What's your "comfort series" that you watch over and over again?

  1. When I was in grad school it was House, M.D. No matter where I was at - dorm room, library, memorial union - if I was writing I also House up on Netflix. During my year and a half I bet I watched that series 5 or 6 times. Such a great show.

  2. I have watched so much SG-1 I couldn't even begin to count how many times I've seen it all the way through. I'm with you on that one.

  3. Just finished rewatching all of SG1 and Atlantis after not seeing them for like ten years. Forgot how much I love them.

  4. SpongeBob. When my dad passed the last gift I had from him was a huge SpongeBob plushie.. I religiously watched the series while trying to cope with my loss. And, as stupid as it sounds, SpongeBobs happiness and dorkiness often took me away from my dark times. He will always be my favorite.

  5. I’ve watched a golden girls episode almost everyday for the past 20 years. The jingle that plays right after the theme song puts me in the best mood.

  6. Fun to see another Leverage fan out in the wild. Almost everyone I know who knows about Leverage only does cause my sister and I are obsessed with it

  7. Just binged the whole show for the first time, it's such a fun one. That little musical sting at the end of each episode when they reveal what's actually been going on gives me so much serotonin

  8. The episode where she turns into a dude and jumps up to touch the door frame always gets a laugh from me. Also, Salem is awesome.

  9. I was obsessed with that show as a kid and rewatching it as an adult makes me love it even more! There’s so much adult humor that went right over my head as a kid, I love rewatching it.

  10. That show is fucking amazing. There’s a few seasons I haven’t seen. But I have almost all of them on dvd and have seen each season I have at least two times

  11. I have legitimately re-watched 30 Rock like 70 fucking times start to finish. It is my #1 comfort show and favorite sitcom of all time

  12. During covid I purchased the dvd set just to have the episodes with commentary. Best purchase ever. Jack McBrayer is incredible during his commentary episodes!

  13. I still consider "A Head in the Polls" to be the single greatest animated episode of any TV show ever. Its wall to wall jokes that hold up 20 years later.

  14. MASH We've watched it over and over with my mom once my dad left us, it will forever be The comfort series for me. Hawkeye and Radar got me through hell.

  15. I can’t watch the finale. Watched it once way back when and it’s stayed with me all this time. I’ll probably never see it again. But the series itself I’ve probably seen half a dozen times.

  16. Time. Line? Time isn’t made out of lines. It’s made out of circles. That is why clocks are round.

  17. In the episode where they all go to the musical, the three minutes where Jen talks to disabled Roy and then turns to the bar and asks for a drink from bartender Moss might just be the hardest I have ever laughed at any show ever.

  18. My wife and I literally call our nightly dose of melatonin “cat food” because of Charlie and Franks nightly routine to eat cat food to help them sleep.

  19. Just watched Fool For Love the other day, so many incredible lines! “Out for a walk...b*tch” Spike getting Thee coat!

  20. The Redditors used to be with ‘it’ but then what ‘it’ was changed and now what’s ‘it’ seems different and scary to the Redditors. One day it will happen to you.

  21. Avatar is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen and it always shocks me how relatable it still is rewatching it now. The way it portrays grief and trauma went over my head as a kid but really comfort me is an adult!

  22. My fiance and I are planning our wedding for 9th September next year. We had initially looked at the previous Saturday but it was already booked at the venue we wanted so we're aiming for 9th. I realised the other day and excitedly went "BABE! We're getting married on 9-9!" Without missing a beat he clicks his tongue and goes, "Noice"

  23. I've rewatched the entire show about 10 times as background noise while working. It never gets old!

  24. I've told Pierce a thousand times, I never wanted to meet Levar in person! I just wanted a picture! You can't disappoint a picture! I hate you Pierce! I hate you so much!

  25. I'm watching this for the first time and got to the riot scene in s5. By far my favorite scene of the whole series. The escalation and Magnitudes POP POP was so damn funny.

  26. Dr. Who, specifically the older ones. Even as a kid, it gave me a glimmer of hope that I could step into a police box and time travel away from all my problems.

  27. Same, but (Probably because I'm younger) it's the newer ones for me. Well... the old new ones. RTD era.

  28. Not only that. It’s the perfect nighttime sleep show because there’s never much in terms of actual chaos or loudness. It’s just a simple cast with a simple story and excellent writing. Schitts creek is 100% my comfort show and I’ve watched it dozens of times through and do so every night right now currently.

  29. Endlessly rewatchable! I love seeing the character development and the sly jokes you forget. Plus, it's sweet and full of love

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