The world is ending is 36 minutes, what do you do with your time left?

  1. Why was this my first thought too? It wasn’t “spend time with my family” or anything wholesome like that. My mind immediately went to masturbating.

  2. Never specified how the world was going to end, it could combust so regardless whether your asleep or not you’ll feel the pain. If anything it would be worse cause of the shock.

  3. Calling my true love and finally confessing my feelings to her directly instead of keeping it quite because I don't want to lose her friendship. I've been living a lie so far...

  4. I frist I write a note to my family telling them I am going to the beach that I love them and that I am aslo a lesbian (I am just closeted at the moment ) after words I steal my moms car keys and drive to the nearest beach I can find and pic up some pizza and bear . Kiss my frist girl and get drunk and watch the waves as I wait for the world to end .

  5. First 10 mins texting people I love. The rest listening to music while eating a strawberry eclair ice cream and resting peacefully in my room and inviting my little brother in and being as nice as possible

  6. Record my last message on my phone, put it in a waterproof zip pouch then put the pouch in a box and bury it as deep as I can.

  7. I guess look up the spoilers for the last 2 episodes of stranger things and watch the last 36 minutes of it so I at least see the very end

  8. Play my 5 favourite songs back to back while watching an analog clock tick away while also looking in the mirror in a dark room awaiting the infinite.

  9. Cry. Text my friends and family farewells, call those I really want to talk to one last time. Chat with my bio teacher about my life until it's over

  10. Probably going for a drive, finding the nearest drug store, getting some percs in my, then going to the liquor store and getting faced, (No drnk driving after clearly :D), then hitting the streets and literally looking for anyone down to break the ground and bone around till the death.

  11. Go lay on the couch and spend time with my wife and kids tell them all how much I love them and pretend like nothing is wrong and just enjoy each others company.

  12. Pour a glass of bourbon, gather up my cats and play my favs playlist on the Sonos out back by the pool and chill.

  13. I would probably cry a lot and hug my family and tell all my friends how much they mean to me since I'm to scared to do it but definitely wouldn't be if I knew we would all die. Idk. Mostly it would be panicking.

  14. Why specifically 36 minutes? Anyways- Say goodbye to my family, and my pets. I love them with all my heart and if there’s anyone I’d rather die with, it’s with them.

  15. Listen to the playlist i made, "The final moments". The total time of the playlist comes up to 33 minutes. Probably take a walk into the deep forest while doing so, when the last part of the last song comes up, ill be standing near the edge of a cliff above the river 25 minutes away. Finish up the playlist then sit there, try get into sync with the earth one last time. Edgy Ikr

  16. Really?? Why the fuck does it have to be exactly 36 minutes?? You could've rounded it to 35, to 40, heck even 30 would be okay. Which fucker decided "Noooo... 30 SIX!!"

  17. Have the sudden urge that I should give exercise a go and go on a long run somewhere. Get ready and motivated and just before times up open the door and get ready to do. Times up oh well can't say I wasn't going to do it

  18. Have a heartfelt chat with the family members that are closest to me. Then I’ll listen to some of my favorite songs, and then have a last meal.

  19. Sit outside and listen to music. All of the mosquito bites that result from this won't mean anything if the world ends. Also maybe the sky would look really cool, I'd like to go out under a purple or neon green sky.

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