes against the figure he was set up to be. A Schemer. Not the ultimate culmination of a selective system.

  30. EXACTLY! I grew up in the late 70s and early 80s and can attest that no one gave a fuuuuuuuck about him beyond being abstract big bad!

  31. I'm not a fan of The Phantom Menace but by god were people impressed with the Darth Maul fight at the end. A double-fucking blade lightsaber.

  32. Same, but with space fights. I don't really care about the lightsaber stuff that much. The things that got me hooked on Star Wars were the ship designs and how, at least in the OT, they got kind of technical so the starfighter pilots sounded like actual professionals. Whereas in the prequels and sequels the pilots just shout generic high-octane pilot things.

  33. I disagree. I think its R2's story. He had a much greater presence in Episode 1 and 2 and 3, and got the same amount of screen time as c3 in 456

  34. I believe this. Vader got ahold of him when he got dismantled on Cloud City, you can't tell me that he didn't do anything shady to his old personal tinker box that he messed around with when he was a kid... then sent him back into the Rebel fold.

  35. Return of the Jedi is my favorite SW film. Whenever someone says the words "Star Wars" my mind immediately goes to any particular scene in that movie. People say the movie is disjointed but every scene is memorable at the very least.

  36. Return of the Jedi is my favorite ad well. I loved the Ewoks as a kid, however as an adult I weep knowing they were originally supposed to be Wookies. A wookie taking out a storm trooper with a massive stone axe is far more believable than a Ewok with a tiny bow.

  37. IMO, it’s one of the most satisfying finales to any trilogy. Tons of memorable moments, resolves the story nicely, and leaves the saga in a good place.

  38. That lightsaber fight in the end was top quality. Everything from the music to choreography to lighting. Gives me goosebumps every time.

  39. My favorite scene in all of Star Wars starts with the words "If you will not turn to the Dark Side... then perhaps. She. Will."

  40. In my experience everyone who doesn't like Return of the Jedi is snobbish and enjoy disagreeing with people.

  41. I wouldn't call it my favourite Star Wars overall but I can't deny Luke jumping out of the shadows to wail on Vader in rage while the John Williams score swells is the greatest moment in the franchise.

  42. Boba Fett is an oddly overrated background character, and even after watching The Book of Boba Fett, I don’t really care about him.

  43. He got cool because when Vader assembled the bounty hunters and told them what their job was, he looked at Boba and said "And no incinerations disintegrations, this time". Which suggests that Boba somehow messed up a job by incinerating somebody in the past yet is so badass that Vader still called him for this job, instead of doing what he usually does to people who disappoint him. It's a line that allows your imagination about him to go wherever the hell you want. And of course, cool helmet, cool backpack rocket thingy. And there you have it.

  44. tbh if you take clone wars into account he has quite an interesting character arc overall and it's interesting to see his change as a person over time.

  45. I liked the Star Wars cartoon for this! Good time period for a lot of conflict with the clone wars, and explored the universe a lot more with it.

  46. I wish they would explore it more, but I'm tired of every planet (and there needs to be more shown on screen) being one giant biome instead of each planet being varied. We have an ice planet, a forest moon, a planet that's a giant city, a gas planet (that makes sense) and a desert planet.

  47. I kind of agree. I saw Episode 1 at the cinema, and I knew it was bad in terms of script and story. But fuck me, the pod race. The scene with the droid army fighting in the sand storm. Dual light sabres. It made me feel like a kid again.

  48. Didn’t the primal story have him dying in Empire? George changed his mind when he realised how popular the character was

  49. For some reason as a kid I always thought Han was blinded permanently by the carbonite freezing. I think that was a nice way to have permanent consequences without going too dark.

  50. In retrospect, it makes no sense that Obi-Wan and Yoda didn't train Leia alongside Luke and just left her as a backup. As one character recently said, "she's just as important." In fact, Luke shouldn't have been the sole focus of the original trilogy. It should've been both of them.

  51. it clearly wasn't planned in advance, but according to the story as it is now, obi-wan favored training luke while yoda wanted to train leia.

  52. "They were trying to keep her secret" just not cut it. You're telling me that Vader never noticed one of Padme's close senator friends mysteriously acquired a daughter when his wife wasn't even pregnant? You're telling me Luke and Vader can sense each other across miles of space, but Vader can't notice her force strength when he's spending hours in her tiny cell interrogating her? Making Leia Luke's twin opened up so many plot holes...

  53. I cannot fathom why they refuse to drop the legacy stuff. You have literally an entire universe to work with and you continue to focus on this one small time frame and setting? Why? I thought you liked selling merchandise Disney?

  54. I disagree, they had a limited time window to use these actors. But they shouldn't have done it so poorly. A sequel trilogy with Luke the only OT character featured prominently, with a plot as simple as training Jedi would have been sooooooo good.

  55. I actually really enjoy the political side of the prequels more than the actual action bits. I find the fact that Palpatine controlled both sides of the conflict to be supper interesting as well as what the separatist planets thought. There are a handful of clone wars episodes where Padmé visits an old friend that happens to be a senator for a separatist planet.

  56. In retrospect, I think watching the clone wars then re watching episodes 1-3 made me like 1-3 a lot more, but I've always loved the prequels more than the OT.

  57. Actually, this is how space opera best works. Strong political machinations working in the background that serves the plot by creating stakes beyond the whole “the special saves the world from evil dark bad man.” If it was handled better, it would have made for a phenomenal backdrop to the prequels, and led perfectly into the originals.

  58. Imagine Star Wars but with a contemporary rock soundtrack like "Titan AE" or the original "Transformers" movie. Now, I happen to like both those movies, and the soundtracks are part of that. But Star Wars would definitely not have the mood that we all love so much if it didn't have a good orchestral score.

  59. The sound team in general is what made Star Wars what it is. When I think of Star Wars, the first things that come to mind are the Imperial March, the sound of a lightsaber, and Vader's breathing.

  60. I saw Life as a House and was like, oh shit, he can act. It's clearly just Lucas' shitty direction that made him look so bad. Even Natalie Portman looked bad in a lot of scenes, and she can clearly act well in many other works.

  61. Most sci Fi lends itself to westerns in a way. Exploring new frontiers, meeting indigenous peoples, shooting them. Not saying all, but a good chunk that are not usually thought of as westerns can be compared to westerns.

  62. Boba Fett in the the OT was super lame. He didn't do anything remarkable except losing a fight to a blind Han Solo and "dying". The only thing cool about him was his armor.

  63. I don't think it was horrible having him in other scenes, but it would have definitely increased the impact of his appearance.

  64. Actually that would be amazing if you didn't see him the whole movie till that lightsaber lights up red. That would have been the best reveal of all time.

  65. This is difficult for me, because, while I would've loved to have him be completely unexpected and out of nowhere in that scene, I really liked his interaction with Krennic. "Be careful not to choke on your aspirations." That's classic Vader.

  66. Star Wars was never "good" from a movie criticism standpoint. It's not meant to be super in depth, and it relies on cool visuals and action, which is completely OK. Like Harrison Ford said, "it's not that kind of movie", and it shouldn't have to be.

  67. When I watched "Star Wars: A New Hope",I thought the acting was pretty bad and the writing wasn't great. It's the action and special effects that saved the movie. The next two were much better acted.

  68. As a kid Darth Nihilus scared the shit out of me. Going into that boss fight, I had to keep reminding myself that it's just a video game.

  69. Kreia/Darth Traya is one of the top 5 characters in all of star wars. Canon/eu...all of it. I hate that TOR virtually ignores KOTOR 2's existence.

  70. Best integration of story and gameplay I've seen in a long time honestly. Few come close and those always happen to be my favorites because they actually take full advantage of what the medium is capable of.

  71. It's a great universe with interesting races, politics, mythos, magic system, etc, but no movie rises above "good." Only a couple are even better than "above average." Most of the good Star Wars media are TV shows and video games.

  72. When I tell people I'm a huge Star Ward fan, either they also are, or they hate it ''The story is so bad, I don't get why you like it.'' And I agree, the story is really simple : ''Hey random farmer, go save the princess and the entire universe. Congrats, you're a hero !''. But the universe is incredible. It's so deep and really well made, you could take any movie and with a few minor tweaks, it could be a star wars movie happening somewhere in the galaxy.

  73. It was death right there or death by crimson dawn IIRC, her sacrifice meant the others could get the fuel and possibly survive.

  74. Darth Jar Jar remains my favorite fan theory of all time and I’m crushed it never came to fruition. I remember before Force Awakens came out people thought they could bridge the gap by bringing in Jar Jar as the overarching villain/snoke. That would’ve been 1,000,000 times better than what we got.

  75. As far as I remember it was the first movie I ever watched. Was amazing for me. Wanted to make films ever since. I am now a sound effects editor.

  76. Star Wars 8: the slow chase through space would have been better as a submarine battle that was Wrath of Khans showdown between the Enterprise and the Reliant

  77. I’d say that as far as just general enjoyment of sci-fi goes, I think Star Trek does a better job though. After a certain point “spaceship goes boom” gets kinda repetitive, whereas focusing on philosophical ideas, cool concepts like dyson spheres or whatever it maybe are not only more true to the original sci-fi genre but more interesting to consume. That’s what has always to me been more compelling about sci-fi, it’s why I also enjoy things like Cowboy Bebop or more recently The Three Body Problem.

  78. This would make a lot of sense... before episode 9. Now Snoke was a clone made in a tube by Palpatine or something stupid like that.

  79. I give a shit that Han fired first because it makes Han a better character. Someone who could be bad, could be good, and you never know what'll happen.. who ultimately turns out to be a good guy.

  80. Star wars has had stupid incongruous shit in it since day one, and is in no way meant to hew to a realistic portrayal of events. It's pulp sci-fi meets space opera meets classical epic, and if you so desperately crave consistency and a sound basis for every decision and event, you are setting yourself up for disappointment, because you're ordering a Starbucks Unicorn Frappucino and expecting to be served an Old Fashioned.

  81. It’s also a literal fairy tale, which is stated at the beginning of every single movie. George made it a fairy tale so he did not have to deal with real world physics.

  82. Every time I see someone complain, truthfully or ironically, about the dialogue in the prequels, I wonder if they've seen any star wars at all.

  83. R2 and 3PO should never have had an origin. It would have been much better for them to be these ancient robots who wander in and out of adventures and are always sort of our representatives to the universe

  84. As far as I know R2 can still be that way as the first time he appeared was as a droid doing a job on a ship, but we don't know what he did before that. (I've only seen the movies, so I don't know if his story is explored further in books/comics)

  85. Agreed. It feels like a war movie because they all fuckin' die in the mud, losing their buddies one by one. And for a 70s kid, that final scene is as close as I will ever come to travelling through time.

  86. Rogue One is my dad’s and my favorite Star Wars movie, we’ve seen all of them and rogue one is its own amazing self-contained story

  87. Sci-fi heist movies are a fairly small genre already, and Solo was a pretty good one. Also the lack of focus on the force/space wizards was refreshing, same as with Rogue One.

  88. I honestly think it suffered from its place in the release rotation. If you are getting a new flick every six months its way easier to be dismissive like "Yeah this aint it. NEXT!" rather than taking the time to meet each flick on its own terms, which Solo definitely had.

  89. I've never been so confused by a movie being so poorly received. Solo is probably my favorite Star Wars movie, apart from Rogue One. Great action, interesting story, great cast, a few plot twists.. I genuinely don't understand how people don't like it or find it boring.

  90. I'm glad to see your comment get upvoted so much. I didn't get around to watching it until a few months ago because I kept hearing so many negative things about it, and I was blown away. If I were to rank the Star Wars movies in order, it would definitely be in the top half for me.

  91. The worst part about the movies is that they did not spend MORE time on the Jedi and Sith. I wanted the origin story of the order(s), Jedi academy, history, etc.

  92. I'm pretty invested Star Wars and consider myself a good fan. That being said, I've never understood all this talk of forms with lightsabers and I think it's stupid and complicated for the story.

  93. There's a really cool scene where Maul and Kenobi fight for the last time in Rebels. Kenobi starts by doing his point the lightsaber at the opponent thing, then switches to the two hands on the lightsaber like Quigon Jinn would use. Maul sees this and goes for the same move he used on Quigon, but Kenobi was waiting for it and just slices him in two. A short fight, but shows the cunning of Obi Wan. And saved on animation costs probably.

  94. The idea of lightsaber forms (and, for that matter, specific things like degrees of injury not related to the forms) was, iirc, first published in an official magazine. It stated that there are various forms relating to different principles of combat, that have their own histories (with some building on top of others), and tend to be strong in some cases and weak in others.

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