What’s a movie that wouldn’t get made today due to changing norms of what’s appropriate?

  1. The weird thing about Revenge of the Nerds is that it was actually way ahead of its time with its depiction of Lamar, the gay character, who was totally an accepted member of the nerds. No one minded that he was gay, that he brought his boyfriend to the party, that they danced together. No one was concerned that he was doing aerobics with Wormser -- no one thought he would make Wormser gay. Lamar had very wholesome, big brother kind of friendship with Wormser.

  2. I watched Never Been Kissed for the first time in a long time and there's like three different adults romantically linked to teenagers. No one actually sleeps with them but still....

  3. Yes!! I used to love this movie as a teen. Because you know, geeky/bullied girl gets's the awesome and handsome man.

  4. Didn't the Pretty Little Liars show have a student/teacher relationship? I remember nope-ing out of that in the pilot because she was like fifteen and he was a grown-ass man. 2013 was not that long ago. Teen shows let the weirdest shit through, even today.

  5. The only notable thing about that movie to me is the fact that Mike and Rich from Redlettermedia were extras in it. The video of them describing their experience on set is one of the funniest things

  6. Roger Moore quit James Bond bc he felt it was too weird and inappropriate for a guy his age to be hooking up with “kids”.

  7. There was this teen skater who wanted to smash in For Your Eyes Only. And Bond was pretty much like, "Go put on your clothes... And I'll buy you an ice cream." 5 year old me thought it was a nice gesture.

  8. In his defence he was in his 50s by the time he retired the role and the Bond girls were in their 20s which would have gotten weird.

  9. Sixteen candles. That scene where Jake says he could violate Carolyn ten different ways if he wanted to plus there's that whole stereotypical asian character.

  10. Yeah the stereotypical asian character was cringy as hell. Like, that shit was questionable already back when Mickey Rooney did it in in Breakfast at Tiffanys, and that was 1961.

  11. also iirc, this was filmed at or near one of the first nuclear test sites. john wayne was warned of the dangers but didn't believe them (though to be fair, i don't think there was a lot of understanding at the time), but developed cancer likely as a result of this film

  12. Cheech & Chong because norms have changed such that smoking weed isn't as edgy as it was back then.

  13. I remember a dog or their dog ate their bag of weed and did a shit. So they smoked the dog shit to get high. It was so ridiculous it was funny.

  14. In 1994 Blank Check, Milk Money, and Holy Matrimony were all released. All movies in which a child is romantically linked with an adult woman. They were really on something that year.

  15. I honestly expected that movie to be worse than it was. I mean its not good by our modern means but man the racism hype around it had me expecting FAR worse

  16. Disney actually has a statement "these were products of their time" and denounces the supremacist views of the time but keeps the movies around for historical sake.

  17. So While You Were Sleeping is genuinely one of my favorite movies, absolutely hilarious! But good lord, if you think for two seconds it's very creepy! They had to change the story to switch the genders of the main characters (Very Good Call I'd say!) In order for it to not seem creepy then, but seriously still pretty nuts even w a female protagonist.

  18. isn't there a movie about a man tricking a woman who has amnesia into thinking his kids are hers? it's called like Overboard or something

  19. Ive always enjoyed this movie but thought it was absolutely nuts. If the genders were reversed it’s be more obvious how wrong it is but…it’s a movie. Some things you just have to take with a grain of salt

  20. Yeah, but Grease was made in the early 70’s (musical) and late 70’s (movie) and was meant to parody the 50’s. Might still get away with that, given context.

  21. Soul Man C. Thomas Howell in black face playing a character taking advantage of black scholarship. He does learn his lesson in the movie, but it looks horrible on the surface.

  22. Even when Soul Man was initially released it got quite a bit of backlash. The movie tried to to present a positive message and might have looked OK on paper, but it was just too over the top to pull it off.

  23. I remember watching this and the best part is when his dad in on that inversion bed, going up and down. We see Howell from dad's point of view swing into view upside down for each line. "Son, I want you to be a man... so for your graduation...

  24. The dinner date scene with Latrell and Marcus, where Marcus (as Tiffany) is purposely exhibiting horrendous table manners to try to turn off Latrell, still cracks me up.

  25. Call me crazy but I think Key and Peele, with full awareness, could successfully remake this movie. I'd be *shocked* to be proven wrong. If anyone could make that today, it'd be them.

  26. 40 Days and 40 Nights. I remember watching this as a young teen and being incredibly unsettled by the ending (where the male protagonist is raped by his ex-girlfriend while he is tied up) Edit: removed a word

  27. I saw that movie in the theater when it came out. I was on a first date with a girl I’d had a crush on, she chose the movie. All I can remember from the date is her saying that movie was amazing and the best thing she’d seen in a long time. I just remember thinking “dude was raped…and he was the bad guy because of it????” I never went out with her again.

  28. I realised I hadn't seen a lot of the older bond films a couple of months back when I saw that the whole collection had been added to Amazon Prime.

  29. What’s the one with the chase scene through Mumbai (Delhi?) where, in a span of about 30 seconds, they manage to squeeze in every single offensive stereotype the Brits had of Indian people? Might’ve been Goldfinger.

  30. From Russia With Love has a scene where Bond slaps a woman to calm her down. Nowadays, he’d have ended up getting his scrotum inverted

  31. People on my town’s facebook group are always asking strangers to come babysit their kids for date night. “any college or high school student please respond”

  32. Man of the House, one of those classic 90s films featuring a mischievous kid (played by JTT) navigating life with his family (Chevy Chase).

  33. Yeah the whole Indian Guides thing would not go over well now. But to this day I still think the name Squatting Dog suits Chevy Chase very well.

  34. We just watched it with our teens. I explained to them how gay bars were about the only thing gays had back in the day, and how no one ever acts their best in a bar.

  35. I still think it would be made into a TV show, especially with streaming. It would never make it into a movie theater thought.

  36. I'm pretty sure you could, and even stick it right on the same network. It's gross abd disgusting and offensive but shows which make that their identity tend to be fine.

  37. But hey at least Disney+ added extra CG hair to try and cover up her ass in that scene where she's running back to the water, for their release of it. That's the real controversy - a bit of bum. /s

  38. Well, Spielberg wasn’t trying to make a slow-burn movie anyways, that’s not what he’d been given budget for. He’d intended for it to be an action-packed one with plenty of scenes with the shark, but the mechanical one they made kept malfunctioning.

  39. There are way too many shark movies trying to be the next Jaws and I have yet to find anything that scares the (literal) piss out of me like Jaws did growing up.

  40. Which is weird. My kid is 13. He typically watches a movie by putting it on while dicking around on his phone. He was doing that the night we started watching Jaws. Around the time they get on the boat to go look for the shark he was hooked. I did notice when they told the story of the Indianapolis he looked it up on his phone but a couple of minutes later he was leaning forward on the couch completely into the movie. He spent the rest of it riveted to the screen, his phone just laid on the couch. When it was over I asked him what he thought...his answer was "It was good." and walked off. Guaran-damn-tee you when we go to the beach next month he hesitates before going in the water.

  41. I realized this a few years back when I was working at a hotel. It was one of the movies we had available to take upstairs to your room, and an overweight lady asked me was it was about.

  42. In Crazy, Stupid, Love, a (edit) 19 17 year old girl gives her nude photos to a 13 year old boy and it's supposed to be a cute moment...

  43. That’s the only part of the movie I can’t stand but otherwise it’s a great movie.

  44. It’s a shame…. I still think about The 30,000 single women that starve to death every year in the UK, because they can’t open jars.

  45. Marjorie to Rosie O’Donnell… “are you fat because you’re a lesbian or are you a lesbian because you’re fat.” Lol

  46. I don't think there's anything that couldn't get made today if it was handled by the right talent. Sure, you couldn't get some ham-fisted idiot to make a movie like Blazing Saddles, but Sacha Baron Cohen or Trey Parker & Matt Stone could pull off that level of satire.

  47. I think if Mel brooks were to make it today he could do it. He's a master and I don't think he would push the same buttons. Instead tip toe the line

  48. Leon the Professional. They def over sexualized Matilda and had some very weird moments in it. Even if Leon rejected the advances it still would be unacceptable for many people.

  49. Yeah I misremembered the overall gist of the film as "young girl's family gets murdered, and she takes up with a professional assassin who becomes the father figure she never had and gets revenge" and decided to watch it with my 12 year old daughter. Holy shit was that awkward.

  50. I remember being decently grossed out by the movie and read up on it. The director originally wanted Matilda's advances to be accepted by leon. They had to dumb down a lot of what was supposed to happen. The director himself met his wife or had a child with his wife when she was 14. I think Matilda was supposed to be 12 in the film when leon takes her virginity. It was supposed to convey the love they had between them and whatever, ironically, it proves exactly why Matilda was no where near ready or in the right frame of mind to know what she was asking for. PLEASE fact check this, I know i got the gist of it right but the ages I gave might be off, and it might've been the writer, not the director

  51. Everyone is saying 30+ year old movies but a lot of movies that came out even 10 years ago wouldn’t be okay today.

  52. depends. there's plenty of "edgy" comedy that goes on today and plenty of times where being gay is "the joke," but still done in a smart and not tasteless way.

  53. I feel like Pretty Woman would not be made today. I remember so many people just talking about how much they loved that movie. When I finally watched it, I was like this is romanticizing prostitution.

  54. Blind Richard Pryor driving the car and talking to deaf Gene Wilder in the passenger seat, with his head turned toward Gene so that Gene can read his lips...

  55. Probably Jawanna Mann. A misogynistic asshole deciding to crossdress to play in the women's league just to keep copping a paycheck, probably wouldn't fly well in today's society.

  56. I'll do you one better, what's a movie that got made today, that wouldn't be appropriate to be produced 20 years from now?

  57. Not a movie, but I was watching Married... With Children the other day and holy crap - I know it was controversial when it was new, but there's no way it would fly today. And the funny thing is, I'm sure that a lot of the "controversial" aspects from when it was made would be less problematic now than a lot of the jokes or stereotypes that probably would have flown right under the radar back then

  58. Blazing Saddles. Looking back today, it’s got so many “fade out, fade back in” scene transitions! Sticks out like a sore thumb, even if you’re not normally the sort of person who pays attention to cinematography. You maybe see that sort of thing every once in a while today, but usually as a deliberate choice, not the default. Modern films usually use cuts, sometimes with diegetic sound from the upcoming scene playing early to let you know it’s coming, or find a way to incorporate it into the movement on screen.

  59. I saw Mel Brooks live a few years ago and his response to “How could you make Blazing Saddles in 2015?” Was “Ya couldn’t. But you also couldn’t make it in 1974”

  60. A western about a black slave, turned lawman teaming up with a white gunslinger, where they go up against racist establisment figures such as plantation owners and the KKK, while overusing racial slurs?

  61. As gritty as it is its still a welcomed coming of age film and i feel does have an important narrative to display. Coming from a similar scene of teenage skateboarders, I can say things like that do happen (maybe not so often these days) and it's important that it gets told and people can see it and reflect and, hopefully, make good decisions upon reflection.

  62. MASH. Love the show, hate the movie. Used to get into public arguments about it with my ex. Him: “She hates MASH!! How can you hate MASH???”

  63. Mick Rooney's yellowface wouldn't fly today, but they still have Asian men cast as fat dorky sidekicks who are the butt of all jokes.

  64. Overboard is insane. Goldie Hawn is mind raped into being some dude’s house slave. When she runs to the cops, they send her back to him and it’s all played for laughs.

  65. There are several movies whose entire premise is “Mentally ill person has extreme reaction to borderline/literal abuse. Please laugh” and it has bothered me my entire life. Anger Management is a great example. I was made fun of for not finding it funny when I was a kid. A kid who had already experienced being treated like that by a therapist.

  66. Not a movie, but Married With Children immediately sprung to mind. Such a great show, but it did not age too well.

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