What smells better than it tastes?

  1. My older brother tried one of my dog’s Milk Bones once out of curiosity and from then on he’d deadass snack on them now and then.

  2. tried a dog treat that smelled just like a great jerky strip. good amount of regret after. and pity for my dogs

  3. Omg the amount of Lip Smackers gunk I consumed as a kid! And yes, the grape one was a notorious victim, but I also remember having this cupcake frosting flavoured one and constantly claiming that I lost it so my mom would buy a new one.

  4. My older sister had one of those. It smelled so freaking good even after several years... I would be surprised if it still smelled good.

  5. Mmm, chapstick. I disagree! Even as a grown-ass woman, I still buy the same Strawberry Lip Smackers that I grew up with as a teen. And I buy in bulk. They taste phenomenal and are tinted and glossy enough to never need lipstick. They’re usually even my quick go-to for freshening up just before hooking up with someone.

  6. I once drank this when I was a kid and was expecting it to taste like vannilla ice cream water, had to wash my tongue for a whole 2 minutes to get the taste out

  7. So glad this is near the top. I once made the mistake of giving into temptation and tasted vanilla extract. That’s a mistake you only make once.

  8. Came looking for this - it's one of the most disappointing things on the planet. You expect that pure vanilla should taste amazing, like concentrated cupcakes. Nope.

  9. A few months ago, someone on Reddit told a story about how their kindergarten teacher gave everyone pure vanilla extract to try SPECIFICALLY to teach the lesson that "Just because something smells delicious, doesn't mean it tastes that way." as part of the whole bit about teaching them not to drink the tasty looking liquids under the sink.

  10. I think there is a Nobel prize to be had for the first one to come up with a tea that tastes as well as it smells.

  11. Add a sweetener. It doesn't take much, but a sweetener tablet (or half a tap of sweetener granules) will bring the flavour to life. Treat it the same way you do when you add salt to soup - you don't want your soup to taste of salt, but a wee hint helps make your soup taste More.

  12. There's a German brand called Teekanne that do ones like "blueberry muffin" and "sweet baked apple" which is the closest I've ever come to not being disappointed in herbal tea.

  13. Supposedly one of the chemicals produced by books/paper aging is in the same neighborhood as one of the main compounds in vanilla

  14. My mom had an, uh… unusual… craving for a stack of lumber while pregnant with me, walking through Home Depot with my dad. They both tell me slightly different versions of this story, but my mom will never cease to admit to it being so true.

  15. This man gets it I love the smell of fresh lumber and firewood when we do firewood especially eucalyptus or macrocarpa, however tastes very bad.

  16. oh if you like the smell of lumber you have to try zirbenshnapps (stone pine cone liquor). i dont know if you can find it in the US but here in Austria and Germany its quite common. it tasts like what a freshly cut down pine tree smells like.

  17. I've been making some furniture out of pine lately. My garage smells so good right now. It's my favorite wood to cut into on the table saw because it instantly releases such a wonderful aroma into the air. Kind of sour, a little bitter, and of course very nutty and sweet. Reminds me of a place I used to live up in the mountains. I get this almost overwhelming feeling of nostalgia if it's been a while since I worked with it. Like that old guy from Ratatouille when he took a bite of the meal and was instantly transferred back to his childhood. But for me, I find myself lying on my back in a hammock surrounded by cedar and pine trees with nothing but blue skies above that I can only see patches of through the leaves that are dancing around in the summer breeze.

  18. Yeah, I don't like coffee, but I love the smell. I also like things that are coffee flavor, like coffee ice cream, coffee oreos, etc, but not actually coffee. Even really sweetened coffee isn't that good.

  19. You probably just aren’t warming it up. See that’s the thing with gasoline that people won’t realize. Its best consumed hot. I’m talking pipping hot. Just take a match, light it and soak the lit match in the gasoline to marinate

  20. I love the smell of gas. Never tasted it, but I almost blew myself up with it once. Also, coffee smells wonderful, tastes fucking awful. Yes. I am moron

  21. Roasted chestnuts they sell (or used to) around London were like this. Smelled so good, tasted not bad but nowhere near as good as they smell.

  22. NYC is such an amazing olfactory experience. One moment you’re smelling expensive perfume worn by the most gorgeous woman you’ve ever seen walking past, then garbage floating in rancid chud, then the sweet warmth of roasted nuts, then the pungent skin folds of a homeless person, then empanadas. It’s wild. I miss it.

  23. My grocery store's bakery is amazing. Especially the cookies. Huge 3 to a pack, buttery and soft. Large bits of chocolate and peanut butter ( they also do blueberry and lemon cookies or m&m cookies). Still has a hint of that raw cookie dough taste too.

  24. This is how I feel after tasting an IPA. Just palate destroying bitterness. I think it's literally the only type of beer I don't like.

  25. Fun story, my sister realized she had Covid one morning when she woke up and couldn’t smell or taste her coffee. So she decided to try out items in her spice cabinet and see how far she could take it. For the final test, she ate a whole tablespoon of raw minced garlic. Nothing.

  26. It’s actually the healthiest way to eat garlic though! Full of a very healthful compound. Mostly only present in garlic AFTER being cut up but BEFORE being cooked or heated.

  27. In this same vein, garlic fries always always always smell better than they taste. Not that garlic fries are terrible, per se, it’s just that they smell absolutely heavenly while strolling through the ballpark/fairgrounds and any time I’ve ordered them they’re just disappointing. The reality of soggy ballpark fries covered in minced garlic and parmasean/parsley does just does not live up to the smell. I try them again and again and I think I maybe got a randomly mediocre batch, but I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re just not that great. And I absolutely love garlic.

  28. My dad told me a few times how, when my mom was at Home Depot pregnant with me, they walked past stacks of lumber. Mom stopped for a little while, pensively staring at one particular stack, and thought to herself, “That looks good, I wonder how it tastes…”

  29. I've been a pipe tobacco smoker for almost ten years and mainly smoke aromatics like bourbon, vanilla, etc. People love the smell of it when I smoke around them. I have to remind them the taste isn't the same. Not as bad as a cigarette of course but no it isn't going to taste as well as the name implies.

  30. Same. I love the smell of coffee, coffee shops and roasters, but can't stand the taste, even in tiramisu and chocolate-coffee ice cream.

  31. I'm sure people have said this before, but it can vary a lot on quality and taste. I love coffee that's made well, with a bit of half and half. But bad coffee is really awful.

  32. You are my favorite person on reddit today. Coffee smells wonderful and tastes like mud. And a Frappuccino with whipped cream and caramel drizzle on top is totally a milkshake. I know there are at least two of us out there. Hooray!

  33. When I was growing up it'd smell so good that I'd try it every couple years and think "oh yeah, I forgot how nasty this stuff tastes." I finally figured out how to make it taste decent though well into adulthood.

  34. Yeah, whenever I pull a chunk of my wife's hair out of the shower drain, it just doesn't have the same strawberry taste I ecpect it to have.

  35. They really are a very mild flavor, but if you've had them in the US, you have probably eaten a not-quite-ripe and not-freshly-picked fruit. They don't travel well once they're really ripe.

  36. I love rose tea. Taste like about nothing but hot water but there IS a mild floral nice taste. Basically I just love the heavenly smell mostly though. Also love jasmine green tea for the same reason.

  37. The first time I had cucumbers I knew I had tasted them before, then I realized they taste like a bit of watermelon at the rind. With no red in the bite.

  38. Yes I remember the grapefruit craze about 10 years ago- it's unbelievably bitter. I remember tasting it as a kid and I still feel the same way about it. Makes awesome juice and soda though.

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