Why do you have to be Left or Right, Red or Blue, Democrat or Republican? What if you agree with both sides on different issues? How do people commit entirely to one side and everything they think?

  1. Because for some, it’s more like a being a fan of a team sport than a list of pros/cons. Those people derive their ideals from their identity not their identity from their ideals.

  2. I don't. Never have. Get a lot of hate for it too. I watch the live broadcasts. I read the actual pieces of legislation. I watch the trial footage. I read the published study. I look up what candidates did in the past.

  3. What’s amazing to me is that there will be 5 page articles with incendiary headlines telling me what a candidate “was really saying” in a 2 minute speech or a 1 page ruling.

  4. Well I mean, we don't, that's the reason each party varies from diehards to people you can honestly consider right in the middle or barely leaning.

  5. Until we get money out of politics (never) we will never have the true best candidates. It cost so much money to campaign and get elected that they all just end up being the same people with different names at their core.

  6. I’ve been voting for 30+ years now and have voted for both parties. I do not label myself as one or the other. As of right now I’m not liking anything I’m seeing from either side. Unfortunately folks we are to far enshrined into this 2 party system with what appears to be no way out. We got what we got. Both sides are crooks in my opinion, they just go about it different ways.

  7. well one thing you can realize is that we don't actually have a strong left wing party in this country. both dominant parties at their core work to advance the interests of the capital owning class and maintain american imperialism. But they need to create culture war issues for people to argue over in order to make them feel like there are strong differences between the parties and maintain power.

  8. Exactly, I have to vote democrat because that’s the best option, but to me they are just Republican light, way too right wing for my own views.

  9. I think you’ll find that the only people who truly fully identify with one side are older people.

  10. There is a very slight lean towards identifying with one party in older generations, but a lot less than you might think.

  11. Within the two party system, I have to compromise when I vote. I don’t really fit into either box, but one side fits more closely with my personal beliefs. I’m kind of forced into it.

  12. I'm committed against Republicans because they do shit that I find despicable and evil. I only support Democrats because they have the best chance at stopping the Republican cancer.

  13. This is just the devolution of American politics. (If you're privy to Aristotle, this would also reflect a devolution of society as a whole).

  14. I actually went down to my town hall this week and became unaffiliated with either party. I will vote for the right person. (Who wont be a rat fuck republican).

  15. Well, you buy a hat, t-shirt or bumper-sticker with some knuckleheads name printed on it, and you are essentially 85% of your way there.

  16. Most of us are purple. It's a bit of everything. Since my city is Blue, a lot of people vote democratic just so their voice has a shot of being heard.

  17. I consider myself generally conservative but I vote the candidate not the party. The last presidential election I skipped because they both disgusted me. Can we get a 'none of the above' vote moving forward. It would be fun to see 'none of the above' and watch the parties scramble for another candidate.

  18. because it's a 2 party system, and the party in charge of the white house appoints people to the SCOTUS that pissed in my fuckin cheerios today

  19. I am an historically independent voter. I've supported and voted for candidates from both major parties and various independent parties for offices at all levels of government. I used to to see both sides.

  20. Some people think we should vote Republicans into oblivion so the Dems would take on the role of the conservative party.

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