what is proven to be a hoax but people still believe it to be true?

  1. I think there was a doctor who only cracked his knuckles on one hand for years just to prove to his mum that it’s an old wives tale

  2. I get pissed off every time I think of that freaking movie “what if we used 100% of our brain?” I just explain that they would have to make their own heart beat, lungs breath and every other function of the body that is autonomous like standing up! (Edit: for those of you saying it’s a seizure I get what you are saying but I was more going over the theory rather than reality and how if we use almost all of our brain to run automatic tasks in our body. Sure it’s not alway at 100% but I think you guys are missing the point)

  3. To be fair that one mostly exists to discourage people especially kids from messing with baby animals. It's probably a good thing overall for most people to believe it.

  4. “average person eats 3 spiders a year" factoid actualy (sic) just statistical error. average person eats 0 spiders per year. Spiders Georg, who lives in cave & eats over 10,000 each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

  5. Gonna need to create a group to sell people a full course on how MLMs don’t work…. And then they sell that course to other people… who sell it to other people…

  6. also people often forget that you can be wealthy and happy without being your own boss. you don't have to force yourself into building a business if you don't feel like that'll make you happy only because a chad on instagram told you that without a crypto based business you'll end up homeless.

  7. It is difficult to stop a good salesperson from selling shit. People might even go into something knowing better, and come out with a totally different view.

  8. My mum and grandma still believe this despite me explaining how it works. It's crazy how many people still believe this!

  9. I hate this one. Because my mom and sister believed this, they wouldn't let me shave my legs. They would hide razors. When I finally had a job and could buy them, I shaved every day. I have no hair on the backs of my legs now and hardly any above the knee. Its wonderful.

  10. Someone told me once that it looks thicker because when you shave, the new hairs all grow at the same time giving the appearance of being thicker.

  11. Basically everything that anyone learned in school about food is complete bullshit. Real hard to figure out why there is an obesity epidemic in the US.

  12. My 30 year old brother was practically making out with my parents dog one day. He told me dogs mouths are cleaner than adults. I reminded him she eats other dogs poop if she gets a chance and doesn’t brush her teeth. He put that dog down pretty quick and made a sharp exit.

  13. Now that I’m older and drive regularly, I realized my parents said that just because it’s annoying to have the light on while driving at night.

  14. When I learned this fact, I tried riding with the light on so I could see my dinner while eating on a road trip. The person in the truck behind us kept flashing his brights at us whenever I’d turn it on. He was very anti-car lights while driving, I guess.

  15. I have to take a polygraph every 5 years for my job. If I “fail” I’m in jeopardy of losing my job. Sadly, lie detectors are in fact a very real part of my continued financial well-being. Taking one is extremely stressful and the anxiety of being in the situation is enough to create false positives which causes further anxiety and increases the chance of “failing”.

  16. This one really pisses me off because to this day people in positions of authority are still pretending that it is legit and using it .

  17. It never struck me as being remotely believable. Let's see, I took a bit of an apple and there was a razor blade in it. Who gives out apples on Halloween? The guy at 1212 Maple Street. Investigation over- that's good police work, Lou.

  18. Blood in your veins is blue and red in your arteries. Literally every elementary school teacher I had kept this lie going.

  19. I always heard this one as your blood is blue until it leaves your body. After it escapes your blood is exposed to oxygen which turns it red.

  20. Detox. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. What do you think your liver and kidneys are doing all day? If they weren’t working you would be on a form of detox called dialysis.

  21. Yup, all the "detox" and "cleanse" diets are basically just not eating like shit for 10 days and letting your body do its thing.

  22. That people are “right” or “left” brain thinkers and that it has any bearing on her personality and level of logic or creativity.

  23. Professional fighters don't actually have to register their hands as weapons. No body part can be registered as a weapon.

  24. The author of the original paper has been on a thirty-year crusade to make people forget he ever wrote it. The following year he published a correction. Essentially, he'd been following a single pack of recently released (into Yellowstone) wolves and observed their behavior. When he redid the study, he followed multiple packs, both new and legacy, and realized that the pack structure basically followed the family structure.

  25. Funny thing is the guy who came up with the idea in the first place published another article to debunk himself because he realized he was wrong. And nobody listened to him the second time. I guess we just believe what we want to believe

  26. Not really a hoax, just a misunderstanding. I'm a zoologist, and have studied wolves extensively. People originally mistook wolf hierarchy for "strongest roles the pack". Now, because many of us have begun using the term "breeding pair" instead of "alpha pair," there's a whole new misunderstanding, in that some people seem to think that there is no hierarchy at all.

  27. Pretty sure the Bermuda Triangle being more dangerous due to supernatural things but it is just as dangerous as any sea, it just has some intense waters.

  28. The whole Bermuda Triangle mystery goes out the window when you realize how massive the triangle is and that it contains some of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. It's just a matter of numbers, like saying more accidents happen on major highways than in suburban towns. Well of course

  29. Euch. There's a scientology church in downtown KC and EVERY SINGLE TIME that ANYTHING happens there's always those Scientology people with the panflets. Every time I get one of those I look the person in the eyes and tear it in half. So annoying.

  30. There comes a point at which you're not even HODLing anymore, you're just sitting on a bunch of worthless crap that you forgot about.

  31. I had ~ 50k Doge that I had bought when it was absolutely worthless. Unloaded it at $0.65 each and used that to pay some student loans, so yea, I guess it went towards another scam of sorts.

  32. I have a salt, pepper and an msg shaker. I use it all the time. The only bad part about it is I'll overeat because it makes everything so damn delicious. Chicken in a bisket crackers are literally butter crackers covered in msg and they are addicting delicious.

  33. Every single person I've ever met that has bitched about MSG loves Doritos. The savory flavor behind the fake cheese on those is MSG. They 100% never realize it until they're told.

  34. Fun fact, the Doctor who popularized this claim lost his medical license because he was a fucking idiot and made it up to be racist, basically

  35. Glutamate is one of the 20 amino acids used in proteins for god’s sake. Every living organism has it. Sure you can probably overdose on it like anything else, but you have machinery for metabolizing it unlike a lot of foreign compounds (perfluoro acids anyone?).

  36. Because diluting stuff somehow makes it more potent... lmao I have no clue how they came up with it

  37. Placebo effect!! It’s fun/interesting to see the placebo effect work in real life when people swear they’re less anxious or stressed after drinking their magic water

  38. I rmemeber people making comparisons between old and new pics being like "OMG, she looks different! She totally died and got replaced!" and just sitting there like "What if she just... grew up?"

  39. The thing that annoys me more is that after I give it food it takes two bites and leaves the rest after meowing at me for half an hour that it was hungry.

  40. The earth being flat. We have literally done studies, taken pictures, boiled all of that down to the level that a kindergartener can understand it, and some idiots still don't get it.

  41. Yeah this is a good one. Terrible how the media can misrepresent something and it sort of start its own life. It's used a common example in a great book (Humankind) as to how people are actually pretty good people.

  42. It’s crazy that the do enemas with it! Those parasites they think they are flushing out? It’s pieces of their destroyed colon coming out.

  43. I think the thing that annoys me the most about it is they go on about it being a big pharma conspiracy, when the original paper that had to be withdrawn was commissioned by manufacturers of single mumps, measles, and rubella vaccines in an attempt to discredit the MMR vaccine which was a huge threat to their business. So, the idea that vaccines cause autism actually came from big pharma being evil.

  44. That NASA spent billions developing a pen to work in space and the Russians just used a pencil

  45. I think I read that NASA discovered that the graphite in pencils would break off and possibly cause damage to electronics. They had to develop something safe to use in zero gravity that would also write. Russia switched over to the pen as well soon after.

  46. Personal carbon footprint or any green initiative which focuses on individual action. BP invented the entire concept during a marketing push to hide the fact that like ~72 companies produce 90% of pollution

  47. This is similar to the drought issue on the west coast (specifically California). 80% of water usage is being done by farmers growing fucking almonds that are being shipped to China, but there is so much being pushed on average citizens on our water conservation with minimal toilet flushing and lawns etc. While I dont disagree that lawns are dumb in the desert, even if residential usage was optimized perfectly down to 0 usage, 80% of the problem is still there!

  48. This one is spot on. I’ve worked for several large oil and gas companies that will do more harm to the environment than I could reverse in a single day. Any green choice I’ve ever made has been so that I can sleep at night, not because I’m on a crusade to save the planet. That starts with the corporation’s

  49. This one has gone through a game of internet telephone. The original line is: “100 companies are responsible for 70% of emissions.”

  50. Whenever I got sick as a kid, my parents had to hide it from my grandmother to avoid a lecture about letting me be outside too long and catching a cold.... sigh

  51. Throughout covid I’ve heard doctors say, wear a mask, social distance and sanitise your hands. I’ve not heard one say “there’s a chill in the air, better take a jacket”

  52. That carrots improve your eyesight. I think it was used in the Great British blackout because there was a food shortage and carrots was the easiest thing to get. Don't quote me on that tho.

  53. When I worked in a mental health clinic there was a patient who either ate carrots or bananas and nothing else. You could tell what stage he was in by the colour of his skin.

  54. It was used to conceal the early use of radar in WW2. British pilots suddenly became much more accurate, especially at night when the Germans ran bombing runs, and they claimed it was because they ate a lot of carrots and the vitamin A gave them super vision. As far as we know the Germans never actually bought it, but they also didn't figure out that the Allies were shoving radar systems in planes until they developed their own equivalent.

  55. One of my teachers told us a story about a guy she went to school with. His eyesight was getting bad, and he didn’t want to get glasses, so he began eating basically nothing but carrots. I don’t know what it did for his eyesight, but according to her, it slowly started to turn his skin orange.

  56. It doesn't give you "better" eyesight so to say. However, carrots are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin A deficiency can lead to blindness as the retinal cells need it. So, when you eat carrots, you have good eyesight for a longer time which might have been translated to "better" overtime as people continued saying it

  57. I was so mad when I read the book. I loved the original movie, but the book...it reads like a cheap RL Stine ripoff. They didn't even try.

  58. Just finished The Amityville Horror Conspiracy by Stephan Kaplan, a professor that was first called to investigate the house and refused after he smelled a hoax. He spent the rest of his life trying to get the word out that everything the Lutz’s said was not true. The policeman and priest never entered the house, no hurricane force winds were recorded when the screen door came off the hinges (not the heavy wood door,) the half moon window was never broken, a lot of the rooms were misidentified, etc. In it, there is an extensive interview, the only one recorded before the courts shushed it, of Ronald Defeo’s lawyer explaining how he gave information to the the Lutz family about the case that no one else knew and they turned around and used it in the book. The slime coming from keyholes and toilets was derived from fingerprint dust from a black and white crime scene photo. All in all it is an interesting read and really opens your eyes to the public’s desire to be entertained instead of knowing the truth.

  59. My husband’s ex wife tried to use this in court as a reason to keep the kids from him. We took them sledding and we took them out “in the cold night air” (it was 75 degrees) to a football game. We are trying to kill them by letting them outside in the cold. Meanwhile she chain smokes in the house with them.

  60. Can you imagine the hell on earth it would be if mammals just produced milk for no reason? Having a period is bad enough, but now I gotta worry about my boobs leaking all the time?

  61. The case of the woman who sued mcdonalds because she spilled hot coffee on herself. The hoax was that it was a frivolous lawsuit, that she was driving while drinking and she spilled the coffee on herself and just didn't like it and sued mcdonalds and won a lot of money. But the reality was that she wasn't driving, the coffee was extremely hot, people had already complained it was too hot, I don't remember how she spilled the coffee, but anyway after spilling just a bit of it on her leg, she got severe burns on her leg and had to go to the hospital and go to the ER. If she had drunk that she could have suffered much more harm. All she wanted was for mcdonalds to pay for her hospital bill, they didn't, and she sued them and won. Then either mcdonalds or it was a corporation that represented a bunch of corporations spread the hoax that some clumsy woman sued and won a lot of money because she spilled her coffee.

  62. Crystals. They are just fucking rocks. There is no scientific evidence proving that they have healing effect. Any possible effects are due to the placebo effect. People will actually go against medical advice because they think holding a crystal will fix all their problems.

  63. Australia being real. The government literally sends me checks every week to pretend to be "Aussie" and know what a "Kangaroo" is but they too lazy to check my socials soooo

  64. That Kennedy called himself a jelly doughnut in a speech to Berliners and they all laughed at him. Not true, he was fine using "ich bin ein berliner" there.

  65. I mean, if it had been Hamburg or Frankfurt, you'd get the same situation. Everyone knows the meaning, but it also sounds funny out of context.

  66. That using a tampon can take away a females virginity. It’s crazy that people still believe that myth even though it’s been busted many years ago.

  67. That's what I refer to as "not even wrong". Calling it a myth gives it too much credit. Virginity is an entirely imaginary attribute. It can't be taken away because it was never real.

  68. Virginity is kinda a social construct anyways, your body doesn’t change after the first time you have sex, it’s just made up to shame people for having sex outside of when religion tells you you’re supposed to

  69. Do people even know what a hoax is? They aren't myths. It's when someone deliberately fakes something.

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