The Supreme Court has overturned Roe V. Wade. How do you feel?

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  2. When I was 23 I aborted a pregnancy. It’s caused me a lot of pain over the years, emotionally. But I would never, not in a million years be for banning it. The case of unviable pregnancies alone is horrifying.

  3. It will also force children and raped people to give birth, and a lot of women will die from the birthing process alone because red states have terrible pregnancy mortality rates

  4. If I was American and anything other than a white heterosexual cis man I'd get out of there as fast as I could. Or at least go to a deep blue state and hope for the Republicans to never again get anywhere near the white house.

  5. I am an American white heterosexual cis man and I want out. I've said for years now that the only thing keeping me here is my dad, as I'm his only child and my mom's already gone. Once his time has passed, I thoroughly plan to emigrate. At least I managed to get out of the red state I lived in last year, but I'm sure that's only a minor obstacle for the shit show.

  6. Exactly. I found out I was pregnant the same week Texas implemented its shitty law banning abortion after six weeks. I should have been elated to be expecting a very much wanted child but anxiety over being able to receive any and all necessary care in any potential circumstance was terrifying. Good news, I had the baby and didn’t die fwiw.

  7. Can't you keep the job and protect those people by saying you saw nothing ? I'm not in your shoes so i don't know if it's possible.

  8. I grew up in a household that believes in basically EVERY conspiracy theory that's ever been invented, so I always have to stop and consider. That said, the sentiments you just expressed in your third paragraph have been rolling around in my head for a while now.

  9. As a young woman, I made the choice to have an abortion, after birth control methods failed. I was on an extremely dangers medication, the medication was proven to cause severe birth defects. I loved the baby but I knew I didn't want it born into a life of suffering. I did not want the child I loved to live life confined to a wheel chair, feeling pain/discomfort and dependent on others all their life so I made the choice. Some people might judge me but I'm okay with that. The procedure itself is not anything easy to handle as a woman, but it should remain our right to choose. I hope more people could understand this and have your courage to do the right thing, even when their job is to stand against it.

  10. Wow...a woke cop. Have you read "Freakonomics"? You are exactly correct with everything you said. It really is a positive feedback loop. Most people don't realize these correlations exist. Alot of women who get abortions do so because they can't afford the child so I don't know what makes people think they can afford to travel. That's the sad reality of it-cross state lines or be forced to have a child you can't afford.

  11. As someone who lives in missouri (the populated non bumblefuck part) I’m hella fucking pissed off. I’m pissed off this shit happened. I’m pissed off the place that I love is about to get dragged for some shit that only yokels vote for. I’m pissed for every woman I’ve ever called a friend. And I am at a loss for what I’m supposed to do now.

  12. Same, I’m so angry but don’t know where to place that anger. At Nancy Pelosi for not doing enough? At the justices? At trump, at the Koch bros? At the system itself. I’m tired of being the majority and not having my views reflected in govt. my wife spent all day in tears.

  13. Children should not be killed in the womb. They should be killed in the classroom, because guns are a basic human right and access to healthcare is not.

  14. It saddens me greatly to realize cops will not save living, breathing children from scenarios in a school but will spend 100% of their resources to track down a woman who had an abortion.

  15. The problem is that many of these state laws, including Missouri's, come with a class B felony for doctors who perform abortions that aren't medically necessary. Many doctors may choose not to risk literally ruining their lives until the woman is clearly actively dying, and then it may be too late.

  16. I’m really scared too. I have a genetic mutation that causes spontaneous abortion and makes pregnancy high risk, more than likely I’d have a few miscarriages before I could successfully carry one. This terrifies me, I could literally be sentenced to death bc I got pregnant and have weird genetics

  17. I’m in a similar situation. I’m young, married, and haven’t decided if I want kids. I have a history of blood clots and if I get pregnant it could be very dangerous. I know how dangerous blood clots are as well as how dangerous the medication to treat them can be.If something goes wrong I could be dead before I get to the hospital. If I get pregnant I would be at risk from day 1 to a few months after I give birth. My biggest fear is dying and leaving my husband grieving alone with a newborn. My doctor has been trying to talk me out of getting sterilized, but it honestly feels like the only safe choice at the moment.

  18. The confusion around this is key. A lot of people are for abortion bans because they cannot comprehend that people don't use abortion as a birth control method, they do it because something isn't right. Nobody ever sets out wanting to get an abortion. Durex aren't selling 'ribbed for your pleasure abortions.'

  19. I think I’m having a panic attack. I was just told my pregnancy isn’t likely to be viable at the end of last week but there is still a heartbeat. I don’t know what this is going to change for me in literally the next few days. I have an appointment at 1 to help determine if we need to terminate…but now I’m not sure what options I have. I am so scared and angry.

  20. Depends on your state. I had an identical situation and chose to wait it out and miscarry naturally instead of having an abortion. It was hands down one of the worst decisions of my life. I had to carry a dead fetus in my body for 4 weeks while my hormones figured out the fetus had not survived. For 4 weeks I kept saying “any day now” which is why I never pursued an eventual abortion. I spend months in therapy dealing with the PTSD. I’m so sorry you’ll have to possibly live through that. EMDR trauma therapy is really helpful if you do have lasting trauma.

  21. I think I’m having a panic attack. I was just told my pregnancy isn’t likely to be viable at the end of last week but there is still a heartbeat. I don’t know what this is going to change for me in literally the next few days. I have an appointment at 1 to help determine if we need to terminate…but now I’m not sure what options I have. I am so scared and angry.

  22. I'm so so so sorry. I'm so sorry you have been put in this position. It's unfair and it sucks. Healthcare is being ripped away from us and it feels like being sliced open by a thousand knives.

  23. I'm praying to anything that's listening that you'll be ok, but if you need to travel to another state, check out Elevated Access or the Auntie Network. Elevated Access provides free flights to states that still allow live saving treatments, and the Auntie Network provides housing and other resources if you have to travel out of state. Please be safe

  24. I’m a middle aged dude with 2 kids who’s had a vasectomy. I am an ICU RN in a red state. I’m going to have to watch women die completely preventable deaths because of this. I have never been this fucking mad in my life. Law or not, I can’t do the surgery. Women are going to die for no fucking reason. For fuck’s sake there are recipes for abortion tonics in the Bible. This is about control and nothing else.

  25. I'm so sorry. I'm currently pregnant as well and am so very heartbroken for you. For the fact that your pregnancy may not be viable as that within itself is devastating. But with the recent news it means so much more now. I am thinking of you and hoping your appointment has a positive outcome. Much love to you. ❤️

  26. It's just the start. Clarence Thomas wrote today that contraception and gay marriage are next. The Court is giving you guns but taking away everything else.

  27. As someone with a background in history, banning everything but weapons in a nation with a large underclass that feels they have no future and nothing to lose and already has a problem with persistent acts of terrorism is a, uh, ehm, uhhh, well, let's just say, uh, interesting, move.

  28. 28 year old female. I live in Massachusetts, I am in a significantly safer position than so many across the country. However, I am so scared of my own body that I’ve just reached out to numerous doctors to find one who will sterilize me. I have zero faith in how the next few years could play out and as we can see how easily all this came crumbling down. Birth control is absolutely next.

  29. I don't understand how the fuck people are not rioting in America rn. You've got guns and your rights are being taken away piece by piece and nobody does anything.

  30. How the fuck is this corrupt motherfucker still on the supreme court after what his wife did!? Is there no way to investigate him, or remove him??? Ugh as a Canadian living in Australia I just woke up to this news, and I am devastated for you guys.

  31. I feel the urge to leave and move to a state that aligns more with my beliefs in women's constitutional rights to abortion or even another country if I can.

  32. I have PCOS and live in a very anti-abortion state. I want children, but I don't want to be put on trial if I miscarry (which PCOS increases the chances of happening). My husband and I have decided that we're not starting a family in Texas. When we're ready for kids, we're moving.

  33. Hell I feel the urge to leave the entire country . But maybe moving states will be all I can manage....years from now....

  34. Literally having a conversation with my wife right now while I'm at work about our options. We're in Texas and now we want to leave. Hell, we have two options for moving out of the country. We had discarded those opportunities out of how difficult it would all be, but they are now very much so back on the table. Between this and the gun violence, and more specifically, the lack of any sort of action, it just doesn't feel safe to live here anymore.

  35. As a healthcare worker, this is going to be a fucking nightmare. I'm legitimately scared about what ends people will go to without safe options for birth control. Our healthcare system is stretched thin as is and Emergency Medicine is a rubberband barely holding it together. I dont like the implications of how this can potentially break something so damn fragile, especially after the fallout of the Covid pandemic.

  36. This is also going to have broad implications on the right to privacy in general, but particularly the right to privacy between you and your doctor.

  37. Forcing a woman who is not medically, financially or mentally prepared to carry to full-term and give birth is beyond human cruelty. It’s straight up torture. It’s evil.

  38. if you think only women are affected by the abortion ban, you are wrong. forcing babies into poverty will only increase crime rates because children and adults of low economic status have more incentive to join gangs and commit crimes. imagine trying to buy a house or get a job with all of the extra competition in this fking economy. imagine trying to have a kid with your wife but there are medical complications which make your fetus nonviable, requiring an abortion and she dies for no reason. people you know personally will be affected and may die or suffer immensely as a result. this affects the entire country in a very negative way. you might think this won't affect you because most of us never lived in a reality where abortion was banned federally. all it takes is bad luck for it to affect you.

  39. All those AskReddits where people ask "why don't you want kids?" And all the people chime in talking about how they felt that way too until they had their own...well, we're about to have a society full of people getting pregnant without the option to terminate, possibly without birth control itself even being accessible if they go after previous rulings, find out quickly that not everyone "feels differently about kids when they're your own!"

  40. Yes, the data is very convincing that Roe v. Wade was directly related to crime dropping in modern times. That and removing lead out of things helped a lot, but mainly Roe v Wade and people being able to have a proper upbringing

  41. Refer also to pages 30 - 32 of the opinion of the court. It explicitly and directly calls into question the following Rights and opens the door for them to be next on the chopping block.

  42. Picture being a 13 or 14 year old neglected or abused girl who is "noticed" by a 20-or-30 something year old male. What kind of life is SHE going to have, what kind of life is her CHILD going to have?

  43. Yep. My dad was pro-life until I had to have an operation to remove my nonviable pregnancy. Now he’s pro-choice and is “seeing the light” so to speak. people will always have a certain mindset until it happens to you or someone you care about

  44. Catastrophic structural failure tends to accelerate instead of wane nearing the incident of failure, that bolt can only stretch so far before it pops, and it kinda feels like the gov's been running around with an angle grinder on alot of these bolts the last few years

  45. That's exactly how I fell in addition to being angry and scared. I'm not sure how much longer I can stay in the U.S.

  46. especially when taking the other rulings from this week into consideration. between this Dobbs ruling, Vega v. Tekoh and NYSRPA v. Bruen they’ve reallllyyyy set the stage for some massive waves of political unrest.

  47. Thomas in his concurring opinion says the court should reconsider Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell — the rulings that now protect contraception, same-sex relationships, and same-sex marriage.

  48. they'll go against contraceptives and IUD's, IVF too, Gay marriage and sex, porn, interracial marriage, trans rights, they'll push to make abortion federally illegal, they'll do anything and everything to put you in your place.

  49. They let this issue take precedence over literally anything else. They were willing to elect monsters and let the world burn and be torn apart by war. So long as the monsters promised to one day do this.

  50. To those not thinking about the impact abortion bans will have on the living, breathing women and existing families of this nation:

  51. I had a D&C because my body thought I was still pregnant though my baby had no heartbeat at 9 weeks. Nausea, vomiting, feeling of being pregnant, exhaustion, I had it all uptill 11 weeks. It measured 7 weeks, my body couldn't even start the process of termination itself for a month, so I had to had an intervention. If I didnt had a D&C for the missed miscarriage, I might have died of sepsis.

  52. Sick. My friend had three miscarriages this year, two of which required abortions for her health and future fertility. Women and babies will die. People will lose mothers, wives, girlfriends, daughters, granddaughters, the list goes on. More children will be born only to be abused and neglected. The fallout will be more wide ranging and insidious than we can even anticipate.

  53. I'm genuinely confused. Are non viable pregnancies that require abortions not gonna be legal in certain states because of this? Do they expect the mother to just die?

  54. "We estimate that crime fell roughly 20% between 1997 and 2014 due to legalized abortion. The cumulative impact of legalized abortion on crime is roughly 45%, accounting for a very substantial portion of the roughly 50-55% overall decline from the peak of crime in the early 1990s."

  55. The US is going to look like Romania did during Ceaușescu's reign. Full orphanages and dead women.

  56. You say this as if they might care lol. If you die from an unsafe abortion it’s a win/win for them

  57. It will stop safe abortions for poor people. If one of these conservative fatcats gets their mistress pregnant, well time for a vacation to New York!

  58. I’m dreading hearing about the horrific stories that will come from this. So many women, men and families will suffer from this. All this is doing is hurting women and making their right to safe healthcare a thing of the past.

  59. I need to bitch about this quick. Adoption should NOT be a multi year process that costs 10s of thousands of dollars.

  60. May be fucked up to say, but I’m glad my women’s march, protesting, social justice fighting, feminist mother isn’t alive to see this.

  61. My mother fought for women’s rights in the 60s. She’s speechless right now. 50 years of progress down the toilet. She fought to have women be treated as human beings and dedicated her life to that cause. I’m crying right now just thinking about it.

  62. I'm really hoping some absolutely fucking massive 'civil rights era' turmoil comes of this. I want to see millions of women on the street. I want to see politicians hounded at town halls. I want the political class that's used abortion as a wedge issue for decades to have to come to grips with their reckless manipulation.

  63. All these folks whom said that the vaccine is their choice and the government can't force them to take it because it's their body. Now has to take it since the government apparently has control over their bodies.

  64. It amazes me how passionately America cares for unborn children and simultaneously couldn't give two shifts about living breathing kids getting shot and killed on a weekly basis.

  65. I feel angry and betrayed. Especially as the wording of the ruling clears the way for other rights to be done away with in the same manner. A direct quote from their ruling states;

  66. Arguing from history and tradition is so fucking insultingly dumb it would be better if they just said "fuck women, we hate them." If we're arguing from history and tradition the USA should cede power to the Queen as head of state and pay reparations to the Brittish gentry.

  67. I doubt this comment will be seen given that nearly 4000 comments already made, but I'll just say that the logic used to justify this decision is honestly more worrying than the decision itself. It's bad enough that the door is opened for outlawing abortion, but the logic used to justify overruling a previous Supreme Court verdict can be used to roll back nearly anything.

  68. It means that there's no such thing as 'settled' law anymore; Any SC decision can be overturned by a future SC, and the legality of fundamentals is based mostly on who's in power, rather than precedent. Today's decision has essentially voided the notion that precedent matters.

  69. This is what people don’t understand. There are people that think a fetus can be relocated to the uterus in an ectopic pregnancy. It can’t. It will kill you.

  70. This is why I’ve been crying since the news broke. I had an ectopic pregnancy. They were able to give me a shot so that I could avoid surgery and death. After today, that shot is no longer an option. I’m in my 30s and very much want to have a child, but I’m at an increased risk of another ectopic. I grieve every day for that loss. People keep framing this conversation around teenagers being wild and irresponsible when that is not the case. All women need access to unrestricted reproductive care.

  71. In Michigan thankfully our governor and AG are sane individuals, but a person running against the current AG in on the record of wanting to do the same. Regardless of if the mother (AND FETUS) will DIE, they don't care and want to ban abortion anyway. These people are demented troglodytes.

  72. Mo resident. Not too long ago after almost a decade of trying my wife became pregnant only to find it was ectopic. We lost a lot that day but we didn’t lose her. Now, I wouldn’t have her or our kids.

  73. My wife had an ectopic pregnancy that could have killed her if we didn't terminate. This decision absolutely will lead to the unnecessary death of women, pretty damn sad.

  74. I have already literally been told by someone in my personal life that I shouldn't care about this because "I can afford to fly to Canada for an abortion."

  75. If you're poor and live in a red state then you're double fucked. Healthcare providers will go to blue states to be free of government interference. Once again the Republicans screw over their own voters and will blame it on the liberals.

  76. It will affect poor women and women of colour disproportionately but make no mistake, this will affect ALL women. The rich aren’t immune to ectopic pregnancies, sepsis, not to mention the right to be sexually active without thinking twice about it. Nobody’s emergency plan should be ‘Oh I’ll just fly to Canada for a couple weeks‘, even if they can afford the time away.

  77. I’m a straight, white, Christian man, and I’m pissed off. The only places in my book that mention abortion are “how-to’s”. Rabbinic scholars (who know a fuck of a lot more about Old Testament law than these fundie televangelists and lawmakers do) have all agreed that life begins at breath. Not “conception”. “A man who causes a woman to miscarry is sentenced to pay a fine”, equal to a loss of property, not life.

  78. It's funny how much the beliefs of a Christian who has actually read and studied their book of faith will differ from fake Christians who just consume hateful dogma

  79. Im also a straight white christian male but from New Zealand. If crucifixion was still a punishment, the so called christian right in the US would execute Jesus just as easily as the Pharisees did.

  80. I thank you stranger for mentioning Rabbinic scholars. Abortions is COMMANDED under Jewish Law; people MUST get one if they are in danger of dying before or during childbirth, if they have been assaulted, or if them carrying the baby is damaging to their mental health. It is also permissible in the Qur'an - 22:5 and 23:12-14.

  81. No abortion, no healthcare, no maternity leave, no affordable housing, school violence, police authorities with too much power and close to zero control and responsibility. Lobbying.

  82. I’m feeling like religious morals and posturing have no place in government, is how I feel. This will not go well.

  83. Our fertility doctor has informed us that he will no longer provide services to me and my wife given the higher chance of needing a medically necessary abortion. Any stillborn child would now legally be required to be carried to full term. This is far too dangerous for my wife's health in his medical opinion.

  84. My wife and I have been going through fertility treatments for five years now. I can't imagine what that news would feel like. I am so sorry.

  85. Oh my. I’m so incredibly sorry, and I’m livid for you and your wife. The SC took your chances of having a baby away. My god. I’m crying even more tears of anger now.

  86. Maybe fertility treatments will be outlawed. If you can’t get pregnant naturally then that is God’s will. /s

  87. It is probably one of the most disastrous domestic policy decisions in my lifetime. Extraordinarily disappointed.

  88. Like I'm being held hostage by a bunch of extremists who are in the game for no reason but to fill their wallets and doing it all under the guise of religion.

  89. Not only did they overturn Roe but they have the chutzpah to spell out other rights that have been settled for decades in their opinion that are now at risk.

  90. They were kind (??) enough to outline precisely how too. Lawrence and Obergefell are directly quoted as a 'hey come and get it'.

  91. I am a lesbian woman, and I was still so young when gay marriage became legal. I am with the woman I want to marry, and it is so unfortunate that it is even a QUESTION that we couldn't. America is fucked.

  92. Like Texas is about to be a really bad place to be for anyone remotely civilized and open-minded. Letting the current Lege go whole-hog now that they can hide behind a states’ rights argument is going to be scary.

  93. Agreed as a current A&M student this fucking sucks. As much as I love Texas and its suburbs this state’s government fucking sucks. I feel like we regress every fucking year since 2016. Thinking about to moving to Ny or another blue state in the next 5 years.

  94. To everyone feeling burnt out, tired, exhausted. Please, please, please read these words from a comment I saved a while back by a user

  95. i feel there should be a general strike throughout the united states. i believe we should shut this country down until they reverse the decision...

  96. I feel sick to my stomach. I would have never thought this “settled law” would have been overturned, but here we are. I have a daughter, and I’m raising her in a state that is mainly red. I am a teacher for kids with special needs, and I expect my caseload to skyrocket over the next decade.

  97. I'm pretty furious. The Republicans are doing everything in their power to halt any kind of progress in the US. We have all these checks and balances in place that Republicans use with malicious intent because they know the Democrats won't reciprocate. The fact that the SC is so conservative now because of that turtle-faced fuck just makes my blood boil.

  98. German here, abortions are still not legal here. We're just not getting punished for it. And the law change today was about information about abortions, not about abortions itself.

  99. I just read the 2022 Texas GOP platform.. Very disturbing. We need to REMOVE AND KEEP THESE PEOPLE OUT OF OFFICE

  100. People in states where abortion is legal shouldn’t get complacent. Senate Republicans have articulated their desire to ban abortion on a federal level.

  101. Betrayed as an American. We can’t have any progress in this country due to a very small, rich and powerful minority who treats a 2000 year old book as law, which they consistently misquote or misrepresent.

  102. Yep. I love how the bible only mentions abortion once when God is specifically giving instruction on how to perform one. I believe it's in Numbers?

  103. I recently became pregnant, planned. The first trimester nausea makes me want to die. I’m barely productive at work. I will get through this because it was what I wanted, but I can’t believe that I live in a country who will force women to endure this pain unnecessarily when their pregnancies were unplanned. Let alone the women who don’t have guaranteed sick leave (or maternity leave!) And let’s not forget about all of the horrible things that can go wrong in early pregnancy that would warrant an abortion or else the woman will die: ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy, unviable pregnancy, etc.

  104. I have been ashamed for quite some time. This just puts a foul piece of cheese on the burger of shit that America has become.

  105. It’s a sad day in America. We are going backwards and I honestly believe that America is not as great a country as it thinks it is.

  106. I keep breaking out in tears because this is just so terrible. I am currently pregnant with a very much wanted and healthy baby. But I am heartbroken for anyone with a not wanted or not viable pregnancy.

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