Non Texans , what are your thoughts when you hear 'Texas?'

  1. As a non-Texan that's been living here for a little over a year, can confirm that Texans are obsessed with the shape of their state. You literally cannot go a day without seeing something random shaped like the good ol' Lone Star State.

  2. I’ve been through Texas a few times and the thing that stood out to me was how much people in Texas love talking about how much they love Texas. I had a beer at the Dallas airport when I was waiting for a friends plane and it was a Budweiser bottle but instead of Budweiser the label said Texas on it. Diners would serve Texas shaped pancakes. Every gas station had a section for Texas swag- everything from tee shirts to shot glasses to hats to magnets and other Knick knacks. I’ve always found New Yorkers to be obnoxious with how much they talk about how much better they are than everyone else, but Texas is actually on another level. So, I guess when I think of Texas, I think of a bunch of people yelling “I fuckin love Texas.”

  3. For anyone wondering, the origin of using it in this way comes from using Texas as the word for the lawless wild west.

  4. Similarly, in Turkey "like Dallas" (the TV show) is used for confusing situations, especially if it's about a family. That show was very popular during it's first airing in Turkey.

  5. I’m the same way. Hate the way my state has ended up and how people view us now but I’ll be the wacko w a million texas things when/if I leave my state

  6. Cadillacs with giant horns on the front driven by old men in white suits with big white cowboy hats and superbly trimmed mustaches

  7. I'm from Asia, and because of Sandy, I can pinpoint the Texas state in the Map, the shape was glued to my memory.

  8. I sing "THE STARS AT NIGHT ARE DULL AND DIM IN DUMBOLDSTUPIDTEXAS" to my friend from Texas all the time.

  9. As a Texan this completely true. They be talking bout leaving the US and becoming it's own country😂😂 say it with a straight face too

  10. In retrospect it was a strange cult. Did all of elementary school there. I am pretty sure the rest of the country didn't have assemblies where they sang songs about the state. I'm pretty sure an outsider witnessing hundreds of children sing "Deep in the Heart of Texas" would make them slowly back out of the room, get in their car and drive too many hours to get out of Texas. It is too big of a place.

  11. It shouldn’t be surprising since Judge is a Richardson boy (go Eagles) but I was always kinda shocked at how accurately KotH captured the suburban North Texas experience, including the accent.

  12. Yeah man, I tell ya what, man, that dang ol’ internet, man, you just go in on there and point and click, talk about w-w-dot-w-com, mean you got the naked chicks on there, man, just go click, click, click, click, click, it’s real easy, man

  13. For a really long time, I thought King of the Hill was a local, only-aired-in-texas show. No idea why I thought so, but it was the biggest shock to hear a Canadian friend quote Hank Hill.

  14. All kinds of pride about how special and great they are, but nothing really at all these days to back it up. Keep bitchin about how you're going to secede then turn around with hands out as soon as another inevitable crisis (often self-caused) hits. Corrupt electeds that are not only stupid and hypocritical, but also morally bankrupt.

  15. Had an uncle that owned 800 acres in Texas out in between Happy county and Hereford county near Amarillo. The man was about as modern a cowboy as youre gonna get. He raised a bunch of cattle on his land, baled up hay to sell, had several houses on his ranch for himself and his three kids and their families.

  16. I’m from uk, I think: trucks, tornadoes, guns, car dependency, “freedom” and American flags

  17. “Car dependency” is accurate and hilarious. The size of our state is pretty crazy. It can take up to 12 hours to go from the far east of the state to the far west. As a Texan I agree with everything you said! You get a lone star.

  18. I told my drill Sargeant to look closer if he wanted to see my horn. He laughed and PT'd the fuck out of me.

  19. Barbecue, don’t get me wrong we’ve got it here in the uk but it’s nothing like what I’ve seen from across the pond.

  20. In my company (in a country on the opposite side of the planet from Texas), 'gone Texas' is a term used to describe a software program that has frozen up to the point where even Task Manager can't abort it. Otherwise we don't think about it very much, except perhaps with mild horror.

  21. A common phrase in Norway aswell is "It's completely texas" or "Totally Texas" its used when somethin is out of hand, or over the top. I belive its from when Norway first discovered oil, alot of texans came over to Norway to work in the early days, and they were mostly focused on getting the job done. Even tho it was unsafe or abit crazy/dangerous.

  22. So it’s when things have gone haywire! I’m from Texas, I am going to be using the phrase Gone Texas from now on.

  23. “Hey Patrick, what am I now? To which Patrick replies: “Uhh, stupid?” Prompting SpongeBob to say: “No, I'm Texas!” Patrick then says: “What's the difference?”

  24. The writter and creator of sponge bob was from Oklahoma if you're from here you'll notice a lot of texas disses.

  25. My favourite part of ‘Don’t mess with Texas’ is that comes across as this slogan about how tough and badass Texans are, but in reality it was an effective anti-littering campaign from the department of transportation.

  26. Fun fact! If you look at the census, there are about as many Hispanic/Latinos in Texas as there are white non-Hispanic/Latinos. And the presence of other minorities in the state make it a majority "poc" state.

  27. Funny thing is I’m pretty sure “don’t mess with Texas” was started as a campaign to convince all the rednecks not to litter the roads because actual environmental logic didn’t

  28. As a non-American, the first time I event went to a Whataburger was also the first time I saw someone open carry. It was a very surreal experience. That is what I think of when I think about Texas, or Houston at least.

  29. Idk if this is giving away too many Texas secrets, but it's a rite of passage for the youths to steal the table numbers.

  30. In Norway it is literally used as a synonym for "Chaos" or "Crazy". Which is really weird bc it should be Florida hahaha

  31. Florida may actually have some unique individuals but I think since they’re the only state with public records it always looks like these insane crimes happen in Florida when they happen all over but aren’t public. Edit: I’m wrong. Florida, Ohio, and Vermont all have public records but Florida was first to start it calling it the sunshine law, so yeah I guess Florida’s water makes people a little wild lol who knows. Anyway when I think of Texas I think of everything being bigger and guns

  32. That one made me chuckle, even tough you are completely right. You have oil, deserts, widespread religious fundamentalism, a fuckface with a beard as one of their leaders (Teddy Boy) and car dependency.

  33. The Colt family of single action revolvers descend from the Walker model, which was designed for the Texas Rangers. So there is a reason.

  34. Yup. My view of a “Texas Law Man” will never be the same. Tough talking when dealing with decent & law abiding people VS Waiting around & sanitizing their hands for an hour while avoiding the dangerous criminals.

  35. I do think there is a link between the aspect of Texan culture/politics that try to enshrine outdated gender norms and the cowardliness of Texan adults, especially in law enforcement.

  36. In my experience, pretty much all red states hate California. My family all live in Florida. They’re constantly telling me how awful California is. I’ve lived here for 21 years and they’ve visited a total of two times in those two+ decades.

  37. It used to be " They're tough, and don't take any shit from the government", now it's "I can't believe the 'tough guys' became such pussies, who invite the government into their bedroom, and rat out their neighbors"

  38. I think about how they've come from being independently minded to auto voting in corrupt politicians again and again to win a culture war that's only in their head.

  39. Pretty sure there is still a law on the books that says atheists can’t hold political office in Texas. They literally put into law a requirement that you believe in gods. Granted, the Supreme Court said such requirements were unconstitutional back in the ‘60s, but given what the court is currently doing with established precedent, that isn’t much consolation.

  40. From over here in NW Europe I have the idea Australians always think of steak anyway. So guns it is. I had the exact same association.

  41. Like house cats - fiercely convinced of their independence while also almost entirely reliant on a system that they neither fully understand nor appreciate.

  42. Man, as a Muslim in a secular country, is always a ride seeing posts about republicans go on about something something shariah law, something something freedom, something Obama... And then two posts later, there's a

  43. the winds of santa ana's army. The fall of Jim Bowie and Davey Crockett. Also love the John wayne film and song by Frankie Avalon. Chill Wills

  44. As a Texan, I miss the state that I grew up in. Granted I was ignorant of the larger political situation, but I love the food (tacos and bbq!), the music, and the beautiful landscape. I also loved the rugged individualism when it’s not wrapped in toxic christian nationalism.

  45. As a former Texan, I can relate. I was also ignorant of the political situation, and lived in a big city as a kid so didn’t really experience any of the, uh, backwards ways of thinking. I miss the music, food, and beautiful landscapes as well. The absolute diversity in the city I was in - It was awesome, and made for a great place to grow up. I think my perception of Texas is probably not what much of the state is, unfortunately. It’s really sad.

  46. I think of how the majority of Texans elect politicians who will allow a woman to suffer or die while she is miscarrying, or prohibit gay marriage, or interfere with trans people’s medical care. Texas is a place where the people believe it is more important to be armed than it is to keep guns out of the hands of killers who massacre shoppers, worshipers, and children. I can’t think of a single positive characteristic.

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