What’s a kink/fetish that you don’t personally have but, yeah, you get it?

  1. Foot Fetish - Totally not a part of the body I find arousing, but I get it. I am a leg man, and the feet are just below that.

  2. Actually foot fetishes are quite popular because yhe sensory receptor sites in the cerebral cortex that respond to feet and genitals sit right next to one another making it quite easy for those wires to essentially cross and create a foot fetish

  3. Honestly, balloon stuff (like when they bounce on them or pop them). I'm like, almost there but I would never seek it out. I find it weirdly compelling and almost wish I did have that one be honest. It would be very easy to indulge.

  4. I'm personally not into age play or caregiver/little dynamics during sex, but yeah I can see how people would get off on it. Just a different way to establish power dynamics.

  5. Anything relating to pain or bodily harm. I can completely understand that allowing your partner to harm you or knowing your partner has the potential to harm you can be exhilarating, but it’s just not for me.

  6. Most of them. I mean, I have a fair number of kinks, but there's a near-infinite variety out there. And usually I can see why someone would find a given thing appealing, even if I don't.

  7. Pain. Not my thing but, to be honest, pain doesn't always suck. I love getting tattoos. The ritual of it is part of the appeal. At least for me.

  8. Someone explained Findom to me. It's fascinating. Not my thing in the slightest, but for sure fascinating and in a way I do get it.

  9. Basically all of them (except pedophillia but that's obv) Especially the whole caregiver thing (it's not ageplay it's just being held and loved and shit), I don't personally have a mommy kink but I get just needing to be held

  10. Pedo is not a kink, it’s some form of mental illness that cannot be cured and should be sorted out accordingly.

  11. Pet play. My wife's into it. I tried being her master and no thank you. She has someone else for that now and I am totally fine with it.

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